Nicki Minaj Addresses Controversy Over "Anaconda" Artwork, John Legend's Wife Responds

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Mainj in a thong is all fun and games until  . In a series of posts on her personal Instagram account, Nicki Minaj addressed the backlash she has received over her racy artwork for her upcoming single “Anaconda”.

Yesterday (July 24) Nicki Minaj shocked everyone  released a photo of herself half naked in a thong for the cover art of her upcoming single “Anaconda”. Nicki Minaj took to her personal Instagram to address criticism that her photo was not acceptable by posting photos of Sports Illustrated models in similar attire and positions. One of the photos involved John Legend’s wife Christine Tegien:

Tegien took to her personal Twitter account to address the entire matter:

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96 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Addresses Controversy Over "Anaconda" Artwork, John Legend's Wife Responds”

  1. John Q. Public

    Nicki just tryn start a controversy for her single she bout to release. I don’t think anybody was “shocked” by her cover. Everybody already knows she stays half naked.

    • Screwface

      You’d be surprised what people care/don’t care about when you’re a celebrity. Remember when she had Malcom with the m1 as her cover art for “looking ass n***a”? BLACK people were in an uproar about how disrespectful it was, white people could’ve cared less. She even back tracked and said she didn’t post it until that screenshot came out of her personal Instagram. Then she typed some speech about it. There wasn’t even this much back lash from her previous pic like this with her licking the lollipop! People just said she was biting lil Kim. Now people are “outraged” or “shocked” at this saying it’s too much. What we forget is as a black woman (f**k what she’s mixed with, America sees her as a n***er) EVERYTHING she does will be scrutinized. This is why I support her.

      • John Q. Public

        using Malcolm was disrespectful and controversial… this is just the normal nicki… except usually its her titties hangin out, this time its her ass cheeks

      • drizzle1700

        agreed i feel like she making up fake controversy to stir the pot since the young females and homosexual dudes arent hanging on to her every word like before

      • Screwface

        Controversial? Yes. Disrespectful? I guess that’s up for debate. Some may say that’s paying homage. She’s just using an image from history. Did you hear the song? She made some good points in it. Although I like Cassidy’s version more. My point (which we’re straying from) is hip hop fans are quick to say what’s “relevant” or what you said, “I don’t see anyone else talking about it”, but where else have you looked? Obviously others are but white people could care less about a picture “being disrespectful to Malcom”. This on the other hand they can quickly say she’s degrading herself. I thinks she’s a good looking woman, so let her flaunt it.

        EDIT: Isn’t that Che Guevara in your Avi picture? Is it “Disrespectful” and “Controversial” to have him in your Avi while you make condescending sarcastic remarks for likes? Maybe mexicans/latinos/argentinians are offended at that! Then again do you give a f**k? Probably not… But who cares?

      • Mec-One

        Dude really tried to defend a song called “looking a** n****”?! GTFOH

      • Screwface

        I’m not defending anyone or anything, you just can’t read. We weren’t discussing the song, we were debating the cover art. Hurry up with your misspelled childish insults and move on.

      • John Q. Public

        …ouch, u got me with the Che avi

        *time for new avi

      • Judah Nazayar

        ok.. u support the bottom feeders. Ill support the sisters that winning.

      • Screwface

        I support all black women and men. I don’t have a narcissistic attitude.

      • ILL Will

        I usual avoid you but how is she not winning? I’m not a nikki fan in any sense so please help me understand…

      • artcryme99

        its clear you have two very different definitions of winning. In my opinion if you’re playing someone else’s game you already lost.

      • ILL Will

        Their aren’t too many people in this world not playing someone else’s game in some form or fashion….3 percent of the world’s population controls all the wealth…we pretty much are all playing somebody else’s game unless your in that top 3 percent. I might talk a lot of bullsht bruh but I ain’t a dummy….If we going by your definition we all are losers. Everyday u wake up and follow these man made laws you’re playing someone else’s game. So what’s your definition of winning?

      • artcryme99

        I don’t care about “winning”. It’s a concept that holds no actual value. Dont get me wrong zero sum games have their place and i will buss ya shit in bball or chess. But this idea that someone else loses when I win is childish ego shit. I guess you define winning as making a lot of money? Money doesn’t buy everything, evolution and nature dont bow to those laws. I wouldnt trade places with winners like Jordan or Trump for any money. And just for the record i break the law five times before breakfast every day.

      • ILL Will

        U know what bruh i wasn’t tryna diss and I dig what u saying, trust me I know money ain’t everything. ..I define winning as surviving all obstacles and beating the odds…for our kind we have so many ways in which we can lose due to the playing field not being level. To be honest we got sumn in common, i never once wanted to be like anyone else no matter what they had, I’m just regular ol me making my own sht happen, if u breaking the law 5 times a day b4 breakfast u should see my count by the end of the day. I fks wit ur statement. No beef here bruh but I ain’t above that sht neither…ya dig and just to let u know I don’t work for the man cuz I’m my own man nawmean dead azz serious.

