Missouri Burning: How the Death of Michael Brown Opened Deep Wounds of Racism

Protests have erupted following the fatal shooting of Missouri teen Michael Brown last Saturday, as he walked through a St. Louis neighborhood from a routine trip to the store. Instead his grandmother discovered his body sprawled out in the street, where it remained for more than four hours uncovered after he was fatally gunned down by a police officer.

While initial reports indicated that the authorities may have been called in connection with an alleged shoplifting that occurred at the store that Brown frequented that afternoon, this was later proven to be false.

Details are still emerging as to what exactly transpired in the moments leading up to the altercation, though witnesses have advised that the teen was neither armed nor resisting at the time he was gunned down; calling into question the force used by the officer, who has since been placed on administrative leave. Early reports have also indicated that the teen, who was slated to begin college on Monday, had his arms were held high prior to being shot 10 times.


The body of Mike Brown was uncovered in the street for hours.


Racial tensions have since soared within Ferguson, a suburban area of St. Louis of roughly 21,000 residents, as the community struggles to comprehend the death of yet another Black youth, in a disturbing trend that has been seen throughout the nation.

The credibility of the Ferguson Police Department has also been called into question, as a report highlighting the blatant disproportion in arrests and stops between white and Black residents became available to the public.

As protestors convened in the area of the shooting yesterday evening, they were met with canine force and authorities already dressed in riot gear, which foreshadowed the actual riot that ensued last night.


  • MadRespect06

    I was waiting on Allhiphop to drop the story….but it will be interesting to see how this one goes. History has a strange way of repeating itself…don’t be shocked if justice isn’t served. smh

    • meanygreene

      dont be shocked if it is.

  • Markus

    There are places in this country that have not caught up to modern times. I used to think that states like Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi were bad but apparently in small towns like this, the clock is turned backwards. Having a dead body uncovered for hours in public view is a stain in a lot of children’s minds that were there to see it in person that will haunt them forever. Shooting an unarmed kid 10 times is beyond excessive. This wasn’t a clean shoot. It was an execution in broad daylight. How do you justify practically unloading a weapon on someone who presented no threat to the murderer’s life? The cop shouldn’t just lose his job. The cop shouldn’t just get a light slap on the wrist. Even life imprisonment doesn’t begin to be appropriate punishment for this coward. He should be put to death for this. The message that will be sent to the black community if the pig doesn’t get punished properly will be that from now when a cop stops you for any reason you may have to consider defending yourself rather than complying with them. I’m at the point now that I would rather fight for my right to survive than to adhere to the rules raise my hands in the air in an surrendering manner and still get shot 10 times.

    • Ryan

      agree. cop no need to even shoot one bullet an to be suspended with pay is a disgrace……i wonder what is going to happen when he goes back to work an drives around

  • stackzscrilla

    This is a very unfortunate event for not only for the victim and his family but for the entire world. The day an unarmed Black/White/Mexican/Asian human being that possesses no real threat is murdered in cold blood is a day of sorrow. My prayers go out to the family and friends of the victim. May God give you an extra portion of comfort and spark a revival of world peace amongst a fallen culture. May the Holy Spirit lead and guide everyone affected by this heinous, vicious act of defiance. The Devil is alive and well and until we come together as a people in the body Christ as one, the cycle will never end. God Bless.

    • meanygreene

      “The day an unarmed Black/White/Mexican/Asian human being that possesses no real threat is murdered in cold blood is a day of sorrow”
      this happens all day every day

      • stackzscrilla

        Exactly my point.

  • 313 Intelligence

    This kid was shot down in the streets and his body left on the scene of the crime as if he was some sort of animal. Black life aint worth nothing to these racist White people. We are repeatedly shot down and murdered in cold blood. RIP Michael Brown.

    • Ryan

      dont go into racial tension im white an this pisses me off i think it pisses everybody off as a whole. shit aint right an police needs to watch out

      • There is racial tension in Ferguson. …police been disproportionately harassing folks for years, i remember as a young boy growing up being stopped plenty of times in Ferguson just for walking down the street doing nothing illegal. Ferguson has been like that for years.

