Q-Tip Shares A Lesson On The History Of Hip Hop, Racism & White Privilege With Iggy Azalea

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks’ interview with Hot 97 sparked a discussion on the perceived appropriation of Black culture by White artists like Iggy Azalea. Other prominent figures in the Hip Hop community have begun sharing their thoughts on the matter as well. One of those artists is Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest.

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The Queens representative took to Twitter to send public messages directly to Iggy about the history of Hip Hop culture, racism, and white privilege.

Read Q-Tip’s tweets below.

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352 Responses to “Q-Tip Shares A Lesson On The History Of Hip Hop, Racism & White Privilege With Iggy Azalea”

  1. Q.

    I mean A for effort, myn!gga, but Twitter obviously was not designed for intelligent discourse. Tip trying to give this broad the damn Cliff Notes for Hip-Hop in 140 characters or less…Does she even give a fvck?

  2. frades


  3. Markus

    Dude as always was informative and enlightening. Right up to the part where he acknowledged her as a hip hop artist. She could care less about the history of the music. She’s only interested in hijacking the industry for her 15 minutes of fame. Iggy Azalea is the most popular female rapper on earth right now. And that hurt to type.

      • Markus

        Who said they didn’t? Without question hip hop lost its way well before Iggy Azalea got here. So now you’re spared.

      • ghettogov

        hip hop aint even really dead though….and her music is wack…in the hip hop community we attack that wack shxt…but your avatar is fifty cent so maybe you wouldn’t understand

  4. macknificent

    This my problem wit a y’all ranting and raven about iggy, do what she white, u don’t complain when white women buy the music how u gone complain when the wanna love and participate in the game, we rape our own culture way better than she ever can look at all the garbage music we except from our own kind, I’m a playa and I gotta chalk that up as hate

  5. macknificent

    Hundreds of rappers done went and toured all over her country and made millions now u mad cause they wanna keep the love alive? How much sense is u really making?

  6. macknificent

    Nelly make country music and been eating off it for years u don’t see them crying and moaning, white people love fishbone, that’s what makes it an art it’s all about what u feel and hear, my ears don’t see any color

  7. macknificent

    Man remember when public enemy started rocking with anthrax? Run DMc and areosmith? That shit went hard crossing barriers, besides it’s a black man t.i. A convicted felon making something of his self that’s making the real money off iggy any way so how u gone hate on that?

  8. macknificent

    Then I bet everybody that’s complaining ain’t went and supported none of they favorite black artist ain’t bought no music, downloading garbage mixtapes allday, we killing our own culture

  9. LetsBeRealpeople

    He spoke to her brand and highlighted the history of hip hop. That ish is the most. Only people it’s lost on are slack jawed hip hop heads that cape for her hotmess, and won’t see what Q just did there.

  10. Black Jay Supreme

    This was a well-meaning letter from Q-Tip. I just wish he had published it in the form of a written letter and not on twitter.


    I saw the Azealia Banks interview with her dissing Iggy. As much as she may spout off at the mouth, she was for the most part on point. I think people get it twisted with her. They assume she’s dumb but she simply speaks from the heart. She wasn’t wrong about Eminem and Iggy. J Cole basically said the same thing.

    I think Azealia is speaking out loud what many people have felt all along. All of us feel like we have some ownership in hip hop. Even White People. But to try to jack the art form like The Grammys continuously does every year and tell people of color about the music they created and what is art and what isn’t, that’s some cruddy stuff. She didn’t lie. There’s a mean undercurrent in America that Blacks, Whites, Asians, and Latinos can see and feel when it comes to racism. And nobody addresses it. Ebro’s position in the interview is the same thing that most of society does. “Be nice Black Girl. You don’t have to act like that.” Since Ebro is 40 maybe the fire in his belly has died. Time eases all and you won’t feel the pain the same as a young person. That’s not to diss old people. That’s the truth. But Azealia Banks represents the youth finally pulling back the curtain and seeing the nasty sh*t about America. And it’s ugly. So I feel Azealia Banks on dealing with that. It’s a daily operation.

    • Solo

      Dont be fooled yo. Banks just using black vs white propaganda to get niggas to sympathize with her so they’ll buy her album. This aint got shit to do with race. Remember 2 things: 1) she just dropped an album 2) her and iggy both share the name “Azealia”. If anything this is female cattyness at its finest. Azelia banks trying to piggyback off iggy’s buzz just to give her name some publicity. Its similar to the way 50 tried to discredit ja rule when he stepped in the game. Its the war of the Azaelias Its a good marketing strategy, just dont fall for all that “culture vulture” nonsense, man c’mon now its 2014 hip hop is global. Anyone with the skills can rap, all races, man, woman, baby it dont matta. Yea iggy’s kinda wack but shes a new artist she still got time to improve her skills, cut her some slack. Grammys and award shows are about political correctness and record sales. So if she wins thats why (white girl + hip pop + record sales = money = grammy).

      • Black Jay Supreme

        I don’t know your race or ethnicity but I will say this… Maybe you need to look at the interview (for the second time if you already saw it). Azealia Banks got dropped from her label because of her mouth. So I seriously doubt it’s about some money sh*t with her. Sure, she hates Iggy and I’m sure they have serious problems with one another outside of the realm of Black and White. But it doesn’t make her argument any less valid. When I saw the interview I saw a lot of pain. And it’s the same pain that you see when you’re a Black person getting f*cked over for your color. She was being real. 100%. And I agree with most of what she said.
        Iggy f*cked up with that line about “slave master” that she made. And because she said it, Azealia Banks has every right to call her out on it. She’s a Black person before she’s a rapper.
        Hip hop is an art form for angry youth to rail against the system. How can The Grammy’s tell Black Folks what art is and what it isn’t? We created it! It doesn’t matter if the sh*t is global. It’s just like Azealia Banks was saying in the interview. The system wants to erase Black Folks contributions and pretend we never owned it. They did it to us in history books. Elvis tried to do it with rock and roll ( and was successful for the most part). Now they’re coming for hip hop. Nobody’s saying that only Black People should perform it. We only seek the truth to be told. That’s it. And every year The Grammys pulls this sh*t is like a slap in the face to every Black Person that knows the deal.

        And another thing…… On AHH’s news headlines page next to this article, there’s an article about LL Cool J and Canibus ending a years long beef. I doubt you would go over there and use the word “Cattiness” for them and they’ve been beefing for years! That’s waaaay worse than this issue. No diss, I’m just saying that’s a sexist thing to say.

      • Solo

        “Now they’re coming for hip hop” who is “they”. Whatever happened to “erase the color lines.” I think you’re getting too caught up in racial propaganda. If “they” are gonna use anything to divide us its gonna be that type if thinking right there. I dont approve of spreading racism thru music and that wench right there seems to be the main cheerleader for it right now. I do believe she’s an agent with a purpose and that purpose is to stir up/racially divide the people via social media and music and it seems to be working. Goddamn voodoo priestess. Go watch that “yung rupunxel” video of hers and see what she really represents.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        “voodoo priestess”?????? Ummmm….. Yeah…. You probably have some issues with chicks. No diss. But anyway….

        I don’t know what world you live in but basically it is almost a full fledged race war going on now. Innocent Blacks are being capped. 2 cops just got capped in New York. A teenager just got lynched in North Carolina. Meanwhile the KKK and Fox News/MSNBC stirs the pot on a nightly basis.

        What world are you living in? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY A RACE WAR GOING ON RIGHT NOW! Has been for years.

        I get what you’re saying about music uniting people. But the mechanics of the music industry does the opposite. Division is good for some businesses (guns, hip hop, prisons, alcohol, drugs).

        Azealia Banks is absolutely right about Iggy Azalea. Just like J Cole is correct about Eminem. White privilege sh*ts on the Black man every time.

        Now if you’re so quick to call a sister a “voodoo priestess”, think about this…. Iggy Azalea actually said some mega racist sh*t against Latinos and Asians. It’s documented. But why aren’t you insulting her like that?

        We can agree to disagree but at least I’m honest enough to acknowledge the problem and not try to pretend like someone is making it up. To me, that’s impossible to do. Especially since the sh*tty Grammys tries to annually diss every person that loves hip hop and preach about how much it isn’t art.

      • Solo

        Naw there aint no ‘race war’ homie, i think you’ve been watching too much nbc nightly news cuz u sound gullible. How is there a race war when you have people of every color/race marching and protesting peacefully TOGETHER? You want there to be a race war when in actuality its a war against the police/police state/govt. I’m not insulting iggy because i’ve done that on the grounds that she makes horrible (hip hop) music. But thats where it stops. At least she not on social media talking shit to every artist she can think of and saying racist ass shit cuz she a ‘sista’ and she know she can get away with it. Oh but bcuz she black its ok to be racist right? “I know it hurts your little white soul.” She said that to action bronson otha day on twitter. Like really? Imagine any white person saying that to a black person on twitter “hurts your little black soul”!! There would be a firestorm of backlash and that person would be forever branded a RACIST and would be blackballed from the industry. But its ok when banks does it… cuz she a sista…FOH! Double standard. Black or white i dont support racism of any kind, i love people of all races. Black ppl founded hip hop, that’ll never change, it doesnt mean we have exclusive rights to it forever. No form of music belongs to any person or race. Music is a form of artistic expression, (not even exclusive to humans my nig, a hamster could make a song given the right tools and direction). So you can support banks and her propaganda if you want, cool. I just believe in unity thru music, lets spread love not war.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        To this comment I would suggest the following…. Tell that to the kid that was lynched in NC. Tell that to the Black teens that just got popped. How about the Sony execs popping that racist sh*t behind closed doors (thank you hackers for revealing that). No race war? Either you’re stupid or blind. How many times did Obama get his family verbally sh*tted on because of his color? Anyway….

