Dr Boyce Watkins: Here’s why I won’t support the coonery of “Empire”

When the Fox Network released the new show, “Empire,” I was concerned about what I might see on screen. Fox is not known for producing the most favorable images of black people, so I figured this show wouldn’t be any different.  For some reason, black dysfunctionality makes for great television, and there is a long line of white guys getting rich off of our willingness to celebrate all that makes us miserable.

If you do some research, you might notice some of the same things I’ve seen in this ghetto-fied hood drama: Pimps, hoes, thugs, gangsters, emasculated black men, and all kinds of other kinds of stereotypical coonery that many of us have grown tired of seeing portrayed on-screen.  Lee Daniels is apparently the man responsible for this televised monstrosity, and I wonder if a day will ever come that the majority of us will refuse to support directors who pimp their people to help bigots like Rupert Murdoch get rich from modern day minstrel shows.

Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson are two of my favorite actors. They are incredibly talented and deserve every opportunity to make their money. But this is a show that I cannot support, because I have a secret dream of seeing the black community prosper, educate itself, build strong families, and become something more fitting of Dr. King’s grand vision.  I can’t tell you everything that Dr. King and our ancestors wanted for our people, but I can certainly say that it had nothing to do with the crap we’re seeing in modern American media.

I also have a few things to say about Lee Daniels and his admitting that he’d like to use the show to “blow the lid off of homophobia in the black community.” I’m not sure why black people are always the target of this kind of propaganda, especially when there are millions of white conservatives who have their own issues with homosexuality as well.  Not to say that any of us should be forced into a position on gay rights or that we can even agree on what it means to be homophobic, but black people do not have a monopoly on homophobia, however it is defined.

Daniels’ efforts to use media as a tool to pathologize his own people might be an even greater reflection of the mental illness he is confronting as he works to cradle a deeply abused inner child.   The same way that abuse victims often become abusers themselves, Daniels has decided to abuse all of us with media messages that are stomach-churning for nearly any conscious black person to absorb.  The same way Michael Jordan spent 20 years pissing on the world because he was the dark-skinned kid who was cut from his 8th grade basketball team, Lee Daniels (along with Don Lemon) is using his new-found power to destroy society’s perception of black people rather than build something more distinguished, thoughtful and meaningful.

Basically, “Empire” wasn’t created to entertain black people (although I’m sure it has black viewers).  It is instead selling an image of blackness to a predominantly white audience that has been long fed stereotypical messages about what blackness represents.  These thug-gangster-hoodrat images are the ones that are deeply embedded in the minds of police officers who shoot black men and potential employers who refuse to give black people jobs.  Just like animals in the zoo, the world loves to observe black people at our most ratchet, because ignorant negroes are simply fun to watch.

The video below goes deeper into what I think about this show.  I also reiterate that I won’t be watching.  Actually, I don’t even watch network TV anymore, I’m a Netflix/Youtube/Amazon kind of guy.  But it’s not as if Fox News cares what I think anyway, I banned myself from their network six years ago (after that silly situation with Bill O’Reilly), and haven’t visited that racist platform since.

Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and author of the book, “Black American Money: How black power can thrive in a capitalist society.”  To have Dr Watkins’ commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 

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  • JohnMyroro

    Watkins personifies just the sort of homophobia that Lee Daniels is talking about.

    • TruthTalk

      Maybe because being that way is not natural in his eyes and others. Has nothing to do with homophobia.

      • Big_Chill


      • Whether you think it’s natural or not, that is the definition of homophobia. And damn them all to hell if you like but don’t discriminate against and bully them. That’s all.

      • TruthTalk

        Saying something is not natural or people not excepting something that goes against nature is not the definition of homophobia. When prejudice’s on top of a persons dislike for homosexual get introduced then a person can be classified as being homophobic. I’m not one for trying to bully anyone and dont condone hating someone due to their sexual preference. You can’t call someone homophobic just because they dont agree with homosexuality.

      • Curtis JSouth

        yeah and if blacks are animals and not really human in whites eyes and others, it has nothing to do with racism….check history… you sound like them

      • TruthTalk

        What you said can’t compare. Never once did I say anything disrespectful. I have nothing against gay people. I checked history and know that homosexuality is a European trait that has been passed on and forced on to other cultures. Check your history and see how Europeans throughout Greece and Ancient Rome would openely sleep with boys. Check your history and and see how slave masters use to rape male slaves and at times make male slaves sleep with each other. Check your history and see how the master use to make little slave boys dress up like little girls. I think its you that needs a reality check and see who sounds like who. Its obvious that you sound like them for excepting the nonsense.

