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Miscegenation: White Chicks Started It & Brothas Finished It!


The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of AllHipHop.com


*Miscegenation—“The interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial groups through marriage, cohabitation, sexual relations or procreation.”

“I dated a white woman once. For the first three years she thought her name was ‘White-Honky-Bitch’!”—Richard Pryor.

I ain’t tryna start nuffin’ but… this whole idea that black men love white chicks (to the exclusion of black women)—that once a black man gets some substantial Negro-pennies he’s leaving the sista and finding himself a white chick to share his wealth with—might be true for many stars and athletes, but for the average brotha, a chance encounter with a white woman is usually incidental. Like, most black guys don’t really seek out the pink toes white women and those few that do are just on that self-loathing bullshit!

As a man who’s dined at the table of many nations of women on the earth, I can say that no woman cooks as good as the black woman! (And I ain’t talumabout food either!) I don’ had some extraordinary cooking—including some Caucasian women that put it down with the best of them (sistas)! I think every young black man should indulge in some white chick stank-box before he settles down. Indeed! Many of the stereotypes and mythos surrounding white women are true!

I ain’t here to lie on my hang-low! The first white chick I seriously date—after a month of methodical brainwashing and applying that bozack penile injection, she was ready to sell the farm and elope with a nigga! We ended up having an 8-year relationship that included ménage a trios (with other chicks) and allowing me to have chicks on the side, just as long as daddy came home.

Not every white woman is this sexually liberated (or foolish). I’m just telling you what my experience was. Tru’ spit! Now!

Like any good sociologist/historian who examines the past and the proclivities of different racial groups, black men have reason to be attracted and drawn to white women. This shit is deeper than “Jungle Fever” and exploring racial taboos! This black-man-white-woman thingy is rooted in slavery and has been ingrained in the DNA and psyche of the black man since 1555 (or whenever the first captives were taken from Africa!) Did you know that there was a time when the black man wanted nothing more than his African Queen? And then, white women threw that thang-thang on him and the po’ brovah tain’t neva looked back!

Imagine this!

Virginia. 1750. The Auction Block. Ten strong Mandingo warriors draped in nothing but loincloths, ripped muscles, glistening with sweat, standing before a crowd of potential slave masters, as they bid on these black bucks. Mr. Charlie (the white man) surveys his stock for the strongest of the bunch, not knowing that his wife, his sister and his daughter gaze at the slaves from afar, but not as servants—as sexual brute beasts, capable of bringing a woman to maximum climate with the tool, which is hidden behind their loincloth. The word has gotten around that these African men possess a member that is gianormous in comparison to the slave master’s.

Straightway, Southern white women, in droves, flocked to the black man for sexual satisfaction and gratification. This is the untold and unspoken history of the antebellum South, which gave rise to such movements as the “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” as seen in such movies as D.W. Griffith’s “The Birth of a Nation” (ca. 1915). White fear of the mythical (and in many cases, real) big, black dick phallus spread throughout the South.

Black men, in slavery times were put in a difficult and precarious position; Give up the dick to “Miss Ann” (the white woman) behind her husband’s back or suffer the wrath of the slave master when Miss Ann reported to her husband that a slave had leered at her in a sexually suggestive way—all because he wasn’t trying to tap dat ass!

Yes! We are quite aware of the slave master’s penchant for that big-ol’ “Hottentot Venus” ass that black women toted around the plantation. The white man’s lust for black women is unparalleled—thoroughly documented all the way back to Thomas Jefferson, who was raping fucking the bejesus out of his slave wench, Sally Hemings, whom he impregnated and had several “suckers” (babies) with. But there has been a curious hush-hush on the sexual interactions of black men and white women during this period, so I’m-a let historian Lerone Bennett Jr. give it to you, straight, no chaser, lest you think I’m fabricating history to make excuses for this modern-day black man/white woman dynamic. In his book, “Before the Mayflower” Bennett writes:

“[In 1609] …white women showed such a preference for black men that the planters organized a century-long campaign of terror and intimidation… forty years later colonial [white] males were whipping white women at the post and selling them into slavery to keep them from black males… Miscegenation in the South, the larger part of such race mixture was due to the union of black males and white females …I have seen more white women married to, and deluded through the art of seduction by Negroes… There are perhaps hundreds of white women thus fascinated by black men in this city… [Philadelphia 1805]…” 300-307.

And you thought it was only white men raping black women in slavery times! They don’t wanna talk too loud about the white woman’s desire for black slave meat because history wants to preserve Miss Ann (da white chick) as the symbol of (white) womanhood.

Back in slavery times, trust when I tell you that black men were beating the brakes off Miss Ann’s stank-box—many times, in retribution for the master having his way with the slave’s wife or daughter. Splitting a white woman down to the white meat Having sex with white women was the black man’s way of retaining some sense of dignity and more importantly, his manhood, given his “shit-uation.”