        I recently traveled overseas and you would absolutely vomit if you saw the blatant racism displayed over there. They straight clown Black people. You’re popping off all of that love and peace stuff but let’s see you say the same thing about that after traveling and seeing that sh*t first hand.

        Why does overseas matter? Because Iggy comes from Australia and she came here spouting that racist bullsh*t. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and say I cosign that chick after she said and did what she did while straight pimping hip hop music. Q Tip said what he said because even he was pissed by it. Music or no music, perception is reality. I’m done. One!

      • Solo

        Well how do you win a “race war” then smart guy? And who exactly are we at war against? Last time i checked we were gunning each other down in the streets long before the police were. Racism exists no doubt, no surpise there, but this war you speak of is more psychological than it is racial.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Dude…. Racism is psychological AND physical oppression. Get with it man…..

        The Physical: Lynchings and Black teens being shot because of the color of their skin.

        The Psychological: Subliminal messages that are sent through The Grammys and other venues that seeks to diminish a race’s accomplishments and tries to keep them at a disadvantage in society (aka BENEATH the oppressor). Also…. FOX NEWS.

        I mean, why do you think Azealia Banks was crying when she was speaking? Because being sent a subliminal message all of the time that basically says that BLACK FOLKS AIN’T SH*T is painful to deal with.

        Come on dude….. You gotta catch up. Even the Caucasians I deal with on the daily admit that there’s a HUGE problem with Race in America. There has been a race war since the slave ships touched the coasts. If you believe it went away or doesn’t exist, you’re probably not Black or you’re probably from a position of privilege. Facts are facts dude.

      • Solo

        Ay but… you didnt answer my questions tho. And did you watch that yung rapunxel video yet?

  11. The_Good_Life

    Comparing herself to a run away slave master is racially insensitive. The fact that she didn’t have some sort of moral filter to dial that back says that she doesn’t care about the plight of black American. There are three types whites in this country. The ones that care because they acknowledge white privilege and recognize the unfairness, the ones that care only because the culture has made them lots of money and the ones that truly dont give 2 ufcks.

  12. macknificent

    Man I like good music period, I don’t care who make it, really don’t care what kind of genre it is, hip hop was built on using all type of samples from white bands and artist, stop getting all bent out of shape and making excuses and get in the studio and start putting in work…. Shot out to t.i. Well done soldier they fell to see what a black man accomplished here

    • Cice2010

      White bands and artist? Mack, u need to study your hiphop history. Some of the greatest tracks were sampled from white artists, but THE MAJORITY came from James Brown, George Clinton, etc. JB is considered the godfather of hiphop. One love, but get your facts straight fam…

      • Matries Linder

        Most of the great tracks sampled from white artists were stolen from black artists in the first place.

      • macknificent

        Ok so u act like u can’t go thru countless of rap albums and find countless of samples from artist are u for real?

      • macknificent

        Man we done took so much from every genre, y’all sound silly, especially a kat like qtip, stop playing wit me. I’m a student of this game I buy tons of music everyday and I say buy no free downloads

      • Cice2010

        All music was taken from black artists, rock and roll on down, so you need to study a little bit more fam. And how can you buy FREE downloads! Hip-Hop sampled all genres that black artists started!

      • macknificent

        I said I don’t do the free downloads I only purchase my music, but let that be the reason u mad at her

      • Cice2010

        We can agree on the purchasing music point. I am not mad at her, just your ‘we take from white artist’ quote.

    • dune

      Err, Hip-Hop was created from Reggae and Soul samples. We only took from our OWN culture to create Hip-Hop. How can we steal from our OWN culture and music? Check your facts young grasshopper.

      • macknificent

        Man stop playing yeah we sampled our music but we done ran threw a whole bunch of white boys tunes, took they hooks and reworked them and everything y’all just trying to justify y’all hate

  13. frades

    imagine if white people would start pointing out how black people are copying them by:
    speaking their language
    living in a country they conquered
    using services they’r providing(water, heat, electricity and so on)
    using the internet and internet platforms as twitter

    im not defending white people..but people gotta be careful with this..they imitating us shit ..because we all imitate eachother

    • regis

      I can’t with black folks that turn their back on their own culture and try to rationalize a ‘history’ of wrong, I just can’t – there is a word for this.

    • ladynamor

      NO. How about this. Imagine America without the blacks that built it from slave labor. Without our entertainment and crafty ways of creating tools,exceptional sports ability, and food and dance. Think of how boring America would be. Imagine the early American economy without our ancestors blood soaked, cotton picking hands. If you look deep you will see we had a big hand in technology as well.

  14. macknificent

    It’s like y’all was mad at the one white girl for saying nigga, who u think she got it from? She was buying black music and singing along and going to black concerts and singing along and she thought it was kool, that’s like cussing in front of your kids all say then expecting them not to learn cuss words….. Y’all need to wake up and smell what u shoveling

    • gerald dawkins

      thats no excuse, i understand your position, but she is old enough and should be intelligent enough to know better. Just using your analogy, i bet she knew better than to curse in front of her parents or at church.

      • macknificent

        Man go to a rap show the artist gone throw the mic in the crowd and u gone be repeating nigga nigga nigga all day, what u think gone happen they gone jump in the car and keep saying nigga to

  15. 86Jordan

    No 1 race owns hip hop or any music genre. What makes hip hop so powerful is that some people of all races like/love it. Fools act like white poor folks aren’t in the country and ghettos too, and everyone white has “privilege”. Why do these fools wake up and hate on Iggy with the far too washed up super black card? I don’t like or buy her shit but she’s far from the 1st white person in hip hop IE Rick Rubin. I’m a Black American tired of all this BS. Notice only artist that aren’t hot are crying about this Aussie chick. MLK had a dream for people to come together regardless of race and these Orwellian revisionist history chumps these days want to divide for their own gain.

      • 86Jordan

        How would you or anyone know, what this chick knows or not when you don’t know her? Better yet where is the certification test “of knowing the roots” to become a rapper? STOP this BS, It’s so see through

      • ChinoRod813

        Let’s keep it all the way real tho, it would seem that there are lots of black folks in the game who ain’t up on the history either I mean not too long ago Young Thug was saying “rappers shouldn’t talk politics” like X Clan and Public Enemy just never hit his radar at all. seems kind of selective prosecution to execute this broad over being just as ignorant and I don’t even mess with her music at all but a spade is a spade 90% of these new cats are ignorant bout this game if you gonna get on your “do the knowledge” tip you need to apply it across the board not just at this crocodile dundee sounding clown.

      • amadeomartin

        I am fully aware. I was just speaking on her. THERE are plenty of rappers now though like that. I think Tip was just saying it to her because of the attention she gets.

      • HipHipTVOne

        then black folks need to stop saying iggy only popular because she white. macklemore only won a grammy because he white. not that he had two huge hits, did it straight indy, and put a city on his back. we got gucci mane, cheef keef, schmurda lol! Do they act like they know any culture beyong gangbanging, smoking weed, selling drugs, and showing their draws in public.

      • amadeomartin

        Those are ignorant people saying that. Every race and culture has those people. The point is where Hip Hop came from, it was a mixed bag of all messages, the inner city life, the positive movement, intellectual poetry, wisdom. In a bigger discussion most dont know Q tip is actually talking about Hip Hop the culture. Hip Hop is not a form a music only. Hip Hop is knowledge.

      • 86Jordan

        Faulty question, respect is based on the person who’s giving it and the opinion one has for something. So just like any other artist, some would respect them some wouldn’t.

      • 86Jordan

        Faulty question, because respect is based on someones opinion. So some would respect a “British Country music singer” some wouldn’t. I’m sure if the British Country music singer had popular songs some would respect the art.

  16. AlbertoRipRon

    Trending: Talk and disapprove the presence of Iggy Azalea.

    Irony: Nothing said to the countless fake gimmick clowns who has ruined the rap game before Iggy and continually doing so.

    Verdict: It’s BS.

    • Menelik Sanders

      Not exactly true. People shit on Rick Ross all the time because he was a concretions officer. Rappers will occasionally call a rapper out if it comes out there making things up.

      • AlbertoRipRon

        I’m not talking about Rick Ross bruh. What I say is true, its trendy to talk about Iggy but not about all the BS in the rap game. It’s hypocritical.

      • Solo

        True facts. Blacks folks hypocrites for real and when it comes down to it we quick to point fingers at everyone but ourselves. Nigga.. WHERE WERE ALL THESE CRITICS WHEN SOULJA BOY WAS COONING ON BET TAHLM BOUT “YOOOUU- YOOOOUUUUUUU” i didnt hear no culture vulture talk then! I saw plenty niggas actin a damn fool tho, at parties tryna “supa man dat hoe”. Oh but its ok when niggas do it… cuz we niggas! Foh. We need to hold our music and our values to a higher standard if we expect everyone else to.

  17. ChinoRod813

    My whole thing is I don’t agree with the “its my toy and nobody else can play with it” theory because it’s corny and really if we were to apply it across the board the world would be in anarchy just imagine Spike Lee & John Singleton gettin told they can’t make movies anymore because Eadweard Muybridge didn’t intend the motion picture to be used by black folks.That’s the same logic and if it kept going further down the line nobody would like the results. Just respect the craft is all whatever it is. If you gonna be in hip hop just respect the architects and that goes for everybody because alot of black kids out there polluting the game as bad if not worse then Iggy. You really gonna stand there pointing the finger when you got Young Thug out here telling people that politics and social issues ain’t a rappers concern??C’mon ya’ll get serious for a minute. Macklemore hate him or love him was out there in seattle protesting for Mike Brown while Young Thug was sitting back trying on a new dress somewhere. That seem right to you??

