Lil Wayne Approached By Alleged Crip Member Outside Hollywood Club (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne was in Los Angeles recently with rumored girlfriend Christina Milian. As the two stars were leaving the Supperclub, a man approached their vehicle claiming to be a Crip member.

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“You better check in n***a,” the man yelled at Wayne through the car’s window. “Straight up n***a. Crip n***a. F**k Suge.”

Wayne has repeatedly claimed to be a Bloods member throughout his career. Suge Knight is also reportedly associated with the gang.

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Watch footage from the scene below.

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    That was kinda corny but it’s good that he got checked tho, if he wants to claim Blood then he got to take the consequences, now go get Chris Brown

    • focus on you

      Got checked? How?

      • Celz

        He didn’t get checked from a grown ass man perspective but if he is an active gang member then he should have addressed homie who called him out. But that would be stupid and would have led some major shyt real fast..

      • focus on you

        I wouldn’t address a lame either when I’m getting in my Maybach with my bad bitch, with millions in my bank account. You see that crip lame walking off, looking stupid after Wayne left to continue enjoying his night.

      • Celz

        Yea but you’re not fake Wayne is. He fronts and acts like he’s part of the stupid niccas lifestyle when he’s not to sell records. So the stupid nicca is stupid but not for approaching Wayne since Wayne says he’s affiliated with that. They both are stupid one stupid nicca is just focused getting money.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        If I have to be a stupid ninja I’d rather be the one getting money lol

      • Two_guns_Billy

        yeah but these broke stupid niggas will kill you because they dont have shit to lose..

      • Two_guns_Billy

        lol its funny these niggas dont see how Wayne is stupid for putting himself in stupid shit like worth millions why make yourself a target for nothing niggas?

      • johnblacksad

        word! why waste time arguing with this dumb loser when you got Christina Milian in the Maybach waiting to get banged

      • Celz

        If it was Nas that shyt wouldn’t have happened.. Real recognize real, shyt even fake recognize the real.

      • Casor_Greener

        man please stop the nonsense

      • Celz

        Stop following me around weird nicca.. Never hit a Cali street in his life talking out ya neck ass nicca..

      • Celz

        If Wayne was really a blood then he should have said something. So it would be stupid for you to argue with the dumb nicca but Wayne be screaming Suwop this Blood that on the songs he sells to kids. But he is quiet about it in person. Bet if that shyt was Dj Quik he would have handled that shyt way different.

  • Celz

    Homie is suspect.. He looks drunk.. If Wayne had to check in he’d be calling him.. Sounded like he said he was from 87 Gangsta Crips

    • Guest

      Yea 1987 Gangsta Crips that old dumb ass looking nigga.

  • RichFromBX

    he’e trying to tell Wayne he gotta check in while security holding him in check….thats funny.


      concert security > gang bangers

  • Jake Zero

    Last movie this oldass crip saw was Colors!

  • meanygreene

    grown men in a gang? is it possible for black men to stop taking L’s

  • Markus

    Gangs are lame. Bunch of cowards who don’t know how to be men on their own so they stand with a bunch of other cowards like themselves to have a backbone. Gangs should have nothing to do with music.

  • The Legendary Troll

    tired of hearing these nobodies always claiming people need to check in with them like they are somebody. Dude go get a job and stop worrying about the next man

  • AfricaChillin

    These “you gotta check in” lames crack me up. This dude probably can’t freely move around from Block A to Block B on a regular bases but wants to police who can and can’t enter the city? Guess he thought he was gonna graduate from welfare checks and finally get a pay day. FOH.

  • TruthSerum

    Dude needs to check himself in to the nearest mental health clinic and get put on medication. Anybody his age walking around acting like that ain’t right in the head.

    • The_Good_Life

      Lol….dropped my damn cellphone…..

  • Killuminati

    Check ya self before ya wreck ya self…..