Ask any black man today how does he get over lost love? I’ll tell you! He goes out and finds another chick and screws her with bad intentions and reckless abandonment! He really wants to wreak havoc on her love hole! So imagine how the slave felt when he saw his wife or daughter go into the master’s quarters for an all-nighter!

Screwing the white woman was his way of exacting revenge. It was an act of rebellion! But clearly understand that it was the white woman who initiated the action. The black male slave knew that pushin’ up on a white woman (making sexual advances) was a death sentence! He dare not be the aggressor. White women were adulteresses and vindictive as a serpent! When she saw her husband taking a liking to a “slave wench”—her jealousy pushed her into the arms of the plantation’s black buck who gladly ran rough-shod over her snatch.

I mean, I can’t even lie! I’ve been in some white stank-boxes and had fantasies of screwing in retaliation for my ancestors—for all the black women who were raped by the slave master and while “said” white woman thought I was just this fantastic long-winded black lover—in my mind, I was punishing her for the sins of her forefathers. Any black men know what I’m talumabout? If I can feel this way 160 years removed from physical slavery, just imagine being in the moment—in some white vagina circa 1850? Smh.

I contend that those white chicks from slavery times started this shit (miscegenation aka Jungle Fever), but brothas finished it! White chicks been on black men’s cocks! This didn’t start with the movies, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” or “Jungle Fever!” The die was cast some 400+ years ago on the plantation when “That Peculiar Institution” (slavery) pitted the African male against the Caucasian female. She was as curious about the African man as the white man was about the African woman and through coercion she was able to manipulate the African man into her boudoir (bedroom) with threats and intimidation.

Peep the following clip from the movie “Mandingo” where the wife of the slave master threatens to tell her husband that he raped her if the slave doesn’t fuck her. Talk about coercion!!!! Watch!

The mythos and stereotypes about black men and white women are true! A stereotype is a generalization, not a concrete finite fact. Black people are a rhythmic people. Who’s gonna debate that? (Yes, I know some black people who have no rhythm!) It is a true stereotype about black people. Now heap on all those other stereotypes about black men having large phalluses and white women being sexually freaking and you have the makings of sexual attraction that must be explored—by both!

Black men don’t worship white women! Eff outta here! Black men seek out white women for several reasons, but on the top of that list—to check the sexual appetite that they’ve heard about growing up! As Chris Rock so aptly put it; “White women give head! Black women perform fellatio!” (Wait for it…) LOL! And so it is with white women! They ain’t checkin’ for a black man because they’ve heard he has good credit and is college educated! They’ve heard about the myth of the black man’s hang-low (penis)!

So I say, in a Utopian world where racism does not exist—where two people of different nationalities could be in love based on mutual attraction without myths, stereotypes and taboos—where love is love, because of love—a white chick wouldn’t be claiming that black men worship them because they are a superior breed of women. But, unfortunately, the foundation of this black/white sexual interaction in America is not a Utopian experience, but rather a sexual cesspool of rape, coercion and white superiority founded before this country became a nation.

The tickle-down effect is the above picture. Deluded, racist white women who think black men worship them—who think they can tell black women a thing or two about keeping and loving a black man. Never realizing that the white woman herself has taken on the physical characteristics/aesthetics of the black woman—from the collagen she puts in her lips to make them full to the ass-shots she injects to have a rounder (i.e. blacker) booty to the tanning she does to go from pasty-white to brown to the black dick she takes! Dare I say the black woman still reigns supreme?

Yeah, white chicks started it, but brothas finished it!


Khalil Amani is a blogger for AllHipHop. He also writes for DJ Kay Slay’s Originators Magazine & Straight Stuntin Magazine. He is the author of six books, including the ground-breaking book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes…” iuniverse.com 07). Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate. Visit The Coonerific One athttp://www.khalilamani.ning.com Follow on Facebook/Twitter @khalilamani. Instagram @khalil_amani, Youtube @ yahweh 12 Khalilamani@yahoo.com

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    If you are of African descent, find you an African queen…Stop wifing these pink toes…

    • thats ignorant! love who you love and forget the rest

      • drago

        Whore pliz….. eeerff outa here!!

      • other guy is making a point but you….you should just stfu. and your ignorance is showing.

      • NCcatsBALLhard

        It ain’t ignorant its real…

        Love your black women!

        Mexicans love your Mexican queens…

        Jamaicans love your island empresses!

      • true. but that no law. you are gonna love who you love regardless of skin color. i know everyone has a preference but don’t limit yourself, you’ll miss alot

    • If the African Queens refuse them….will you massage their balls?


