Total Slaughter Battle Rap Event Recap

(AllHipHop Editorial) For weeks the first annual Total Slaughter event presented by Eminem and Slaughterhouse was built up as the “biggest event in battle rap history.” For diehard fans of the battle rap scene, the line-up on paper set up a potential milestone showcase of some of the culture’s elite.

The card included Arsonal vs. Big T, Daylyt vs. T-Rex, Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook, and of course the main event: battle rap royalty Hollow Da Don vs. mainstream underdog Joe Budden. The night also offered an opportunity for many new fans to witness the amazing display of verbal jousting in this form for the first time.

Unfortunately, Total Slaughter ended up falling flat. Starting from the very beginning when purchasers of the online stream were not able to even view the event.

After paying $20 dollars to witness the show live via the website and mobile app, consumers were completely shut out from watching the show when the site crashed and never recovered. This fail was basically a metaphor for how the rest of the night would turn out.

There were also issues with the microphones throughout the event as well. For the last match they actually had to revert to using a hand-held mic even though it has become customary to use lapel microphones during battles.

Numerous famous Hip Hop names were on hand as part of the event. Sway Calloway served as host, and DJ Kay Slay as referee. Ebro Darden and Royce da 5’9” provided post match commentary. Kid Capri, Poison Pen, and Drect were judges for the evening.

Despite having shined in other leagues like Smack/URL, King of the Dot, and U Dubb, it did not seem like many of the competitors on the card came fully prepared for Total Slaughter. The opening bout saw New Jersey’s Arsonal face off against Chicago’s Big T. The lopsided matchup ended with Ars easily taking down T in what many saw as a 3-0 victory.

Up next was the final round of the Total Slaughter tournament that initially started on the reality show aired on Fuse. What began as eight battlers was dwindled down to two. T-Rex and Daylyt survived to compete against each other at TS1.

After suggesting on the Total Slaughter series and announcing in a pre-match interview before the event that he would not being using any of his infamous gimmicks (ie: stripping down to a thong in one battle and pretending to fall asleep on his opponent in another), Day showed up for his Total Slaughter battle dressed as the character Spawn. But that was just the beginning.


During his final round, the Los Angeles emcee told the crowd he was out of his schizophrenia medication and proceeded to rip off his costume. Daylyt then just laid down on the stage in his boxers without spitting one bar.

Obviously, T-Rex was named the victor, but Day later claimed on Twitter that his “forfeit” was part of his Machiavellian game plan all along. With Daylyt’s choice to throw in the towel, it does seem proper to wonder how the other tournament competitors felt about not having the opportunity to appear on the big event’s undercard since Day did not seem to take the moment seriously.

One of the most hyped battles of the night was up next. A rematch of a classic battle between Loaded Lux and Murda Mook. The two titans helped elevate battle rap with their Smack DVD masterpiece in 2003. A decade later Lux/Mook II was nowhere near the same level of competition as the first contest.

Besides a 50 Cent reference (“Damn, homie. On Smack DVD you was the man, homie. What the f**k happened to Mook?”), Lux was not able to land many lines effectively. The audience even showered Lux with boos during his second round.

In contrast, Mook won over the crowd. The rap world expected to see an epic battle but was given a one-sided landslide that set one of the legends of the culture back. Lux must now comeback and prove his resilience in his next battle which he is fully capable of doing.

Finally, the main event. In what was billed as: battle rap professional versus signed platinum artist, underground versus mainstream, street versus corporate – Joe Budden stepped out of his element to go against the rebuttal king Hollow Da Don.

Firstly, Budden and Hollow should be commended for even taking this match as they both had a lot to lose. A victory for Budden could have be seen as proof that battle rap as an art form is not on the same level as the talent needed to be a successful recording artist. A Hollow win may have been perceived as a permanent foul mark on the resume of an established rapper like Budden. hollow-budden Hollow opened up by taking shots at the Total Slaughter organizers – Shady Records and Paul Rosenberg. He claimed the battlers on the card were not given a proper share of the profits from the event. But Shady Records co-founder Eminem was given a pass from Hollow’s wrath when the New York native shouted out the Hip Hop icon to close out his verse (“Eminem, you’re still my favorite”).