  • soyhiphop

    Tho we all know wayne has never been a real blood member and started claiming that in his 20s cause of mac 10..dude trynna check him is a clown groupie like this is what you have done with your life as a grown ass man? Gang bang earned criminal records and harrass people way richer than you? What will read on his tumbstone here lies d locc he kept it real—–dumb

    • Brindle

      lol… for real tho, these fools come up off doing that… Lil Wayne been breaking bread with ESBH in Watts for a minute now, which was also used to help Jay Rock and Kendrick get going with TDE… Crip dude is dumb, drunk and a late and needs to find a new up and coming rapper cause all these rap cats already paying some LA nikka to be ok when they out here…

      • The_Good_Life

        So lil waynes check in money funded TDE huh. And trick trick check in money funded emenem too huh. I swear y’all dudes is like hood CNN…

      • Brindle

        I didn’t say nothen bout Trick Trick, that was dumb… as far as TDE, Kendrick and especially Jay Rock, it was relationships made the day Spider Loc ran up on Lil Wayne, Its cats that after taling to Birdman, had to get a Spider, respect was established and Wayne did some shout outs, some songs with Jay Rock “ghetto” for no reason, then all of the sudden, here’s TDE, I’m not knocken they hard work and talent I’m just sayen, these rappers aint what you think they are and these LA gangs aint what you think they aren’t

      • Celz

        Niccas is in another time zone trying to comment on shyt they know nothing about..

      • Brindle

        bruh, i thought it was common knowledge, I guess these rappers do a better job at keeping it on the hush than i thought

      • Celz

        That shyt ain’t a joke nicca.. The music industry is based in LA in the Hollywood area.. Unless you want to go from the office to the hotel than you need to be good. Sunset and Hollywood Blvd is where EVERYONE in So Cali parties. There aren’t many major clubs in the nice areas, middle class, or the poor areas.. You see kids rollin up Sunset in old ass sentras right next to the Lambos and Astons. So if you are a fake thug and make money off bein a fake thug you probably want to make sure you’re good. Will Smith isn’t a fake thug you rob him he’ll probably sue you’re dumb ass, so he’s not a target. Lil Wayne is a fake thug you rob him and he will have to keep it real, so niccas will try to rob his fake ass. Why you think 50 Cent signed Spider Loc? Did he even record any music when he was signed?

      • The_Good_Life

        U watch too much tv homie…

      • Celz

        You obviously not involved in So Cal streets or the rao music industry. If you ever get involved in either ask around. Shyt is so common knowledge its not even debatable. If niggas will rob the Mexican Mafia for a couple million and not give 2 fuccs how you think they feel about a skinny jean wearin fake blood…

      • Casor_Greener

        nikka aint robbing shit. this aint ’94 fool. sit yo beef dvd watching ass down

      • Celz

        Square ass niccas always talking about what they don’t know. Smh.. I was at the supper club bet awards if you wasn’t there use Google.. Niccas made the news that weekend.. Dudes prolly really think Chris Brown is really from Fruit Town lol..

      • Celz

        Aint robin shyt lol.. Google Rollin 60s rob Mexican mafia.. They the main ones that used to get rappers back in the day.. Now all the fake fuccs is paid up real shyt.. Where you from? You ain’t from no where around here either lol niccas just like hearing themselves talk..

      • Casor_Greener

        MAn I aint googling none of that muymbo jumbo. Read a book and get off Googe chumpo

      • Celz

        Exactly because if you did you’d see you were talkin out your ass.. But we both already knew that.. And trust and believe I read plenty books.. How bout you just speak on what you know..

      • Brindle

        I can’t believe ya’ll really don’t know whats happening to your favorite rappers…

      • Brindle

        EXACTLY… it reminds me of Treach from Naughty By Nature when he told the East Coast, Ya’ll think the West is a movie til you get out here…

  • El Dogga

    And not one F was given………..

    lol….Dude was by himself and couldn’t even handle security???? Only thing I would check in would be my hotel reservation!

  • Brindle

    Wayne stays getting checked for faking blood and ugly cuz needs to go sleep off the liquor, but both of them equally dumb for their fronten…

  • Executive

    Nigga like 42 telling a millionaire to check in, that’s funny.

