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Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Has Traitors In His Midst!

The Game has been one of the most polarizing rappers of the modern era. He’s balanced the streets, home life and Hollywood for a minute now. But, now it seems there are parts that are fraying off and that’s whatever remains of his crew. I know he runs with a bunch of people, but its not like the Black Wall Street of old. Now, I’m not going to name names because what if this is wrong!? Lets just say that rappers around Game right now may not be the most loyal dudes. They may be reporting back to other rappers that hate The Game. I already heard that some information has been sent over to 50 Cent. Why? I don’t know. I thought 50 was ignoring The Game at this point. Anyway, apparently these dudes are going to break off from him and start a diss campaign very soon.

When wolves don’t eat…they gon’ eat!

Did I mention they are Bloods? So…this is more like it:


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  • Savimbi

    “when wolves don’t eat…they gon eat” i see what you did!!!! lol

  • brotha_man

    name one crew that dont have that one man/woman that gets jealous of success. Theres one in my “crew” we always go out our way to help the brotha out. he doesnt have a license cant keep a job, we finally had to cut the dude off and now he salty at us for not helping more….SMH

    • regalpimp

      It’s 211…He basically was there when Game got knocked out by RoseMo at the mall while with his son…But we know what happened to him not too long after…

      • Lonnz

        What u talking about RegalPimp?

      • regalpimp

        Meant Compton Menace..he the one hooking up with 50…He was there when Game got hit up by Rosmoe while he was at the mall with his son…He’s basically sayingthat Game got a shiner on his eye from the altercation, and he had one of his homies buy makeup to cover it up…He’s supposed to be providing proof to 50 that it happened…

      • Ryan Cole

        LOL “Nah nigga, that shade doesn’t match my complexion. Come on and ride with me to Macy’s and hit up the make-up section. They know how to hook the homie up right.”

      • regalpimp

        Lmao u wrong for that one…

      • Triple7_skylakegreat

        U know I don’t like game and that rosmoe700 beef was it for real?

      • regalpimp

        That was real..Rosemoe got at him at the mall while he had his son with him…

      • Nah, GAME got at Rosemoe, and Rosemoe tried to back down because GAME had his son with him, GAME refused, pressed the issue and got knocked out.
        ** ALLEGEDLLY **

      • ghettogov

        Didn’t somebody get murked behind that incident? I also remember seeing something about the cameraman or somebody getting punched…

      • *ALLEGEDLY*

      • Tre C

        how are you basically there? was he there or no?

  • Brindle

    non of them cats/wolves around him have names big enough to do disses… he can do one interview, laugh and then everyone’s done with them them…

  • RealAngel7

    I Love The Game and It Is Sad If People Go Behind His Back, 50 Cent Need To Be 50 Cent and Let The Game Be In Love and Peace and The Game Need To Be The Game and Let 50 Cent Be In Love and Peace. I Hope They Can Be Friends, They Was Both Needed For The Game When They First Came, I Support Them Both. If It Is Artist The Game Took To Himself In Love and Warm, and They Go Behind Is Back, I Feel Real Sorry For The Artist, For People Like That, Don’t Deserve It, When They Go Around and Ruin Their Chances, So I Hope This Is Not True, For I Wish All The Best In Life. Pure Beautiful Love Up For All and God Bless All.

    • Eric Cartman

      Why u try to make your text look beautiful?

      • RealAngel7

        Hey Beautiful Blessed Up Day To You and I Wish You and I Wish All The Best In Life. What A Question Is That, But It Is A Question, So I Will Answer You, I’m Happy If You Think What I Write Is Beautiful, I Write What I Write Straightforward From My Heart, So I’m Happy If You Think It Is Beautiful + I Stay Away From All Negativity, Negativity Only Bring You Down In Life and Love Only Bring You Up In Life. Pure Beautiful Love Up To You and Pure Beautiful Love Up To All and God Bless All.

      • hoeyuno

        Your gonna explode one day..all that built up anger isnt healthy…not sayin it will happen for sure but youll probably pick up a puppy and smash it againts a brick wall or something. …

      • RealAngel7

        Hey Beautiful Blessed Up Day To You and I Wish You and I Wish All The Best In Life. Pure Beautiful Love Up and Smile My Friend, I Smile, I Feel Good and I Will Live Up In Love Life, I Will See You Feel Good and Shine Up In Love To.
        You Talk Like You Know Me, All Know Me Better Than Me, People Run Lips and Talk Nonsense. Yes I Been Really Angry On The World, System and Much More, I Did A Lot Of Mistakes In My Past Life and Yes I Did A Lot Wrong In My Past Life, That Was over 10 Years Ago, Almost Did Take My L When I Was 12, I Did Smoke For My Pain Was So Deep I Couldn’t Sleep, I Was A Lost Child, I Was Lost In The Dark, To I Saw The Light and People Can’t Let My Past Go, People Want To See Me At The Top Of The Animal List With Killers, Thief and Rapist, People Want To See Me At The Cross, People Is Good To Paint A Perfect Picture Of Me That Is One Big Lie, and No I Ain’t Angry My Friend, I Smile In Love Now and I’m Happy, I Don’t Care About What People Say About Me, For I Know Who I Am and I Am The Good One and I Know For A Fact That You Can Try To Walk One Year In My Shoes, I Promise You Will Fall, I Know The Devil Tries Me Good, But When I Get Hold Of Him, I Kill Him. This Is The Last Run For All The Hate People Around, For I Will Put Out All My Child Welfare Paper, System Paper, Police Paper and All, People Will See The Truth and Know The Truth, Yes I Will Kick Up Some Drama Soon, But I Will Do It For The Good Of It, I Will Kill The Dirt and Make It Better, This Children Out Here Need Love and Care, We All need Love and Care, No One Need To Live In Hate Or Negativity, I Would Write You Much More and I Wish Pure Beautiful Love For All Of You, No Matter What You People Think, I Love You All and Love Is All. God Bless You All.

