Aaliyah Biopic

Timbaland & Aaliyah Fans Go In On Wendy Williams & Lifetime For Biopic

(AllHipHop News) Last night (November 15) Lifetime aired its much-talked about Aaliyah biopic, and the response on social media was overwhelmingly negative. The R&B singer’s fans were not happy with the depiction, and Baby Girl’s close friend/producer Timbaland addressed the project and the movie’s producer Wendy Williams.

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Twitter and Instagram were flooded with memes featuring the trending topics #LifetimeBeLike and #LifeTimeBiopics that clowned the casting choices for the film. Williams’ IG page was also hit with comments bashing the talk show host.

At one point Williams even sent out a tweet that gave the wrong title of one of Aaliyah’s most popular songs. She wrote, “’Let Me Know’ is my favorite Aaliyah song! What’s yours? #AaliyahMovie,” referring to the Detroit native’s remake of The Isley Brothers’ “At Your Best (You Are Love).” The error led to even more backlash aimed at Wendy.

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Check out some of the posts about Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B below.

Wendy tweet

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  • wickedjones

    now thats funny.

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  • golder1

    Aaliyah was a good artist but she was not a legend. Her story is tragic but to call her catalog of music as legendary is just far from the truth.

    • Celz

      She is a legend.. Her music isn’t..

  • 88

    Lmao they went in and rightfully so the movie was TRASH.

  • DC King Of Hearts

    That #LifetimeBeLike meme has killed me for the year! Wendy Williams need to go into seclusion forever

  • Miss.S

    the funniest shit is mofo’s is talking bout home girl like she put out countless hits and sold 100,000’s of million records… she was a OK artist that ha da tragic end… she wasn’t no diana ross or beyonce

    • rainmaker

      But she died before she could and losing someone with so much potential is hard as hell.

    • deeski414

      She actually would’ve been better then Beyonce ijs

      • PharmGirl

        I’m a big fan of both, and they’re only 1 year apart in age. I don’t think she would’ve surpassed Beyonce’s success. At age 19, while Aaliyah was still living, as the lead vocalist of Destiny Child, Beyoncé got her first Grammy. And achieved more going solo. Aaliyah never got any of that in her 10 years being solo before she died. I loved Aaliyah’s music and we all would continue to listen if she were alive, but I think Beyonce would still have been more popular

      • Ion know bout that one….

    • marz mars

      Pattie labelle be hitting them notes!!olawd


    ‘might find her dead in the ocean, she may be aight tho you know dead singers get better promotion’

    • Q.

      That’s effed up, dude.

      • FRUKOH

        tell jadakiss and styles p that

      • Q.

        They said “dead rappers” not singers. You playin’.

      • FRUKOH

        applies to singers too. Im dead serious nukka

      • Q.

        Stay trollish, my friend.

  • Q.

    Damn, they went in on IG (LMAO @ Amil meme)
    She-man Wendell fvcked up by bogarting Aaliyah’s story. Now she’s feeling the wrath. It’ll be interesting to see how she tries to slither out of this one…
    Knowing her, she’ll probably play the victim and start crying on-air for sympathy. SMH

  • mas3:13

    The movie did what Wendy wanted got people talking and got those ratings he don’t care about the movie it self its about you tuning in that’s how you get advertisers I think when the numbers get in millions watched so really he won now the movie it self was done on a very low budget but that’s the game buy low sell high now the way Life Time did the Gabby Douglas Story was tight A lists actors quality production but that’s a different company then that boot leg company Wendy has not a good look Aaliyah deserved top of the line production she did not get that but Wendy he got what he wanted you talking and tuning inn just sad

    • RightOn

      You keep say “he” lmao. U do know wendy is a woman dont u? I can see how you can think ots a dude but still lol

      • He is?

      • mas3:13

        yea but the broad look like a men LOL

  • Liam Knurtsis

    lol…I WANNA BE CAST IN THE NEXT LIFETIME PROJECT,, i just wanna put alot heart and energy in being the greatest BOBBY SHMURDA you’ve ever seen!!!#pickME

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  • iamwhoiam

    That Zendaya girl knew what she was doing when she backed out that role. Everyone knew this movie would be way off.