    • Menelik Sanders

      Part of this about her being white and the other part people don’t she’s original or authentic. That isn’t her actual accent. It would be like if a African American went to Europe and stole the style of grime rappers, grime is a sub genre of rap in Europe, and became more famous because American artist are more popular. I think people’s beef with Macklmore he got more recognition for doing things that Black artist did before him. He was given a lot credit as the first rapper to embrace Homosexuality which isn’t true. You can check out Murs Animal style. What many Black people are upset about is that there are Black artist who did the same thing but don’t get the same recognition.

      • ChinoRod813

        But here’s the thing, that kid isn’t the reason society is what it is. I don’t even dig his music but his actions and what I’ve seen of him tell me at the very least he has his heart in the right place. He one of the biggest name out right now and he took Talib Kweli and KRIT on tour with him, dude was out there protesting for Mike Brown, Dude made a complete fool out of himself by telling the whole world Kendrick Lamar deserved the award they gave him, what else you want him to do??? Are we really gonna attack the kid for things he himself would probably change given the oppurtunity?? And if we are, how we gonna expect to be treated fairly in return?? The only way things gon change out here is if EVERYBODY gets over themselves and start treating each other proper.

      • Husallah777

        But hes not the problem nor is iggy! Its the busines, the media and the corporations fuel the divide. They are the ones who say “well he sold more records than kendrick and hes more popular….to them!!! They see numbers!!!!.majority of the people thst purchase hiphop or rap are white people. So for them to treat us proper is to show more respect to our talent and what we brought and continue to bring to the culture. Like i said….. its not the average kid in hood or inner city, or the poor out in the country! Its alot of rich suburban kids…not all rich suburban kids but upper class and upper middle class. Thats where the divide is. Thats who buying most of the rap and dictating who is on top!

  18. macknificent

    Then this t.i. Artist remember him? King of the south./ the dope boys and the trap niggaz/ get caught with fifty guns at the music awards Harris….. He definitely riding for the home team bringing it back to the hood what is y’all complaining for?

    • macknificent

      Y’all ain’t even seeing what the man trying to do with his brand y’all so caught up on color that u wanna stunt his growth he trying to take his brand to different heights and levels look at b.o.b he jumping all over the genre line he not your Normal hip hop artist, and for sure grand hustle is giving plenty authentic people from the culture jobs in the bysinrss

  19. spanky520

    rap is a genre provided to any race.yea it started by blacks but has grown cuz of the inclusion of other races.qtip n that azelia bitch need to sit down & shut up.when has iggy once tried to steal from the culture.these two cornballs r speakin up about her but not at the fact of how black on black violence is highly sold to the communities through rap & the ignorance of artists like chief keef.always quik to speak up bout whitey but stay quiet if its a person of the same color degrading us

  20. disgruntledperson

    Honestly whats up with all this “white bashing” Iggy has far from destroyed hip hop The same black wanna be thugs who decided to replace words with giberish did that for the genre..I listened to her music and I have to say she is way more talented than some of the people in the industry now. The genre you do shouldn’t be determined by color but it should be determined by your talent… Take this same speech and say it to these “wannabe black thugs” who have feminized themselves and continue to degrade females in their songs, who continue to uplift the lifestyle of smoking, sex, killing etc… My fellow black people get over yourselves because some of you guys are just as racist or even worse than some of the white folks walking around gunning down black people!

    • Ryan Cole

      Yeah, the Chief Keefs, Waka Flockas, Trinidad Jameses, etc., of the world did more damage to the culture/music than Iggy ever could.

  21. Justincredible80

    Hip hop was not meant to be ignorant or prejudiced. While I appreciate Tip’s history in hip hop directed at Iggy…the appropriate thing to do would have been to pull Iggy aside (along with several other newer artist; there are several who could use a schoolin on the origin of hip hop) and talk with her from a vet in the game standpoint, as well as a black man.
    Unfortunately, this didnt happen. Instead, Tip chose to put his opinion on social media….dont yall see Iggy is winnin! Attention, positive or negative, is still attention. Iggy is from another continent and we dont know what struggles she endured growin up in Australia…so how can we pass judgement. She was touched by a genre of music that transcends race and economic status. Hip hop is the only genre of music that has the ability to touch our youth worldwide. Regarding the accent, its a lil much and I cant condone it. It doesnt mean she’s not speakin from HER experiences. We all change our voice or the way we talk from time to time weather it be for a job interview, hangin with friends, in front of strangers, and etc….lets not forget Starships, Roman, and Nicki constantly changing her voice…no different….or better yet….Azaelia Banks FAKE ass Dominican accent….

    • Husallah777

      But i do agree he could have put her to side also too because it seems like hes also gettin alot attention too on the social media thing. Social media somtimes is like takin your biz or beef with somebody to the jerry Springer show. Like why did yo ass bring me here to tell me this ish…. But i respect Q tip tho

  22. Saiyan Prince

    If any of you took this as Tip bashing Iggy, then you need to re-read the tweets. He’s schooling shorty on the game she has become a part of. And it isn’t just about Iggy, he’s schooling ALL of you that don’t know the history. So instead of getting your panties all in a bunch, you should thank that man for the lesson. That’s what’s wrong with the younger generations today. The internet got y’all thinking you know everything, when in reality you don’t know sh!t. Then when somebody finally puts you on game, you want to get all in your feelings instead of humbling yourself and learning something.

    • HipHopTVone

      indeed. and as a hip hop historian Tip, at the end, acknowledges Iggy having the right to be included just like all the other white rappers from the beastie boys to present day. Hip hop became global and bridged racial divides by including all cultures.

      • Umm

        Respectfully, hip hop historian, please stop referring to black people as “black folks” and black women as “black chicks” I’m starting to get suspicious. Qtip said she was to express herself at the beginning and the end. Most of all he encouraged her to educate herself of this beautiful artistry. Yes, this music has bridged us all together better than any other form, but we should always respect and acknowledge where it comes from.

      • HipHipTVOne

        folks is not a derogatory term. My fam is from SC and we been saying that for years. Chicks is much better than the alternative in the music our black “people” have been supporting. Better than the n word rappers cant stop saying.

      • Umm

        Didn’t say its derogatory. Folks is generally a term used when you’re not included. You saying chicks in comparison of the usage of the b word is not the point. Women would be a better choice. Maybe it’s just the way I speak. I found the wording a bit unsettling. I don’t know any women who likes being referred to as a chick.

    • Husallah777

      Most likely they didnt read the whole thing………..i didnt lol!!!!! JS… i already knew where he was going and what hes talking about.

  23. HipHopTVone

    i’m black and folks are acting like there have never been white rappers. Beastie Boys came right after run dmc. house of pain, serch/3rd base, etc. were all there in the beginning. Producers like rick rubin and arthur baker (who produced planet rock) were there at the outset of hip hop. We never cared about a persons skin color. If the song was hot it was hot. The ignorance that permeates our community now is out of control. Sad to say some of our black women can be more racist than anybody. If Iggy was black they would never talk about her the way they do. It’s sad that hip hop, which has done so much to bridge racial divides by being a culture of inclusion is now becoming ignorant. Way too many strip club records without the balance hip hop is known for.

    • Husallah777

      Just because you didnt care about skin colour- which i believe- doesnt mean that corperate didnt….or the rich pop culture is who is mainly white! Thats why its more complex than race bruh!!! Its classism too…

      • HipHipTVOne

        Those Iggy records are the same type of pop records nicki and azalea have been doing. And no one has given them this kind grief Iggy is getting. Sad to say it’s because she is white. And hip hop has never been exclusionary. Rappers have been making money touring asia, india, europe, australia for years. It’s never just been for us blacks. We have become ignorant as a people.

      • Husallah777

        Because they have to do double to get the same award iggy was given. Thats my point tho.

      • HipHipTVOne

        no. good records win out. Iggy had a hit with fancy. If nicki did that same record it would still be a hit but she wouldn’t get the racial grief. If hip hop now is supposed to get rid of all the white folks we have an issue. The white folks were here in the beginning of hip hop. Beastie boys was second big act after rundmc. serch/3rd bass, house of pain, etc. We never went at them on the racist BS and they all won awards too.

      • Husallah777

        No thats the way it should be bruh…..did u listen ti both? Lol huh? I listen to kendricks and maclamore and kendricks album killed his……

      • HipHipTVOne

        kendricks album was amazing but also came out a year before macklemore. the grammys is a popularity contest and say what you want, that thrift shop and cant hold us were huge hits and were good songs. I’mma say something else. mackelmore raps better than 75% of the bs we have out here now by our black artists. If all we want is french montana skill level, we giving it away ourselves.

      • GNS

        First… FACT CHECK. Kendrick and Macklemore’s albums were released the same month in 2012. GOOD KID MAAD CITY was released October 22 and THE HEIST was released October 9TH. But I digress… The point I want to make is that Black artists who rap better than Macklemore aren’t given the same green light and clear pathway to mainstream. If you follow the rap circuit (beyond the radio i.e. french montana) you will see that there are impeccable Blk MCs all around the world. They don’t get the pass. Labels don’t want to market Black excellence, Black integrity, or message music in general. Across genres message music has almost disappeared entirely. They don’t think they can sell it… But they have NO PROBLEM putting their weight behind a Bobby Schmurda. This should be seen as unethical, but most important we should acknowledge that this is not coincidental.

