Rick Ross: I Support The Right To Bear Arms, But Not Everywhere (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Unless you have been living under a rock in Mars, you’re well aware of Rick Ross’ affinity with guns. However, in a recent interview, the Maybach Music Group boss reveals about certain restrictions that should be made on people’s right to bear arms.

Back in March 2013, Rick Ross was in possession of a 9 mm handgun when unidentified gunmen shot at him in his Rolls Royce in Florida. In a recent interview with HuffPost Live, Ross explains his support for gun rights, but with a catch:

I support the right to bear arms, I do. I’m a licensed carrier. But, when I go into public places, when I go out and I enter certain places, I believe it’s best to leave your firearm in your vehicle. Go in and enjoy your meal.

Check out Rick Ross discuss minimum wage increases and gun law rights below:

  • Whats the sense in having a concealed carry permit if your going to leave your weapon in your car because anything outside of your property or car can be considered a public place. This puppet is clearly following his masters agenda.

  • Brindle

    this fool is a joke, every word out his mouth is a front… I got family & homies in Watts that he checked in with a few years back and they said he was cool people and didn’t look scared like Lil Wayne did his 1st time checking in… but damn, he fronts a lot…

    • Ipullcards

      I mean lil Wayne been sheltered by baby for 15 years. He couldn’t even get out the house when he was in New Orleans. Baby had him under house arrest lmao!

      • Brindle

        this is true

  • Poseidon

    Translation: “I support the right to bear arms, I do. But when I’m eating, my hands are full and I literally have way too much on my plate to do anything else. Food is the first rule of survival out here. Go in and enjoy your meal.”

    • Brindle


    • A1 diss…lmao

    • bisolabliss

      Foul!…You’re insane for this, I just spit out my drink all over my Mac book.
      C’mon son, you joke might end up costing me.

    • Immortal

      And make sure you do it at one of my Wing Stops

  • the point of having a gun in your car if you aint gon use it??? just stick to keeping them whoppers in the car fam fam

  • MIC

    I remember reading the documents that leaked saying he learnt to fire guns at CO training and shot a inmate trying to escape lol

  • Ipullcards

    How’d he get a gun license permit one might ask…? Not that it’s hard in Florida.. But he prob has one due to the fact he was a CO..

  • Reblogged this on Al King and commented:
    I agree with Rick Ross 100%. It’s kinda crazy to allow someone to carry a gun into a club or bar. But I do agree with the right to bear arms for protection reasons.

  • I came in here to see how many cats going ham on the fat boy…lmao a few funny quotes but I’ll be back later for more laughs cuz I know niggaz gon go dumb on this one…I wonder if he bust back when them boys was on his head in Florida. .his fat ass foot prolly smashed thru the floor of the rolls royce he was so shook….lmao bruh ain’t safe in his own state..

    • Judah Nazayar

      come on man… cut the brother sum slack.. lol he makes sum good music.. and im not even a mmg type of brother.. But ross got sum joints
      ROSS>>>>>>>>>lil weazel

      • I honestly think the fat boy can rap and his music isn’t low quality, i just kinda fell back listening to him so much cuz he is like the most artificial guy out. Not that it matters musically because everyone ain’t real but this dude running round using a mans entire likeness, the real rick ross is still alive and well mind you. Dude be too extra wit it. He like one of them cats in the hood that just lie for no damn reason and I don’t rock wit people like that.

  • RichFromBX

    we get it, Rick Ross was a CO…get over it. Bring something new to the table about him because the constant talk of his previous employment hasn’t done a damn thing to his career so move on.

    Besides, has anyone every come out and said that he was an abusive CO? Maybe he was actually cool with the inmates and treated them like human beings…is that so bad?

    • I think cats bring it up cuz he tried lying about it….I got a potna who is a CO and that boy bout that action…I seen him check plenty cats outside of that jailhouse who ran up on him on the outside. ..str8 comedy

      • Poseidon

        I’ll never forget the quote:

        “Fake pictures are made by the fake and meant to entertain the fake.”

        That shit still rings in my ears. It’s gonna be impossible to live that one down. And now, ironically, every time we hear his music, we say:

        “Fake MUSIC is made by the fake and meant to entertain the fake.”

        That shit came back full circle and smacked him in the face. #FAIL.

      • I almost regret letn them put my car in his video…lmao u shoulda seen them boys stuntn in my sht like it was theirs. .I was just passing thru wit a couple of my other donk riders and the director picked my sht out the lineup and flagged me down…I didn’t say one word to nan one of them mmg cats….even white folks was clowning him at the shoot and sht hollering out about his weight and how fake he was while they was filming. I ain’t have nutn else to do so…

      • Celz

        I woulda did the shyt too.. It don’t mean you supportin the nicca. My boy had Khaled and Ace Hood do a walk thru in Hollywood so I came thru and was chillin in VIP wit them niccas, don’t mean I’m a fan or support they movement.