  • mamamayhem

    Wendy was just saying how she’s never called in sick; Monday might be a wise day to change that.

  • Taiana Aubrey

    SCREAMIN LOL @ “I hope your wig gets bed bugs” I Quit!! LMAO

  • KC The American Pimp

    Damn Flav look cold as ice for the trey songz movie!! Lmao

    • That Delroy Lindo for Lebron though = Bawahahahahaaa!

      • DJ7

        Had me dying son….still wiping my eyes on that one….bwa…bwa…bwahahahahaha

      • Hahaha!

        They wild for that one!

    • marz mars

      Y would trey songs come out wit a movie tf! Well let wendy direct it she will tell the truth about trey songz having sex wit his manager trey bae dL

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  • CBT Entity

    Yall already know how I feel about Aaliyah…STILL HURT

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    Google CBT Entity It Doesn’t Matter In Ferguson – CBT Entity represents righteousness by questioning whether or not people care about doing the right thing.

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    Matthew 11:29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Not Going To Saturate You With Guns, Drugs & Women. Morals Is Fresh!!!

  • The Legendary Troll

    them pictures are brutal lmao

  • drac215

    No hate at all people, but what you have to understand is that no matter how low budget or high budget movie(i didnt see it) some people dont want the truth to be exposed!!! Aaliyah, was a good vocalist but she was an abused child and the industry made her look like a superstar. She didnt write her own lyrics(rkelly wrote them)or music and to be honest the groove and melodies made you wanna make love or kiss, dance(great music)so she was prepackaged and sold to the wolves as a project for us to consume. He(rkelly) was seen on that movie(Porno,i saw it back then i must admit) and when i became a true man and thought about his track record the first thing i thought about was Aaliyah and what she was influenced by and i thought “at 15yrs old, damn”. For a while its been hard for me to listen to his music so i dont play him on my own(cant help if its not in my control). Dont let Timbo(timbaland)(missy)(jay z)(dame dash)(record companies)(ourselves)fool us. We liked Aaliyah because she sounded good and made good music, but i think we dont want to except that a child predator put his words in a little girls mouth while he was sexing her and the whole world sang along. Wendy williams(im not a fan but understand) has nothing to lose, she already admitted everything she could about the bad she did in her life and she just wants some of you all to truly wake up. God bless us all in Jesus name

    • Celz

      I agree to an extent.. Some people put her on too high of a pedestal but she doesn’t need to be torn down. Most singers don’t write their own music, and even the ones that do have handlers, executive producers, and writers to help them out.

      • drac215

        Youre right if she was torn down, but a lot of us want to believe she was an angel(what proof do you have?) God bless us all

    • marz mars


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  • Agent Ace 2050

    Let’s see, this week’s losers: Cosby, Dr.Oz, Pinky, Kim Kardashian, (as usual) Lifetime and Wendy Williams. Winners: Damn near everyone else.

    • Porn star pinky? What happened that broad can sure work a pole, big and skinny pinky

  • chevy_weight_champ

    That Ricc Ross one Rmao! I’m dead ha!

    • Omega’s Legacy

      Yeah that Rick Ross one hurt me too!! LMAO!!!!

  • a.c.

    Daymn pac said it best Wendy Williams eat a fat dick u fat bitch bitch looks like Mr ed da house big ass grill she has

  • a.c.

    Movie should of been better I hope da next one is good whitney houston story next month well cheers a aliyah deserves a better movie just like bigs

  • 88G

    shit is a shame and niggas gotta nerve to justify it smh.

  • Slaughtr


    • I keep sht a hondon bruh…Beyonce ain’t wack, i hate to say it but u sound like all them hoes that hate on that girl. I ain’t her biggest fan but damn bruh where that come from. Homegirl doing it major what u hate her for? Can she not sing..are her songs wack?

  • marz mars

    Did not see movie but what was so fuked up about it?

  • TheAfroRican

    Didn’t see the movie and most likely won’t…..but those memes were hilarious, especially the Rick Ross one.

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