      • Curtis JSouth

        Smh…I literally could destroy you with facts but man I got sh*t to do. I will say this though, please do not quote me bullshit from a written doctrine that justifies you passing judgement on ANY group of people if you know none or have actually interacted with said group and received your own information. It has been done to us but yet you do it to others. Free your mind and love your neighbors. Peace

      • TruthTalk

        What are you talking about. Who’s passing judgment? I stated the orgin of homosexuality. Im not doing anything to others. Never once did I say homosexual ppl are evil or bad, so where did passing judgment come into play??? You seem to be confusing history and facts with hate. Its not hate its called being informative. No group of people on earth should be hated soley based on their color, creed, nationality or sexual preference. But even with that being said that shouldn’t stop people from seeking and exposing knowledge of how a group of people came to be the way they are. Luv thy neighbor is correct but that doesn’t mean be a fool too.

  • Saiyan Prince

    The show just isn’t good.

  • pimpsquadpop

    “Money & Violence” is way better than this crap…

  • Big_Chill

    Bring back New York Undercover!

  • Shotgun_Packa

    Anything on FOX is pretty much.

    • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

      Bernie MAc show was on Fox ;(

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Entertainment Purposes Only. I’m sorry but that’s why I watch television and that’s why I listen to music. I’m not expecting them to teach me anything, show me anything or persuade me to do anything. It doesn’t make me feel embarrassed as a black male that this type of show is on tv. This show and others like it does not define who I am as a person in any way shape or form. I don’t give a damn what’s on tv, if I want to watch it I will. If I don’t I won’t. Simply turn the channel and if enough people stop watching it, it’ll cancel itself. Supply and demand. On a more serious note since we’re talking, how about tackling something more sinister to all races like the food that we eat. The food that’s being sold in these stores that are full of poison. Our health is worth far more than anything on f&^^%g television.. That is if you’re serious about tackling issues that can really make or break a race doc!!

    • Dark Matters

      Black people watch more television than any other group of people in the United States. It is a well known fact that the poorer you are the more television you watch. So, to suggest that there is no correlation between what is on television and the outcomes in people’s lives is a mistake.

      As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the income gap between the wealthy and the poor (which has increased steadily over the years, btw) has increased at almost the same rate at which the selection of television offerings have increased.

      It is scientifically proven that television has an impact on people’s minds. There is plenty of scientific study on the subject. As a matter of fact there is a documented incident known as [will insert the name here when I find the name of the incident. I can no longer remember the name of the incident in Canada]. that influenced odd behaviors in people as a direct result of watching television.

      What’s really funny is that even your “Entertainment Purposes Only” response comes from entertainers who said “it’s only entertainment” when their music was being criticized.

    • sophia

      It’s not just about you and how you don’t let TV shows and negative stereotypes influence you and your life its about the impact that it has on other members of society who perhaps have never met any Black people and this is all they know… Seeing as White people run your government, run your industries and run your media given the history of Blacks in the USA its important that you put your best foot forward every time. Black people can’t afford to have the same attitude as everyone else. we are not competition on an equal footing. Some youngster don’t have good role models at home and are fed this garbage and believe this is normal life. I think it’s naive to believe that people are not influenced by what they see on TV and that being bombarded by negative images of yourself from so many areas of the media has no influence on how you live your life. Non of us lives in a vacuum.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        I understand what you’re saying and it makes sense. For me, the television is primarily used for entertainment purposes only. Yes a vast majority of the world view blacks in a negative light. I’d say that’s their own ignorance because just as they can turn on the tv or search the web for things like Empire and Worldstar, they can also search the web or turn on the tv for things in a more positive light surrounding blacks. You know why they don’t? Because they don’t want too in my opinion. I’m sure for the most part they are watching and searching the web for entertainment purposes only just as most of us are. They may have a different motive for doing so but I nor can you control what people do outside of yourself and your children (to a degree). I feel you though Sophia but it’s bigger than this sweetheart. Much bigger but I feel you..

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  • The 1st 2 eps made me curious to watch it because it’s black and ppl and concerns hip hop,but w/out a context like The Wire or even a show like Power it seems to be on a slippery slope.lee Daniels has an agenda and this show is all about the gay son and his struggle.