      • Judah Nazayar

        that shit was pretty funny..hahahaahaha.. o man!
        the devil is a lie.. is still one of the best songs in the last 2 years

      • ZUBU

        Real talk bro I got people in my fam who work in corrections and they real as shiiiitt, difference is they don’t lie about what they do and they have put in street work. Some of them cops is G’s

    • Celz

      I have a boy who is a CO and he raps. Him and Ross are as different as day and night.

      1. He will tell you straight up he has a legit job as a CO. He gets written up because he gets too much respect from the inmates, they wait till he’s off shyt before they pop off and his superiors notice it. Shyt when no one is around he jumps in cyphers wit the niccas. Real recognize real he tells the niccas in there to get it together and they respect him and fuccs with him.

      2. He sold pounds of weed and beat niccas down before but because he had to, not because he thought it was cool. He went legit as fast as he could and stayed legit. He is doing very well now.

      3. He doesn’t rap about or glorify illegal shyt in is music because he doesn’t lead an illegal life and he didn’t want to when he did his small time dirt.

  • Markus

    Bearing arms within the law is all well and good. It’s the responsible way to go when it comes to firearms. The problem is that the number of people who don’t follow the law outnumber those who do. Illegal guns are a huge issue in society no matter where you live and the government that’s supposed to protect us is partly to blame seeing how their business thrives from violence. With money to be made, sadly these tools of death will always be available to assist in wiping those not in the government’s plans of who’s considered worthy enough to be included out.

  • Hector G

    the author of this must have learned to write under a rock ON mars…smh

  • Wtfcity

    A lot of good it will do you in the car. Tell this clown to stick with the fake drug talk and leave real issues up to real people.

  • Boss

    Wow so u know this identity theft ass nigga be lying he got a gun permit but he did all this crime yea ok officer RICKY it’s cool to have a permit I got mines so h really admitting to ya fans u really never been in trouble cause I don’t kno too many street niggas that been hustling since teenagers that own guns and never been in contact with cops or don’t have felonies if u really deep in the game u been arrested before to where u can’t get a permit u never been introuble until u became a lying ass rapper fraud boy

  • You won’t believe what Tia told me (You ain’t gonna believe this shit nigga!!!!)…Your fuckin career is over homey (Your done it’s a wrap nigga!!!!)…Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *jamming to G-Unit*

  • Mac7504

    Don’t care; yo titays is big…

    • Judah Nazayar

      man, thats kinda gay… and 3 lil MO niggas like this???= wheres Hitler when u need him

  • therealjjohnson

    You think in public places you should leave your guns in the car? I dont understand what you mean by public places. Once you leave the house you are in a public place. So…what are you saying?

  • Immortal

    As much of a non fan I am of MMG, I’m going to say he’s patricianly right; there are places where you do not need a weapon, and if you do maybe you need to re-think where you are and why you’re there. Open carry is a right, where Concealed Carry is a privilege. If your only claim to fame is “my hood is hard”, is it the hood that is hard or are you one of those bums that live in the burbs that come out there to make yourself and others feel your somebody? Can’t count the number of times I saw that in DC. Everything has a place and no you can’t always control your surroundings, I know that all too well. As a weapons fan, GUNS don’t kill people, people who can’t FIGHT with their hands or don’t think with the correct head do.

    • Explain to me these “soft” places where one doen’t need to protect their life?

      Remember “Luby’s?”

      Going to a diner isn’t one of them, that much has been established.

      ( Luby’s, Texas )

      Gangster Nip confesses to sending in the shooter @ the 4 Min mark:


      • Immortal

        Anyone anytime anywhere has the right to defend themselves. I didn’t say that. What I was saying is that are you carrying it for actual self defense or are you carrying it either for the hell of it or for offense? Are you carrying it in an area that you really don’t have a need to be in? The “soft” target isn’t prepared and is weak. By that he/she hasn’t done a proper assessment of their situation and might not know that the better thing to do is to remove themselves from the situation rather than stay in it. Hence get out of the ghetto rather than stay in it. A “hard” target is just the opposite. he/she recognizes the situation, develops a plan of action and knows how to implement it. Doesn’t mean there is a weapon involved other than their brain. The “hard” target isn’t going to just sit somewhere just because it’s cool yet knows it’s just not safe. That’s like leaving your 15yr old daughter alone with R Kelly after a show with a GoPro and an internet connection. You probably could easily beat his ass, kill him in fact but is it worth the hassle or the trauma? Or could you just take her and leave?

