Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. Does A Lyrical Drive By On Floyd Mayweather

T.I. may have say some “God bless him stuff” so that people wouldn’t look at the beef with Floyd Mayweather as anything real. But, we’re getting reports that Tip is commenting on the beef in a way. Apparently, Tip has a few word for Mr. Money Mayweather. Earlier in the week, Tip played in Detroit and had no issues with the purported “No Fly Zone” like Rick Ross had. And when he played the city, he had the DJ play one songs FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. This song, said the following:

“You got an alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass/Your mouth writing checks that your ass can’t cash/145 and I’m out of your weight class/Want to survive, you better scramble like eggs and break fast/Cause I know how to handle your fake ass /I’m a ride on you and hide you in yesterday’s trash/Pull up in the Chevy’s spraying rounds through the glass/See you laying face down in the grass and I’ll laugh…”

Hip-Hop Rumors: Has Floyd Mayweather Increased Security? Did He F**k Up Messing With T.I.?

Got the lyrics off Rhymes with Snitch and they are some telling shit, to be real. They seem to be directed at Floyd Mayweather in some crazed lyrical drive by! Mind you, Floyd completely has backed off the notion that he slept with Tiny, T.I.’s longtime boo and present wife. Sheeesh!!!!!

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