Murda Mook Wants To Battle Eminem Next (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Fresh off his victory against Loaded Lux at Total Slaughter, Murda Mook has his eyes set on an even bigger match-up. During an interview with Ebro In The Morning, Mook expressed his interest in facing off against “Mr. 8 Mile” himself.

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“I need Em or one them n***as,” replied Mook when asked who he wants to battle next. “I’ve been saying Em from the door. For the last five years I’ve been saying, ‘Y’all have to go get Eminem for me. You have to.'”

Mook makes it clear his desire to go at Eminem is not out of disrespect and views the Detroit native as one of his favorite emcees.

“This is just admiration, wanting to jump in the ring with a n***a that I feel is incredible. Somebody I feel says things I would never possibly think of saying,” continued Mook. “His mind is way different. So for me to have to challenge myself to be able to try to meet that and take it higher, I need Em or somebody of that magnitude.”

Murda Mook also said the “chapter’s closed” on battling Cassidy. He also defended Daylyt’s decision to throw his third round against T-Rex at Total Slaughter. According to Mook, Day’s dropout was “paying respect” to his Dot Mobb comrade Rex, and the two associates did not want to battle each other.

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Watch Murda Mook’s interview below.

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  • KareemSayeed

    Back in Em’s battle rap days, rappers didnt know much about their opponent. They dissed them based on their appearance + generic punchlines that could be used on any rapper (not to discredit eminem just saying how it was). Now a days battle rappers mostly diss the other person based on their weak performance against their previous opponent + handful of threats.. Under the 1% chance this battle happens, it will literally be the most awkward thing. What is mook going to say to his favorite rapper eminem? And wtf will Eminem say to a rapper he probably knows extremely little about? It’s kind of hard to threaten mook when your literally one of the most successful musicians of all time and have a lot more on the line than this fool.

    • Em will win if he’s on some “Your arms to short to box with GOD” type ‘chet.
      He has to stay above Mook, if he sinks to Mook’s level and raps small, he will get KO’d like a tall boxer squatting to box Mike Tyson.

  • TruthSerum

    It wouldn’t be fair now. You could run a google search and find enough material to use against Em for 10 rounds of bars, Em would have to hire a team of private investigators on Mook for it to even be half way fair.

    I’d still watch it tho, but it would be cringe worthy. Mook would murder him

  • soyhiphop

    Theirs always someone who will bring up ems money and success as an excuse why he should not battle but battleling is the rawest form of showing people you’re lyrically a huge em fan but I know for a fact back then he wasn’t the greatest battle mc he just rap extra fast in the scrible jam battles and lost to chitown vet he might be way more polish and I’d like to see that cause if em jumps in you know the rest of the real mcs will..battle rap is bringing lyricism back to the forefront in an industy full of catchy hooks and buble gum braggadocious dumbed down lyrics..

    • Em has already shown he’s lyrically gifted.

      What EM will set off, is mainstreamers battling each other.

      Cassidy Vs Meek, Jeezy Vs Rick Reezy, etc.

      • soyhiphop

        I can live with that

      • Retired Professional Wrestler

        Battles bore me. Shit wack. I come to boo to be honest.

    • TruthSerum

      Dog, I’ve never rapped a day in my life and if you gave me a days worth of time and a google search engine, I could destroy him……… His info and personal life way too far out there for a match like this to even be close to fair. Only purpose this would serve would be to draw attention to the craft, he should do this on the day he decides to retire because after what Mook would do to him on that stage his career and reputation would never recover……..

      • soyhiphop

        I think even if mook killed em it wont hurt his career since 800 mlion people or more Know who em is and support his fan is gonna stop liking him cause of a lost battle

      • TruthSerum

        Maybe not his sales, I probably jumped the gun on that one.

        But his reputation?? Most certainly it would never recover….. Just ask Canibus who has been the laughing stock of rap ever since he met Dizaster…..

        Only reason Joe Budden agreed to this is because half the world already hates his guts anyway so the 200K check was worth it…….. You can’t hurt the reputation of a guy who beats pregnant women, defaults on his child support payments and goes online with a bag of frozen peas on his face crying bout gettin beat up……..He’s already viewed as hip hop answer to pin the tail on the donkey so what’s the difference??

