Bang Em Smurf Talks 50 Cent Dissing Sha Money XL + Talking With Young Buck Before G-Unit Reunion

(AllHipHop News) In a recent interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, Bang ‘Em Smurf discusses how 50 Cent’s recent social media disses towards Sha Money XL are “corny” and why he is ok with Young Buck siding with G-Unit after his fallout with 50 Cent.

On June 19th, 50 Cent posted a photograph on his personal Instagram account blocking out Sha Money’s face and calling him “Soft” and that he will “always lose against me” in the photo’s caption. According to Bang Em Smutf, 50 Cent is “corny” for dissing a man whom was integral in the formation of 50 Cent’s early success:

Sha Money’s a good brother [that] put his life on the line for [50] as well. Just by rolling with him. Cause Sha Money ain’t no gangsta or none of that. He been an executive in this game for a minute. About his money. So, he actually put his life on the line by rolling with 50. You know what I mean? Did a lot of groundwork for 50. A lot of studio sessions with 50 pressed all the CD’s with G-Unit, for 50. He did a lot, so that was actually corny on 50’s behalf

Back in 2012, Smurf stated that him and Buck were still friends due to the fact that neither one of them disrespected each other during 50 Cent’s feud with Smurf. Buck and 50 engaged in a war of words back in 2008 after 50 Cent released a taped phone coversation between him and Young Buck. On the G-Unit song “Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout”, Buck enthusiastically proclaims “50 said we ain’t never going broke”, a claim Smurf can respect as a reason for Buck to reunite with G-Unit:

I spoke to [Young Buck] a few times. Buck a good one too. I always had love for Buck. But, you know, at the end of the day he had business with 50. So he going to ride with 50. I ain’t mad at that. I got love for Buck.

Check out the full interview below:

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63 Responses to “Bang Em Smurf Talks 50 Cent Dissing Sha Money XL + Talking With Young Buck Before G-Unit Reunion”

  1. walkerboy86

    Sha actually started it by befriending and helping Slim the mobster while he was dissing 50 and then doing the same with Slowbucks and even helped get them a deal and then there was the indecent where he heard 50 was in the building and runaway and 50 didn’t know what the problem was.

      • Ipullcards

        Yes.. Or at least he was. But here’s the thing. If u 50 day 1 like everyone claims than why work with ppl dissing him? Why speak bad about someone u claim to be their day 1. Even if I fall out with my ppl u won’t hear me say anything negative. I’ll explain situations etc but no bad words coming out of my direction. Ijs just my opinion

      • El Dogga

        No-one follows the closed door policy no more. Family problems stay in house.

  2. Jamoe

    Fif has stated he don’t know why sha money on bs. Smurf doing all these interviews bout gunit and dissing fif this nigga must don’t realize fif and gunit is the only reason mfs outside of NY know this nigga. I remember when fif first got on and his whole crew was eating but now niggas making it seem like he disloyal when the music slowed up niggas start dick riding the next nigga period

    • Bumpy Johnson

      “gunit is the only reason mfs outside of NY know this nigga.” – not everybody is a fame hore….i dont think he cares about that…. bang’em smurf stop fkkin wit 50 right before he blew up , so wachu sayin?

      • Charlie Kelly

        and yet bang’em cant keep 50 name out his mouth lol… so whatchu sayin? (its because he is a fame whore and needs attention cause nobody give a shit else about what he is doing or saying) good talk.

      • Guest

        wow u is a fuckin groupie kid …u dunno shit bout Bang Em career we get headlines without 50 name in it …go do some research…whats wrong with u

      • Charlie Kelly

        bang’em DOESNT have a career.. lmfao.. lets be honest now. there is no research to do.. cause he doesnt do anything except interviews about 50 ahahahahahaha

      • The_Good_Life

        Smurf is a fame hore, got coke boys tatted on his grill, dick rides Ross talking bout that’s his brother and takes any interviewer that wants to talk about fifty. fif made a good decision dropping that girl cause all the dick hopping she doing could have got fif killed.

  3. sujustic

    IJS why the hell is this guy still talking about 50? It’s been what 10 to 12 years. I don’t hear 50 speak on this kid for nothing. Smurf acting like he got the inside scoop. Smurf if you reading this focus on your music sun! You sound bitter wit female tendencies….

  4. Havoc Wreaka III


    • Jason Mazur

      You mean unlike Soulja Boy and Scrappy……T.I. and Alley Boy……..Gotti and Gucci…….Wacka and Gucci…..Pac and Dre…..MC Eight and DJ Quick……SO on and SO forth

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        That’s Atlanta music, half them.niggas phuck each other

      • The_Good_Life

        Jeezy and Ross, lil Wayne and Luke, master p and c murder, master p and pastor troy, chammillionare and Paul wall, bmf and cte, lil flip and ti, Gucci and jeezy, Ross and trick daddy, Manny fresh and baby, baby and a gang of producers, migos and some local fools that shot up the party.