Hollow’s final two rounds were filled with personal disses toward Budden. His ex-girlfriend and Love and Hip Hop co-star Tahiry Jose became a center point when Hollow stopped rhyming at one point to yell in Budden’s face that he would  “f**k him up” if he ever hit a woman again. Hollow also took aim at Joey for being a “one hit wonder”, blogging about getting punched in the face, and being Eminem’s lackey.

Budden’s first round saw numerous pops from the audience when he spit lines like “Here I go again making another b***h famous” and “You asked where’s my last hit? N***a, where’s your first one?” His second round went over well with the people in attendance too.

After having the crowd for much of the first two rounds, the audience turned on Joe in the third. In perhaps the most surprising moment of the night (save Daylyt’s faux freak out), Budden did not complete his third verse because he got upset at the audience’s reaction to some of his bars.

The Slaughterhouse member turned to the fans in the venue and said, “If y’all don’t stop booing, I’ll stop rapping.” The boos continued and Budden put his microphone down on the stage.

This was reminiscent of Budden’s friend Tsu Surf’s UW match against Calicoe. Surf took issue with that crowd making noise as he was rapping and eventually halted his performance during his second round. Calicoe called it a choke, but Surf did at least complete the battle.

Budden’s stop left the door open to award an otherwise close match-up to Hollow. Budden later claimed on Twitter that he felt he took the battle 2-1, but it’s hard to see judges rewarding him with a win when he effectively quit the match.

Budden’s move is the equivalent of Floyd Mayweather walking out of the ring in the middle of the 12th round. Or LeBron James storming off the court in the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals game seven. It’s difficult for any impartial person to call you a winner after doing that, regardless of the scorecard.

With visual and audio trouble plaguing the entire event, Budden’s decision to drop the mic is another metaphor for how unprepared and unprofessional Total Slaughter came across. Add in two uncompetitive battles and two unfinished battles, and you get an event that did not go off as well as it could have. Even with the lackluster display from TS1, this should not be seen as representative of battle rap culture as a whole.

For years the artists on this card, and many others, have worked extremely hard to present amazing examples of lyricism, showmanship, fortitude, and drive. Seasoned fans may be the most disappointed in how things turned out in Hammerstein Ballroom last night, but at least they should take away battle rap culture is seen as important enough that a huge show like Total Slaughter was even possible to pull off in the first place.

And new fans to the culture hopefully got somewhat of an idea of why millions of people around the world pay to attend battle rap events and watch videos on YouTube featuring these talented emcees. Maybe they will now go back and view other big bouts like Arsonal/Math Hoffa, Big T/Tsu Surf, T-Rex/Young Ill, Daylyt/Chilla Jones, Loaded Lux/Calicoe, Murda Mook/Serius Jones, and Hollow Da Don/Hitman Holla.

Total Slaughter was not a win by a long shot, but hopefully the show’s organizers, participants, and competitor leagues can learn from the mistakes of this event and continue to build upon the battle rap culture for future presentations. We’ll be watching.

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  • Butch Magnus Milosevic

    Mic Drop aside, anyone who says Budden won is a Stan. Punchlines must connect with the crowd, if not you lose, period. Joey tried laughing at his own lines to gain the crowd… Fail. Hollow 2-1

    • vandyll

      Exactly and I phuks with Joe. But the nigga was reacting to his own punches, and the punches for the most part were soft. He had about maybe 5 good ones. The rest were either light, or just basic. It was sad to watch.

      • Steve Wilkos

        Hollow was weak too. They had punches like a week’s worth of writing. I wish the game did battle rap he’d smash these dudes

      • JimJames29

        That would not be a bad contestant. I doubt he has the techical chops to write mindblowing punchlines but he would win the crowd for sure. He can demolish a rapper without writing rhymes that you have to analyze on a piece of paper.

      • Steve Wilkos

        Game would knock hollow out if he said something to him.

