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Funkmaster Flex Blasts Jay Z's Life+Times Website Over Dipset Article (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Funkmaster Flex was feeling some type of way recently about a few of Jay Z’s brands. The Hot 97 DJ went on a bomb-filled rant about his dealing with Hov’s Life+Times website and 40/40 Club. It appears the tirade was an extension of the longstanding feud between Jay and members of Dipset.

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Flex said:

That website is trash by the way. I figured I’d say that trash so you take me serious on where I’m going. They do this interview after I drop my app, asking me a lot of key questions about apps – building apps, how, why, how’d you launch it? But all of that didn’t get put in the story though. But a lot of that information got put into that new Jay Z app. But I was good with that I ate that. I understood it. Everybody’s out here hustling…

Fast forward to today. My assistant gets an email – “We would like to do a story about your involvement in the Dipset reunion” from Life+Times maga… What is it a site? Site’s trash. A bunch of dumb big pictures and no numbers. Y’all can’t move with me in this digital space….

I’ve always been super neutral in this situation. But I don’t understand how somebody from that site can ask me about my involvement in the Dipset reunion. But when I used to go to 40/40, I was told not to play any Dipset records. I’m so confused.

And I’m gonna tell you something about that 40/40 in Atlantic City. There was a security guard that came up to me and told me to change that record, because of my respect for Desiree I changed it. We was gonna wear you out in that club that night. Your whole security is my Tunnel security. I made them dudes rich.

We were gonna press you that night. And just in case you’re feeling lucky, I’m back in Atlantic City this Sunday. You know who I’m talking to. You’re funny looking and you’re a clown. We were gonna take you down that night. You knew it. That’s why you were crying.

Funk Flex goes on to accuse Life+Times’ request for an interview as a ploy to find out Dipset’s next move. He also says Jay’s Samsung “Magna Carta” app may not have crashed if they actually used the information he gave about his own application. Flex then repeats “Don’t play with me,” and says “I let you live in this town, don’t think I can’t ruin you.”

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Listen to Funkmaster Flex’s full rant below.

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121 Responses to “Funkmaster Flex Blasts Jay Z's Life+Times Website Over Dipset Article (AUDIO)”

  1. cromthelaughinggod7

    Flex is an idiot. Jay z actually like his verse he put a few careers on hold. Got people at radio stations fired. Flex is going to be black balled in 3 2 1. Wait for it. He committed career suicide. Flex is not some wise guy in the mobb he talks a lot of big dumb sh*t. I respect Star more than him and Star talks mad sh*t but he is not fake like Flex.

  2. FACTS

    this nigga always runnin his play every fuckin jay z record every feature all his wife records then u turn around and talk shit about the nigga to gain respect from cam and them

  3. Dark Matters

    Haha Pure comedy. Midlife crisis Flex is running his mouth, again. Sounds like a Dipset promo – they already lost, just on account of this nonsense. How do you end a Roc diss, with Roc verses?

  4. Markus

    Whatever his issue is,Jay-Z isn’t losing sleep over it. Jay shows up live and he would cry like he did when he was licking Nicki Minaj’s boots over that Summer Jam situation.


    Ask you bout apps? . . So Flex is a programer now? lol this is tooo funny .. this would be the same if I ask snoop about a cadillac snoop deville and he gone say “oh all the info I dropped is now in the new ferrari” They use these guys names and brand and have a product (app) already ready waiting to be put out . .actually he prollly don´t know the difference between a ios and android

  6. J. Smith

    At what point do we as a people realize that someone is actually doing WAY better than us? Flex is NOT Jay’s equal. You have listeners on a FREE radio station, and you’re not even considered number 1 on that. DJ Self came in and took that spot. No one in this new era seems to want to play their position. You play other people’s music, and you’re annoying with it. Just be grateful that you got in at a time where it was pretty new to do what you were doing, and were able to become a historical landmark. Too many people make the mistake of thinking that they are bigger than they actually are.