    • Brindle

      them millionairs be checking in tho…

      • Celz

        Trust me Wayne is checkin in with someone.. Not that fool tho lmao

  • Executive

    Non tax paying ass niggas always trying to act like the city is theirs, fuckin deadbeat ass bums think they got power and got 2 nickels in their pocket and a bus pass.

  • Brindle

    I didn’t realize how many people had it twisted, lot of your favorite rappers is paying off street nikkas just to show up places and some of these street nikkas got more $ than you think, you callen him broke when he dressed like School Boy Q, for example… I aint tellen ya’ll to venture to the hood and really get to know them cats but at least get out of your circle before you give an adjective to another circle… Rick Ross and Lil Wayne staying paying different hoods, having Turkey give a ways and all kinds of dumb sh!t…

    • Eli Pinilla

      Yup…..All the rappers talkin that street shit have to check in if they doin shows on lower end night clubs and shit. U only avoid them if u certified or you doin stadium shows that’s beyond they reach.

      • Brindle

        exactly… i didn’t realize how many people believe these rappers, these nikkas new gimmick is getting at the promoters too…

      • Celz

        Especially in L.A… Not because L.A. is harder or rougher lol It’s cuz most of these niccas LIVE OUT HERE part time.. T.V., Music, and Movies are all centered here..

        Laker fan here can’t stand Paul Pierce.. But dude is really from Inglewood and when he moved to Boston to play for the Celtics he was tryin to hit the streets like he was at home and almost got his career ended.. Same shyt for all these fake rappers.. Niccas like Nas and Kobe don’t be out tryin to party with the hood niccas so they don’t run into issues and they don’t be out frontin or bein tough so they aren’t targets..

    • Casor_Greener

      aint nobody chekcing in nothing with these cb4 dudes. these cats aint mafia. broke ass cant even get in the club

      • Brindle

        he was in the club and foh with that old white mob shit, they don’t get respect… how you gonna assume the negative and be cool with being wrong

      • Celz

        That dude in video is broke. You want to see an example of a rich gang member musclin his way in with mafia connections look up Big U from Uneek music. They hood Rollin 60s is worth millions one of the largest black gangs in the country. Banging died down getting money sped up trust and believe…

  • Eli Pinilla

    That ngga look like he just wants a sandwich.

    • johnblacksad


  • Megapsycho84

    Check in? Mothafucka that is a grow ass man you talking to. A rich man at that. Nigga, what you really need to be concerned about is raising your damn kids. Broke ass nigga’s are always the ones with the most shit to say. All of that gang bang shit has always been wack to me. I could never understand of how one could be even compelled to join some punk ass, no job having ass, group of grown ass men, wearing the same damn colors, claiming some block that ain’t even theirs. If you wanna bang on somebody, why don’t you start a revolution and bang on these crocked ass police who are killing our own left and right. Selective outrage ass nigga’s. Bang on a damn education and let’s start some business in the black community, and start our own economy. In where we don’t have to solely depend on them other folk to hire us, we can hire our own kids. But most nigga’s don’t think like this, so this is why the smart ones go to school, get their career popping and leave that ignorant shit far behind. I’m glad I moved outta of that bullshit. Instead of having to worry about pookie and them breaking into my house, the only worry I have now is Dr. Bob’s big ass loud lawnmower. #Suburbanlife

  • dee

    I just don’t understand this check in sh!t on rappers. If its that serious go tell them politicians to check in the government to check in they the ones hurting you.

    • Brindle

      now that I agree with… Extorten these rap cats is getting bigger and bigger cause the rappers is faker than fake has ever been… Was a day you could rap, get famous and tell a gangster to get the foh cause your crew was just like them… nikkas is squares and pretending now… A lot of these new rap cats from Southern Cali got put on cause of their older homies extorten rap stars…

  • Ipullcards

    What happened to being in a gang before u got famous and than decided to start to bang? Like who and why should we respect anyone banging after the fact.. Smh


      Why respect it period? It doesn’t benefit us. It make our problems worse.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        yeah and being a millionaire claiming this stupid shit is worse..