      • HipHipTVOne

        nas, jay-z, cole, wale, kendrick, drake, snoop, etc. have all gotten their due and continue to get their due. If you gonna do bs music like 75% of our black rappers are doing, then u get what u deserve. Labels didn’t make schmurda. he came to them with that “hit” black folks made online. So has french montana who is from the bx and raps like he is from atlanta. No outrage over him or the many other nyc, chicago, etc. black rappers who rap like they from atlanta.

      • Husallah777

        Exactly!!!! Popular!!!!!! Ding ding ding!!!!!! Not skill! Not talent, of course they huge hits….in the suburbs lol!!!! Shiiii wasnt anybody playing thrift shop in urban areas boy…lol. Go in your in the and somebody if they bump threft shop! Ask a white boy on block!!!! They gonna look at you like you police…. Not saying he wack tho he ight……Regardless they put them in the same category going for tge same award abd maclamore himself said that he got robbed! And what75 percent are you talking about? The popular “black” rappers or all rappers? If your talking about all the black rappers in the game…..then i know you dont know wtf your talking about. But if you talking about theses popular wack ass black dudes…..shiiii riff raff is better than 75 percent of them

      • HipHipTVOne

        the music we hear all day. And this is what we are talking about. Iggy and Mackelmore are in the music we here all day category with gucci mane, french, schmurda, webbie, etc. Dude that thrift shop was hot and so was cant hold us. I’m not a hip hop republican who thinks hip hop can only be one way by one type of people. I’m a hip hop liberal. It is a creative endeavor.

      • Husallah777

        NOOOOOOO They dont play maclamore on the radio in the inner city not unless your talking about the pop stations!!!!! Dam dude give it up! Lol…..look who you naming tho…what about big krit, king los, lupe fiasco, joey badass, stalley, freddie gibbs, vince stalples, nippsy huslte, ab soul, killer mike and El p, ?

      • Amorphous

        Macklemore raps better than 75 percent of whatwhat we have out here by our black artists? Huh, wtf? I guess if you are enamored with commercial b.s. There are a plethora of credible, skilled back rap artists doing there thing with lyrics replete with social commentary and most important, skill; pharoahe monch, talib, blu, gift of gab, fashawn, and the list goes on. I am befuddled as to why you, who I believe has self identified as being black (my apologies if this is incorrect), would so fervently defend a white artist who used a slave master reference in her lyrics. It’s like she appropriated and then usurped a culture, only to spit in the face of its progenitors…this reeks of self devaluation…

    • GNS

      Well… I’m a bit confused by your rant. In the featured article here Q-Tip didn’t “come at her.” He gave her a factual synopsis of HH history, but he was very careful with his words and did not say anything aggressive or offensive. So I’m not sure why you are coming to her defense in this particular forum. Also, critics like Q-Tip aren’t mad at her for being white and a rapper. That’s a ridiculous assertion because as you’ve noted, there have been other white rappers. Most critics are upset with her use of a contrived BLACK-cent, lyrics like “I am a runway slaaave master,” and unwillingness to respect the art and business that she’s stepped into by acknowledging its nuanced history + supporting the ENTIRE culture including it socio-political action. Although the debates are held separately, you will find equal criticism about the overall pop-music climate and co-opting of hip-hop that makes the culture more about branding than content and craft. Finally, hip-hop remains balanced unless you are only consuming commercial hip-hop. In that case… yeah… it’s a bunch of strip club records. But real hip-hop NEVER used the commercial or popular culture space as a litmus for its integrity. It’s a street art at its roots.

      • HipHipTVOne

        I never once said q tip went at her. obviously he didn’t by just reading it. he, like lupe fiasco, said she is welcomed and has a place. some black folks don’t want her there because she is white. she doin the same pop style music nicki minaj and azalea been doin and there was no outrage. also, I never know what “real hip hop” is. If that’s hip hop that’s stuck only in one era of the early 90’s I can’t get with that. Music shouldn’t have rules.

      • GNS

        So…You are speaking in generalizations and you are doing so in a forum that highlights an article that DOES NOT do what you are ranting about… LOL. Why?

      • HipHipTVOne

        I’m speaking specifics and pointing out the dichotomy that nicki and azalea been doing the same stuff as iggy. same pop music, same everything but they never got the “get out white girl” treatment.

      • GNS

        Ok. Unfortunately, A. Banks isn’t given the opportunity to be on the same pop platform as Nicki and Iggy. So I’m going to remove her from the conversation temporarily. Nicki is constantly criticized by fans who want the mix-tape Nicki who is capable of spitting bars, as opposed to fluffy pop Nicki. That’s a CONSTANT conversation. People also criticize Nicki for the “Barbie” persona + body augmentations. Nicki has always been controversial and is never void of criticism. Finally, because Iggy is a white artist participating in an art and culture that was birthed out of Black oppression and despondency, as Q-TIP so brilliantly articulated, she does have a different responsibility. If I move from the states and go to a foreign place with a unique culture if I want to integrate I have to do the work of studying its history, honoring its roots, and building relationships with the people. That doesn’t mean that I have to drop by authentic self in the process, but it means that I have to learn about the culture and insert myself into it in an organic way. People’s beef with Iggy is that her persona is contrived and packaged for sell… She is pretending or mimicking. There isn’t any organic integration of her authentic self/voice into the culture. We miss an opportunity to learning about her life in Australia or getting a glimpse of how hip-hop is colored/textured there.

      • HipHipTVOne

        and Nicki isn’t contrived to sell? Just about every artist in the past 20 years is contrived to sell. That’s a terrible argument to cloak racism in. This Iggy thing is a much bigger ongoing movement that’s much bigger than Q-Tip giving her advice. and if you look at the comments on any story about Iggy we got the same “get this white girl outta here” nonsense by my black people and I don’t think we should exclude people from partaking in hip hop which was always inclusionary.

      • GNS

        Again, like I said, Nicki has never been void of criticism. I clearly mentioned that people criticize her for her Barbie persona. In addition, people also criticize her for body augmentations + hyper-sexuality. She is a part of the same corporate machine that Iggy benefits from, right? I’m just responding to your notion that Nicki doesn’t get criticized as much as Iggy does — that’s simply untrue. Do some research. You will see tons of articles critiquing Nicki’s content… or her overwhelmingly pop sound vs. the hard bars she came out of the gates with. The main difference between the two star’s criticism is that Nicki is not criticized for cultural appropriation — the reason why is obvious (or should be). LOL.

      • HipHipTVOne

        Obviously nicki and other artists will never be able to get the racial bias thrown at them by my black people. That’s the underlying theme. “she doesn’t belong”. “she’s stealing our culture” (even though white rappers been around since the 80’s.). I’ve never heard a black person say nicki and her pop music is stealing our culture. She got a fake accent (even though rappers in nyc, chi, etc sound like they from atlanta now). It’s almost how they do on Fox news but in reverse.

      • Umm

        It just seems like you keep making this something it’s not. Everyone is trying to explain to you this is not about a white girl issue. I think what is missing is authenticity. She seems to mimic what she believes she SHOULD be in the industry. When I look at other white rappers, I see the love of the culture and art.

      • HipHipTVOne

        then my black people need to stops saying “iggy on popular because she white”. Mackelmore won grammy only becasue he white. Iggy ain’t doing nothing different than all the cookie cutter artists that been out there last 20 years but they get a pass and she gets hammered as a culture stealer. “She from australia”, etc. etc. It’s all fox news style cloaked racism by my black folks.

      • HipHipTVOne

        that culture stuff been out the mix. biggie never mentioned culture. neither did snoop. It’s not about afros, and grafitti. It was back in the 70-early 90’s. Hip hop has grown into many chambers. There is no one way. I don’t see gucci mane, french montana, or many of today’s popular artist draped in culture beyond tattoos and pants hanging off their butts. Iggy is in the popular music chamber with many others the “real” hip hop heads hate. I still don;t know what real hip hop they talk of. lol! Old early 90’s hip hop is a chamber. Not the be all end all. Afrocentricity is a chamber. There are more chambers. I dont; think we can make her vanilla ice. If another artist would have done fancy it still would have been a hit.

      • GNS

        The love of the culture and art has not been out of the mix (although it may not be highly visible in mainstream/pop culture)

        Also there were successful HH artists in the 90s (other than snoop and biggie who you’ve cited) who reflected the eclectic range of sounds, content, and feeling of the art and culture.

        Just a Few Diverse HH Artists Who Released Music in the 90s: Nas. Arrested Development. Dead Prez. Black Star. Black Moon. Digable Planets. The Roots. Outkast. Public Enemy. KRS One. Salt & Pepper. Heavy D. Missy Elliot. WuTang. Heard of em? Any of them? Fast forward to today: Kendrick. J-Cole. Joey-BADA$$. Bishop Nehru.

        Artistic integrity still exists in hip-hop and fans who want it seek it out, go to concerts and festivals, and work fervently to support it… I think the goal is creating balance in the mainstream and that may require an overall haul of corporate leadership OR a cultural paradigm shift regarding the general publics desire to consume one type of narrative versus other more complex and layered stories.

      • Umm

        Huh? Afros? Umm, that’s not what I meant by cultural….. But ok. Yeah, I think we’re done here.

      • GNS

        My assertion of real hip-hop transcends eras, but it includes more content than what is offered in the top-40 music mill. It also includes more nuanced stories and experiences. Real music should generally include real and nuanced narratives. It should make you feel something. It should cause to to reflect. It should move you… It does not have to be a positive story or a conscious story exclusively, but it should have lyrical and musical integrity. It shouldn’t ONLY be the equivalent of fast food for the ears. Remember, there was a time where top 40 lists included fun pop songs and concious music. I’m not saying throw all the club bangers away… But I am saying that there is a reason why mainstream balance has disappeared.