    • drago


  • ZUBU

    Dang that brotha was speaking some historical truth.
    I’ve dated plenty of white chicks (not wifed them), and I have had a couple of them ask if I dated Black women and I’m like hell yeah! I’m not racist but I have never loved any woman other than a Beautiful Black Woman. Once again no hate toward anyone or the next persons preference.

    • El Dogga


    • brotha_man

      im the same way. cant cake up with a white chick. some’n bout my sistas thats strong and sexy…cant resist’em


    sorry no pink for me nothing like black all types of flavors to choose from

  • Dope

    Who gave you or anyone right to tell other people who they should be with? Every person in this world should be free to chose the person they want to spend their time with, be it due to love or simply sex. Let everyone choose who to love, fu*k and marry.

  • Papi Peligro

    Man I don’t even know where to start. Its so ignorant.


      • atle fjeldstad

        Almost made it down to the first picture

  • El Dogga

    LOL…..this is a very racist article! Why to find some historic document to prove your point!

    You do know there are all kinds of books out there that claim all kinds of stuff from ALL time periods! lol…

    You sound angry……….

  • SBRon

    For me, I’m not tryna fall in love anytime soon so I’m servin’ em like “Ice Cream”, French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe…even Caramel Sundaes is gettin’ f*cked!! And I’ll take em age 18 til rite before they start needing Depends!! My plate is FULL…

  • ladynamor

    For men of other races, the thought of black men having a giant penis that their woman dreams about annoys them. Hispanic,white, Asian, and any other race of men have been jealous of black men since the start of time. Black men are always the best at everything, so they block them from everything, and they still win, unless they rig the system like they have been doing since Obama. All white women have a secret fantasy of being with a black man. Their hate of black people doesn’t even take it away.

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      there weren’t any humans at the start of time sis.

      • ladynamor

        No sh!t Sherlock. You get my point. You are thinking way too hard. Would it make you feel better if I called you smart?

  • Brindle

    Love black women and especially mine, but this article is kind of a nonsense regergitation of a bunch of old conversations on the street and old articles before it… I get his point but it should’ve/could’ve been written way better… AND, some slang is just dumb and shouldn’t catch on, the ones that do catch on, say a lot about the person who uses it, soooo if the box stank, might want to pass on that rather than making it a slang term…

  • The_Good_Life

    Man professor griff got a video of all the celebs with beckys. Your free to date who you want but, I felt bad for black women when I looked at that video..

    • Earl Rutherland

      Prof Griff is crazy and will say anything nowadays to sell his b.s. DVDs and books. I saw a video where Griff said that Tupac was marked for death by the illuminati because he wouldn’t bone Quincy Jones in the cookies. He then said that as a result Aaliyah was marked for death and Dame Dash was set up for financial ruin. Why? Because Aaliyah was best friends with Quincy’s daughter who was engaged to Tupac at the time. Still scratching my head over this logic.

      • Brindle

        LMAO… yeah, Griff is a nut…

      • The_Good_Life

        Griff def got problems. His isht is pure comedy most of the time
        really though, this video I’m talking bout is 5 mins of black stars with beckys. Dudes like Danny glover and Alex Haley. I was like nahhh. Big homie from roots got a Becky too…

  • Earl Rutherland

    Coochie feels good regardless of race. I married a sister, but I’ve boned a few white chicks and a Puerto Rican broad before. Each time it felt good and I bust a nut.

  • John Q. Public

    … I got 3 paragraphs in and realized I was wasting my time

    • Immortal

      You got that far?

      • DeniseRTuttle

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  • brotha_man

    i aint got time. yes, there is racism, but not everyone is…. shit im bout to go catch this t time with some of my co workers and threw a few brews back. then ill be back at the gym to hoop it up

    • GQ

      Thanks for sharing…

  • i’mreloaded!

    I love my beautiful black women but the black women of today ain’t really makin it difficult to look outside the race. Not all, but a good 60% of black women are askin where da dollas at before they even get your name. Just sayin. Stickin wit my black women though.

    • sandybug

      Sounds like black women and black men have something in common. Black women want you for your money just as black men. Except black men are more likely to put a gun to your face for your money

      • young scrilla nigga


  • skobms

    I’ve dated African girls, white girls, hispanic girls and mixed girls. I married my wife (a white woman, oh god!) Because I fell in love with her, not because she is white or because of some underlying need to get back at the white man. Im sure the black women I dated are disappointed in a major way that I married a white woman…oh wait, more than half married WHITE men. The nerve of them!
    Its a good thing to know we got brothas out here that shed light on the important issues in the black community like poverty and police brutality…or we could just worry about who a person decides to sleep with.