    • The Legendary Troll

      Budden did win though

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        We watched two different battles then

      • Eli Pinilla

        Hollow didn’t do good at all. But he still did better than joe. Hard to watch

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic


  • Immortal

    I do enjoy battle rap and Lux is one of the GOATS in it, but dude was slipping in his last battle on YouTube when he came out in black panther regalia. Much respect to all who are battle rappers but trying to bring in shock value to this by dressing as spawn, taking your clothes off, and leaving early because the crowd made you butthurt, isn’t helping the art form at all. And to try a version of PPV on it and nothing worked? You couldn’t anticipate the number of viewers or as far as equipment goes, where were the sound tests? Right as the rapper starts rapping? Mark my words in the very near future, you will see reality shows with battle rappers and while I think this is utter BS, the organization that should be there, the focus on the rapper will be there, and there will be hardly any equipment failures. Welcome to Bow Wow hosting battle rapping on the “new” 106 and park,

  • KingChandler

    Here’s my recap. Big T was boring as shit. Ars brings nothing new, half his bars are about smashing someones chick or getting dome. Rex went in and I usually can’t stand him. I’m convinced Daylyt is warming up for an attempt at an acting career. Mooks first round ripped Lux’s soul out of his body and Lux didn’t have the slighest gleam of a chance after that. Mook couldn’t have put on a better performance, his rounds were flawless. Budden clearly wrote all of his bars over a beat, he had some dope lines but his delivery was awful and he had zero stage presence, not to mention he was feelin’ himself waayyyyy too much, acting like he was spitting some heaven sent shit that was beyond comprehension. Hollow put on a mediocre performance, but his mediocre was still better than Joe’s attempt, although Joey got paid 200 racks for the shit and Hollow got 30 so I’m sure he won’t lose sleep over it. Overall I thought Mook’s performance alone made it an ok event but there was lots of problems, the mics were fucked, the audience had no energy and when they did react it was usually to some elementary shit, and Sway was ok as the host but I almost missed having smack up there saying “nahm sayin”, “nah mean” and “you heard” before and after every other word, lol. The bootleg stream is on OTBVA by the way.

    • Steve Wilkos

      I gotta say on replay lux had the GOAT lyrics that night,but he doesn’t know how to win. He could beat anyone lyrics wise but I can’t see him out angleing someone.

    • Myleage

      mook wasnt all that fam. lux was still a great performer. and joe was good but i didnt like that he was acting like a vagina when he was yelling and talking and smoking and shaking his head during hollow’s performance. joe did battle rap, like most rappers do starting out, so i expected him to be more composed. battles back in the day weren’t recorded that much but joe still has battling experience so i dont see why people say joe was out of his element because he is used to it. he could of done better.

      p.s. the crowd was ass. i dont even think they were rap battle fans

      • KingChandler

        I probly could have worded my shit a little different bruh, Mook’s bars were more effective than revolutionary, Lux did have some shit too, always does, he just seemed to lose his confidence after round 1, and I’m not used to seeing someone get in his head like that.

  • vandyll

    3 words to describe this event in general. Horrible, Horrible, and Horrible. Joey had bars but his performance, and his delivery, were ASS! He started spitting like he was on a record after he got booed. Nigga lost his composure. NOT GOOD! Then puts the mic down and quit. SMH! I’m a Joey supporter but this was not good at all. Now as for Hollow…sigh. He came up way too short. I expected waaaaay more from him, his shit was weak. #overrated.
    round 1 even (could go either way)
    round 2 Joey
    round 3 Hollow
    As for the rest Arsenal did his thing as usual. Rarely have I ever seen this guy off of his game. Destroyed Big T easily 3-0
    Daylyt should be banned period he’s a disgrace. T rex won but his outfit lost. WTF!
    As for Mook and Lux…WOW! Body bag Mook embarrassed Lux. It was like watching a Killer Pitbull that you loved get put to sleep. Wasn’t even close he ANNIHILATED him!
    Overall this event was trash , the mics sucked, crowd sucked, and Sway on stage was not a good look he’s extra corny. The PPV didn’t stream. We paid and had to watch the shit on a Bootleg U stream feed. How the phuk you don’t have the shit on Directv? That is the biggest satellite provider in the country and they didn’t have it available? SMH Total Slaughter was a Total Fail.

    • Steve Wilkos

      Joe and Hollow would’ve got bodied vs anyone besides big t and daylyt on that card. That battle was wack and lux and mook was actually a war.