    • Guest

      are you an idiot bruh .. its a name…my name im known as …what Movies go look @ my youtube bout 5 million views worth of movies

      • Charlie Kelly

        lmfao.. are u an idiot bruh? u think youtube vids makes one a movie star? ahahahahahahahahahaha they laughin at you, they all laughng at you!!! sahahaha

      • Guest

        says the guy who nobody even ever heard of my name ringing all over the country

      • Guest

        yeh dude in middle school when i made up the name my friends thought it was funny , now they see i’ve become a HipHop General so take a seat , keep reading my articles an soon you’ll be watching me on T.V…Your Acting Gig would have been one of the Eminem Clones during the fuckin 2000 MTV Video Awards. My career is much more prestigious.

      • Guest

        Ur a retard it’s mikey t the movie star how bout u ur the vladtv commenter lol

      • Guest

        look rite down there i even got dudes tellin me to ignore u cornball lol ..we done here

      • Charlie Kelly

        yes, because they feel bad that i emasculated you so openly. They dont like to see the helpless and weak being beaten on.. lmfao.. mikey t the movie star, so fuckin lame bro, n u know it!!! thats why u changed ya name, HA.

      • Guest

        wow dude i feel bad for u …look at my picture thats really me i can’t say the same about ur bitch ass tho name still mikey t the movie star man ..u aint got nothing better to do lol sorry thing bout it is u prol at work or at home doing nothing this is my job ..i get paid off these interviews u fuckin key board thug with ya fake pictures names …lying bout ur life

      • Charlie Kelly

        ya name is mike, and yo i get paid too, only i get paid to do real work my nigga!!! I have my own home repair business with my own god damn employees!!!! You just record ya self talking and call ya self a movie star when the only video u been in is on fuckin you tube. lmfao.. chocolate rain ass nigga

      • Charlie Kelly

        n u made that name in middle school? god damn u are lame.. n u still not a movie star, u feelin ya self to much homie… lmfao

      • EL_BARK

        u mad or nah????
        get out ur feeling. u ahh ninjas need some testosterone

      • EL_BARK

        u mad or nah????
        get out ur feeling. u ahh ninjas need some testosterone

      • EL_BARK

        damn that was suppose to reply to mikey T. not you

      • Guest

        im mad ? dude my interviews are on every Top News Blog Website …why would i be mad ? yall are reading my shit this is my last Reply to Ignorance

      • EL_BARK

        dude u do interviews with D list celebrities. lmao

      • Michael Thurston

        Still all over every site Wayne Ross French d list ? Raekwon d list ? U fraud

      • EL_BARK

        saltine you resoonded to this thread that 7 months old?

        why would u even be reading comments on this old thread

        u must be an intern go get chuck a coffee

  5. WeakSauce

    I bet if Fif would give this nikka a deal/check… He’ll be like “Na bruh, I was just going threw somethings.” “Fif like a brother, got nothing but love for em” Sit yo as down Smurf!

    • beezy

      Not sure who you’re referring to and no dis, but Smurf is dead on. Anyone with a sense of history knows XL was an INTEGRAL(yes caps) part of their rise.

  6. Markus

    All this is corny to be honest. Back when 50 debuted if all this was going on it would be interesting. But now with 50 the only one even remotely relevant and all the other players in this drama ice cold in the industry, its all lame.

  7. Guest

    Bang Em Smurf has A lot of Life Left to His Career so any haters thinking 50 is the only relevant one , we’re going to keep coming consistently and showing everyone we are going to be in the Headlines , Making Music an Impacting the Culture in the Best way.

    • hoeyuno

      Career!!???? What the fucc you talking about? If your million dollar plan has smurf being your product your out to fuccin lunch…….you cant get rich from talkin ish about 50 every few months..

    • HK Sin

      Mikey T take it from somebody in trinidad that does hip hop and is active within trinidad hip hop community…..this nigga smurf is irrelevant and non-existent

    • Mitraised

      LMAO you CAN’T be serious!! This dude never had a career, the only reason he gets ANY headline is because he was affiliated with 50 and the thing he does consistently is stay discussing 50 and other rappers.

  8. Jonathan Cayol

    Bang Em Smurf the ex G – Unit person who got deported & weighs in with his side of how things are from the Island of Trinidad always feeling us in while we are in America about the newest rap stuff we love you Bang Em we need you you are an amazing asset to Rap music . Keeping it gangsta even if you cannot enter the United States we always care about you Bang Em Smurf you’ve always been a supporting role in giving information about how you feel , we love you & when you die we will always have you in our hearts because your Bang Em Smurf your an extra ordinary gangster with something to say . I’m going to place a campaign up for you Bang Em Smurf so you can come back to America & help us be gangsters & better the community with drugs , extortion & violence we need that . We need you Bang Em Smurf we love hearing all your outstanding stories . Bang Em Smurf needs to be inducted into the hall of fame , I think I’m about to cry even as I type this now , I can’t I I I I gotta go …….

  9. Blck46fl

    I never remember fif shitting on Sha Money, what he said was that he didn’t understand why Sha took out of the radio station when he heard 50 had just arrive, how’s that shitting on Sha?

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