  7. Splatter

    not only does this dude talk the most shit without backing anything up but he is by far thee worst famous dj there is. his radio shows are horrible. either he talking mad shit or playing someone who payed a lot of money song 12 times in a row. when he’s not doing that he’s sucking off whoever is in studio giving him an exclusive freestyle. but the worst part about this dude is he is famous for being a dj but he is a horrible dj. this aint the 80s. Dude will play a hard ass hardcore hip hop song and then immediately mix it with a soft ass beyonce song. his transitions are terrible and the songs don’t mix. He’s really full of himself.

    • Splatter

      more like people who can’t stand Flex speaking there minds. i don’t think anybody really gives a shit about at dipset/ jay z beef. this about flex being annoying for the longest. dude is not a good dj period.

    • Judah Nazayar

      jay z fans are the male Barbz..
      when that dude dropped that..Jay z be doing gay rituals.. Them male barbs niccas talked about everything but that..lmao!! Shit..Jaz o said it too.. and Maino.. But these niccas like homobot niccas..if they can rap

    • Celz

      Mad at a old washed up loon like Funk, talkin about nothin? Jay ain’t infallible lol He’s the GOAT in my opinion but his dumb ass still called Armadale Vodka 40 proof in a song, on the final album version.. Smh.. That’s a high school mistake bruh

  8. Saiyan Prince

    Flex is a funny guy. One minute he’s dropping rose pedals at Jay Z’s feet like Prince Hakeem’s harem, now he’s saying he can ruin the guy. I’ve been hearing that for like 2 decades now. Somebody claiming they can ruin Jay. Jaz-O, Dehaven, Dame, Dipset, Beans, so on and so on. If you got the answers Flex, spit em out! Stop pressing that mf’n button and spit it out! Go to war with that dude. What info you got? And just to be clear, I fux with Jay AND the Dips. Got both catalogs on in the iPod in the whip. I wished that Dipset/Rocafella thing worked out. Great music would’ve come from that. I personally think Jay wasn’t with all the perpetuation of East Coast gang culture that came with the Dips. Back on topic tho, Flex shut up!

    • rocnation30

      I AGREE … I’m a fan of Dipset and Jay and flex is stupid … Dick rider when he wants an exclusive jay track an now that he’s supposedly is doin a dipset tour he hates jay and life and times website…gtfoh flex…the nigga is 50 years old still talkin Iike a college kid … Cmon

    • Ryan Cole

      Why would Jay not be a fan of Dipset talking that Blood shit when his fame and fortune comes from selling drugs to black people. One isn’t better than the other.

      • beezy

        Well Jay-Z once spoke negatively about the growing prevalence of gang culture in NY. I think the line was “Big, you’d be ashamed to see NY gang bang, Pac you feel the same thing they use your name in vain.” Something like that.

    • Celz

      Yea they was reppin that blood stuff heavy.. But at least they have real blood affiliations unlike some artists.. And Cali niccas got respect for NY bloods they started UBN, the nationwide prison gang..

      But I think the rift came when Dame made Cam VP while he was on vacation..Like that shyt couldn’t have waited a few weeks..

  9. Damany G

    Flex needs to grow up, Homie is pushing 50 years old still trying to act like he is in his 20’s. Just look at his Beard and that whinny a** voice is annoying. Can’t front on his longevity but he is a professional D**k Rider!!

  10. 2Gees

    Anyone who has been friends with a person is allowed to have a differing opinion on things at different times. For Jay to still have a grudge with Dipset is corny, especially if he speaks about it. Flex is entitled to his opinion. I don’t like that people are supposed to be apologetic to Jay like he isn’t making mistakes too. He needs to stop sending people and at least provide some rationale to why he is doing certain things. Sorry fans, no artist or exec is perfect. Jay Z is no exception.