    • Troll_E_G

      The scene witj the kid dressing in Drag while there’s a house party going on was so unreal. …no black household will let that ish go that far without saying take that off or boy what is u doing. …propaganda at work fareal

      • @MickeyKnox

        Lee Daniels stated that scene was taken from his real experience with his father. So maybe that wouldn’t have happened in your household but in his it did.

      • Curtis JSouth

        hmmm…. thought that’s what terrace howards character did….guess you didn’t watch it

    • Curtis JSouth

      sooooo out of the whole show, “the gay son and his struggle” are the only things that stuck with you….hmmm

    • STFUUIgnants

      Like the article said, its like theyre trying to paint black folks as the most homophobic. So every “progressive” black show has to show just how bigoted black folks are towards gays. So in other words simultaneously building another black male stereotype, bc we’re suppose to be the biggest homophobes.

  • betty

    In the black community, why can’t a tv just be. The white people have these same type of shows but you don’t hear arguing about, like they expectations should matter. We as black have stop making everything about race issues all the time. When that time comes for it to matter people will be tired of hearing about, like now.

    • Dark Matters

      The difference is the white people have such a diversity of shows about themselves you don’t consider them to be one way or another other than free to be. Not the case with black people.

      I don’t know how old you are, but if you look at the emergence of hip hop and its coincidence with the music video, you’ll notice the profiles of black men that have been dominant within hip hop images, mirror the behavior, mentality and profiles of younger black men in the society.

      And believe me it’s been a huge case of life imitating art than art imitating life.

      Blacks as criminals tends to dominate present day entertainment. To suggest that doesn’t have an impact on society, is just unenlightened.

      • Curtis JSouth

        sooo are you saying that these stories are not true or are you saying we shouldn’t tell them because of how white people will perceive them…. not sure that death row records or bad boy were church going devout self righteous christians

      • Dark Matters

        I was going to offer a genuine response to your comment and then I noticed that you’d upvoted it, yourself. Thanks for the laughter.

      • Curtis JSouth

        you are welcome sir… and thank you for sparring me your fake self righteous stupid ass comment…team work makes the dream work

      • Wtfcity

        You need to study history and open a book. Life imitating art or art imitating life has been argued forever but is very relevant. Propaganda has been used to control populations throughout history. Usually those that are controlled are the first to deny its existence. Goebbels would be a good place to start. Then again ignorance is bliss. Carry on!

    • Brindle

      You not thinking ahead, or you are and somehow benefit socially from the propaganda and whites do complain. They focus more on Americans, we focus on blacks

  • IceBergSlim

    And here we go..This is tragic only Allhiphop..Looks for the negative part and of course some things are going to be unreal it’s TV..all black cast on a major network..Speaking on the culture. My response you shouldn’t watch the show.. I do not see anything negative except the picture your painting… allhiphop is wack

    • Brindle

      You not thinking ahead, or you are and somehow benefit socially from the propaganda.

    • MeloOvaBron531

      you’re lost

  • Psyer

    Good shit Dr. Watkins…”I don’t owe you applause…” for being an emasculated black man.

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  • The show is doing well and it will stay on the air as long as that is the case. Folks that don’t want to watch shouldn’t watch. It’s real easy.

  • King Dolla

    black people…always worried about what white people think of them…do you think white people are worried about what you think of them…fuck no…same lame ass mentality

    • Dark Matters

      Erm you completely missed the point. Black images don’t just affect how white people think of black people, but how black people envision and communicate among themselves. And though I see some value in what you’re saying, we live in a white dominated nation. Therefore, the way white people collectively think of us has an impact on our lives. Once upon a time, they thought of us as slaves. I’m sure you realize what effect that had on our lives.

      And for the record, white people are worried what black people think of them. It’s a fairly human trait. There’s a difference between worrying about what white people think about us and worrying about the images of us that permeate the collective consciousness, because one knows the impact they have. One is an educated perspective on the effects of media on social manifestations, while the other is a psychological condition that exists for a multitude of reasons.

      • Curtis JSouth

        Sooooo we should base our stories and how we feel about ourselves based on what “whites” think about us???

      • Dark Matters

        LOL Bruh… For your information “our stories” aren’t exactly “our stories” if they’re consistently selectively financed and handpicked for broadcast by others.