  • The Legendary Troll

    lighten up on em. events never get it right the first time. they will learn from their mistakes on the next

    • JimJames29

      Yeah things will be better next time around I guess. But come on, if you can allegedly afford to give buttons 200k for a performance, there defintiely should have been room I the budget for decent, working mics. Matter of fact that should have been priority number one. As far as the ppv goes, I can’t really comment cause I’m not a tech guru, I dont know what challenges they had to deal with. Oh and daylyt… I don’t know maybe its just sort of a wwf-like attempt to make more of a show, to add some diversity and maybe draw in people who otherwise would not have had the patience for 2,5 hours of straight up battle rap, but to me the costume is okay I guess but that third round is w.a.f.


    daylyt took a “what” on stage?….wtf

  • JimJames29

    I liked the event, the battles and punchlines. To me, the technical difficulties don’t take much away from that. However I find it hard to comprehend why an event like this doesnt even have working mics. Budden with sways mic, thats awful. They should have had 30 spare mics ready for something like this. As far as the battles I thought mm vs ll was great especially mm. Budden had great lines against hdd but his delivery was horrible. All these pauses between lines, no force in it. So yeah in the end I agree the event was very unprofessional, which I find mindblowing considerinv the dollars and people involved, but it doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the battles.

  • EniggaMA

    how em not gonna show up tho?

    • JimJames29

      First rapper in Wembley stadium…

      • Steve Wilkos

        Plus he really doesn’t care. Hos Twitter didn’t have one tweet referring to total slaughter EVER. I have a feeling Royce begged him for it.

      • Dope

        He doesn’t really use twitter, his PR, whoever that is at Shady Records, uses it and his facebook page occasionally for promotion and that’s it.

        But it is weird if they didn’t really advertize trough those channels.

      • Steve Wilkos

        Nah,em tweets everything he’s associated with. He just tweeted trick trick and bust a song. He was just a name he don’t care about this shit. I can’t blame him all of them were ass

      • 5% Hov


  • Jadakiss said he turned down a 40k gig to go to total slaughter instead… why jada why?!

    • DeniseRTuttle

      $9­­­­­­­­­7­­­­­­­­­/­­­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­­ re­­­­ceiveing­­­­­­­­­­­­­>>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • ILLAmusic

    First off pen and dirct weren’t judges (did you watch the event?) Loaded lux and murda Mook was one of the best battles I’ve ever seen. Joe did his thing…don’t agree with the Mic dropping though. All in all it was a good even…but those Mic issues were bullshit still

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    That Daylyt is a crazy muthaf4cka, who will be taken him serious as an artist?

    • hoeyuno

      That was wack as fucc tho. .I think daylyt dying at the end of his set was a metaphor for his career…how many times you gonna get shock value for taking your clothes off!!??

      • Steve Wilkos

        It was a metaphor “Eat shit & die” hence him eating a turd and dying. He dm me on Twitter and told me.

  • Myleage

    the only L given that day was given to the crowd.

  • Steve Wilkos

    Im glad I didn’t waste money on this snore fest. Joe and Hollow were boring and mook and lux was the high point. I watched it live for free on u stream then I watched it for free on YouTube. Lux and mook were the only good two. Ars and t rex had a good one . It goes to show money doesn’t make an event it’s passion.

    • JimJames29

      ‘Here I go making another B famous’ is a quality line tho. In the third round both were weak imo.

      • Myleage

        joe easily took the 2nd round but he was acting like a girl, talking during hollow’s performance and shit and shaking his head and yellin and quitting at the end.

      • JimJames29

        Lyrically, I think he did, but you can tell he has no experience as a battle rapper by his performance. At certain moments he had a good delivery but others it was like he was reading the lyrics from his iphone.

  • Hip-Hop need to get with technology and understand how to use it…It’s not just a mic and a video camera anymore…All the money and high profile people that was involved, I can’t understand why they would still be thinking that all you do is grab a mic a battle….The most successful rappers out today are the ones who know how to apply their material with modern technology….Everyone else is still trying to get the mic to work and the website to stream on the day of…Get it together.

  • ghettogov

    While hollow might have got the w i think moving forward it’s a loss for him because it was way closer than it should have been considering Joe’s inexperience and shoddy preparation….then you factor in that he earned less than one fifth of what his opponent got and it kinda makes him look bad…his next battle will be tougher to win because of this Shit

  • hoeyuno

    KOTD and URL are good man..I don’t think they got too much to worry about..I like the pay per view idea. Id go sit in a bar and watch this ish live like ninjas do with for all the issues with the mics and the site crashing, thats the hip hop gods talking and saying dont exploit and ruin a good thing..I didnt like all the room the spittas had. I think all the peoples crowded around them makes it more exciting. …

  • kangtroll

    And this is why we call u niggers.. ur dumb..

