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Ja Rule Announces New Album, New Movie & New TV Show On The Way (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) After releasing his book Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Being a Man, Ja Rule is ready to return to making music and acting. Rule told HipHopVibe he has plans release a new album in 2015 and he has another movie in the works.

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“Early 2015, you’ll be getting new music from me,” said Ja. “I’ll put out my new album. It’s called Genius Loves Company. We workin’. I’m not in no rush. I want to make sure the music is right, the timing is right. What the fans don’t understand about this business is that timing is everything.”

Last year the creator of the Pain Is Love album starred in the faith-based film I’m In Love With A Church Girl with Adrienne Bailon, Michael Madsen, and T-bone. Ja also announced he is up for a role in a Queen Latifah/Flavor Unit Films project in the near future.

“We got a big, big project that we’re putting together right now that should be coming probably in the next year,” revealed Ja. “And I got my TV show that I’m working on and producing few TV shows so it’s going to be a good year.”

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Watch Ja Rule’s interview below.


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  • Jonathan Bacher

    …Im sure youre right ja

  • The Legendary Troll

    lmao so Ja Rule is whats hot now?

  • Markus

    I’m surprised that 50 and Ja don’t join forces and try to stay relevant together. Both of them are musically past their prime so the only way they could get people talking about them is if they recorded together. Do a joint album and call it Grumpy Old Men.

    • El Dogga

      Umm…….50 and Ja’s beef wasn’t no WWE rap beef. That was some street stuff. THEY WILL NEVER be cool.

      • HaterOfTheYear

        word.. they have a real history of beefs.. this wasnt on some game/lil durk bullshit..people got shot stabbed and killed over this shit

      • El Dogga


  • El Dogga

    The rap game is real weak……so weak Ja may actually have a chance! lol Between him and Drake they might as well start the hip hop temptations! lol

    • HaterOfTheYear

      but ja always made good music..just cuz 50 called him a wanksta doesnt make it true..ja rule actually has real streed credit unlike drake.. u just a weak nigga that believes anything or watever the media puts out

      • El Dogga

        Slow your roll young man.

        Where did I mean mention “street cred”????? I called them temptations because they SING you buffoon! Stupid jabrooni’s always getting out of pocket and be WRONG!

      • Killuminati

        lol…jabronis lol

      • El Dogga


      • Killuminati

        only good album was venni vetti vecci imo…..

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  • GP

    if ja drop and album and goes plat im officially going to listen to nothing but old rap music from 1989-mid 2000’s. this crazy.

    • Killuminati

      i agree….

  • Killuminati

    young money should sign ja lol…..they signing everyone else

  • Don Flex

    Everyone dissin ja ,ja is better with hits than most of these new shit

  • Black Adam

    That joint Ja put out last year,Real life fantasy was dope though.