        There are black astronauts, inventors, scientists and other great men of intellect who existed before and during the emergence of the gangsta pimp thug persona. Why don’t you ask why those stories don’t get told? Are those not “our stories” as well?

        Just goes to show how well the brainwashing is going. Crime is an integral part of any capitalist society. The fact that you consider a routine aspect of any modern society to be our stories tells me how effective the type casting is working. You need to turn off your television and go for a walk in nature.

      • Curtis JSouth

        smh…. don’t know where to start…let me go take a walk through nature….hope when I get back all the problems that are plaguing the black community and the perception of it is gone and forgotten…wait a min, now I sound Stupid As F*ck too

      • Curtis JSouth

        Oh and please stop watching shows like Empire on fox hoping to see stories about black astronauts, inventors and scientists….clearly you didn’t expect that from a show like this. That’s like me getting mad because I cant find real news stories on All Hip Hop

      • Dark Matters

        Typical non-response replies, from you. I have no argument, so I’ll just reduce the conversation to meaningless insults. Have some courtesy Curtis.

        FYI I wouldn’t be dumb enough to watch Fox, if I were stupid enough to watch television meant to reinforce all of the mindsets that are intended to keep me impotent. Hip hop is my one questionable indulgence and these days even that is done in minute doses.

        I’m happy I could edify you. You’re welcome. Happy life to you.

      • TheMisterwise1 .

        When arguing with a fool…from a distance; people staring can’t decide which one is truly the fool. Yeshua said, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine because they will trample them & then turn their anger on you”. #Real-Soul-Food

      • Wtfcity

        Some people are happy being brainwashed. If they wake up from the matrix and see that they have been lied to and living a lie they can’t handle it. Its far easier to assume that YOU are the hater and the fool. All you can do share wisdom in the positive way you did and hope a few of the uninformed start down the path of forming their own opinions.

      • Curtis JSouth

        So I’m brainwashed because I like a good story with multiple layers, up to date relevant topics and entertaining banter with great actors?? Please miss me with all of your pretentious judgements. No tv show, movie or music defines me Or speaks to my knowledge of self importance or accomplishments. I actually help my community on a daily basis. Not sit behind a keyboard and belittle others to make myself feel more important than others

      • Curtis JSouth

        You mentioned the matrix so obviously you watch imaginary bullshit movies as well smh

      • Dark Matters

        That’s all we can do bro – attempt to be our brother’s keeper. After that it’s on them.

      • Curtis JSouth

        But you are dumb enough to speak on something based on another’s opinion without watching it for yourself and come up with your OWN opinion . As you stated”Hip hop is my one questionable indulgence” so please don’t judge mine

      • Dark Matters

        I see your approach is. “insult as much as possible” and maybe then I’ll feel redeemed and reduce the conversation to an insult match, since I can’t make a logically sustainable answer.

        You do realize it would’ve been easy enough for you to say you enjoy the show and you don’t plan on changing your viewing habits regardless of the consequences of these sorts of shows.

        Instead, what you’ve opted to do is ascribe positive value to the show. Which tells me somewhere inside of you, you at least recognize the importance of us not doing harm to ourselves. However, just simply asserting that something is harmless doesn’t actually make it so. Last comment from me, on the matter.

      • sophia

        This is what we are up against… After reading and responding to the some naive comments on this thread even banging my head against a brick wall might not be enough. Thank you for responding to the comment so eloquently it allowed time for my blood pressure to lower to a normal level and you hit the nail on it’s head.

      • Dark Matters

        Thanks for your kind words my dear. It is a huge problem that human beings are essentially biological computers. And thus being such makes them susceptible to the most ridiculous programming about themselves and life in general. So, if you push a person down enough and reward them for remaining down, they start to believe that remaining down is superior to getting up. Some, can’t even imagine what it would be like to “get up”. They start telling you you’re not being black As if one has to do anything to be black other than be black.

        What makes it worst with black people is not only are we subject to this human frailty but we already occupy a lower class position on the global socioeconomic ladder and everyone else’s success is dependent on us remaining right where we are. So, naturally we’re going to keep getting fed all of what will keep us tied to the ground and the best of what we have to offer will be exploited for the evolution of other groups.

        Stay steadfast, though. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Though when we get there it will be no thanks to many of these people who value pleasure over the challenge of improving our position, in the world. Though, you can bet that when we do get there, it’s these same people who will be beating their chests and taking all of the credit and telling you how “they always knew all along” we were meant for greatness and the usual blah blah blah you hear from such people.

