Lupe Fiasco Urges People To Become "Peace Officers" In Response To Mike Brown Shooting

(AllHipHop News) No justice, more peace officers. Yesterday (August 19th), Lupe Fiasco proposed an interesting solution to the problem of police brutality in response to Mike Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, M.O.

According to Lupe, Mike Brown’s death “was the product of a system that can be changed” and that protests are only short term solutions. A long term solution proposed by the 1st & 15th MC was for the people protesting in Ferguson to join the same police departments they are protesting against:

Lupe is no stranger to societal critiques on public forums. During a keynote speech at Mass Black Male Graduation and Transition to Manhood ceremony, he informed students whom recently graduated from high school they “spent the last 12 years receiving one of the worst educations on Earth.”

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72 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco Urges People To Become "Peace Officers" In Response To Mike Brown Shooting”

  1. BobbyN0ble

    And so many people are going to say “No, I aint gonna be a FED, blah blah blah”. You want to change it, be a cop. Change it yourself. Not to say that one cop can change how we look at all of them, But you can change the people you interact with. This is honestly the realest thing Ive heard Lupe say in a long time

    • Savimbi

      You’re 100% on it, unfortunately the stigma RAP music puts on policing is what pushes a lot of young brothers away from wanting to be cops, but really if a young black kid in the hood at 6 wants to be a cop he has every right to.

      • Savimbi

        So a kid can’t become a cop to prevent drug dealers from destroying his neighborhood so that maybe someone won’t have to sell poison to his mother, aunt, father, sister brothers etc…????

      • Twonpass

        Your clearly dont know their history, that or your an agent…
        Deflection does nothing

      • Savimbi

        Let me guess…there’s a conspiracy not to hire blacks in the police force. yeah OOOOKKKKK!!!!!!

      • therealjjohnson

        So are you going to call everyone on the board and sheep and a agent or are you going to share the knowledge that it appears that you have?

        But to his point, whatever the history is, he is saying if more righteous people join then maybe you can change it for the future. Will it work? I dont know…but I applaud him for at least proposing a “possible” solution.

      • Twonpass

        Look at the proposed solution…..
        Has this ever worked the entire history of amerikkka?
        Show me a time when it did, I’ll wait

        lets deal with that first….

      • therealjjohnson

        I dont have a bunch of examples of people attempting to do it for me to answer that question. Moreover, that cant be the only reason not to do something. If we all took that “it didnt work before” approach to everything in life that is hard what would ever be overcame?

        Im not saying its a great idea, I just applaud people for trying to come up with solutions.

      • William Witherz

        I know cops though i couldn’t call any of them my “friends.” Cops have a code of protecting their own, so they are either dirty or know of a dirty cop and are covering for them, which is just as bad. I know this is a generalization but it doesn’t mean it is not true.
        As for Lupe, no props for your suggestion. As an avid non-voter AND someone who called Obama a terrorist, he is well aware of the depths of a crooked police and judicial system. “Join the police force” as if it was that easy. He sounds foolish.

      • John Q. Public

        The term cop comes from way back when police wore copper badges, so people referred to them as “cops”

      • Twonpass

        that was a good one,

        now go learn something because thats not what Im talking about AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • therealjjohnson

        I am interested in hearing what you have to say as well.

  2. Cory Evans

    Nah you can’t change the system from within. Learn your history. Black “leaders” after the civil rights era called for Blacks to move to DC and become police, congressmen, etc. as a form of a suggestion from MLK (Poor People’s Campaign). These recent events only prove that this was not the correct move. How are you gonna be police not even 10 years after the same police turned the dogs and water hoses on you. How you gonna run for congress and you have only had the right to vote less than 15 years. It is time for the Black man to LEAVE the police LEAVE congress and LEAVE all government positions and create an independent movement OUTSIDE of our federal government, We have tried this for almost a century and not much has changed at all. @lupefiasco

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      yo jibbrish is wrong – lupe offered one of many solutiions – as fo you – your just a nobody, that’s comfortable with being a life long nobody, that’s why you’d be jealous of others leaving you behind , cuz it exposes you and make your nothingness stand out

    • Savimbi

      WROOOOONG how do you think the Jewish community get their way? they have organized themselves in all facets of American institutions hell they’ve infiltrated the entire US govt.

    • therealjjohnson

      While I here you brother, the Ferguson police department has 53 officers and only 3 of them are black. I think that is the majority of the problem right there.From my understanding Ferguson is over 60% black but only has 3 black officers. I think if the force resembled more of the people it protects and serves, then the relationship between the people and the police would be a different one.

      • Q.

        I’m sorry, but more Black cops in Ferguson won’t fix Amerikkka’s race problem. Been there, done that.

        How ’bout We…

        Save our money, practice group economics, learn our history (so we don’t keep repeating it), educate our own seeds, raise our kids, grow our own food, form our own militias to protect our own communities (you know, like white folks do), basically, empower ourselves so we stop getting eaten up by the Beast.

        Damn, that might be asking too much, huh? My bad.