  • jeezuz_walkz


  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • regalpimp

    Damn, I thought 50 was done checking for Game…He hasn’t dissed them in a minute, has a charity where he is giving away a milli of his own money, and has funded $$$ for youth basketball leagues, paid for funerals, and basically adopted a little girl that isn’t his..the only bad thing I’ve heard from Game as of late is the lil spat with Lil Durk…I’m not a stan or anything, but it seems as if he’s putting more positive energy out there than negative, so this is a petty attempt at being relevant through beef once again if this is true about 50…Ja just basically wrote a whole book on the nigga, why not comment on that??? I think 50 basically doesn’t like the fact that someone is still carrying their own weight without him, and those other cats (Yayo, Buck, Banks) were basically on life support without him…As for the traitor, we ALL know it’s 211…He’s mad that his album has not dropped since he’s been with Game for about 4-5 years now, but ask M.O.P. or Hot Rod when their album dropped…Dude basically sold his homie out for 5 minutes on a mixtape….

    • Lonnz

      211 hooked up with Game after all that stuff that happened? Damn!

      • regalpimp

        He hooked up with 50 after all that…After the shooting of his homie at the radio station that sparked the initial beef, the numerous disses from G Unit, the numerous beefs…I think he just got tired of being on the shelf…but I think he jumped ship too soon…

      • Lonnz

        Ok, damn I didn’t know all that.

      • Majors

        You’re an idiot. 211 was signed to CTE. He’s Neighborhood Piru from Inglewood. He has never been cool with Game. Compton Menace from Fruit Town Piru, formerly a BWS member is beefing with Game.

      • Brainiac1ne

        so the nigga name is blood killer(211)

      • KingChandler

        211 is what cops use to describe a robbery in progress, that’s where dude got his name from, I remember him explaining the shit in an interview years ago.

      • Ryan Cole

        “Tried to set me up for a 211/Fuck with Dre and get caught up in a 187…”

      • regalpimp

        That was the name I meant, not 211…I’ve always gotten those 2 mixed up for some reason…thanks for the correct tho…He was the one intitally that was gonna Game him up to be played by Katt Stacks before she got locked up…thanks for pointing that out, but easy with the name callin…

      • Lonnz

        Yeah, I thought that was kind of foul Compton Menace went bad on him.

  • ZUBU

    @AHH……SMH just straight promoting beef, eh…..

  • hoeyuno

    The comparison with the cannibal wolves was ill!!!

  • Killuminati

    50s money is longggggg, u know game ain’t paying no one shit so all fif had to do was prob throw them shorts and they report all games moves lol

    • hoeyuno

      A case of vitamin water and an autographed copy of animal ambition…allegedly

      • Dope

        I’m inclined to put more faith in this line being true than this whole ”article” above.

      • hoeyuno


      • Killuminati


    • ghettogov

      50 coon ass puts more energy into his his beefs than he does into his music that’s why he Damn near fell all the way off

      • Killuminati

        I feel u, that new g unit shit is on point tho

      • ghettogov

        E yeah I’m glad to hear buck again that what I’m taking bout go hard too

  • Alonzo Patten

    all this shit is week and fake to me now

    • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

      I’m gone need you to spell WEAK … W.E.A.K and not WEEK!!! #Ok Bye

  • lucky


  • LOL~N @ last pic!

  • Immortal

    “I’m not going to name names because what if this is wrong”….then why mention this at all?

  • king

    Typical nigga shit

  • Monkeyuncle

    Shit is so corny

  • Tony the trolling ass Cracker

    People on here saying Menace and that might be true but that’s out there in the public already. Could it be Mysonne? I would be surprised cos he don’t seem the sucka type to be honest but then I never thought I’d see 40 Glocc dress like Borat

  • D_Ably

    Games a real loyal dude, i don’t understand why anyone would do this to him… SYKE Karmas a b.i.itch Game

  • MadRespect06

    Even tho the homie got bipolar sometimes Im still a fan…he survived the times. The way he went at GUnit and came out on top “career wise” he gets my respect. Plus he does madd shit off record that makes him relevant. Basketball; Youth Camps; Tv

    • 5% Hov

      True. I would love to hate dude… but I can’t

      Bipolar ass good ass rapper.

  • trilltalk1


  • 5% Hov

    I feel lie 50’s winning with Power.

    The finale was a little dry tho…. I need series 2! ASAP

  • Marc Iva Jnr

    why cant u guys see its some hype type of shiiiii….niggas album, year of the wolves is getting closer…check this ”

    When wolves don’t eat…they gon’ eat!”