      • K2gees

        The website doing a story is Jays way of trying to find out flex’s involvement and kill the next move. Why would he still have this ban on dip set music after all this time if it wasn’t a grudge. And if doesn’t want them played in his clubs, why in the hell would he spotlight them in his magazine or website? You tell me what it is?

      • Weedras

        Flexx wasn’t alluding to no recent shit he was alluding to when there beef… and to be frank i can’t even believe the shit Flexx says because Clue has caught him in a lie, Envy has shown he’s a liar too… now he’s coming talking as if he’s a programmer lol! well we won’t hear Jay ppl respond nor him for that matter so its just gonna be Felxx talking shit which i really dont believe unless credited to a reliable source…

    • Ike smith

      Flex is a biytch he has no power what’s so ever like when another fake azz dj was beefing with nas and then he killed papoose career. These guys are vagina. Lol

  11. Wtfcity

    Real talk……………..why would a guy worth more than a few hundred million need info from FFlex to launch a successful app. There is a whole industry more knowledgeable than him, and the people he hired . Jay could hire some of the best. Nobody cares about no dipset. He sounds real bitter.

  12. foshow38

    Flex is the fakest tough guy in the industry. The whole Hot97 is a bunch of clowns..NYC is in need of Radio cleansing…

    • Celz

      Yea but Funk is a well known bitch nicca.. So he prolly deserves it.. I remember when the Outlawz dissed his lame ass.. His Android app needs to be updated too.. Lazy nicca

    • Nashville Kommission

      Every man is entitled to his opinion EVEN if his opinion towards Jay Z. If you really listen and know the history, it makes sense. No disrespect to other comments. I’m not always a fan of flex’s outlandish rants, but occasionally he speaks on some shit.

      • Nashville Kommission

        BK you do do have a point though! I’m a jay fan, but he’s known for industry games. I work with both, so I understand the grip. Truth be told, it could have been talked out off line.

  13. G-Boogie

    Flex sounds like a woman scorned. LoL!! “I don’t need ya’ll for nothing”!!!! “Don’t talk to me”!!! LMAO!!

  14. Weedras

    Who knew Funk Flex was a certified Programmer…. *Bomb* lol!! i would love to ask him what was the purpose of his app… lol!

  15. Jab Zudda

    Whoa! I also think it’s VERY coincidental that Flex is on the Dipset reunion bandwagon straight off the Dame Dash beef. Man, I’m a sucker when it comes to real life hip hop and hip hop related soap operas *grabs a bag of chips*

  16. therealjjohnson

    I couldn’t make it through this shit. What is this nigga talking about? ITs hard to understand and take serious because he using the fake wrestler voice and shit. Then he keep hitting the bomb button. This shit mad corny and irritating to listen to.

  17. El Fenomeno

    the corny thing is that he tapes his rants and uploads them to his own souldcloud lol. he’ll be apologizing to hov like he did to nicki.

  18. beezy

    So let’s break it down- Jay Z’s money gives him access to the best programmers/coders in the world, but he instead wants to steal from Funk Flex; a guy who probably can’t program a universal remote? Really? C’mon son.

  19. C-Rae

    What is wrong with these blasts from hhe past (I.e., 50 cent, Flex, next?) surfacing with absolutely nothing to contribute but mitch-eness? ?

    Can they really be that empty? Just go out in some sort of dignity.

    • The Gary Group

      Nah they too old for this shit. Takin shots for relevancy in the game again?
      Rich Porter rollin in his grave at the way these niggas reppin Harlem

  20. Sean Power

    is Flex mad he didn’t get Roc Nation contract ? give 2 weeks and he will be apologizing say his sorry, just like he did after his nicki rant

  21. greene872

    SMH… Asking “DJ” Flex about App’s is like asking a weatherman for the sports update. FOH! Son’s reaching’! Hot97’s sinking and he ain’t got nowhere to go. Burned too many bridges at any other NY radio stations. I can hear it now, Jay rippin’ him and telling’ him “Flex, drop a bomb to that”!

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