  • Markus

    You love who you love and who loves you back. Stereotypes aside, it’s dating so it’s about a man and a woman connecting. A lot of black woman hangups about black men usually lie at the feet of his financial situation. From Diahann Carroll to Diana Ross to Iman to Naomi Campbell and so on they did the very same as the men but no one points them out and their spouse was some billionaire or the exclusive owner of the color blue or something to that effect. Black men seek out white women thinking they won’t be financially pressured but that’s not always so. At the end of the day find someone you can vibe with and build on that compatibility.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    I didn’t need to read to know what this was about… Black women of today aren’t doing anything to make black men want them, as an accomplished black man i only look for women who are as accomplished as me or better no matter the race

    • Vawn

      Well if you are so accomplished… then you wouldn’t have said that about Black Women. It’s sad that you have issues…now I understand what my male white friends mean when they say they do not respect most AA Men, because they are the only Male race that either have Mother Issues and that they dog the Black Woman …I am married to a Black Woman and not all of them are like that they suffer from the same thing you do they have been hurt and just like you theyhaven’t let it go…so from one blackman to the other LET IT GO

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        To bad your black wife is cheating on you with a black guy

      • SBRon

        “Dem crackas up there bleachin’ ya dome, you’re reachin!” Clearly, you need to read a book, bruh! “Now I understand what my male white friends mean…” Are you serious rite now?

        The white male who is the poster child for having “Mother Issues”, really dude? The white male who was expelled from Mother Africa & has done nothing but rape the Continent ever since? The white male who was actually raised by black mammies (now Hispanic)? The white male who “dogs” ALL WOMEN (reproductive rights, unequal pay, etc..)

        You see, white boys project on to others their very own issues…and they do it well! It’s a damn shame you bought in…You sound like one of those clowns we see in commercials & TV sitcoms, lone Negro with 3 or 4 white “buddies”, lookin’ like a fly in a bowl of milk!! And just a smiling & proud…

    • jondoe

      nigga u do know black women is the leading group in college grads right?

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        You responded to a 22 day old post, hell i forgot i posted this like do every other… Loser

      • jondoe

        Because I don’t keep up with all these internet stories & gossip the very minute they put them out makes me a loser? LOL I will be that, Had a OFF day from work was kinda bored so i read up on a lil shit. But your weak ass trying to down talk black women with false info like black women ain’t successful u obviously only talked to hood rats because like I said, Black women have more college grads than any other race/gender group in America my boy. Quit putting this ignorance out we don’t need it

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Didn’t read your post but clearly you complain like a bitch…. Bitch

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Oh yeah, illseed is a closet homo

  • Hamburger Pimp

    horrible, i hate reading slanglish – “Amani is gay hip-hop’s self-proclaimed straight advocate.” no…your a homo

  • Immortal

    Bruh go back and play with the crayons you didn’t already eat. You sound just that stupid.

  • anemia716

    what did I just read? why do people care who other people are with? live yours.

  • Cory Bennett

    I am pretty upset I spent time reading this

  • atle fjeldstad

    Clownshoes homie…

  • Killuminati


  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    I don’t know about the black man finishing it, because the white man own everything the black man has in: car payments, mortgage/rent, bank credit card, The Corporation you spend so much time at away from your family during the week days. Just to let the brothas know the Power is not in the Penis….

  • DJ Crown

    This is honestly the worst article I have ever read on this website. The writing style is atrocious, the generalizations are over-the-top, and ill informed, also the conclusions reached in the article are incoherent.

  • Booqueesha Johnson

    amazing that very few are comprehending the historical aspect of this article, but catching feelings over his writing style! Clearly, he can write! Clearly, he knows history! And clearly, most of y’all are engaging in Obfuscation! (tryna skirt the issue with all the side bullshit!) but I’m just a dumb black chick!

    • Bk

      I understand the historical aspects and at the end of the day it means nothing. it’s just race baiting and nonsense to keep us all divided. We never can forget what has happened in the past but don’t allow us from progressing, which is what i see going on heavily. I date for personality and how they treat you. don’t be upset if some black men are with white, asian, spanish women for these reasons. I’d rather be happy with another ethnicity if they know how to treat me in all aspects of the relationship. With that said I have meant plenty of black women who treat black men like gold but seem few and far between in this feminist, anti-male, LOVE AND HIPHOP ERA!!!! I put my individual happiness above an outdated paradigm and collective way of thinking. Wake up and move on people because you stay losing!!!

  • Q.


    Who is this clown? He writes an idiot.

  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    He writes an idiot? Pot calling kettle black?

  • tmrise1

    ALSO THE POST BY ZIMMERMAN WAS ACCEPTED BU MINE WHICH IS FACT not racist was denied……….hmmmmm hmmm.. i see……

  • young scrilla nigga

    As a white guy, what he say is real. Lets face facts white guys, We are lames and should bow down to the superior black man.

  • DeniseRTuttle

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  • Slidin Thru

    Perfectly Written! LOL!

  • Bk

    unfornately it’s this ignorance that keep our ethnic group (not nationality) so ignorant

  • MarilynRStroup

    I just got