Hip-Hop Rumors: Read Why DJ’s Hate Shaq Now….

DJ Diesel is HERE. (Insert Shaq Face!)

Shaq is now a celebrity DJ and I am hearing that all the “real” DJs are heated! I’ve gotten several emails from spin masters that are feeling a way that Shaq-Fu is now eating in a whole different manner. I say, “Let Shaq do Shaq.” He’s been a part of the culture for a long time. He hasn’t always been good with his Hip-Hop talents, but he’s been there in his honest form regardless. Now, we need to hear how he DJ’s!

Peep the images.

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Remember when Shaq was a rapper? LOL!

He got a bit better by the time he got up with Wu:

Redman bodied this one back in the day…oh and Shaq was on it too.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TruthTalk

    Shaq just having fun. He’s doing everything he ever wanted to do in life, now that he’s retired from the nba. The dj’s are just hating, shaq been part of hip hop.

    • DJ7

      Rightfully so…I suspect you’re not a DJ so I don’t expect you or anybody that agrees with your comment to get it!

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        Enlighten us. It just sounds like hating to me. Mostly from top tier dj’s who are already getting a lot of money. Shaq is no doubt getting booked off his name but I sure don’t have the loot to pay for shaq so that means I’m booking whatever dude is in my price range. I honestly don’t understand. He’s just one guy

      • DJ7

        It sounds like hating to you because he’s not invading your professional field and you are indifferent to the situation.

        Shaq will play @ venues some cats, who really put that work in, can only dream about.

        If he’s serious than he should have to grind like everybody else, this ain’t a basketball court!

        If that’s considered hating? So be it

      • step your game up chump and maybe you can play the same venues..you sound like the same people getting butthurt over rappers, and yes DJs getting acting gigs. Once you place yourself in the position to make yourself wanted, the options are plentiful. Perhaps you should try to put yourself in that position and stop wasting your time commenting and going back and forth with people who dont understand the business side of things…

      • DJ7

        Chump? I’m a let that slide b/c you’re desperate for negative energy to which I refuse to oblige…sorry champ

        Step my game up? Hahahahaha…been there done that…you have absolutely 0 clue as to whom you’re talking to so I’ll end this conversation here. Good day sir!

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        Everything shaq’s done I’ve dreamed about. From playing n the nba to being a millionaire but he’s worked harder than most people at his profession than a lot of others worked at theirs and it’s opened doors. Just off the top of my head I’m sure clue had opportunities or kanye or jay because of the name they’ve built in their respective professions. That’s just how life works. At least from what I can see shaq is humble and he’s an asset to the world as a whole. Not just the hip hop community or the black community

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      You’re right bruh. I don’t remember this type of backlash when Alicia Keys was DJing…

      • DJ7

        Selective reporting…

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Shaq was a spitter and always was behind music production…

  • Markus

    If a club owner has a choice of having Shaq or DJ insert name play music at their club, its probably going to be Shaq’s to lose. There are others more skilled but Shaq will fill your club unlike any regular dj plus have certain celebrities frequent your establishment. No brainer.

    • foshow38

      That’s true but it really depends on the club. In Vegas the crowd is a little different from your true hiphop or hood club so he can get away with DJing without any real skill.

    • imma darkboy

      true but if said no name DJ builds his name/brand up(which takes time) then he wont have to worry about Shaq eatin cuz eventually he’ll be on the same if not higher platform(if he has any skills to begin with) and will be chosen over Shaq at some point…Shaq aint gonna be doin this forever so just grind out and see what happens

  • Executive

    I had all Shaq’s tapes back in the day.

  • scullyson

    Cant stop the Reign….Notorious/Shaq Diesel..That was my shtz…..A lime to a lemon…..

    • El Dogga


      “There’s no stepping in my circle, Try to get out that, I doubt that! I’ll hurt you” lol

      • scullyson

        lol..You already know…”We want the exotic ladies erotic ladies not them toxic ladies, that burn a lot I learned a lot , from junkies to ruffians from being tied up by columbians , cause 80 grams was missin…………….