      • HipHipTVOne

        Now who is speaking in generalizations. Trying to exclude this white girl from the international hip hop culture is not right. many of your real hip hop artists tour asia, india, europe, australia, etc. Hip hop is about inclusion.

      • GNS

        I’m personally not excluding her from hip-hop culture. She is here! LOL. She is on the billboard charts, she is performing and moving mad units with her album! LOL. She’s obviously a part of hip-hop (which is a vast global culture now). There is no point in denying that or trying to exclude her. However, I will be critical of her role and participation just like I’m critical of all artists because I love the craft and culture.

  24. ShortDogg

    Q-Tip why didn’t you do this to Eminem? Why Iggy? Tweet him and let us have this conversation! I don’t get it! Why Iggy?

    • Thought Dog

      Iggy grew up in Australia. Eminem grew up in America. One of them speaks with an Australian accent and raps in a ghetto Atlanta accent….

      • ChinoRod813

        True but I can’t help but laugh at how everything Iggy does gets scrutinized while Em’s song dissing black women as a whole got the *Kanye Shrug* response lol Em’s excuse was flimsy as hell to “I had a black girlfriend and i was mad” I mean has anybody ever seen a flick of that black girlfriend?? Did she really exist?? I respect dude skills but really he got off light

      • Thought Dog

        That’s true but I doubt there’s anybody in the world that hasn’t said something racist out of anger at some point in their life. And Eminem has been one of the few mc’s that blew up and continued to put on people he grew up with. A true racist is dedicated to their hate craft and probably would’ve switched to country music by now….. Like the Kid Rock’s of the world.

      • Ryan Cole

        Eminem gets more passes than anybody, for reasons I have no idea.

      • HipHipTVOne

        reason is, he goes at everybody, including big white artists and actors. and he has rap skill. something sorely lacking nowadays with all the strip club music being pushed on the masses.

      • Ryan Cole

        He goes at more non-rappers who can’t/don’t care to respond. I’ve always thought Em was corny (as is dissing pop stars), but at least authentic. He hasn’t done what Mark Wahlberg did by using rap to springboard himself into Hollywood fame. Remember when he first came out and was all “yo yo yo I’m from the streets”? Cleaned that shit up, whitened himself up, and that era of his career seems to never have existed.

      • HipHipTVOne

        bad example. markie mark n his brother grew up poor in dorchester mass. projects. a lot of poor white irish projects around boston area. But I get your point.

      • ChinoRod813

        Wahlburg got a crazy police record from his youth any ignorance coming out his mouth in those days wasn’t a gimmick, he got arrested like 30 times and was hooked on coke by the time he was 13 lol. He cleaned himself up tho, I respect that.

      • Umm

        Don’t forget that some of those arrest had to do with him harassing people of color. Not just black people. He (mark w.)didn’t like anyone who wasn’t white. Don’t believe me? Look it up. I say that because he got noticed off of music of the very people he didn’t like. I hope that he truly changed.

      • Umm

        I agree, he is also put up high because of his race. Funny thing is, black people seem to be the main ones doing it. However, he is a skilled rapper. So, I definitely don’t put him in the same category as iggy.

      • HipHipTVOne

        I never see us americans going after all those english and australian singers who sing in an american accent forever. Amy winehouse sounded like a black chick from detroit. There is some real reverse racism going on here by some of my people against iggy. It’s sad. Hip hop has done more to bridge racial divides and now ignorance want to undo that.

      • Thought Dog

        I don’t remember Amy Winehouse having any lyrics like “I’m a runaway slaaaave….master”. Singing and rapping are pretty different though.

      • HipHipTVOne

        Most of the black folks hatin Iggy never even heard her rap. The black chicks saw the black boyfriend and lost their minds. it’s the same thought. singers n rappers are both artists. u said one of the reasons some black folks dont like iggy is because she is australian uses an american accent. I stated that has been going on by english/scottish/irish/australian artists signing soul, r&b, pop forever. Now some just want to point out Iggy and that’s pretty unfair or just racist.

      • Thought Dog

        Not really man. Singing and rapping are two different things. Almost nobody talks the same way they sing. Rapping is basically talking so there is some expectation for you to sound like yourself aka authentic. It’s cool to change your voice up some like some rappers do but corny as hell when you put on completely bogus accents like Snow, Shaggy, Iggy….

      • HipHipTVOne

        That’s a crazy rationale. We can’t give all those uk/australian artists a pass for decades and then all of a sudden single out Iggy. Artists are artists. There is no rule that says rappers have to be black from the atlanta trap. Hip hop has never been about excluding people.

      • Thought Dog

        Nobody said that rappers have to be black from the atlanta trap. Now if you rap like you’re from atlanta then you should be from atlanta. Once again, rap is about being authentic. Singing is completely altering your voice to begin with…Think about opera singers. None of these people speak the way they sing. With rap it’s basically talking over a beat. So your accent should resemble your speaking accent. There’s plenty of rappers from England, Australia and other countries that have done quite well while using their native accents. Slick Rick is one that comes to mind.

      • HipHipTVOne

        we got tons of black rappers from NYC,Chicago, etc. rappin like they from atlanta. They using fake country accents. When are the people gonna go after these frauds? They not, because it’s a white thing with Iggy. Sad but true.

      • Thought Dog

        People have talked about them doing that. The difference is those guys aren’t putting out top 40 hits so it all goes under the radar. You don’t remember Trinidad James calling out New York?

      • HipHipTVOne

        I never heard it. point to me when there was a twitter pile up against nyc, chicago, etc rappers sounding like they from atlanta. black folks embrace french montana from the bronx sounding like he from buckhead. It’s a double standard because this girl is white.

      • Thought Dog

        I just explained why you don’t hear about that. Iggy is top 40 pop music and heard EVERYWHERE. Gossip sites aren’t gonna run articles on people telling French Montana to remember that he’s a Moroccan immigrant from New Jersey. I’ve seen and heard plenty of people bash him for his Iggy like traits though.

      • HipHipTVOne

        I haven’t seen that. French is from the south bronx. It’s worse. If he was a pale face my black folks would be going in like they do at iggy. He’s doing the same bs but he’s revered.

      • Umm

        Whoa! This “Black Chick” doesn’t care who she dates. I have heard her rap, she is not doing anything or saying anything that impresses me. Let’s face it, there are black artist who are extremely skillful with wordplay. True lyricists. She is in the spotlight because it doesn’t hurt to be “unexpected” in other words white sounding like a black artist.

    • Umm

      Eminem can rap. He grew up in way that he identified with other black people around him. Eminem acknowledges his influences. He has a story…. No bs. Totally different than hers.

      • HipHipTVOne

        do we know her story? she hasn’t had a chance to tell her story or do a movie about her story. what are her influences. Did she get taken in by rap music as an international movement playing with kangaroos. Did she go to the concerts that all american rappers have always done in australia. Did she see lauren hill perform in australia as a kid and get inspired. We dont know these things about most rappers but we never kick out the hatred at them and most are just as phony as she is.

      • Umm

        I don’t think you have done any of your research. I read her story and heard her story many times. She moved here when she was a young teen. She came here to model. She worked at a grocery store. Her biggest influence is missy (she says). I think it’s Da Brat. She identified with the sound of rap and was intrigued by it at an early age. That’s her story. Really. NOTHING wrong with her rapping. I will say she would not get recognition like this if she weren’t white. I just don’t believe it. I have had real convos with people who are white about this very topic and they have said the same. We shrug it off and it is what it is. I just hate that we don’t accept and keep playing this game. This world is racially influenced. It is. We acknowledge, we do better.

      • pauleyPee

        Eminem was pretty much from the hood. AND came out of the underground. So right there, Eminem was obviously of the hip-hop culture. He earned his start. Iggy is different but this girl understands not the power by which she’s been bestowed, or the significance. I guess, that is what QTip is trying to point out.


        Yeah but Em did still have to get his respect on the MIC it is not just about growing up around black people.

      • Umm

        That wasn’t my point. He identified with the culture of hip hop. It shows in his music, lyrics, speech, etc. His flow and lyrics speak for themselves. You’re right it has nothing to do with black and does have to do with authenticity.

  25. Ryan Cole

    I’m tired of niggas (not Q-Tip) getting at Iggy because she’s such an easy target. Get at the REAL wack mofos like Wayne, Shmurda, Keef, etc. They’re doing more damage than the white girl. It’s because of the wack cooning & buffooning that mediocre white rap acts look better by comparison. Keep giving this shit away, and they’ll be more than happy to take it from us.

      • Savimbi

        Not sure why I was only agreeing w/ his initial statement about not getting at the black artists out there who are promoting black genocide. They should b held accountable just as much.

    • ladynamor

      I don’t know where you have been BUT dudes have been going after these clowns since the beginning. DON’T deflect from what the issue is by killing one of your own! (If you are black) And to the clowns that up voted this crap, SHAME ON YOU!

      Their lyrics and message has nothing to do with Iggy literally imitating the worst parts of our culture and becoming rich and famous for it. She is using the “angry black woman” defense while acting like, and mimicking, the angry black woman. BLACK MEN are backstabbing wimps yo!