      • therealjjohnson

        Nah, im with you on that. Thats the ideal formula. But relation to the parameters Lupe was speaking on, thats something different. I think he was speaking on the relationship between the police and the areas they “protect and serve”. Basically saying if white cops treat black people a certain way, get more black cops involved and change the behavior. Will it work? Who knows…I dont think he was giving a formula for Americkkkas race problem. He drilled it down to one proposed solution to one specific problem.

      • Immortal

        If we never tried to fix the system from within there would never had been a black doctor, astronaut, scientist, president, major catholic clergy member, lawyer, HCBU’s and so on. Change has happened from within, and Lupe has a great and simple solution that many aren’t going to be appreciate of due to current climate in rap and between positions of authority and those the authority is exercised on. It seems that instead of dividing and conquering some of us are content being divided and conquered. Look at the posts on here for example. Folks calling each other names as if their words carry more weight than someone else’s, their opinions don’t stink more than someone else’s, or their words will actually have some super vote up power to make them feel good.

      • Guest

        “If we never tried to fix the system from within there would never had
        been a black doctor, astronaut, scientist, president, major catholic
        clergy member, lawyer, HCBU’s and so on. Change has happened from
        within, and Lupe has a great and simple solutio”.

        This, well said man. On a smaller scale, it’s ridiculous that the Ferguson PD has hired only 3 black police officers when 63% of the population is black. That kid of disparity within the police force is a breeding ground for white racist in positions of power.

      • Andy

        “If we never tried to fix the system from within there would never had been a black doctor, astronaut, scientist, president, major catholic clergy member, lawyer, HCBU’s and so on. Change has happened from within, and Lupe has a great and simple solution”

        This, well said man. On a smaller scale, It’s ridiculous that the Ferguson PD has only hired 3 black police officers, especially when 63% of the population is black. That kind of disparity within the police force is a breeding ground for white racists in positions of power.

      • Q.

        The thing is, what Lu’s saying doesn’t really have anything to do with
        why Darren Wilson murdered Michael Brown… Yeah, maybe a few more Black cops here and there may interface better with the Black community, but at the end of the day, having more Black cops won’t correct the savage behavior of the Darren Wilsons out there.

      • therealjjohnson

        I here man. I really do. I think it would assist with the aftermath that has ensued after Brown’s death. The things that are happening in Ferguson by the 50 white cops out of 53 to the peaceful protesters is shameful. I can see that happening if the police department was majority black. The Black Highway patrol Captain is out marching with the people. I think with a different make up of the force some of the things going on down on the ground would be different. I hope it would be different.

        I appreciate the intelligent exchange of ideas. Peace to you brother.

      • Q.

        Much Peace be upon you as well, bro. This site is in desperate need of intelligence…

        Yeah, they’re pimping the Black cop as a pawn/smokescreen. They had him apologizing and the whole nine–it was so tranpsarent and pathetic. Obviously, they want this to all go away…but sorry. It’s Justice or Nothing.

        This society has a cancer, and they’re busy trying to stop a nosebleed. The only thing that’s going to work is people just doing the RIGHT thing. Charge this clown and get him to trial.

  3. ApricotNapalm

    Offer a peace officer/a piece of my piece/off em/then peace i’m off/to pee/take a leak/often i’m P’d off/knock a P off/in front of/off police officers/thats weed dog/in front of crooked cops/get it/shts basic/snitches/look to get shot/not immunizations/led fly/feet ribs head/die/different level to this sht like Meek Mill said i/chase dreams/or catch you while you sleep bedside/run off with your tv, roach clip green fleeting fed time -Atl’s own -follow me got bars in that profile

      • ApricotNapalm

        I’m a writer….but sht i be showcasing so i can write for somebody or get somebody to supply me beats. Tryna get some recognition. I Appreciate the No Hate Zone

  4. John Q. Public

    Looks to me like the shooting of Mike Brown was justified. The cop could have shot his kneecaps instead of killing him but if u believe your life is in danger and u only have seconds to react you just react.
    That said everything that has gone down since is a damn mess. The police and National Guard are all playing this terrible and making a bad situation worse. National Guard shouldn’t even be there. Its all just a damn mess.

    • therealjjohnson

      How do you justify shooting a man from distance while he had hands up and his head down? Via the autopsy reports he was shot twice in the head. One shot entered the top of the head, coming out the eye, and entering again at the collar. This can only be done if the victim had is head down. There was not gun powder residue on the skin so the bullets did not come from close.

      He was also shot 4 times in the arm. One shot on the inside palm which would suggest his palms were facing the shots. Open palmed as in hands up. The universal sign for surrender. The autopsy also says that all of these shots came from the front.

      This was not a justified shooting as the man did not have a weapon and was not at a distance to physically strike the officer. Again i ask, how can you justify this shooting?