      • El Dogga

        Watch they entourage turn yours to just mirages
        Disappearing acts, strictly nines and macs
        Killers be serial, Copperfield material
        My dreams are vivid, work hard to live it
        Any place I visit, I got land there


      • scullyson


    • bisolabliss

      That was your shtz…did you just use ‘was’ – as in past tense – man, I still bump that ish to this day.

      And there’s also a dope jawn titled ‘No love lost’ feat. Hov & Lord Tariq on that CD.

      “exuberant, change, cross, exhilarated
      flamboyant, but bouncy on beat breaks, I’m animated
      now it’s been stated, I’m lyrically enthusiastic
      I’m dope like all east coast CDs wrapped through plastic”

      “I represent the real hip-hop, I ain’t no freakin country bumpkin
      hooparistic, freakaristic, poetic frenzy with conception
      I got more flavor than a mystic”

  • ghettogov

    I’m glad to see djs getting mad…fuck them niggas they help contribute to the decline of hip-hop culture by playing nothing but mainstream bullshit artists in the club…you gotta cash out for them to play some local Shit .Maybe Shaq playlist is better than theirs and he playing all the underground bangers lol

    • DJ7

      Nah fam…YOU fickle ass fans contribute the most to the downfall by accepting that bullsh*t programming in the 1st place…mainstream djs are just that…they’re doing their job…reject it and they have no choice b.u.t. to change the playlist…Until you cats shoulder some of the blame, nothing will change!

      • RightOn

        Yessiiiir!!! “.reject it and they have no choice b.u.t. to change the playlist”! Most of the clubs my crew goes to has different DJs working on different days. What we do is find out who is DJing that night…if it’s a corny DJs that only plays that mainstream garbage, we simply don’t go there and go to a spot where a REAL DJ is spinning that night. Like DJ7 aaid, you stop accepting their garbage, they can’t do nothing but bow down. You paying them with those drinks and entrance fees.

      • RightOn

        Same goes with radio…if they play garbage, find one that doesn’t or simply listen to the real esh with your choice of media player

      • ghettogov

        Even if I don’t support it there are so many ppl that do my lack of support would go unnoticed. So what difference would that make ?

      • DJ7

        It’s got to start somewhere grasshopper….wouldn’t you agree?

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        What does b.u.t. stand for? I think part of the problem is because you work in the industry you don’t consider yourself a fan. A dj’s purpose is to move the crowd. I’m not an expert I’m a “fan” so I don’t know how that differs from a radio dj. I think fan responsibility to artist comes into play when supporting projects. It doesn’t matter what the radio plays to me

      • DJ7

        I explained how the cycle works in my previous post, what part confused you?

        In all major cities, RADIO djs are the popular (mainstream) clubs resident dj on wkends, in exchange for promotion and advertisement.

        At these clubs, since most are broadcasting live, play exactly what you’re hearing on the radio.

        So for you to patron those establishments you are in essence, agreeing with the formatted programming…if you continue to patronize and spend revenue at said venues, what is the likelihood change is on the horizon? 0…..zilch…nada…status quo will continue.

        As for being an industry dj and not being a fan of the actual music you spin? It’s a job to them and they’ll do whatever the boss tells them to do if they enjoy employment.

        I on the other hand, left that world years ago and personally don’t relate to these new school cats f’n up the culture for a wooden nickel.

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        I’ll say this, the club that employs the dj isn’t the boss the patrons are. If they aren’t dancing the dj’s out of a job. I don’t listen to much of this new school stuff but I find artist like ab-soul refreshing. We’ve outgrown the culture in my opinion. When you’re opinion is underground it’s not because of the media. This is what the kids like. I’m ok with that. I’ll just stay underground

      • DJ7

        Ok…there’s a communication gap going on here…it’s all gravy tho…

      • People don’t dance in the club any more. They go to “pop bottles”… sad to say

    • TheGreatGazoo2012

      It’s a club. What do you want to listen to in the club lupe fiasco “American terrorist”

  • Earl Rutherland

    Shaq represents hip hop well. Let him do what he does and STFU. Stop the hate.