      Easy target? Fool, white people are defending this b!tch with everything they got. I almost think you are one of them with that weak ass statement that has a bunch of likes from people I never see on here. Man if I could see you face to face. SMH

      • Ryan Cole

        Bullshit. One wack ass white girl with a fake southern accent isn’t doing nearly as much damage as niggas shucking and jiving or beats. You can’t tell me that dudes with NO lyrical ability in a genre of music that is based off of lyrical ability aren’t hurting the culture more than her. Niggas preaching ignorance getting the shine all day. You got Rick Ross telling people that being a drug lord is as easy as selling Girl Scout cookies. You got other niggas talking that gang shit like they came up in it, when they bought their membership like it was at the local gym. You got female rappers that have more ass and titties than lyrics, and they’re OK with being paraded around as oversexed black women with no brains. But Iggy’s the problem with all that going on.

      • ladynamor

        So here comes Iggy, Macklemore and Eminem to save hip hop right? Your
        whole sh!t is suspect yo. You are hating. Straight up. Iggy says real
        ignorant sh!t as well, NO ONE cares, she gets pushed
        to the top,
        Grammy’s and all. Saying, and doing the exact same crap the artists you
        mentioned are saying and doing. The difference is, she is rewarded for
        it, “Queen of Rap is white” GTFOH YO! Murder Bizness, Pu#*y? Total
        ignorant sh!t she knows nothing about. Except pu#*y, Im sure she knows
        that. I NEVER see white people call out their own people like you are
        doing right now, (suspect.) She is making people outside of my race see
        thing’s differently, In a bad way. NOW they can have the whole black
        experience, minus blacks. Blacks got rid of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne and
        them other whack dudes a long time ago, How old are you? Where have you
        been? We listen to J Cole and Kendrick, and Cadillactica, Killa Mike
        and Underground artists like rolandthick and roc marciano. You don’t
        know ish boy. You don’t know anything about hip hop, or blackness. You
        are a clown.

      • Ryan Cole

        Yeah, I guess I don’t know anything about blackness or hip hop. Nice to see you catch feelings about this topic.

        First, you just named a bunch of underground acts when I’m talking about who’s the face of hip hop. By face, I mean VISIBLE. Killer Mike, Krit, Cole, etc., have underground followings, while the garbage mainstream acts like Wayne, Nicki, Ross, etc., get all the exposure. Are you following me yet? Those are who get presented as the faces of hip hop to the masses. And why do you think they get the exposure? Because of the bullshit they’re about.

        To sum this up, rap being filled with garbage rappers isn’t the white man’s fault. These cats have no respect for the culture. It’s just like gentrification. You don’t take care of your shit, and they’ll move in and take it from you.


    MUSIC is MUSIC! We ALL take parts of things we LIKE & MIX IT into a hybrid that becomes our uniqueness. Saying ‘whites or latins or asians’ can’t express themselves HOWEVER they like , including mixing in hip hop, pop, country, r&b, jazz, classical & rest; is like saying ‘blacks’ can’t play basketball, football, or baseball because caucasians invented them, or have to get read ‘the lessons’ before it’s ‘authentic’……….WE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE ON THE SAME PLANET! Don’t NEED to be going BACKWARDS in ‘dividing people’ & all this BS! UNIFY not segregation!

    • Dope

      Fully agree… that’s the thing I hate the most about some of figures in hip hop. They will gladly say hip hop is a black and latino thing because they invented it and other races simply don’t ”feel” the culture the way they’re supposed to. But ask them what would they think about being excluded from other genres, or movies etc.. just because they didn’t invent it and all hell breaks loose.

      • Husallah777

        No… .white folks just take over everything they touch…… Not racist but dam….why do white folks act like they havent took over everything thing they encountered or act like they have done nothing wrong?. Its the American way.Thats not a racist statement but just prove me wrong…please? Even if im wrong am i saying anything right. Can you admit to anything wrong concerning hiphop? I can name alot of shit blacks do and have done in hiphop…….but is there anything wrong or do you agree with anything at all that qtip and other said about hiphop? Ill debate anybody on ahh!!!!

      • Dope

        EVERYTHING that is interesting will be eventually adopted by the majority of population. In USA it so happens that the majority of population is white, therefore from that perspective whites adopted the hip hop.

        And I don’t quite understand your second part, but did you try to say no black person has done anything wrong with hip hop? Chief Keef, Schmurda, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane…. that’s just what’s out there today.

      • Husallah777

        No i said that i can name alot of things black folks have done wrong in hiphop….because its not about bashing white people. My white brothers has added and contributed alot game. But. Its like they never want to hold the L. Lol we hold the L ALOT…but when its they they trip lol…ya feel me. Thats why i ask….can they admit anything they have done wrong in the rap game? For example…we glorified and promoted drugs use, saling and murderd too much. Don’t go independent enough.
        Misrepresenting our culture and on tv shows. Brag too much about money when most of us is poor.

  27. 203Ro

    He obviously cares about her as an artist. I think he realizes she has a tool. She can inspire many people. She just has to stay true to who she is and realize what this artform was intended for.
    He wasnt sonning her. He was actually
    extending the olive branch, accepting, and enlighting her. There are many black artist who do not use the music as a sociopolitical tool. He realizes her potential. He should have just sent this as a message to everyone in the rap game.

  28. 86Jordan

    Notice no one talks about these real sambo clown ass rappers these days… But the Aussie chick is a problem today. Some of these same niggas are the ones who based merit of rap based on a coast or where someone is at or were born in the mid to late 90’s (Q-Tip was part of that foolishness too), and many said Jay-Z was killing it when he was on top. They hate others success.This ain’t the first time I seen this and it won’t be the last.

    • Huggie Pacino

      thats all im saying! Can we get an open letter to Plies for saying hes better without a father or all this dope boy trap rap or the gay shit….i get it! the only problem is a female rap artist!

  29. Shantan Wantan Ichiban

    Iggy just shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It is just fun club music that gets 18 year old girls on the dancefloor. They are good pop songs. And as a working DJ, I am happy to see a bit of fun rap music in the charts. It is an act. It is fiction. But no less than the lies you want to believe about your favourite gangsta rappers. Keep up the lie Iggy, once you start trying to write something conscious you will lose me.

    • Savimbi

      I hear what you are saying and agree to a point but the issue here is that she’s being labeled as the new hip-hop queen, album nominated for best hip-hop album of the year. There would be nothing wrong if her music was being labelled for what it actually is POP!!!!

  30. HipHipTVOne

    It’s been real. I respect the back and forth and other’s opinions. I’m just not a hip hop republican. I am a hip hop liberal who believes there are many chambers in hip hop and it has always been an inclusionary artform for all races around the world. Time to hit the strip club and hear all the bogus BS that people don’t attack with the same vigor they go at Iggy with. lol!

  31. Carl Bigcee Coles


    • Umm

      I think it’s because there is a lack of substance in it…. The reason why you don’t listen to it anymore. I’m twenty something years younger and I feel the same. I love all music…good music. I don’t care who sings it. But they are legitimately talented artist.

    • Guest

      Nobody is hating anyone you ignorant race baiting internet thugs. Q-Tip was acknowledging what hiphop has become, and saying “dont forget where this sh!t comes from”. Personally i have no idea why he wasted this historic set of tweets on this girl who is a fart in the wind…but the message is a long time coming and further illustrates the magnificance of 80s/90s golden era of hiphop.

  32. Dope

    I respect you Q, but hip hop, while we love to call it a social movement, started off more with party rhymes and funny songs, only later did social issues enter the rhymes. There is always different types of music within hip hop, there are those who prefer only party songs, and others who will rap about nothing else other than politics, then those who prefer to do some introspection on a track etc… hip hop (or better put rap, as hip hop is a wider term) is a form of music, how one uses it to express their ideas is up to them. Not that I have to like everyone’s music, but it’s their right to do whatever the hell they want.

  33. Chana Jamison-Strickland

    Wonder how she feels about stealingKendrick Lamar’s line and calling herself a slave master while smiling in black peoples faces… Gotta love appropriation…

  34. ytgarner

    Man all yall need to face it the corporate conglomerates own hip hop these artist don’t own shit. They own no distribution outlets so guess what? They will push what the f they want to and ghetto rhetoric sales because as Ice cube said ” here’s what they think about you ” and they own it no blAck man owns hip hop because they don’t want to risk there own money ( no self responsibitiy ) this shit is deeper than rap

    • William Witherz

      Pretty soon hip hop won’t be so nice.
      No Ice Cube… just Vanilla Ice.
      You can stand there and scream and cuss.
      But there’s no one to blame… but US.

      -Ice Cube, “Us”

      • d katoola

        Rap is doing just fine. Let the sheep buy their Iggy. Innovative, real rap is alive and well. I would say 2013/2014 have been incredible years for rap if you know what to listen to.

  35. Mack

    I agree with Q-Tip for the most part, even though whites as well were involved from the beginning. Nontheless, what Iggy, Riff Raff etc are doing needs to be exposed. It’a blackface gimmick, just like what made Vanilla Ice blow up. Meanwhile, Mac Miller, Evidence, Apathy and others stay rooted in the culture but are left out by the tabloids and TMZ. Hopefully artists like them can make the blackfaces obsolete when suvurban kids and others moves away from those actor rappers.

    On another note – this socio-political movement that Q-tip talks about is failing. Back in the days Tribe and NWA made different types of hiphop, but both spoke about socio-political stuff. Now… Chief Keef, Rick Ross, French Montana and the rest have absolutely nothing to do with evolving the society. Fighting the power and standing up for people’s rights while making a banger is possible. PE proved it before and artists like Killer Mike are doing it now. They need to be listened to more.

    • Husallah777

      And Kendrick Lamar, jay electronica, dead prez, ab soul, lupe fiasco, immortal technique,
      See what im saying tho… Apathy and evidence dont get the recognition they deserve.