      • John Q. Public

        You cant justify it if that’s how it went down, but there are reports that that it didn’t really happen that way. When I first heard the news I was pissed and outraged as anyone but as more facts and eyewitness testimony came out I believe the policeman’s side more than Mike Browns friend.
        There is footage of an older black man explaining to cops what he saw minutes after the shooting and he tells police Mike Brown was attacking the cop. the cop shot like 3-4x, Brown took the bullets, paused for a second, and continues to charge the cop. Then the cop shot 2 more times (the headshots).
        So it sounded to me like the police departments story, is exactly the same as the black eyewitness.
        Im not gonna pretend like im 100% sure of anything cause I wasn’t there, but either were a lot of other people who act like they are sure how it went down. I will say the cops need to release some dash cam footage if they aren’t hiding anything.

      • Glasscut

        Lol I’ve heard this story before.. Well we will see i highly doubt that any ferguson cops have dash cam let alone body cam..

      • John Q. Public

        Virtually no police departments have body cam. I did just look it up and it says Ferguson police don’t even have dash cam.
        You cant just laugh off the testimony of the impartial black eyewitness though. U can watch the video yourself if u haven’t.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        several dumbass , several eyewitness, one with the thug, and 2 kids up on balcony

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        that’s a lie – the 3 witneesess I listen to said nothing like that , they were there cuz they all said the same thing, and they didn’t know each other, also the bullet trajectory says the same thing too

      • John Q. Public

        the police force in Ferguson have had a history of being prejudice and obviously distrusted by the community. So I don’t even blame the ppl who blame the cop, but as an outsider of the community u have to give some credence to a black man who backs up the white cops story.
        The whole situation needs a hearing in court for sure, but nobody can say they know what happened without that. And if the police show proof an assault took place on the cops face like they said, basically case over.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you keep proving yo stupidity – sayin’ you gotta belive yo imaginary man cuz he was black – that’s not what belief should be determined – its even mo’ proof you know nothing of what you try’n talk ’bout

    • Guest

      So your life is in danger with the person running away from you.. So your life is still in danger when the person has been shot fell on the ground and your still shooting him – 6 shots.. ?? My friend your a moron..

      • John Q. Public

        (see below comment) …im not about to retype all that

    • Sixty-Seven Thirty-Two

      Really shoot him in the kneecaps, this is not Law and Order it doesn’t work that way in real life. Shooting a moving target is difficult as is, but when you factor in adrenaline and the chaos of the situation it’s damn near impossible.

      • John Q. Public

        …kinda the point I was tryn make. in an ideal situation u incapacitate the man. but if he was really comin at him it is what it is

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        wrong again, police don’t shoot to wound, too much can go wrong wit stray bullets, you thinkin’ bout tv, and wrongly mixin’ that wit real life

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      your 100% wrong again – this is no where Near justified – cop could not be in danger at all, with thug on his knees and hands raised, cop saw that as he walked up to him, then shot em up – and your wrong again bout it being a mess – its Not a mess, this is how we Negros have brung attention to needed change against America that won rights that You are enjoying today

      • John Q. Public

        I said already, I don’t “know” what happened but since I wasn’t there I am open to hearing ppl out. not gunna act like I know when I wasn’t there.
        The “mess” I was referring to is the way the law enforcement is handling the whole situation. if I lived in the MO I would protest with everyone else on the whole principal of how they oppressin ppl out there. its f*cked up don’t get me wrong.
        But as far as Mike brown goes. That fool was wilin’ out that day plain and simple. You cant rob a store, then walk your ass down the middle of the street blockin traffic like your own the city without getting harassed by the cops…. then u gunna assault the police… where I come from that sh*t might as well be suicide by cop.
        Dude was actin a damn fool that day. Everything since then the cops have played out horrible and protests are needed. but the dumb a** ppl throwing rocks at reporters and being just as hateful as the oppressors don’t help sh*t

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        and you wrong yet again – won’t bother to go into all ways – your dumb shit is too long – I’ll pick a new one outta it – oppressors – your wrong bout that too , none of them are oppressed by anybody, my people already fought that war and won fo them, givin’ them all the freedom and access yo great superior white people have

      • John Q. Public

        If he was charging toward him he was in danger. If he was running away he wasn’t. The autopsy said 6 shots to front of the body. The eyewitness account I referenced said Mike Brown was charging toward the officer.

  5. Q.

    Damn, Lu. WTH does more Black cops on the force got to do with wayward white cops killing Black people?

    Chris Dorner was a good Black cop who “went along to get along”…How’d that work out??

  6. Q.

    “Can’t beat “em, join ’em,” huh?

    SO, you’re saying if we can’t beat the devil, join the devil?? (Wait, who said we can’t beat the Devil???)

    SO, If I can’t beat the FOP/KKK, I should join the FOP/KKK?


  7. brotha_man

    so im assumming that we will see officer fiasco! because i know he is not encouraging people to become cops, when he himself would not. become business owners

  8. ghettogov

    Lupe right about it starting from within but to me that means learning to get out of our own way first. What happened here is fucked up but to me it’s worse that we do things like this to our own over stuff no one should die for. These young minds are being polluted and that’s where real change Brigid begins….in the mental realm.

  9. Ipullcards

    Peace officer? Lupe peace this dic *pause.. But he sounds like a woman. What happen to this revolutionary lupe? Fake arse!

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