  2. Immortal

    So as usual she couldn’t come up with anything original so she complains when she’s called out on her typical ish? And to compare herself to them doesn’t make much sense in the way she uses it. Just make some porn and call it a day.

    • BobbyN0ble

      Shes saying why is there all that talk about her in a g string, if those girls got paid to cover a magazine like that. I, and im sure most of America, dont care, so long as they keep showing their asses.

      • Immortal

        I agree, but if she was less “gimmick” and more substance this wouldn’t even be an issue. Real female MC’s don’t have this problem even though in the mainstream they don’t sell as much.

      • UnitedStatesCitizen

        She should just change her name to lil nikki and save us all the trouble.

      • Universe Sal

        After I saw this pic I went and checked out her all her older music from when she was first grinding. I’m dumbfounded at why she chose to take the route that she took because this chick actually had barz( still does if she chose to) I think by now she has enough buzz where she can let her music do the talking…..

      • Universe Sal

        Yea but I think she could have had it either way…..maybe she just naturally freaky and she gets off on this…

  3. DirkDigg1er

    I respect Nicki for shedding light on the negative double standard which most just accept. Maybe if more black women followed suit, they would get the respect they deserve.

    • John Q. Public

      not that there even is a controversy (because there isn’t)

      but those women are Swimsuit models posing for a SI “swimsuit” issue which only gets purchased at stores by adult males.

      Nikki is a rapper/POP artist, posting on IG for millions of fans including little girls.

      but with that said Nicki is the only one talking about it that I have seen.

      • Weedras

        nah.. SI models have pics all over the internet easily accessed by kids its still the same… and kids can purchase SI swimsuit issue also…

      • Jovaughn

        Those swimsuit issues are geared towards a mature audience. Everything is available on the internet for kids to see. Pornos are for adults but yet kids can go online and easily access it. It does not mean it is for them.

      • Weedras

        exactly! so why is it assumed this is for kids? most of the music released today have parental advisory labels, but yet still kids get it… its one in the same… kids can access SI and music not meant for them in the same breath… but as usual in American society there will be double standards and ppl will give those they prefer the benefit of the doubt and then go hard at them and those they dislike…

      • John Q. Public

        true but a kid would have to consciously made an effort to find those things on the net. I have nieces who are in elementary school who follow Nicki on IG and they see this on their IG feed automatically.

    • Judah Nazayar

      so..white ppl do ill and nasty shit. so does this mean the *black girl lost* has to outdo the edomite chick?= LOSING FAST

      • Immortal

        And she looked a hell of a lot better before than now

      • ILL Will

        Ionno bruh it’s a matter of opinion. …I think she ok either way…she ain’t ugly at all….only thing i don’t like about her is she need to go exchange that current booty for a better model, it just looks a lil off to me…I don’t really like the plastic look but Imma keep it real and say in her case it wouldn’t matter much. by case type of thing ya know.

      • Judah Nazayar

        STRAIGHT LOSING. MAN, white folks got these ninjas all fouled up
        (lux voice)…* U JUST ANOTHER LOST NIKKA*

  4. Markus

    It’s simple really. You see her in a thong all assed out. Dudes get curious and she figures you will download the song on the strength of that. I don’t think so.

  5. RazaBladeKing

    Huh. That was actually a… pretty clever response. This broad may actually be smarter than I thought. Then again, I’ve heard Wayne, 2 Chainz etc aren’t nearly as stupid as the characters they play on tv. In any event, “dat pic” gets the download (love a girl in Js). That song probably wont.

  6. ATGreat

    Nicki is who she is, “christine” is who she is, they should be equal, they all showing the same rest of the skin.

  7. Judah Nazayar

    this hair hat is wacktastic. straight armpit juice. we got cops killin our ppl.. and we got coons still porchmonkeying. welp, u know what they say
    nikkas dont stand up for nothing but the slavemaster. when are these loser niggas gonna start dropping dead?

    • focus on you

      Hopefully after you drop dead. All that ass and all you can focus on is hair. You ole faggot ass israeli, that explains why most of your people out here molesting adolescent boys in churches. This has nothing to do with cops killing people, this is entertainment, I guess you are also mad that black models are modeling, and black actors and musicians are out singing and acting while cops are killin our ppl. You on here porchmonkeying, don’t see you out here in society standing up for anything either, you dumb, faggot ass, hating ass, coon.

    • Guest

      You got your army over there in your homeland killing innocent kids on the beaches while you porchmonkeying on allhiphop comment section. Wiggas don’t stand up for nothing but the holocaust slave masters, you are the biggest loser of them all.

