Murda Mook: Drake Or Anybody Else Has No Chance To Beat Me (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Murda Mook reportedly took serious shots at Drake at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Prior to that, the battle rap legend spoke to MTV News on the event’s red carpet about the potential match-up with Drizzy. According to Mook, the Toronto rapper would have his hands full with the Dot Mobb member.

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“[Drake] can rap really well,” said Mook. “I’m not saying he would win… [He’d have to practice] a lifetime, maybe. I don’t think there’s nobody in this world that can beat me… No chance. It ain’t just about him. I’m not giving nobody no chance.”

Mook also added that the night the Young Money performer proposed the idea of facing off in a battle, Drake stated that if he did step in the ring it would create “the biggest battle in history.”

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