Daylyt & Dizaster Say They Got Into A Bloody Fight (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) After facing off in the second round of the Total Slaughter battle rap tournament, Dizaster and friend Daylyt apparently ended up battling for real.

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Dizaster went to social media to claim that Daylyt came to his house and the end result was a brawl between the two Los Angeles based emcees.

Diz posted a video on Instagram of what he says are injuries from the scuffle. Day also shared footage of him after the confrontation with wounds as well. There has not been any video of an actual fight posted so far.

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Read the tweets and check out video of Dizaster and Daylyt’s clips below.

39 Responses to “Daylyt & Dizaster Say They Got Into A Bloody Fight (VIDEO)”

  1. scullyson

    Dayliyt seem to be a little touched and Dizaster sounds like he has a major mental block. Yall mofos actin cookoo as hell.. some old BS right here. smh

      • scullyson

        You think ? Hip Hop or Flip flop ? smh…not sure I want to refer to these clowns as hip hop artist. That ish is dangerous on so many levels g.

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, but peep game…

        90% of the beefing would stop if Ninjaz had to knuckle up.
        Boxing or UFC gloves / rules. ( *PRIDE allows kicking downed opponent to head )

        Make a little money, build a few schools, etc.

        (* Or blow it all trying to look like they have more than what they actually have, etc., until they are broke, on Foodstamps, crying on VH1’s “Where Are They Now” to promote their comeback album, etc. )

        They are artists though, undisciplined, street dudes, thugs, but the experience will be beneficial & profitable on the business tip. I feel like it could generate income for the entire community.

      • scullyson

        I think these busters should be called snaps with raps. I mean think about it thats basically what their doing …Kind of like that hbo comedy joint snaps.

      • ILL Will

        Naw bruh these niggaz be talking to much sht all the time….take them gloves off with they bad azzes.

      • dehova

        Didn’t they try to do some PPV bullshit like that (I think it was wrestling) a few years back with 40 Gloss and Uncle Murda doing drops for it?

      • dehova

        Nah man, not that. There was some PPV thing. i remember 40 Glocc in the trailer for it at the time he was semi credible.

      • ILL Will

        Man I proposed that sht in these articles a loooooooong time ago. I wanna see how many of these so called rap dudes would really be willing to step in that ring with their fake rap beefs? Str8 up banging would stop of lot of that fake sht these cats be perpetrating in social media and them weak azs disses.

  2. InTheNightKitchen

    I’m not watching that feces, this is corny, both these fools are fake. Why post about this? If it was between to men/friends that’s where it should stay. They really trying to bring light to the battle scene huh? Well, your laws of attraction are going to pull in the wrong forces!

    • dehova

      Took the words out of my mouth. Diz looks like Iron Sheikh and that tat makes Day look like Ultimate Warrior.

      • Celz

        My nicca it’s too damn early to be comin wit jokes like that.. Im gonna forget this shyt then come back around lunch time so I can laugh fa reals… Smh fuccin hilarious

  3. dbfromdc


    • ILL Will

      Naw it might turn into a sport….lol like ufc or it could turn into the new wwe. ..spit a 16 throw sum jabs. Might get ur attention if cats start sockn dudes at every battle event, you know ignorance keeps them ratings up.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      actually battle rap just made it to TV and pay per view… besides this fight right here wont affect battles because this was on thier own personal time and they are still cool so there will be no back and forth beef

  4. Twonpass

    the fall of the hip hop era……

    all this current bullshit…… dont worry there is plenty to choose from…

  5. dehova

    Maybe I’m late and he’s said it before but I always appreciated Diz because he didn’t use the N word. The way he’s beating up brothers though I guess he feels he’s earned the right to use it

    • Anthonyd Smith

      He has used it in battle against HFK, but how we would use it. And in the above subject, but I don’t think he would be disrespectful with it since he hangs with a grip of them

  6. El Dogga

    Can I get 10 G’s for 1800-CrimeStoppers if I forward this link??? They both admitted to assault and are suckaz! lol

      • baller187

        looks like he can get down, it is what is, never even heard of this nigga till i saw him scrap on video and said he can get down

      • Know_Yur_Role_Jabroni

        1st fight was a jumping 2nd fight was staged… You must not have had a lot of fights in your life

      • Robert Parks

        This coming from a guy with a profile pic of “The Rock”: GTFOH…The 1st with Math was a mild Jumping where Math had a chance and squared up but still got dropped!Far better than Math Hoffa deserved giving his prior instances…If you think Math would ever give anyone a fair one without his boy’s or without him sucker punching a dude,you are lying to yourself!

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