  • The Legendary Troll

    why would someone be butthurt about another mans decision? do yall pay his bills?

  • water_ur_seeds

    There enough shows for the DJ’s to eat, Shaq stepping on the seen shouldn’t hurt them, or have anything to do with them…

    Where they mad at Solange ‘the Jigga slayer’ for spinning records???

    These DJ’s arnt real DJ’s anyways, they press a button, they dont do proper mixes…

    • TheAfroRican

      Exactly! No one said sh** when Paris Hilton and Alicia Keys started DJ’ing.

  • xxxlordnikonxxx

    the article didnt say why the hate tho..

    • TheAkademik

      taking money out they pockets that’s why….Anybody can DJ now so blame the technology

      • DJ7

        Not true…the proof is in the performances…cats can have every new gadget available and still find a way to ruin a party by not knowing what they’re doing. I hear about train wrecks all the time by these so called djs…the old saying of…you get what you pay for rings true today as it did yesteryear…now these celebrity djs…diff ballgame…majority suck monkey balls b.u.t. name recognition is all that matters to club owners.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Shaq became a pretty decent rapper around 1996 when he realised he could rap about more than just playing basketball, YOU CAN’T STOP THE REIGN and RESPECT were on heavy rotation back in the day… Both them albums have certified bangers on them…

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    S/O to the heads that remember Fu-Schnickens…

    • bisolabliss

      “La Schmoove, yo we don’t got nothing to prove”

      • Yeah, the fake Das Efx Ninjaz!

      • Sean

        EDOGZ818 If you knew your Hip Hop History you would know that Fu-Schnickens came out before Das Efx, so how can they be the fake???

      • Yeah, but not much before Das, but Das was bigger & lasted longer!

      • hoeyuno

        True and I had that fu-shnickens tape and if anything dead serious was similar but das efx turned that into there own..

    • hoeyuno

      Im a true fushnick!!!! Haha what happened to those guys??

  • Immortal

    They’re probably just mad because Shaq forced them to watch Shazam at the clubs

  • I know I got skilz, I used to bang that out of a tinted ford escort on the way to the club, good old cassette.

  • Judah Nazayar

    when Israel gets out of America. Shaq will be one of them nikkas seinzed for bowing down to baphomet. that’s if he doesn’t get murked out by the 144,000 first

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      N@gga what?

      • Breeze

        Lmfao. Same shit I was thinking

      • i’mreloaded!

        HA! I read dat $hit 3 times and still was lost.

    • Killuminati

      I was thinking the same thing my ninja! Lmao gtfoh

  • hitman619

    Blame the I-pod shuffle DJ’s

  • erikamsheridan

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    • Killuminati

      Fuk yo couch ni66a!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Shaqs been in Hip Hop for 25 years now and has worked with everyone from Tribe Called Quest to Wutang, tell them other dj’s put some more years in!

  • hoeyuno

    I wont front I had the first shaq tape….but I never enhailed!!!!

    • ‘Chet, you & I both know ShaQ can flow!

      Shaq, Ice cube, B-real, KRS, Peter Gunz – “Men Of Steel’


      • hoeyuno

        Nah I loved shaq back then…I had his kicks (reeboks not the cheap Wal-Mart shyts)…..hes always been a hip hop head…


      • hoeyuno

        They ok with jeans cause they just look like air force ones but they feel like $20 shoes..

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      man you tripping the original You cant stop the Reign had BIG, Jay Z and Nas on it!!!! he had some pretty good videos on that album…..

      • hoeyuno

        Shaq diesel was the one I had with “whats up doc” with the fu-shnickens..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Hahaha that was my jawn to be honest. Shaq was one of the first, if not the first, athlete to have a label back then, TWISM… The world is mine! Thats how the world got introduced to Cory Gunz!

  • Killuminati

    From the looks of it shaq needs a higher dj table lol

    • hoeyuno

      That was my first thought. .

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