      • Agreed, but there is that unaccountable human factor, it could be a jacker in the white hood prowling in the park, or lurking at the train station.

        Your responsibilty to be ready for the fight never ends.

        My homie ran ahead of his mom when he was like 5yrs old, just a few steps, and a mugger jumped out & grabbed him, then motioned to his terrified mother to hand over the purse, with a smirk, like “C’mon…you know I got you!”

        Not saying she should have blasted it out over her food stamps, but what if it wasn’t a gentleman mugger, and he wanted more than $$$?

        Look at Trayvon, in the “RICHEST” part of town….& he needed a burner the most!

      • Immortal

        Now that’s true. You cannot control everything, In Trayvon’s case, this is going to sound cruel, but he’s better where he’s at. His death served notice on a just law used in an unjust manner. I’m no fan of the race card, but real recognizes real. And that card was used against him in that courtroom. It was used against him again in civil court. In death, he’s going to live as a shining example to future courts about the injustice that is served on a cold dish and that while segregation might’ve officially ended, the mindset of the races in some instances have not. I believe that had he had a weapon he would be “just another statistic” or another “nigga(er) in the system” and any relevance or significance of that situation would have been lost. In another generation he will be referenced and laws reviewed, just not in this one; maybe not even in our lifetime. in regards to open and concealed the important question is “do you NEED it, or do you just WANT it? Most who want it have no real need for it and make pretense situations of why they do. Those that need it, know the are consequences for their actions with it, are well versed in the use of it (C.O.D. does NOT count), and if not prior service have some kind of training that gives you knowledge of self and the use of multiple weapons from defusing it through verbal DE confliction all the way to deadly force.

      • Valid points, but here’s a monkey wrench…HoeyUno was working in the ‘burbs yesterday and was almost mauled by a Black Bear protecting it’s cubs…..no burner / training etc….but he was about to get it!

      • Immortal

        Man are you making another ButchCraig joke again?

      • Hahaha, I wish…his @$$ almost got chewed the fugg up!

  • Triple7_skylakegreat

    Hmm I wonder if he’s lying about that and really takes a gat to cop chicken wings by the pack?

  • Judah Nazayar

    TEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these nigga failures aint reading..

  • Universe Sal

    He’s got a gun that he carries around. Only thing it squirts out BBQ sauze!!!

    • GP

      weak lmao. peep the pic up top

  • Immortal

    The founding fathers were not suspicious of the government they were forming, they were trying to stop what had happened over time to them and others in England. Each amendment in the bill of rights is in stark contrast to what the English had as law or were allowed to do commonly at the time. The founding fathers also preached state rights over big government intervention, and that was used as one of the reasons the south went into the civil war. Registration isn’t confiscation in every case. Registration can lead to confiscation if a need arises (depending on what is a real need vs. a perceived one like you listed). Being that there has been laws on the books governing the sale of militarized weapons (true assault weapons not assault STYLE weapons) since the 1940’s it makes sense to know where they are being there is “supposed” to be a finite number of them known for sale in the US. Now that isn’t true being there is a strong “underground” market for assault weapons, an accurate count will never be known. The founding fathers had no idea that in the future there would be anything like the weapons we have now, and when the first machine gun was released even it was laughed off at first. I’m not even going to justify what happened in N.O. during Katrina being there was so much wrong vs. very little right. But the “right” to carry doesn’t and shouldn’t extend to the criminal realm being they forfeited many of their “rights” upon incarceration and loose others upon release. The “right” to carry doesn’t extend into the “right” to carry the biggest rifle you can sling onto your stomach even though there are those that want to take it to that level and do regularly (they’re stupid as hell). The current (and previous democratic) administration has made it hard (and even banned assault STYLE weapons) to own SOME types of weapons, but in their defense what do you really need other than to look “cool” with an AR15 or AK47? I own a AR15, have carried a M4, M16, a M203 and know firsthand they are sexy but serve almost no purpose in actual home defense. Hell in most places you can’t even hunt with any of them. Same with beta mags. They’re not going after handguns other than the ability to conceal carry which is a privilege not a right. Conspiracy theorists on all sides want to make someone think that having a weapon is bad and the others want you to think you’re going to loose them, when neither is further from the truth.

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  • hoeyuno

    He spent all that money on surgery just to dress like a zebra!!?? Everybody got dreams…really though dude looks like a bad SNL joke…

  • I hope that was a trick to get the wolves thinking he doesn’t have a biscut with dinner!


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  • GP

    and then rick ross took a picture and said