      • Gonja

        Or nah… because if it was Miley Cyrus [with a fat ass] posing like that for a cd cover it would’ve got the same response. It has nothing to do with race. It boils down to hating ass bitches and thirsty ass guys on the internet [hating].

  8. Jonathan Cayol

    What a drag , drop & post . Too many keep it real but I’m gonna give it real . Some people keep it real because if they give it real they’ll expose things that they wanted to be kept a secret .

  9. ILL Will

    Me personally I don’t dislike or hate nikki minaj or like her either, i really could care less but to be real this ain’t nutn we haven’t seen b4….All these artist no matter the race have done similar sht so I don’t see the controversy here. She took some azz shots..pun intended. .so what it’s been done time and time again..wont be the last azz I see in a thong and that’s a promise.

    • Breeze

      You are very right. . . Whether the people like her or not this is not the first we’ve seen an artist do this. . . And not the first time for nicki either. Did she do it for attention. . . I believe so. She’s still trying to mimic kim in certain ways. Main difference is lil kim was a naturally born sexual freak. Nicki minaj on the other hand is someone who just does is for the money and attention.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        besides nicki has alot of female fans we need them to know its ok to take pictures like this sooner or later all of her underage fans will follow suit im sure all the high school boys will appreciate it … more underage age pregnaccy yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! the future is bright !!!!!! ijs Sport illustrated = old white men …. vs Female Rap artist = woman and girls … big difference nicki with your stripper a$$ … sports illustarted is trying to get men to buy mags … i ask nicki with that cover who and what is trying to do ???? who is she tryiing to attract ???? is she attracting anything …. or ish she just that dumb and think are even stupid … just keep it real .. you trying to sell sex ….. i would respect it alot more ………..

  10. 1hiphophiphop

    She addressed that but didn’t say shit about the song though. I think this pic has been out a few days now. I know everything about the pic but haven’t heard the song at all.. I don’t care too either.

  11. yesanditcounts

    One difference Nicki. Models whether black or white, male or female sell their body image. I thought music artist are suppose to sell their music?

    • 5% Hov

      No logic. Artist Sells art. Art is encapsulates the artists.
      Secondly, so Nicki is not paid to Model now either?
      She would of criticised regardless. Black girl model = Hoe White girl model = classy.


      • Danny Martin

        Nicki made her last name MINAJ!! She’s a hoe regardless of her race!!

  12. Megapsycho84

    If Nicki actually even considers doing porn, and actually follow through on it, the internet would more than likely crash due to a plethora of online traffic lol. Nigga’s will go into a frenzy! Shit I know I would be one of them lol. My woman would be like: Hey honey, your dinner is ready”. And then Me: “Bitch I ain’t hungry yet, I’m still doing some work on the computer!!

  13. kima12

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  14. 5% Hov

    Nicki and RiRi (vs TLC) are moving smart.

    If these white girls can wear outfit and its just Fashion or Modelling and black women do the same and she HOE?

    I’m with Nicki on this one. #DoubleStandards. #BackourBlackwomen

    • RichFromBX

      the context of actual modeling is one thing but what Nikki is doing isn’t modeling. She got the attention she was looking for from what she did. Also, you say these “white girls” – take a look at Miley Cyrus. No one defended her shit as modeling or fashion and she got the same backlash so no, there isn’t a double standard.

      • 5% Hov

        Really? So I guess just classism is what you saying?
        Still sucks

      • Natalie

        Why does it always have to be about a divide? Do you really need a crutch because you can’t recognize that it’s simply because Nicki doesn’t have any shame?

      • Natalie

        There are such things as nude/topless beaches. The girls in the SI pic are at a beach. There’s a time and place for everything…Nicki’s just pulling it out wherever she damn wants and that’s why she’s getting shade/

      • 5% Hov

        I’m not making about divide – Im just clearly identifying the double standards.

        “Nicki doesn’t have shame” ….for WHAT>>>??? FOH

    • Mec-One

      Guess you don’t check out Sports Illustrated ……. I remember Tyra Banks and Beyoncé both getting covers on that magazine …….. not to mention other Black models who have graced the pages of that magazine over the years …….. Nicki takes a L

  15. Ryan Cole

    It’s different. Those are MODELS using sex to sell themselves. Nicky is using sex to sell records, while also taking the culture backwards (even though I doubt she’s even here to advance it). Besides, that ass is fake. GTFOH with that. Proud because you write your own rhymes, but your ass isn’t real.

    • Mec-One

      The difference is, Teigen was paid to be on the cover of a world wide selling magazine while nicki put her ass out to the world for free in hopes of selling her record ……. As nice as nicki’s ass looks, she still takes the L on this one

  16. Danny Martin

    Nicki has been losing her mind ever since Iggy started breaking records and popped up on the scene !! LMFAO !!!

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