      • TheMisterwise1 .


      • Wtfcity


      • Fa Williams


  • Montezuma1

    I agree with Dr. Watkins

  • Steven Wright Montgomery Of Co


  • artcryme99

    The show is garbage for all those reasons and more.

  • Breeze

    Heres the problem with black people. . . You cry “theres not enough black this, theres not enough black that” then when theres black. . . You question whether its good enough or not. Wtf

    • Dark Matters

      Yup. There is such a thing as quality control.

    • Fa Williams

      You do realize that asians and Indians have now shows or very few shows on TV. Yet, they are hired before blacks and not being gunned down by the popos.

  • sam

    No hate…A show..mostly all black cast…will not last on FOX..
    name another show..off an all black cast that has gone more than one season on FOX..or NBC or CBS?

    • Fa Williams

      I’d rather have no black cast than to be portrayed as coons. Imagine if that Indian girl Mindy was portrayed as a hoe and backstabber on her new show. How would people view Indian people. Blacks are the official criminals in this country. This affects our lives more than Michael brown or all the other police shootings.

  • Curtis JSouth

    Black people have been conditioned to become the LARGEST group of haters I swear….even to the point of hating themselves

    • Wtfcity

      Have negative representations of your race done by other races so they can make money is not hating. Go do some nonsense like this about jews and see how far you get. It wouldn’t be allowed. Black people sell they souls for a few trinkets so they can appear successful. Then the exact same people who watch this bs and call everybody haters are the same uniformed fools that industry and the government preys on. I bet every dime from those who like to brand people as haters is spent before they even get it. Ciroc, Jordans, rims, clothes entertainment. Smh……………………………..brainwashed and liking it. Ignorance is alwyas the least painful and most entertaining.

      • Curtis JSouth

        So why did you watch it and if you didn’t why are you speaking on something that you haven’t seen for yourself. And are you saying that blacks shouldn’t watch anything. You do know that There are other shows you can watch right.

      • Wtfcity

        I would not be able to form an opinion and gain perspective without watching the show.The point is with such limited choices why are the choices always the same predictable fare? Spoon fed by others who could care less about the consequences to those that are always negatively portrayed. People actually form opinions off of this so called entertainment.

      • Fa Williams

        Did you just ask him “So why did you watch it and if you didn’t why are you speaking on something that you haven’t seen for yourself” LOL Damn put the smokes down homie.

      • Curtis JSouth

        Obviously you didn’t read his prior comments. I do not smoke and I’m not your homie…F.O.H

      • Fa Williams

        Thank god homie.

      • Fa Williams

        Yeah but you asked why did he watch it. I watched it to see what was going on with the show. Doesn’t mean I support it. I couldn’t make a decision on rather I liked it or not with out watching it. Now that would be true bias. I’m just tired of these negative images of black people.

        I was reading some article and this guy spoke the truth. He said if you see a white person in the hoodie you think oh that’s Mark Zuckerberg or some other tech guru. When you see a black person in a hoodie you think of something totally different.

        I remember when I was a kid (a long time ago) I was just happy to see any black person on TV or the movies, even if they were negative images. I guess I changed or I opened my eyes and really saw what’s going on.

      • Curtis JSouth

        I feel you man…. honestly just tired of blacks allowing one show or song to dictate how we act or should see ourselves. No t every show has to speak to or represent all of us. We are a diverse people so I get others point but don’t talk down on your own like your better because someone relates to something that you dont. I think the news and Media does more to push stereotypes of black men but I don’t stop watching the news. I don’t let it define me either

  • scullyson

    BS show.

  • Curtis JSouth

    Black people the first ones to call and label other blacks that they think are beneath them “COONS”.. but claim that their fake self righteous asses are defending our race…makes you think who are the real racists

  • Curtis JSouth

    well said Raymond Fergunson

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    I don’t think any one person individually talked to every Black Person in America and asked how grateful or ungrateful, satisfied or unsatisfied they are with Empire. I believe it’s best to direct the blanket assumption to the person who wrote the damn opinion….instead of the imaginary Black People who are giving their imaginary opinion- and who may or may not be the problem holding EVERYONE back culturally with that Infamous Imaginary Black People “Hold’em Back” rope.
    2015, twenty days in and the same messy code conditioning thoughts on this website. Man the f$ck up and direct your words to the Writer of this Opinion.