    • The Black Fist

      you full blown faggot!

  • I_AM_Houston

    There is no excuse for all the difficulties Im hearing about. Think about it like this. Its Eminems event, this is someone whos performed a million times and knows what all needs to be done. How are the technical aspects not right? Theyve done them plenty of times over the last 10+ years hes been active. The TV feed was messed up for what reason? Isnt this what they do? Did they have a new crew or what? I think everyone involved just took it easy

    • erferf78

      i called and ordered and had no problem but the computer shit was too confusing. as far as the mic that was the biggest venue most of them ever did if you didn’t like the battles blame the rappers not em who was doing a show w dre with 40000 people

  • JimJames29

    So what do you guys think about the new style of battling, a capella and writtens? To me I think its an improvement, everybody was writing their rhymes beforehand anyway and the accusations ‘spitting writtens’/having to mask that you are doing that is BS. A capella makes it easier to make out the lyrics.

    • Steve Wilkos

      New style. Dude they been doing this since 87

      • JimJames29

        Nah I mean spitting writtens instead of freestyles and a capella instead of over beats

    • SursumAd Summum


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  • Eli Pinilla

    Horrible event. The battles were weak, couldn’t hear big t, budden flopped under the pressure. Hollows worst performance, and lux got destroyed….Mook stole the show. And unless the whole slaughter house battles, there will not be a total slaughter part 2…..and dayliyt needs to gtfoh with that shit.

    • erferf78

      i wanted mook to destroy lux but a lot of people weren’t giving lux a chance i haven’t liked him since that preacher shit and joey did great for his first battle whoever wrote this article obviously didn’t see the battle cause joe finished the round and i think he beat hollow which i was not expecting and you can’t blame the league cause only half the rappers were prepared they can’t tell them how to spit or what to say blame some of the best battle rappers for not doing there thing

      • Eli Pinilla

        Mook did his thing. I was surprised he washed lux like that. Even though lux had bars to. The crowd was Def wack. And a lot of shit went over their head. Big t had the same problem….Joe buckled under that pressure. His feelins was all the way hurt. He felt some type of way about getting boo’d. And hollows third was the worst bars I ever seen him spit in his life…..I can’t even argue with you. The rappers Def coulda did better. And you can’t pick a crowd. But the production value was poor. Mic issues and bad streams. I’m sure they’ll do another. And stack the shit out the card. But it’s a bad first impression.

      • erferf78

        I see your point but i wasn’t as disappointed as everyone is sometimes rappers are just on and I’m happy mook did so well hopefully hell get back into battle rap more he did much better than his last battle and hopefully more mainstream lyricists will get involved cause how much joey made in reality very few rappers make that much off there album especially on a major joey and raekwon made more money off there sales indie than people that went gold on majors people have to choose these days if they wanna make doe or be famous now and make doe off there name later which isn’t promised. joe prob made more off that battle than a season of love and hip hop

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  • The Black Fist

    SMACK like ” na’sayin, you can’t copy respect ”

    well, he don’t have to worry about TS competing no more.
    huge disappointment and severe damage done to TS battle league.

  • Markus

    All this was exactly why they weren’t getting my money. I’m surprised anybody actually paid for this when the highlights would be uploaded somewhere on the Internet for free. Hollow in my opinion came off as a coward. If you have issues with the venue and how the revenue gets divvied up, you don’t separate Eminem from the rest of the promoters. Would have more respect for him if he didn’t make sure to let dude know he’s not talking about him.

    • hoeyuno

      Yea but I honestly think eminem had very little to do with it…it was a slaughterhouse event and em let them use his name for promo…

      • Steve Wilkos

        Yeah,for months they En hyping it as if em was apart of it He by tweet or instagram it all and he always tweets anything he’s involved in. I think Royce begged for this.

  • SursumAd Summum

    Daylyt lost his mind…lol. Embarassing. Big T lost, but his bars go over people heads. Arsonal still the king of this battle rap game.

