Hip-Hop Rumors: Nipsey Hussle's New Gal Goes Public!

Well, lookie here.

This may not be new news, but it looks like Lauren London has bagged herself another young man. This time, Nipsey gets it on and she’s going public with it on Instagram. She wasn’t this public with Wayne and Trey to my knowledge, but I ain’t really up on this sort of stuff anyway.

Check out the image that she put up. Shaking up the world seems to be her job.

lauren london nipsey

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Markus

    Life imitates art. She is an actress trying to stay relevant with a celebrity boyfriend and plays the exact same character on The Game.

    • Uh….art imitating life!

      • Escobar

        Sad, but true. People wonder why our first reactions to life situations are always “as seen on TV”.

      • Look at the movie “HEAT” & the North Hollywood shootout!

        That’s how fugged up we are…they control the images.

      • I remember watching that sht on tv…them dudes was dumping insane out there. I couldn’t believe how hard them cats was going….

      • They definitely went hard in the paint for that scratch!

      • Escobar

        Noted, homie. I just basically take in society for what I witness and figure I’ll mentally paste some major network water-mark on my peripheral and call it the latest reality television show. Haha

      • Remember IN LIVING COLOR when Damon Wayons was living in a box, looked out the hole & called it cable? Ninjaz started fighting & he shut the flap, talking about “That’s Pay Per View”


        PBS The Pavement Broadcast System – This ‘ole Box


      • Escobar

        Well done, homie. Hahahaha – Got me forgetting Jim Carrey was In Living Color too. This current-gen got me slipping.

      • This is the jawnt when Jim carey spent the night with Anton in “This “Ole Box”

        This ‘Chet will have you in tears!

        ( PPV cable )


      • Markus

        I know the saying. It’s just that the art happened first in this case.

      • I thought her claim to fame was dating a rapper.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Laurel London is a terrible actress so she need to stay relevant somehow

  • The Legendary Troll

    She everybody bitch

  • Brindle

    I don’t care what none of ya’ll say, that girl is fine… I’d wife her for a month or two

  • does anyone say these things about erika badu?

    • Twonpass

      claps hands……….

    • Breeze

      lmfao. kir i would take erykah out the recycling bin. that ass. . . that ass

    • MrsOno

      I’ve read a lot of comments about Erykah Badu and her 3 rapper baby daddies. Trust me, she does not get a pass!😒

      • just asking or making the statement because i never hear anyone talk about her

  • GP

    I bet wayne wont cross paths with nipsey. he a born Crip he put in real work. she know what she’s doing!

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Wayne is a rapper turned blood unlike Nipsey a crip turned rapper..

      • GP

        that’s much is true I don’t deny that but nip but in work, wayne hasn’t so wayne not really ready for that serious life. that’s all im saying if it came down to beef.

      • if it came down to beef neither one would be involved hands on i believe. you do what bosses do. pay the lil homie to put in that work.

      • GP

        that’s much is true. but I would hope it wouldn’t lead to that, but if it did I would have to side with nip. only because he started out that way then entered into the rap game.

      • U tripn bruh wayne done shot a nigga before…lol himself, that fool put work in on himself

      • Anthonyd Smith


      • GP

        you right. at least he wont miss his own target

      • g MACK

        Huh?? that’s much is true I don’t deny that but nip but in work

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Who cares Nipsey Hussel being a crip first makes you satisfied don’t it ? Ethiopian South Central LA crip support , your making the KKK proud fathers .

      • Two_guns_Billy

        I don’t do the gang shit at all but I do respect a dude that actually live the lifestyle and rapping about it more than a nigga thats rapping about some shit he never really lived..Both are fucked up but a nigga thats glorifying gang banging but don’t have an idea how it is is worse to me

    • jgraves58

      If he’s put in REAL work, how come he’s not in prison. Every nigga I know that has bodied niggas are either dead or in prison.

      • Jonathan Cayol

        Yeah he put in real work , he makes sure he’s gonna really kill another black man because he’s a “G” unlike Wayne he doesn’t kill black people he just raps about it . Man we should kill Wayne too huh ? Then after we kill Wayne we should kill Nipsey & make a song about it so we can be on , we can call our gang the Trendsetters or something hey man let me get your cell phone number I’m serious about this my little cousins a producer what do ya say ? Are you down for a 1 8 7 ?

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Wayne just tell kids its cool to kill other black kids

  • Twonpass

    get a dam life

  • Twonpass

    nobody can find a women on they own anymore i see. lets recycle the whores, i guess thats saving the environment

    • andone


  • Jonathan Cayol

    I just love how Ethiopians kill us Black Americans . When they gang bang they really gang bang I like the way they kill us hopefully we can get some gang bangers from Congo too we need some of them to rep blood & crip for us & show us how it’s really done . I like how we get AIDS & kill each other with pistols & disrespect our women it’s awesome especially when we make dope beats & express ourself on it you can’t top that ! We all need the opportunity to kill someone & make songs about it . Ever so often we need to fight somebody & have unprotected or protected sex & make songs about it , life is beautiful instagram , selling crack , new shoes , new hoes , cars , clothes killing black people & Facebook , posting up with pistols man I love it this is what I always wanted ya know ?

  • ruthwlandrum

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