        But ain’t nobody who actually has something to lose going out there against a guy like Murda Mook man lol

      • 5% Hov

        Depends how bad he loses.

      • Dope

        To be honest Canibus was the laughing stock of mainstream since forever, and his own moves did nothing to make it better.

        A better comparison to Em would be Jay z or Nas situation after their battle. Though there was no clear winner, people have clowned Jay with Ether for a long time, yet it didn’t really hurt him and he’s been steady on top of the game as always.

      • 5% Hov

        ” I could destroy him..”


    • Godless Heathen

      im sure you know battle rap was diff then there wasnt preparation time like there is now that shit was off the dome (some were also single night tournaments) and ive seen some of his old battles that def were not just him rapping fast…you tube rap olympics and some of those scribble jams im pretty sure theres a compilation on there.

    • It’s not fair, because the Eminem that we know from when he was hungry back in the day might not deliver the same fire as the Eminem that there is today…So a super hungry rapper should not be in the same ring with a seasoned vet because the hunger and passion is not the same. That’s like asking Micheal Jordan to play in 2014 against Lebron James–We know Jordan is the best but he will get killed on the court as an older man vers Lerbron who is at his prime.

      • STFUUIgnants

        then why is Em still doing BET cyphers by that logic

      • 5% Hov

        or investing in battle rap,…

      • Sadat

        Can’t compare physical ability to lyrical ability. True MC’s never lose their lyrical ability. They may get rusty or lose hunger but its still in them. Ballers get older, less agile, injury prone and the whole shit.

  • soyhiphop

    On the daylyt your history on daylyt he might be crazy and full of antics but hes one of the best lyricist in battle rap since way back before the joking around day got bars for years

    • 5% Hov

      He not. But its all opinion. He 3rd tier battle rap or real.

  • I understand that this is a new rap battle event….But it’s silly to have Grammy award winning multiplatinum artists like Eminem battling some random underground rapper….In my opinion once you earn your strips there should be no reason to return back to battling bum rappers….Justsaying

    • Ipullcards

      If they have better bars or up to par what does the accolades matter? Forget the shiney plaques. That’s not what hiphop was founded on! It’s competition. Who’s nicest! Fux how much money and awards you receive that’s irrelevant! It’s about the craft..

      • Opposite Of Everyone


      • If it’s about the craft then Em should be battling someone on his
        level who earned close to what he has earned over the years….Not some
        person who think they have the skills….If Mook has the skills he need
        to market himself and earn his credentials just like everyone else.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        I think you equating rapping with boxing or something…

        With regard to battling in the spirit of hip hop, q tip summed up the true ethos on the first track of beats, rhymes and life when he said “yo I was ridin the train, when this Puerto Rican kid said simple and plain, let’s battle!’ – and he obliged. That’s hip hop.

      • No it’s not Hip-Hop—Go battle another hot rapper who is on the come up too, not someone who has surpassed a goal that you are still trying to accomplish….You don’t get it…Think of it like school, a 9th grader would challenge another 9th grader not someone who has a masters degree, there are different levels son…

      • Ipullcards

        Dog your perception of hiphop is flawed!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        I can see your logic perfectly clearly; I’m just stating it doesn’t apply to the culture of hip-hop but rather it is an idea that has come about since the industrialization and corporation of rap music.

        In the 70s and 80s when rap music was still linked firmly to the culture of hip-hop anyone (DJ, MC, B-Boy, Writer) could battle anyone as it was merely down to skills and your business acumen and CV were irrelevant.

      • Bullsh!t it’s a slap in the face for all the hard work you put in for someone who hasn’t worked as hard to just put themselves on your level….It’s not about Hip-Hop or the craft it’s about respect…..Getting awards and reaching platinum status is not an easy thing to do, give these artists the respect they deserve.

      • Ipullcards

        You sound crazy my g.. Murda Mook been trying to get signed! He’s been on the battle circuit for 10 years! He’s a rapper that actually paid dues with no deal at the end. But yet u get southern acts and other acts who can’t even rap a full 16 ain’t been rapping but for a few years and they winning. So explain that to me?