    • d katoola

      mac miller was CREATED by tabloids and TMZ. The other wite rappers you mention are ok but really are not that great. This game is a meritocracy and there is more to rap than just lyrical capability. Style, swagger and the way you present yourself go along way. This is why these white rappers fail. Most try to hard to either have a message, act crazy or whatever. I have faith in these new cats, el captain + action bronson are pretty damn good. But that MGK, EMINEM violent “im a crazy whiteboy” shit is WACK.

  36. plsDontreply

    I refuse to listen to her music…. when it comes on the radio I change the channel… And TI> is a coon for defending anything she creates

  37. Russel Clarke

    Most of your so called gangster rappers are just as fake as Iggy, if not more so. They are responsible for ruining a generation or 2 with their nonsense. Iggy is a soft and easy target and diversion away from the real problems with hip hop.

    • Husallah777

      Its not for about iggy …..the industry being one sided. FYI…..the people who run the record companies always reject or wont promote black artist who rap about positive shit in their music. Look it up! If they go try to get a deal trying to sale peace in the streets and rap about strugling or raising theses babys. The door will slamed right in there muphukin face! Or they will be like.. “Naw lil makafloca we come up with a better idea….why dont you do a party song….with cash…stripers dancing and we gotta deal.” black folk doesnt have as much control of the music industry and radio so the images you see isnt totally black people fault. Thats what industry want to sale. There has always been positive hiphop out there and never left. They just wont promote it.

  38. Aiden_Abetting

    How come white male rappers are always excepted but one female rapper comes out and it’s the end of the world? How come rappers like riff raff can come out and make a mockery of hip hop and they get the pass?

    • Husallah777

      Because we dont know if hes making mockery or just him being him. White boys are from the who too. Ya feel me? I think hes corny and creative at the same time. And he’s funny tho. But i still dont fuk wit him.JS


        Riff Raff is fuc?*in weak, when white rappers do hit the scene they are not really marketed towards the actual core which is black people unless they are backed by somebody that is deemed accepted other then that ie basically stop at Eminem.


        What I am saying is some artist that are white get marketed to everybody while somebody like riff raff gets marketed to his demographic which are people that may not take hip hop as seriously as some others. Like MGK he is signed to Badboy but he music goes completely to another demographic. Eminem is basically the only one that we can all say can spit with the best of them.

      • DB Montana

        He’s making a mockery. Clearly. Way more of a mockery than Iggy EVER will. You have to be blind to not see that.

      • Husallah777

        I dont follow him like that. I just thought he was funny. Maybe yall right

      • ILL Will

        I think dude really does act like that on real life, I see white boys in FLA lookn and acting like riff raff all the time…they called wiggas…and that’s how they live

      • Aiden_Abetting

        It’s an act….he was on that mtv show From Gz to Gents years ago and the other cast members were pulling his card

      • d katoola

        Because of the whole Grease/Sandy element. Olivia Newton John arguably was the first rapper #ONJ

      • Aiden_Abetting

        Lol Australia has ghettos too…Melbourne,,,redfern etc…I love how people just assume …. Get educated then mock someone from where they came from with facts…

      • Aiden_Abetting

        If you read the prior statements you would see we were talking abt Australia in general. Go antagonize someone else. I haven’t seen you post an educated comment on here yet. Fukin clown

      • JML

        The outback is about as far removed from inner-city America as you can get.

    • d katoola

      Riff raff has a unreal flow. The problem with riff raff is he is certifiably insane. If he actually could be serious and write something of substance he would be incredible. I feel most white rappers are not accepted (i think thats why you were trying to say). Most white rappers actually blow. Besides Ad Rock, Action Bronson…maybe Pete Nice when he went solo…the rest are…white.

      • Aiden_Abetting

        Lol….you say most white rappers blow but riff raff could be great? I highly doubt that…..there are many white rappers who are excepted and even better like ill bill, eminem, jojo pellagrino, Mac miller, action Bronson, etc….

      • Chris M

        FOH with that Riff Raff bullshii. he’s straight up garbage juice.

      • kixxxers

        He looks like A Fool! That’s Undeniable but you can’t deny his talent!

        Merry Christmas

  39. RealNameNoGimmicks

    He got one thing wrong : Iggy Azalea isn’t a Hip Hop artist. She’s a pop star who uses rap as her voice type.

  40. Jerome Banks

    Iggy is PoP and NU HOP, She doing it right, Q tip be hating because Iggy stacking faster then ever and no end in sight So Q tip that 212 Lazy Jay track is done now , Iggy took you sun Yo

    • William Witherz

      This brotha came with no disrespect and there’s always a coon to say he’s “hating. ”

      Hand me my mirror, Jerome… and stfu.

    • Husallah777

      Yea explain your self…..where did he hate bruh? I bet your goofy supastupid lookinas wont respond and if you do…youll back peddle like a muphka…..or say some dumb shit like awww yall just jealous or hating cause she white….we dont really give a fuk about her skin….its the bigger fukin picture….

    • d katoola

      Nobody is hating anyone. Q-Tip was acknowledging what hiphop has become, and saying “dont forget where this sh!t comes from”. Personally i have no idea why he wasted this historic set of tweets on this girl who is a fart in the wind…but the message is a long time coming and further illustrates the magnificance of 80s/90s golden era of hiphop.

    • Umm

      Where did Qtip say one negative thing about her? Please read what he said before disrespecting an actual rap icon. You know…that’s why us black people get screwed over is because they say if you want to hide something from a black person put it in a book. Educate yourself! Read!

    • BVAX

      And THAT my friend is where the breakdown occurs. Hip Hop isn’t about “stacking.” I really hope you don’t think it is. It’s cool to make money but that is mos def not what this conversation is about.

    • Husallah777

      But he got his point across, i just think he should have said something to her on a privite level. But he didnt say nothing wrong

      • bohemia

        Perhaps…but (in my opinion…) it’s the only way for her to receive this….since this is a major technological platform that can and will get her attention…I think it’s private enough…like a family meeting when something goes awry…

  41. JML

    I respect Q-Tips thoughts on this subject, but he has it wrong when he said that the Vietnam War was responsible for the breakdown of black families. I mean it’s not like Blacks were the only people drafted to Vietnam. What about the blacks who were drafted in WW2? Why wasn’t their generation so screwed up?

    • Husallah777

      Yea but i understood what hes saying because there is some validity to what hes saying. The Vietnam war did help bring some gangs and drug use in the black communities but i emphasis helped! But it was alot things

  42. daddy

    I think most people are just pissed off because it’s viewed as hip hop. Which nowadays does not represent what hip-hop is/was about. The mistake by the media is thinking because you rap on a song it makes it hip hop. This cannot be mistaken for hip hop…

  43. Isacc Sangster

    I understand Tip but at the end of the day he and everybody else failed to realize that your an “ARTIST”. No matter what genre you title your style of music, your job is to entertain the world with creativity, paint a picture verbally and make the the consumers want more by purchasing your merchandise. Let Iggy be Iggy and wish her the best in her journey in stardom.

    • happycozy

      “Let Iggy be Iggy and wish her the best in her journey in stardom.”
      Even if it’s off the backs of black. I don’t think so. At least Pink went off and did her own thing.

      • no

        Yes. Ur beef is that is “white” right? Im saying ur racist lines just got a little gray. Ignorance is not hot

      • GNS

        No. There are white artists who have performed and added to Black art without denigrating its integrity. Folks are not mad at her “whiteness” they are upset that even though Iggy lacks excellence as an MC she has been afforded the type of support, access, popularity and pathway to success that so many AWESOME MCs (male/female, Black, latino, Asian, or even other white MCs) have not been privy to. Her packaging/aesthetic makes her acceptable to a pop-culture market. And people are simply calling it out for what it is… That’s not to say that Iggy cannot grow in the culture or that she is un-welcomed. However, it’s important to acknowledge that there are other systems at work propelling her success. It’s not that she is nice/sick with it… Nah. Don’t be WACK or lukewarm then call yourself the Queen of x,y,z. Don’t act like you are outworking all of these folks on the digital underground around the world who have been spitting for years/decades.

      • ghettogov

        Some people really don’t get it…she got a heluva pr team it seems…


      An Artist isn’t just about entertaining people. If you look at the word itself, ART its meaning is “skill as a result of learning or practice,”. ARTist is someone who learned and practiced and now can manipulate the elements of their art to express themselves further. If you are not expressing you then you’ve learned nothing and are definitely not an artist, whatsoever. A product sells. A human being expresses. If your main goal is to sell, your a product, synthetic fake shit, not a human who expresses inner moods, thoughts and feelings. So Iggy being that she doesn’t even rap in her own accent but wants to sound like shes from New York or some shit is just a product on a shelf for white america like maclemore and his homosexual acceptance letter.

  44. jason

    Iggy made some shit for white gurls to shake they ass to and sing along wit. Its something for everybody out in these streets. I dont like trap music, so I dont listen to it much. So i find something more closely aligned to my voice and tastes and I njoy. Iggy does not have to stand in line to protest black causes, and she doesnt need to know the who shed the blood, sweat, and tears in hip-hop history. The whites kids who listen/buy dont know and/or care. I’m not gonna give her hell for it. I will chose to not listen to that mess

    • Byron Crite

      Tell that to the Grammy’s… The point is that she is a random white bitch with no talent who is getting accolades over deserving artist just for acting black with a bought black body! She isn’t the problem… The little dick genetically inferior white pieces of shit who maintain power by destroying and devaluing our culture are the problem… And Iggy only has a deal because TI sold out to those fucks!

      • Paul Vincent

        Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. Eminem went through this same shit 15 years ago, the only difference is back then there wasn’t twitter and all this other crap to bring it all to light. Iggy’s not Em, but it’s the same bias all over again.