      • therealjjohnson

        How can you not go racial? Granted it pisses you off…but really why did this happen? You cannot tell me race doesnt play a factor.

  • jubileeshine

    “About 20 minutes before the shooting, Johnson said he saw Brown walking down the street and decided to catch up with him. The two walked and talked. That’s when Johnson says they saw the police car rolling up to them.
    The officer demanded that the two “get the f—k on the sidewalk,” Johnson says. “His exact words were get the f—k on the sidewalk.”
    After telling the officer that they were almost at their destination, Johnson’s house, the two continued walking. But as they did, Johnson says the officer slammed his brakes and threw his truck in reverse, nearly hitting them.
    Now, in line with the officer’s driver’s side door, they could see the officer’s face. They heard him say something to the effect of, “what’d you say?” At the same time, Johnson says the officer attempted to thrust his door open but the door slammed into Brown and bounced closed. Johnson says the officer, with his left hand, grabbed Brown by the neck.
    “I could see the muscles in his forearm,” Johnson said. “Mike was trying to get away from being choked.”
    “They’re not wrestling so much as his arm went from his throat to now clenched on his shirt,” Johnson explained of the scene between Brown and the officer. “It’s like tug of war. He’s trying to pull him in. He’s pulling away, that’s when I heard, ‘I’m gonna shoot you.’”
    At that moment, Johnson says he fixed his gaze on the officer to see if he was pulling a stun gun or a real gun. That’s when he saw the muzzle of the officer’s gun.
    “I seen the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” he said. “He had it pointed at him and said ‘I’ll shoot,’ one more time.”
    A second later Johnson said he heard the first shot go off.
    “I seen the fire come out of the barrell,” he said. “I could see so vividly what was going on because I was so close.”
    Johnson says he was within arm’s reach of both Brown and the officer. He looked over at Brown and saw blood pooling through his shirt on the right side of the body.
    “The whole time [the officer] was holding my friend until the gun went off,” Johnson noted.
    Brown and Johnson took off running together. There were three cars lined up along the side of the street. Johnson says he ducked behind the first car, whose two passengers were screaming. Crouching down a bit, he watched Brown run past.
    “Keep running, bro!,” he said Brown yelled. Then Brown yelled it a second time. Those would be the last words Johnson’s friend, “Big Mike,” would ever say to him.
    Brown made it past the third car. Then, “blam!” the officer took his second shot, striking Brown in the back. At that point, Johnson says Brown stopped, turned with his hands up and said “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!”

    • MrsOno

      Its heartbreaking

  • Immortal

    My issues with this have been stated on this site before, and others below have said much the same things. But where I have a new issue is the same as the OLD issue; we want to protest and show our frustrations about the injustice’s that are inflicted upon us, and where do we go? Our own f*ckin neighborhoods. WHY are we hell bent on burning and looting our OWN areas then complain why there is nothing there later? We couldn’t go somewhere else and go buck wild? Why were they going buck wild in the first place? What did the burning and looting have to do with the memory of this young man, and the justice that needs to be given out? The man died; lets make his death mean something more than a tv, bottle of liquor, or some “free” motor oil. Peaceful protests give credibility and take away the stigma of being a mob. Allowing the “justice” system to run its course lends credence to the arguments that are made later by the family in the event it doesn’t go right. Obama mentioned talking this out. He was right because tearing up our OWN neighborhoods eliminates jobs that people have/could have; gives businesses even black owned a reason to move (although in DC I would be fine if there wasn’t a liquor store on each block). And allows US to heal. This police officer isn’t representing all of them because there are some good ones, but he reps a substantial number of those that aren’t about shit, won’t be shit, and are chicken shits without that badge and a gun.

    • Andy

      I gotta point out what you briefly alluded to man. The majority of the protesters were peaceful. Alot of right wing American media seems to just want to focus on a very small minority who were looting instead of covering the majority, and the real issue (police brutality and racism in America).

