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Hip Hop Rumors: Did Joe Budden Brutally Attack Girlfriend?

With all the drama stirred up on last season’s LHHNY, looks like Joey may be looking at some real trouble if these accusations are true. MediaTakeout is reporting that Budden allegedly beat up his girlfriend pretty bad.

“Rapper Joe Budden got upset because [JOE’S GIRLFRIEND] dumped him after discovering he was cheating and hooking up with strippers. She then went out (clubbing) with a couple of friends to blow off some steam. One of her friends boyfriend uploaded pictures of [JOE’S GIRLFRIEND] clubbing on Instagram and someone forward the pictures to Joe.

Joe [must have] thought [JOE’S GIRLFRIEND] was out clubbing and flirting with other men so he showed up Sunday morning, where she was out eating with friends (in Washington Heights) and told her to get in his car. When she entered his car he immediately bashed her head into the dashboard of the car and drove off with her to his house [in neighboring Ne Jersey] when they arrive into his drive way he dragged her out the car her kicking and screaming and he repeatedly punched and kicked her in the ground.

Once inside the home he choked her to the point she thought he was going to kill her. She said he had to fight her way off him, gasping for air. He spitted in her face and threatened her not to tell anyone. She said the look on his face was dreadful like he had no soul. She managed to escape his home and contacted the police. Currently there as been no arrest made. A police report has been filed for New York and New Jersey.”

Do you think Budden went upside ol’ girl’s head like that???

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  1. Killuminati

    Lol this dude is in the news more for bitches and relationships than for music. Drop his ass eminem. Then maybe we will get a dope cd or mixtape from him! Mood Muzik 5 anyone?

  2. Papi Peligro

    Man get out of here with this relationship mess. Bring Better. Its just relationships and Muslims around this site lately. Both dumb looks.

  3. metatron

    Just reminds of me Hollow goin at em for hittin a girl…. he’s gonna prolly wanna kill dude after he reads this. Not gonna say I believe it.. but shit I do not doubt it for one second.


    Yeah Right. IF he beat her that bad he would be in jail and there would be pictures. Until I see pictures this is a thot trying to maker a name for herself.

  5. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    no arrest made? must be fake or N.Y.P.D don’t have the time to waist on black on black crimes when committed.

  6. Twonpass

    hes a faggot
    any man who puts hands on a woman is a faggot, stop defending these silly fuckers,
    unless your a faggot too.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      you coulda stopped at hes a faggot.
      during joe budden pump it up days..really after that single
      charlemagne was new on wendy williams show when she was on the radio..this might have been BLS, its the same station she outted mr cee.
      charlemagne was new and not as bold as he is now and was a huge fan of budden.
      wendy was on her ususal whos ghey in hip hop rant and talking bout busta rhymes if i remember right. charlemagne said wendy if i let you tell it everyone in hip hop is gay. but during this time he still biging up budden as his favorite rapper or whatever.
      i dont know how much time pass but charlemagne came in and said that he saw joe and a dude in the NJ farmers market or some ish and the way they was acting was strange. and he left it liek that. at the time i was calling BS too, but i gave it some merit cause charlemagne was a fan of dude and he wasnt ish talking like now. then came the talks about all the bad bishes he be having, but i started to notice that these chicks is on the come up, then you hear him beating these chicks. then LHHNY came out and cons got his phone and started the whole #whosderick thing and all that got sweep under the rug. no one even followed up on that, now nagas shocked cause he beat ANOTHER women………lol i bet he dont get the chris brown treatment though

      • Twonpass

        hahahahahaha, real talk,
        he gon get the joe butt in treatment…..
        hahahah, that was wrong….was it? (side eye)

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      find ANY of his past incidents including tahiry and see how many times he was arrested for domestic violence
      dude got a HISTORY of this

  7. Quintin Williams

    Also, I agree that no man should be putting his hands on a woman, but women have to understand that they can’t just put hands on a man and pull the ” You shouldn’t hit a woman” card. Women have to be accountable for there actions just like us men. When I was younger my best friends Grandmother always use to say ” keep your hands to your selves” and that’s what I think both genders should do.

    • Ipullcards

      Muthafuca did they say she hit him? Wtf are u talking about? U sound like Joe Jackson right now and it ain’t even funny. U gotta justify why it’s ok to hit a woman? It’s never ok. It’s wrong. And I’m not perfect I’ve been young and violated but never would I condone it like u r.. That sick

      • Quintin Williams

        Ipullcards, my comments are directed to people who bash men for hitting women but turn the other way when women hit men. No need for the “muthafuca” comment but if you are going to use that term please spell it correctly. I am not justifying hitting women, my point is that women should get the same treatment as men when they get physical first. Ipullcards, please reread my statement because I didn’t say I condone hitting women.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        was bout to say the same thing, where in the story she hit him?
        and dude talking bout he commenting on the people bashing men…….joe budden aka who’s derrick have a HISTORY of beating women

  8. ghettogov

    Im hoping that this ain’t true..either way its a bad look for Joe…hollow da don finna come looking for this nigga now lmao….

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