      That nigga lil Wayne aint stay bangin too he was like 25 what type of shit is that


    Don’t know why nobody involved should give a sh!t. Its not like these extorting fools are doing something good with the money….like they putting it towards afterschool programs lmao….I don’t give a dam about them getting new rims & Jordans. Far as Im concern (and everybody else should be too) if its eff Wayne, its eff them too.

  • chevy_weight_champ

    I can’t speak on another Grown man or how he feels towards the next nicca, but the running up checcin niccaz with all that public eyesight around is dead cuzzo, Gangsta’s move in silence! Wayne already knows who co-signs and who don’t co-signs him Cuzz, and I’m talking the C’s and B’s out here!

  • Jared

    I find it funny he said “F**k Suge”. WTF he got to do with this? lol….Also all that security how did they not see these dudes standing directly next to the Maybach?

    • GP

      can you say a paid actor. what crip member goes to check a blood like 2 deep. before real if those were real crips lil wayne would not have made it out that club alive look what they did to tupac and he way more important then wayne will ever be. this is a black eye to crips and bloods.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        being a crip or blood is a black eye to black ppl..being a rich crip or blood is two black eyes..

      • GP

        that’s tru all the way around. but some people don’t have a choice.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        but Wayne did have a choice..

      • GP

        lol I wasn’t talking bout wayne when I said that. I mean some of our people are raised in the streets because the parents are either addicts, in jail or dead. those are the ones who don’t have a choice because I see the lifestyle it brings but find out it’s not that easy later on. I mean they do have a choice you can be about you books and all but after a few jumps they give in. I don’t promote the gangbanging culture but I mean its different rules in different states in different projects. so I respect it all the way around

  • hitman619

    This isn’t Detroit Fool….SMH….. We don’t “Check In out here”, but you do need to watch where you go and what colors you wear!
    In East we can be brothers, but when you come to LA, watch those loud as colors, for life.
    Ice Cube

  • The_Good_Life

    This shit is funny. This dude beefing with waynes maybac dust… yo Wayne???? Let me holla at u???….SKEEERRRRT!!!!!

  • GP

    dude tried to check wayne yelling crip but don’t got no blue on got a bucket hat, was like 2 deep. be for real. wayne paid dude or dude wanted to get notice. you’ll see about dude on the front page of LA Times.

  • Two_guns_Billy

    lol the funny thing is you niggas are talking about how dumb this dude is but how stupid is it that a millionaire start claiming a gang?The last thing I would claim to be is a gangster when i’m worth millions..being in a gang is stupid but being rich and claiming a gang that you are not really in is worse..


    Niggas stay doing dumb shiggiddy!!

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  • Some people talk about it, some people be about it…

  • Poseidon

    Lol @ “Fukk Suge!”……

    That was random.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      that shit was stupid

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  • Immortal

    This is probably the closest Christiania Milian will ever get to getting a hit.

  • Cornelius Theophilus Johnson


  • DjSouthRock

    that’s what happens when you run around fake flaggn! the definition of a buster! wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, becomes a millionaire and then claim suuu wooo life? naw dogg! that’s some buster sh$t! fake like drake put on a skirt and shake shake shake!

  • ZUBU

    Wayne need to quit trying to claim he’s a blood and stay in his lane. Cause brothas in LA will set that ass on fire. I know real bloods and real crips and they hate fake bustas claiming sets. I don’t bang at all and I let everybody on both sides know I don’t. I never use the terms cuz or blood when talking. Gotta stay in your lane or you might get hurt.

  • It’s real in the field!

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  • thatdudefromla

    people who are not from LA should not be commenting on this! cause if you where from LA you would know who this dude is.. He aint no joke and is about the business..and if hes out at the clubs then its about to go down. If im correct he just got out the pin. if you know real gang shit LA style anyone that came from any other state half to pay a price for protection and to party on the west. It’s deeper than ya’ll know! If he back on the streets i feel sorry for those ballers cause he sure will take what they got quick in front of everybody!