    • Hey bruh I’m from there we not tearing up our homes we destroying them businesses that have taken our black dollars for years, I’m not condoning it but something has to give…If u have never been thru Ferguson you wouldn’t understand. They have been profiling our kind ever since I was a little boy just walking down the street. That’s why our community is so outraged because they understand how we have been unfairly targeted in Ferguson forever. To shoot an unarmed kid 9 times is outrageous no matter the circumstance, to leave him on the ground uncovered for hrs for other children to see is outrageous, to not release any info or the pigs name is outrageous, for the officer to go on vacation with pay is outrageous. So do you blame our folks for hitting the streets…enough is a enough. I’m proud that my city wants to apply some pressure. The news ain’t telling yall about the officer that got his ass whooped or that folks have been dumping on the police…fk all that self righteous bullsht them bitches need to pay for how we get treated. My first arrest in my life was in Ferguson over an expired tag man.

      • Immortal

        Man I wasn’t making small of the situation there at all. Never been through there, and I agree with the situation. That’s what I said in another post that someone on here said “doesn’t belong on an entertainment site” and I wasn’t able to respond to this dude. I disagree with the fact of senseless rioting though. In Watts, they were mad over the unjust treatment of blacks and tore down their part of the city. That’s not right. That was their home. LA again with the Rodney King beating. Was the LAPD wrong. DAMN RIGHT THEY WERE. What got tore up…black neighborhoods. Bev Hills and other mostly white areas weren’t touched. Moving into your town, another DEFINATE injustice was done, and it’s your neighborhood. If you weren’t outraged then something IS wrong, but is looting really part of the solution? For those (mostly elderly or disabled) that can’t get to more mainstream stores and rely on those overpriced local ones, what justice was done for them? Your anger being released on those stores in your neighborhood do to further get this injustice made right? Can’t fix what a sorry ass police chief does, but the pressure and heat should be on HIM NOT YOU. YOU and your community were wronged. That man was wronged. His family was wronged. Nothing was ever “corrected” by the destruction of your own stuff. You’re still going to have to replace it. I don’t blame anyone for hitting the streets. It NEEDS to be done. Taking a sh*t in your own backyard is pointless. Tearing up your own homes and the few businesses is pointless. What the news isn’t saying is all the peaceful protests that have been done. The “turned up” ones are everywhere. Just have to know where to look. Those bitches NEED to pay, but not at your hands. “Justice” has to have it’s chance to work first. There are more than enough witnesses to it from start to end, and I’ve seen some of them online to see this through. Now if justice fails, I’d hope that y’all would retaliate in those uppity neighborhoods

      • I agree with your post…that’s a hunnit

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  • I been pulled by the police in Ferguson before and they play a major part in my reasoning for hating cops…..they bad talk you and try to mouth off to you for absolutely no reason at all. If you have never been thru Ferguson you wouldn’t understand how much they profile blacks…it is seriously despicable I have never seen another precinct like them or st.louis county police either. They definitely have a problem. Hell they only have 3 black officers on their payroll, that right there is an indication of what we have to deal with on a daily basis. Them young boys wasn’t breaking any laws so why we’re they stopped in the 1st place? That’s my point….kid is dead due to the ongoing racial profiling in st. Louis county….they don’t do it that much in the city just st.louis county. …I swear u can visit st.louis and ask someone to take you to st. Louis County and watch the reaction you will receive. They most likely will tell you they don’t like riding out there, you can have all your car stuff up to date and not have a criminal record and still get harassed. Example I’ve only had one speeding ticket in my entire life….guess how many times I have been pulled over in st.louis county? I’ve honestly lost count but I can tell u its been over ten times…no citation style or anything just profiling. …first time getn locked was in a in Ferguson sht been real out there although crime is nowhere near as prevalent as other parts of the city….so why are we pulled over and harassed more? Ferguson is actually a working middle class neighborhood so wtf?

