Ferguson, MO

Live From Ferguson: Skyyhook Gets The Ferguson People's Side Of The Story

We at AllHipHop knew there was a special part of the story in Ferguson, Missouri that wasn’t being heard, so CEO Chuck Creekmur let me go down to Ferguson to get the 411. I had no idea what I was walking in to.

Now, let me say for the record, I did watch wall to wall coverage of what was happening in Ferguson before going down there. I was very well versed on the tragedy that came about last Saturday when an unarmed teenager named Mike Brown was shot to death in the small mid-western suburb of ST. Louis.

But it still couldn’t prepare me for the feelings that came about after I got to town.

Through some of my experience I was terrified. You can actually tell in some of the footage because my hands were literally trembling while I was trying to film what I saw. My fear of the massive police presence was not a joke.

And at no time did I EVER feel unsure or scared of the protesters.

I can not say that about the police however, as I was overwhelmed by the immense police presence and the menacing way that police seemingly stalked reporters.

There were moments of chaos, moments of clarity, definite feelings of sorrow and honestly, I’m still trying to make sense of all of it.

A city within the United States of America is under siege. The police are doing everything they can to control the story and it’s frightening. Reporter’s are being bullied and the genuinely peaceful protesters are being agitated. It’s as if police are thirsty for a fight with them so they can show a crushing use force against them. I’m in no way a conspiracy theorist but what we are seeing looks like the dooms day scenarios that American citizens keep training for out in the woods. Things that used to sound ridiculous now appear to be playing out in front of our very eyes. I didn’t feel that way until I saw the military vehicles and the sheer numbers of “combat police” on the ground in Ferguson. I started to wonder if instead of giggling at those in the woods…if maybe we shouldn’t have been taking a closer look at what they were training for.

Remember how we got here. This story only exists because a cop used excessive force against a child. The response from the police toward a community who just wants justice has been more force. How can that ever make sense? Where is the opportunity for healing ever going to come in to play when the police insist upon treating the citizens as if their voice does not matter. The people there deserve so much better than this.

I walked along the path where Mike Brown took his last breaths with some of the members of his family. I was humbled and honored to take that walk with them. Thanks to DJ Charlie Hustle and Rebel Diaz I met Calvin and Gary and they showed us everything.

Please take a look at what I saw in the video below.

 **Editor’s note, the camera is a little shaky sometimes because I was trembling. Fear is a crazy thing. You can talk smack all you want to but if you’re afraid it will show in other ways.



The goal was to see what the people of Ferguson wanted us to know. I’m so glad that I went and even happier that some felt they could talk to me. The youth of Ferguson  have things to say and they need you to hear them. I’m humbled to have been there in their midst and I hope they get the justice that they seek.

#HandsUpDon’tShoot is a real movement guys and they need your support. After seeing what the people in Ferguson are enduring I’m convinced that they not only need it…they deserve it.













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  • meanygreene

    Google “the other Michael brown”.

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  • The Magical Negro

    What happened to Michael Brown was a tragedy but don’t label him a “child”. He was 19, almost 300lbs and was 6’4″.

    Just state facts…

    • TheAkademik

      But 19 year old rich white kids are still considered children tho…Psychologists have labeled the period between 18-25 as “late adolescence” and have suggested that we extend labeling childhood to 25….Black kids called grown men once they hit middle school tho???

      • The Magical Negro

        You’ll get no argument from me about media bias against blacks. I’m speaking strictly for accuracy. Homey wasn’t a child.

        With that said, the chips been stacked against us. But let’s report it factual.

      • Skyyhook

        No the opposition is trying to call him a grown man…not a teen not a kid…his age means everything to his case. And be VERY VERY CLEAR…That was NOT A DISS…His mother lost her child, her baby. You are making this about you not wanting anyone to call you a child it seems. And to ME the person wrote it, as someone who is looking at this from angles you clearly aren’t….and as someone who knows how people are going to try to run this kid into the ground….i know what i meant for the narrotive to be…he was still that families child.Not sure if you are a parent or not…but one day trust…you’ll understand.

      • The Magical Negro

        My only issue with your article is that. You don’t have to defend the family, nor your piece to me. I’m not attacking anyone.

        Realistically speaking 19 is not a “child”. All the points you make are valid ones indeed. You’re a good writer brother and I hope to read more from you. And of course I would have been mortified if when I was 19 I was referred to as a child.

        I think race is more important that age regarding this case though.

        Don’t be so defensive about your writing bro, articles like this is supposed to start debates.

      • Skyyhook

        Lol thank you love ..but ummm I’m not a guy! Lol A lot of people who have been reading me on AHH over the years seem to think I am…but nope! Been a girl since birth! Appreciate you taking the time to check for the story. And I’m willing to bet my word choices make more sense now!

      • The Magical Negro

        It does. My apologies, but with your lack of a pic I just had to assume you’re a dude. Lol. This situation is a tragedy all around.

        I’d like to hear your thoughts on Michael’s movements before he was shot. Make no mistake, I AM NOT saying that he deserved to be shot as a result of the store situation but I’d like to hear your take on it.

        I just wish I could eradicate the thoughts young men (of all colors) have when they commit petty crimes like that. Some people “hustle” as a result of a feeling of hopelessness. Some feel trapped in their surroundings. I felt that feeling while I was growing up. I just want my young black men in particular to see something different than the trap culture you know.

      • best_believe

        Shut your tenderroni ass up. He was a man. He could move out go to collage, go to war in the military. He was man enough to push a grown man out his way to go get blazed up. All he’s saying is that he wasnt a child. Stop trying to justify that he was a pudgy lil boy

      • Skyyhook

        They did that waaaaay back in the day so that tjey could easier justify killing our youth.

      • 5% Hov

        In this country if you black and over 5.5ft…. you’re an adult as far as they are concerned.

        Make sure your hands are up and you have white friend recording you at all times. Micheal forgot the white friend part.

    • MrsOno

      Tell that to his mother and father. I have well off people calling the doctor’s office I work for scheduling appointments for their “children” who are in their late 20’s early 30’s. So yes, he can be considered a child. Please don’t respond with some slick a$$ comment. I’m just facts. ✌

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  • Eli Pinilla

    This is turning into martial Law…..they just killed somebody else; say he had a knife on em……..

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  • It never fails to amaze me the extreme lengths people will go to justify the murder of an unarmed Black man at the hands of police or a similar figure.

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