Murda Mook Wants To Battle Eminem Next (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Fresh off his victory against Loaded Lux at Total Slaughter, Murda Mook has his eyes set on an even bigger match-up. During an interview with Ebro In The Morning, Mook expressed his interest in facing off against “Mr. 8 Mile” himself.

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“I need Em or one them n***as,” replied Mook when asked who he wants to battle next. “I’ve been saying Em from the door. For the last five years I’ve been saying, ‘Y’all have to go get Eminem for me. You have to.'”

Mook makes it clear his desire to go at Eminem is not out of disrespect and views the Detroit native as one of his favorite emcees.

“This is just admiration, wanting to jump in the ring with a n***a that I feel is incredible. Somebody I feel says things I would never possibly think of saying,” continued Mook. “His mind is way different. So for me to have to challenge myself to be able to try to meet that and take it higher, I need Em or somebody of that magnitude.”

Murda Mook also said the “chapter’s closed” on battling Cassidy. He also defended Daylyt’s decision to throw his third round against T-Rex at Total Slaughter. According to Mook, Day’s dropout was “paying respect” to his Dot Mobb comrade Rex, and the two associates did not want to battle each other.

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Watch Murda Mook’s interview below.