Murda Mook Freestyles Over Drake's "6 God" Beat; "If A N*gga Wants Problems, Tell Him I'm Up In Harlem"

(AllHipHop News) Is it open season on Drake? The YMCMB performer has had his fair share of verbal spats with other rappers in the past, but it appears right now he has two artists coming at his head at the same time. Collaborator-turned-adversary Tyga dropped a new song that looks to be aimed at Drake, and battle rapper Murda Mook also released a track that contains subliminals that may be for Drizzy.

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Mook jumped on Drake’s “6 God” beat for his own version of the track. The Dot Mobb leader does not call out Drake by name, but knowing he has a history taking shots at the “Started From The Bottom” rapper (including his verse at the BET Hip Hop Awards) it may not be a stretch to assume he was speaking to Drake.

The veteran battler raps: “Let me hold this for a minute boy/I’ll give it back when I’m finished boy/Man don’t nobody listen, man it’s just competition/I ain’t got no problems with the boy…/But if a n***a wants problems, tell him that I’m up in Harlem/They can load the guns up and come get the boy/I don’t play with him.”

For months, Mook has been publicly discussing his interest in facing off against Drake in a battle. He has stated that Toronto native was actually the one that first introduced the idea of Drake vs. Murda Mook.

“[Drake] pulled me like, ‘Yo, if I battled a n***a, I’d probably have one of the best battles,” Mook told No Edits in September. “I’m like word. I tried to laugh it off. He kept insisting he would do that. Then he said he wanted to battle another rapper dude, because he didn’t like him – I’m not gonna say his name. But then he was like, ‘I didn’t really want to give a n***a that look. But you, I f**k with you.’”

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Listen to Murda Mook’s “6 God (Freestyle)” below.

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  • pauleyPee

    So let me get this straight…. I have a problem with you/you have a problem with me over minor rap beef, and to settle the problem, you’re encouraging me to come up to Harlem with guns??? So, if I do that metaphorically in a song does that count? I just can’t with these dummies.

    • golder1

      Truth! This two dont even realy know eachother so this beef by Mook is manufactured. 2nd if Drake didnt come to Harlem Mook really act like he is going to risk his freedom on some street ish with someone he doesnt even mess with like that. Mook is good battle rapper but has never been able to put together an album that is worth buying.

      • rocnation30

        I agree 100%…Mook cannot make music..he is a battle rapper trying to bate big name rappers to a battles foolishness..even if they did why ruin what they have to battle mook??? senseless

      • detroitredbmf

        Yall cats funny Mook not trying to make his name, Drake the one said he wanted to battle Mook.

  • MrNoName2K

    Mooks wannabe 50 tactics are weak, its like find your own lane to elevate your game and stop trying to come up off another niggas name

  • Markus

    This isn’t going to happen. They’re at different stages of their careers. Doubtful Drake takes the challenge. He’ll always have his schedule to put out front as an excuse.

    • rocnation30

      or an even better excuse he might have to host the espy’s again….or make make another quality album….mook got all day and year to put out a mixtape for free

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  • diggdoug

    its about skills , not status . if you dope , handle your b.i. all that talk about what a nigga got or don’t got is fag talk . save that for the bitches . #realhiphop

    • rocnation30

      u sound like a hater…lmfao/…..mook is a battle rapper for reason…..he is nice battle rapping…but other than that as far as making records or music…he’s not on the level of a drake…know one wants to hear how many times he sold drugs on a harlem street corner…make music

      • Calibur X Damadlyricist

        How is he hating?

      • diggdoug

        the term ” hater ” was made by weak ppl , to dead opinions.

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Drake got lines though, so i dont know, These battle rap niccas ive never been impressed.

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  • Calibur X Damadlyricist

    Why can’t nigas stop hating? Mook is a good battle rapper (proven) and Drake makes good music (proven). Just because Drake does platinum selling music doesn’t means he is better than Mook. Same goes for Mook. Drake wants to battle Mook so get that straight. Mook didn’t call out Drake. It’s like some of these comments are so misinformed. Get ya shit right before u debate. Smh

  • S.b. Donny

    I hope he do t think he killed that shit? Lol that bet shit was nice but idk why he even tried this song

  • Martin Grooms

    Y’all forgot about Drake on Comeback Season, huh? Shit ain’t sweet. Drake has punchlines for days and some dude who still talking shit about standing on the block selling cocaine ain’t got shit on Drizzy’s wordplay and clever lines if it has to go down like that. Get.Fuckin.Real.


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