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Lil Wayne Fans Start A Petition To Get "Tha Carter V" Album Released

(AllHipHop News) It has not even been 24 hours since Lil Wayne took to Twitter to state his Tha Carter V album is being delayed supposedly because of issues with his label. Wayne’s series of tweets blasting Cash Money Records and its CEO Baby left Weezy supporters wondering when they will be getting new music from the Young Money leader.

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With C5 currently in limbo, a few Wayne fans have taken action to get the New Orleans native’s 11th studio LP a new release date. A petition was drafted on asking Baby and Cash Money to not hold back the fifth installment in Wayne’s Tha Carter series.

The description for the petition reads:

Greetings from the fans of Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi,

We would like to take the time to request that Baby & Cash Money Records consider releasing Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunechi new album for the holidays. We the fans have truly been looking forward to a new release and hope you will reconsider your decision not to release it. Thank you so much in advance for your consideration.
Number 1 Fan
Time will tell if the petition or any other act will lead to an eventual release of Tha Carter V. Meanwhile, Wayne’s most recent message on his Twitter timeline offers some advice to his 19.5 million followers.

24 Responses to “Lil Wayne Fans Start A Petition To Get "Tha Carter V" Album Released”

  1. Chris

    Folk won’t engage in activism for human rights and civil liberties, but they’ll petition for some doo doo bars from Lil’ Wayne. SMH & FOH.

  2. Mikey Freedom

    These so called thugs or etc, are not leaders. Just a bunch of cowards making noise and getting theirs. There is no unity amongst are black people. We can march and cry all year for change that will never come. We will have to change our minds and vision for the better. Warriors like Pac, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, and manyu others were silience by the machine. You can only get a little bit of the music with a message to the masses. People really do not care today . They rather turn up and build on bs. A brother will kill a brother in a heartbeat without thinking, but say a cop kills one of theirs or violates them he will tuck his tail in and keep it moving. So I say I love my people but hate how some choose to be blinded by the bs.

    • Joseph Thomas

      Honeslty, I loved The first installment…and i wasnt a huge fan of his…i knew for a fact he wouldnt put out anything else like it, so to this day, ive never heard a full Carter album after the first one. i may download a track that ill hear here and there…but i dont want listen to a whole album…mannie fresh just did something special and amazing with that first one

      • RapItUp

        You should give the second one a listen. It’s literally THE last LP of his worth listening to, in its entirety. Anybody co-signing #3 is blowing you steam though.. 2, had some heat. 3, he went all the way commercial, and is the same Wayne today.

  3. Brindle

    with all that’s going on, this is what a lil wayne fan petitions for??? foh, keep his sh!t under wraps, these aint the times…

  4. 13 - 50 = Shit God damn 47

    So many haters in the comments? How do you guys continue to find your way to Lil Wayne shit if you hate him? You will never see me on a page of Lil B or any other rapper I dont like.

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