      • Retired Professional Wrestler

        Because them southern niggas can make music mook can’t. Nobody wanna hear battle shit on a beat.

      • And you said it right… “He been trying to get signed” and been battling for 10 years” which means he hasn’t sold any records or won any awards…So instead of trying to battle someone out of his league, he need to stay in his lane and continue to try to get signed and work his way up just like Eminem did. That’s the way it works, no cheating

      • Retired Professional Wrestler

        I’d believe you but these bum battle rapper would give they right arm to go gold

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  • keenan88

    Why the hell would eminem battle some no name guy?

    • RichFromBX

      if you think Murda Mook is a no name then you don’t know shit about hip hop and should stick to your YMCMB albums…

      • Godless Heathen

        cmon son i dont care about album sales but murda mook is a nobody

      • 5% Hov


        Then who are you? Mook is battle vet and bar murderer – show nigga some basic respect. u acting like nigga is bum or sunin

      • Godless Heathen

        hes a battle rapper. Hes on the fringes of the hip hop world. Cant even put a good album together (murder he wrote lol) so he wont crossover. One trick pony.

      • 5% Hov

        If you know hiphop to say Mook is on fringes is unfair. He hasnt always been

        I agree tho. All I’m saying show a little respect.

      • Retired Professional Wrestler

        Murda mook is a nobody.Cassidy is a nobody and to mook that’s God. He couldn’t even get Cassidy with 100k

      • keenan88

        Hes just some irrelevant bum.

  • King Cold

    Mook betta be careful what he wishes for EM is mighty cold when it comes to the wordplay in battle rap. People need to watch what he used to do to his challengers just imagine what he can do now

    • Retired Professional Wrestler

      Eminem lost every battle He had on cam

  • jeezuz_walkz


    • Retired Professional Wrestler

      Royce got Cooke by mister fab….multi syllables won’t save you

      • jeezuz_walkz

        i disagree… matter of fact it’s been a minute ayo retired can i catch up to that and get back to you ? but if i remember correctly i was diggin royce on that.

  • Markus

    Em isn’t taking the challenge. Nothing in it for him.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    Eminem will gain nothing from battling. he didnt show up to slaughter house for a reason. Dude is selling out stadiums

  • WeakSauce

    Without any disrespect to Mook, you ain’t ready homie! You ain’t ready! Em is 100 stories above you!

  • GP

    smh battle Eminem. I mean cannibus couldn’t do nothing with em so whats make murda mook even have a thought of that. I mean is he tryna really get bodied in a freestyle battle by em. not saying mook cant flow but come one. before real that’s like weezy going toe to toe with pac. but to me I still think the hardest freestyle I even heard was Big L. now Big L if he was alive he would have done major damage

    • Killuminati

      Now don’t get me wrong I love big l…..but all of his freestyles were rehearsed….for example in the 7 minute freestyle with jay z, you can really tell jay was freestylin that shit…big l was just spitting shit he already had written….

    • 5% Hov

      if he was alive


  • Killuminati

    Eminem had to know that starting total slaughter he would eventually have to battle….that’s really the only way this shit will take off….tbh I thought the total slaughter was just thrown together…mics didn’t work, pay per view went down…come on put a little bit more time and money into it if you want it to take off….or have eminem battle lol

    • TruthSerum

      If that happens, he needs to pick somebody lower down the ladder before he just jumps in there with Mook tho. Last battle this dude had on stage was against Marv Won in 2001 on the set of 8 Mile and even then it was an impromptu spur of the moment for-the-fun-of-it type of thing. For him to go out against Mook, it be like finding some boxer aint had a fight in a decade and booking him with Mayweather……..

