Katt Williams Allegedly Assaulted A Man With Pepper Spray and His Car

(AllHipHop News) Unwanted photography is the leading cause of celebrity meltdowns in the past two years. According to reports, Katt Williams is under criminal investigation for assault with a deadly weapon in connection to an incident near LAX yesterday (July 15th).

TMZ reports Glen Jackson is claiming Katt Williams and his bodyguard pepper sprayed him after he attempted to take a photograph of the comedian while both were parked side by side in their respective cars near LAX. According to Jackson, Williams drove his Rolls Royce into Jackson’s leg, pepper sprayed the man again and then drove off.

This incident occurs two weeks after Williams allegedly pulled a gun on four individuals shooting a documentary outside of The Comedy Store in West Hollywood on July 1st.

  • Mac7504

    Why can’t I ever meet this lil crackhead in the street? Outtapocket this foo is…. How he get an LA pass anyway? Talking all that shit about certain types…

    • andone

      wat did he say about LA?

      • Ipullcards

        Nothing! Ppl just hating cause he wants his privacy and can’t control himself! That’s what fame & the game will get u.

    • John Q. Public

  • GP

    this nigga old news. he wasn’t even funny to me except in the Friday movies and some roles here and there. this nackna washed up. from the bad perm to the jokes. the icing on the cake was letting nick cannon fire you.

    • andone

      way funnier than kevin hart tho… can we at least agree on that?

  • John Q. Public

    HBO gunna show his new special next month. Cant wait to see it personally especially with him addressing all his arrests and meltdown. Gunna be his version of Martins RUNTELLTHAT special

    • 36 arrests…Zero trials or convictions.

  • Dam he been taking a lot of L’s in the past 5 years.

    • Actually, all WINS.

      He was arrested 36X in 3 yrs, win zero convictions.

      Zero trials. He’s had many tough battles, but he’s never lost in my eyes.

      • dingsop

        Thass cuz he got dat $krilla doe.

  • Markus

    Dude is easily set off. Short fused for real.

  • jon dubock

    man, seems like this guy be too worried about addressing “bitch niggas”….

  • king

    In my redd foxx voice this nigga crazy..

  • i’mreloaded!

    I saw dis dude at the Hooters on Peachtree in Atlanta. Two waitresses walked over and said hi and asked for his autograph he straight looked at them and said “and why are y’all hos talkin to me again?” Them dumb azz bish laughed but he was dead azz serious. When he was leavin one of the girls was like “he didn’t even leave no damn money for the tip!” Da nigga Katt heard her and came back and straight screamed on chick. Told her “Bish I ain’t gonna tip you for doin yo mufuccin job! Do you see me getting tips at shows you nasty bish. Fucc naw, cuz dat’s my job you greedy, ratchet slut!” Exact words because my wife still got dat $hit in her phone. I didn’t wanna laugh, but dat nigga right there!!

  • King Cold

    Smh when will people leave this man alone damn