  • Look at that young boy laying there man….that right there should make you feel some kinda way no matter what color u r…..left him out there where other kids could see him….my own 16 yr old son saw that sht man…..we still got no info so we gon protest until they let us know sumn.

  • A few things folks need to know….Ferguson police haven’t reached out to his family yet, neither has the FBI, the family doesn’t even have their child’s body and don’t even know how many times the kid was shot….just heard all this from their lawyer…can you even imagine their pain? Only thing they know is that their son is dead man this sht is sad. Can you even imagine dealing with something like this?

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  • britishrose

    we as african americans can not afford to not focus on the pass, the pass is our hopes of healing for the future there is no way we can get through this crisis without studing the pass , african americans are some of the most non chelant , relaxed , and sometime ignorant of all the races , why i say this is because the word IGNORANT IS IN LINE WITH IGNORE . WE CHOOSE TO IGNORE WE CHOOSE TO IGNORE
    1. all the blood shed on this soil we call america , a war that started the day we decided to not run but walk to freedom .
    2. ignore emmitt tills murder and how much we learned about the white mind at that time if you saw the documentary the mentality of the white man was prevelant in that court room, and they were strong in numbers while black hide in their shacks waiting on a verdict that they already were prepared for .. it did mamie till no good to waste a train ticket to get there SOME MIGHT SAY .. BUT YES IT DID SOMEGOOD I THINK A LOT OF GOOD , MAMIE TILL WAS THE SYMBOL OF WHAT WE OUGHT TO BE TODAY.. resilent yet proactive and wise .
    we are known to whites to be ignorant .. IGNORE? THEY expect this from us form years of ignoring out turmoitious , horrific pass on this sole , i dont care how fine your care is or how many white folks you live next door to . .or your white boss love your black ass … but ibet you he would take you to a kkk rally if your black ass is that stupid you think you got a friend … you trust … thanks to all the whites marching with us , but the majority is in fear , i saw no white little kids out there but there were black babies marching getting teargased i bet you a million dollars if one white kid was in that march the police would not have fired one rubber bullet ? bet >?
    the governer would not have sent the national guard if a bunch of white high school kids showed up … and they didnt why??? because white are lier ,, they wouldnt dare undo what they have done for years poison thier kids minds .. they will tell them blacks are acting stupid .. and that man was killed rightfully. …. and the few whites you saw marching either date a black or have black best friends or married to a black , but a white co worker and neighbor is not gonna march afraid of backlash from friends whom are white too …. martin luther king had whtes marching with him but that was king …. go figure , he was a powerful man , is the REASON HE HAD TO GO … THEY HAD TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF A BROTHER WHO FOUGHT FOR HUMAN DECENCY FOR ALL RACES … AND JUSTICE FOR ALL …
    police depts need to be held accountable for their training of cops to their choices of who is hired ,,, wilson has on been a cop for 6 years that no time at all
    he had an agenda once he fired he kept firing cause why “”/? because they were told in police training that the most that would happen when you gun down a assalant is ,, desk duty or leave of absencse with pay … now if i shot my neigbhor cause they threaten me i would be getting jailed and some prison time to …
    why >;/? beause no matter what the argument was about with my neighbor i can not just pull out a gun and shoot ,, nooooo way …. so the polcie dept is triying to come up with alibis , and coverups … ot prove why wilson shot the man brown 6 times some bullets hitting other areas with random bullets .. so trigger happy he didnt give a dam bout ciitizens possibly walking pass or or bullets flying … pure racist .. and teh way the witnesses decribed him he was a monster .. he was angry , and he was confronted by a black man ,while he had a gun.. i quest that is what white men call justice …. we need to all march… just like we all voted for obama , we have a lot of work to do …..
    obama was so sad when he gave those speeches and he should be cause he is the one to turn aloose all the ex miliarty men from over seas with no jobs , comeing home from the military with broken lims some never made it …. but the black man is a small number of those soliders , tis about time we took a stand for right ..