        What’s really ironic, is that you who continue to bash really don’t understand your role in society. You’re no different then the white players who denied blacks playing baseball for all those years, Jackie Robinson had a ton of haters but who looks like the jerks now? Just because someone of another color invented the game why by any reasonable or logical explanation should people of a separate color not be allowed to thrive in it? That is the very core of racism my friend, shame on you.

      • Chris M

        typical white person response. try to turn the racism around on us. right wing talking points. you dont get it Paul….go that way ——->

      • Paul Vincent

        Um no, I’m not the one bringing the skin color of the poster into the convo, and I’m damn sure not right wing, so seriously go get a clue or keep on being a bigot. I grew up getting it my whole life, you don’t know me, I think the only one who doesn’t “Get it” is you.

      • Chris

        Paul, all of us cracker azz crackers are right wing republican racists. Why do you think Iggy gets treated like the “Queen of rap”? It’s because she’s white. Also, if we would stop killing innocent black men, the race issue would be dropped and blacks would go back to committing less crime and become the most productive race. As they say, history repeats itself.

      • no

        👏👏👏👏👏👏 u know if u are getting the “you dont get it” response that u are dealing with someone who cant see past their own prejudice. Props to u for preachin gospel

      • GNS

        I don’t think anyone personally dislikes Iggy. However, the quality of music that she is putting out is poor. That’s a fact. It does not demonstrate the talent or wit of a crafty MC. She described her own music as “pop rap” in her twitter response to Q-Tip. Her rapping is perfectly crafted for popular culture. It is void of deep social messaging… In short, it’s fluff. The reason why artisans of Hip-Hop culture are directly responding to Iggy’s emergence as a pop-star (who raps) is because in one year’s time Forbes pinned her “the Queen of Hip-Hop.” That’s a manifestation of white privy! She doesn’t have any longevity in the game (yet), her lyricism is weak, her word choice is cliche, and yet she is already the queen of hip-hop? This is the danger of cultural appropriation. Simple context: despite Pit Bull and Lil-John’s pop success, no one is going around calling them King of Hip-Hop and for good reason! LOL. But Iggy took a picture of herself and Macklemore w/ the caption “the king and queen of hip-hop.” Not only is she the epitome of a cultural appropriator she lacks deference and humility. #thatsthestuffwedontlike

      • Chris

        I agree that she is without talent. The thing I don’t understand is why forbes would recognize her for anything. She’s not even from america. Send her back. please. that being said, let’s just drop the white privelage thing here. I don’t know why there are so many silly white girls that relate to this kind of music, but that’s who’s to blame. Silly white girls think Iggy is the Queen, so they want to be like her:(


    How do you associate the word “Creative” with her is beyond me!!!!!

    She dont write nothing and TBH she like the new white girl in the hood is the only reason she hot IMO and i bet Kanye pissed he didnt get to put his white Girl Pita or pee or whateva she is out first cuz he missed dat $$$$$$$

    Ot: Did yall know that they call Durags “Urban Tie Caps” lmao tf

  46. therealjjohnson

    Here yall “niggas” go again with yall labels. You won’t be satisfied until everyone has a label and a classification. Yall put way too much energy into dumb shit. In the grand scheme of things this don’t even matter. If you don’t like her music, don’t listen to it and it will go away. Hell…2 years from now we won’t even remember her name. Who cares what it’s classified as, if you don’t like it then don’t support it. If you do like it…then what are we doing again?

    • Umm

      I know you mean well, but the only thing I take issue with is that you say “ya’ll niggas” and talking about classifications. Annnnd we’re kind of are talking about it because that is the subject at hand. When you clicked on this site, I believe you should have had some insight about what would be discussed here. So, you have classified people on here as niggas and if you are black, sorry, news flash, you’re are being classified right now. We (most) of us are on here to have a discussion about the current event at hand. The point is that anyone who sings or raps in any genre should have a genuine knowledge and love for that genre. It doesn’t come off that way to me. JUST my opinion. I feel that she likes the music like many people do. I believe there is this unique white woman who is a model who says she wants to rap…TI thinks job security. Whatever, she can do her. But, please don’t piss on my leg and tell me precipitation is coming from the clouds. She is not a hip hop artist.

      • Paul Vincent

        You entirely missed the point. He used the label to emphasize the point, that this isn’t any different.

      • Umm

        Naw, Paul. I didn’t miss the point. I and any educated person knows when, where, how, and why quotation marks are used. I was stating MY opinion of how I felt it was in poor taste to quote that word and how I disagree with his/her thoughts about classifications. It was MY view and it wasn’t the same thing, but thank you, Paul. Please don’t try to interrupt how someone else receives and responds. I understand context of what I read even if it’s not in paragraphs. It’s the Internet, not a term paper.

      • Paul Vincent

        No one said it was a term paper, but for the record YOU stating YOUR opinion on the internet opens up for other people to state THEIR opinions as well, being as you’re not the only one who has one. And in my opinion, based on your first post, you entirely missed the point. Now that you explain you didn’t it’s clear you understood it, but if you don’t want that confusion then being an educated person you shouldn’t have laid into what someone used inside of quotes for over half your post if you understand what quotations mean. Just stating MY opinion, which I didn’t realize we had to state.

      • Paul Vincent

        I’m legitimately asking, are you trying to say misinterpret? I have no idea what misinterrupt means.

      • Umm

        My bad, Paul. Misinterpret. Even as I was typing that word autocorrect was typing misinterrupt, which is not a word. Not bs. Merry Christmas!

  47. One Nite Stanley

    Shoot, he needed to tell this to almost every new artist since 2000. None of them know the history of hip hop. It’s a money making vehicle for them. And what’s say is, they aren’t generating any real wealth. They’re signing 360 deals, while the labels make millions and millions of dollars off of them. Then when they are no longer poppin, complain that the industry is f*cked up. Nobody don’t get on Nicki non-artistic ass. I was done with her when she said “I’m just coming off the top…asbestos.” Like, really? She took the non-lyrical version of Lil Kim route, then complains when a snow bunny does the same shit. My stance is shame on both of y’all. Could’a took the Lauren Hill approach. Ahhhh…f*ck em all!

  48. no

    Q tip though – the guy who just nominated lil wayne for zulu nation. Lil fckng wayne. He needs to sit down and stay quiet. He has proven that hip hop is not and will never be what it once stood for. Hip hop was a movement yes – toward equality. How is slamming iggy based on skin color (even though she has aboriginee blood) ok? Stop judging based on skin color. Racism makes u look like the ignorant one. This girl can sing/rap anything she wants and it isnt ur business to tell her how to do it.

  49. jfg

    Um Q tip was with the beastie boys. They are white. What does her color matter? I don’t understand this whole schooling? Honestly I don’t. Did she say something that offended him or rap. I’m confused

    • Umm

      I’m not sure you read the whole thing. Beasties boys were the truth, btw! They would even tell you that their race played a role in their success. They are totally different in artistry, however. I love artist of all types from different backgrounds, but my issue with her portrayal, and it’s just that, a portrayal, of what she thinks rap artist should be. I’ve watched her interviews… She is trying to find her way. We can’t keep playing this game of not acknowledging that color does matter. Sad but true.

      • jfg

        How does she act in interviews (actually asking, not sarcasticly)? I’m not even a fan of hers but don’t you think a ton of artists, musicians and most people in the public eye (not all but alot) are playing a roll, acting to portray who they think the people that buy music want them to be. i am well aware that she’s most likely a flash in the pan, but why can’t other artists just let eachother be. I mean they don’t have to like each others music or persona but they don’t have to act so better then. ( even if they are, cause Q tip in tribe and the beasties kills it) but still.

      • Umm

        I was referring to her talking about how she watched Beyonce perform for inspiration and how she wanted people to like her. Which I understand, because what artist doesn’t care about that? Those are just a couple of observations. I was just making a point of how she is finding herself as an artist. If she is still around in the future, I think she will be a different artist…. Probably more of who she is. Doesn’t mean she be rapping, but may be different. Oh, and Merry Christmas!!!!

  50. Paul Vincent

    Man damn I felt like an idiot reading through tweet after tweet, hasn’t anyone ever heard of writing paragraphs anymore? God! What a stupid society we’ve become that we feel we have to tweet someone 50 times to say one dumb thing.

      • Paul Vincent

        Bull. That was supportive like the republicans support Obama. Forced tolerance is not the same thing as support, especially if that tolerance comes with “Education” such as this.

      • Brindle

        Your right if you’re talking about “tolerance” of a race, culture, etc. We’re talking about tolerating an act, it’s her. You can only be so supportive.

  51. C.Hill

    What you all fail to acknowledge is the fact that shes clueless about American culture in its self. She even made a statement about using the word, “nigga” and that if black people use that word in public, why cant she. So clearly shes clueless because although whites use that word behind closed doors, they know better than to use it in public…let a lone use it being a public figure.

  52. purplerain

    so… hiphop is only for black people? Racist. I thought music went beyond that. Somebody’s music isn’t the expression of their ancestors. It’s expressions of themselves, in the moment, just like any other art form.

    • ~Make it s t o p~

      he was givin the history so she could learn where it is from and respect it it is not only for black people you ignorant slut

  53. JustSayin

    He was not saying it is only for white people, he was giving her the history of hip hop and letting her know she has he ability to say more than what some black artists get to say. Thats where the “white privliage” part comes in. She can reach more people and instead of spreading negativity like teerking and fake gang violence. She should not try to blend in just to be attacked like people like that banks chick but be her own person and spread positivity that hip hop once represented.

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