    • hoeyuno

      Daylyt tried too hard to look like he lost his mind..that shyt was lame!!! Not funny, not entertaining and looked cheeseball not crazy..

  • SursumAd Summum

    Lux barred Mook to death, the crowd was light though. This the best I ever heard Mook rap, he always been ass to me. He copied Hollow whole approach though, that was weak

  • erferf78

    i think the problem with the mic’s was they kept cutting mic’s to turn other ones on just like in a studio different people need different settings in the joe hollow battle hollow should of been mic’d up and as a battle rapper he shouldn’t of just walked on stage he’s done it before he knows the preparation joe shared his mic and that made a problem he should of gave hollow the mic and used the regular mic the whole time like he had to do any way and he was using the hosts mic so he had to turn it up cause there speaking different volumes i don’t see the big deal if anything hollow should of said wheres my mic problem solved. and joe murdered him in the first if you don’t think so your deaf

  • To think Eminems name was attached to this slop vest lol.. Wonder what he will say about it… I thinks the while shady staff on lean

    • hoeyuno

      Mooks rounds made this ish classic!!..if that never happened it woulda been a fail..

  • Budded always likes to sneak diss Canibus battles with disaster… At least bis knew how to deliver his lines and shit before the notebook thing… Joe basically pulled a canibus… Lmao Joe is washed. Facts.

  • Some rappers have the magic touch where everything they touch turns into gold…Unfortunately Joe Buddens is not one of those people…Everything that Buddens touch is a flop, all artists should be aware and stay far from him.

    • Dayum!

      Mad true though, in retrospect, but Buddens’ flops are still successes that produced even more success.

      Budden won 2-1, or rather out rhymed Hollow 2-1, but Buddens just can’t win…even when he does win…he still manages to lose.

      TS1 was dope though!

      • Myleage

        if he never gave up at the end he would have won. even if he did win 2 rounds, he would have lost simply because he left the stage in round 3. and neither hollow nor budden cam back to the stage at the end when sway told them to. they were completely unprofessional.

      • Yeah, Em should have hired Smack to run it instead of trying to crook Smack’s hook.

    • Myleage

      its funny how they labeled this as a “underground vs mainstream” even tho budden is def. not mainstream lol

      • Considering none of the mainstreamers had it in them to battle, that was as mainstream as it would get…I mean, who did you expect…K DOT?

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  • The type of Booty YOU like

    Is it just me or was Joe Budden the worst battle rapper in the world? How did he almost win with no swag? HE’S WACK!

    • Nah, Buddens got at Hollow, it was even, IMHO, RD 1 went to Buddens, Rd 3 to Hollow, Joe took Rd 2 with a slight edge, while Hollow took Rd 3 with a 10-8 RD.

      • The type of Booty YOU like

        Please tell me what Joe said or did to edge Hollow? Maybe I’m wrong but Joe was super lame the whole battle

      • Myleage

        “time to make another bitch famous” shitted on hollow

      • That was 1.

      • hoeyuno

        I think joe won that one but mook at lux!!! Killed luxs whole movement. . Shyt was priceless! !

      • >> in Mook’s voice: ” I’m feeling like, you feeling like, …..we kept the file!”

      • hoeyuno

        Busta rhymes was cheering for mook like bus was cheering for lux when lux ripped apart that shit was dope!!!!

      • Pricele$$!

      • hoeyuno

        You showed me the lux and calicoe battle. ..I didnt even know this shyt was that ill until that….I like the PPV ish tho…I’ll definitely be watching the next one. .they gotta do the PPV at the bar like they do ufc shyt….

      • yeah but…they need to put Smack down with it, it’s only right, IMHO.

      • 5% Hov


      • Nah, it was a good battle, both held their own.

  • The type of Booty YOU like

    The only real dude in slaughter house is Crooked I the rest of them dudes is corn balls. Royce is Eminem’s pet, Joe is a old cigarette puffin flunky, and Joel is the water boy

    • Sean Peterson

      and u just a nigguh on the outside lookin in…. NOT INTENDED FOR BEEF PURPOSES …….SO PLEASE DONT RESPOND BACK WITH THAT BULLSHIT,,,,LOL

      • The type of Booty YOU like

        U JUST A NIGGA!

      • Sean Peterson


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  • AlizaECooper

    Start working at home>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

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  • DeniseRTuttle

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