      • Killuminati

        Yea I agree with you…I was hoping for him to battle hollow da don after readin the rumors he was pissed at hollow….but I think hollow will end up battling mook next

    • Retired Professional Wrestler

      Nah,em did this for Royce. He dont care about total slaughter. He did two RT’ s after And that’s all he wasn’t even in the states when it happened

      • Killuminati

        Had it went well it would have helped the slaughter house as a whole….this is em trying to boost their album sales as well as give them a side hustle so he don’t have to let them go

  • Astritt Gashi

    i am tired of those nigges who want em to battle he is not going to make famous anyone who is nobody like murda mook hollow da don or lux.end of story

    • Retired Professional Wrestler

      They all ass. Mook looks good because Lux bored ppl with that style and Hollow an Joe was pure ass. I can see them asking for an if they did something incredible but no. They ass

  • This is why Hip-Hop sucks, because you all act like there should be no rules…Successful rappers who earned their way in the industry should not be compared to artist who have not. It’s like asking Jordan the greatest of all time to get on the court as an older man and compete against Lebron who is currently active and is more vibrant. It’s not fair to those who put in hard work, to still have to be battling others to the grave it’s disrespectful to the established artists and their legacy.

    • Megapsycho84

      I agree

  • remi

    lil wayne posted a video talking about total slaughter… i like how he put it… he said battling is like a sport,,, just like when your favorite sport team loses a game, you dont stop watching your team just cuz they lost a joe budden shouldnt be mad about losing,,, eminem could battle and lose and it shouldnt be a huge deal ,, like hes done if he loses . . regardless if em battles or not, he should get more involved in total slaughter 2 .. host it or some shit

    • TruthSerum

      That’s the part of this whole thing I didn’t like, he books the debut show for his league on the same weekend he knows he’s gonna be in England. Like he didn’t take it serious or something.

      • Killuminati

        I agree. He left it on slaughter house to handle….and it disappointed….I bet they don’t even do another

      • Retired Professional Wrestler

        Em didn’t care about it the only time he tweeted about it was when it was over. He didn’t wanna give them exposure that show is all royce idea he ha behind the scene footage announcing battles an He didn’t know any of their name a lol

    • Retired Professional Wrestler

      Wrong. Joe budden always been a failure and was no surprise he lost. If em loses I ain’t listening to another bar from him. I ain’t even looking to Joe no more.

      • 5% Hov

        thank u

      • Fair weather fans, because he lost you disown him? If one of my favorite rappers takes an L (loss) I’m still rockin wit em.

      • 5% Hov

        Honestly tho = Who is saying Joe was they favourite rapper.

        I never heard his name in top 20 conversation. EVER in life.

  • Slaughtr

    Again Mook prepare to get smashed my brother you jumped and will learn what’s good.

  • Retired Professional Wrestler

    Lol good thing it’s a dream hollow lux and mook can’t get a meek mill or Cassidy in the ring they must think ppl actually like battle rap. That total slaughter sho came on after a drag queen big frieza or somethin at midnight .

    • 5% Hov


  • 5% Hov

    My money would be on Mook.

  • Dope

    Wishful thinking.. nothing more. Every single battle rapper would like to battle Em and there’s only one reason for that: Exposure.

    Win or lose wouldn’t matter to them, they’d get their articles on sites like this one (they obviously do just for mentioning Em’s name) and a chance to be heard by many. For someone of Em’s status there’s nothing in it, only an opportunity to put a small stain on the career should they loose.

    I like hip hop’s competition culture (or what it once was) but there has to be some order just like in boxing, get big enough, then you can fight the champs. I know many like what this guy has done in the underground, but Em is mainstream and this guy is a complete nobody in the mainstream.

  • Johnny Boy

    Mook would DESTROY Em.

  • To be honest I used to think folks was crazy when they would say em was the best and all that jazz..he talented done get me wrong but his subject matter was always bullsht, but that Goat sht people used to spew was str8 nonsense, i don’t even think he’s even close. If u heard that cd wit him and royce da 5, welcome to hell or whatever it was called. I think royce bodied him on just about every song except for maybe 1 or 2. So there is no reason for me to believe he would beat Mook in the ring.

  • R.E Dykes

    ok ko em wow


    hes a battle rap legend. not to be underestimated. hes no bumb. do your research folks. em is a fan of his….. check youtube.

  • Megapsycho84

    I respect Mook for all of the shit he has done for battle rap and all, but nigga you really need to sit yo $5 dollar ass down before em makes change. Dude is a major A-1 super star. Eminem don’t have time for that bullshit nor does he have shit to prove anymore, his legend is cemented. But shout out to the boy Mook though.

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