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  • ytgarner

    Yup Coonery at its best

  • CousinVinny75

    Just reading some of the comments on here shows you how much of a joke we have become. The brainwashing has worked to perfection

    There are literally some buffoons on here saying that we should just be happy that they have some black people on TV period

    We have people who are that desperate to see people who look like them that they don’t give a damn how bad they make us look, as long as we are on TV.

    • sophia

      Couldn’t agree more, I am sick and tired of ignorant people saying its just entertainment… It is not! I don’t even live in the US and I am not American but even from where I am, I can see how destructive these types of shows are given your history what is going on in the US at the moment and the under representation of Black people in every area of government, industry and Media.

  • NY’s Gmoney

    Every time a show with with black ppl is successful on tv some idiot tries to say it’s coonery or it makes blacks look bad. I think some critics lives are so boring they forget these shows are just entertainment & not real life. They say love & hip hop is a bad representation of blacks even though half the NY cast is Latino. To say some white employer wouldn’t hire a person of color because he watched an episode of Empire last week is coonery in it self because if that’s the case he’s prejudice and wouldn’t of hired me anyway.

    • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

      come on bro half the cast? lets keep it real its only two or 3 latino people on there and thats a strong push at 3… its still cookery and buffoonery, I wanna see some educated black mofos like the Cosbys that face real life situations not some mofo baby mama drama. I got my own baby mama drama rofl

    • Fa Williams

      Man these shows do effect how people see YOU. Yeah sure its just entertainment. You think jewish people would portray themselves as ignorant or thuggish.

  • Boyce Watkins

    I wrote this article with the intention of sharing a point of view that others seem to have as well. I have no problems with those who are looking to enjoy the show, I just won’t do it. Consider me to be one of the designated drivers for the black community: When everyone else is at the party getting “turnt up,” I’m the one who says, “Let’s not drink too much.”

    I wish Terrence and Taraji the best, but this is what needed to be said. Maybe this will play some small part in how they choose to shape the show up in the future. What I’ve laid out here isn’t rocket science.

    Thanks to Chuck Creekmur and AllHipHop for laying out alternative points of view. Hip-hop culture is too meaningful, too powerful for us to allow it to be consistently co-opted by ignorance. Black people, we are better than that.

    • Django 2Chainz

      So Have you actually watched the Show??

    • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

      you did the right thing I felt the same way I’m glad someone was real enough to speak on it. My brother and I argued that the show was trying to make us forget about the recent treatment of blacks in America, Ferguson, Mike Brown, etc.

    • Wtfcity

      You are on point. People who cant think for themselves see no harm in this nonsense until it continues to help stereotype them and their children when dealing with law enforcement or trying to get a job. The same people who think this is oK, will cry racism in a hot second.

    • Carlos Green

      Lee Daniels show empire is coonery. But lee does not have the power to promote homosexuality on a political level and change laws..President Obama is the biggest promoter of Homosexuality and the Gay agenda in this Country. Everytime he does a major speech he always use it to promote homosexuality and the Gay agenda. In his State of the Union address a few days ago Obama said we must protect the right’s of gay and transgender citizens ..How about Obama protecting the rights of young black men getting murdered by Police

  • Django 2Chainz

    Empire is not a Coon show…I can name several other shows that re waaaaay More “Coonery”…You should be more upset of at “Hip Hop” itself because the images we as a community support from it are far worse than this TV show so far

    • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

      thats that reality TV bull stuff it will soon come to fade and pass that are what shows that counter that tho

      • Django 2Chainz

        I sure hope so bro…Shits gone too far now

  • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

    I said this show was trying to connect the black man and the black community and I’m glad i was right! Dr. Watkins you are the man fox is biased against black people anyway so I know what it is.

  • Lem

    Unfortunately… “ratchet” sells nowadays. Thats why shows like Family Matters, Fresh Prince, and Martin and that kind of genre doesn’t exist and will be reinvented.

    • Papi Peligro

      you just gave me and idea for a show ratchet

      • rafffi

        My idea now

  • artcryme99

    Funny thing is the gay guy looks like the straightest one in that pic.

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  • Guest

    Same ole shit! Fake black hip hop family that don’t exist! Dudes like Clive (di@ras_kass ,,,,,, there’s a lot of fools in the RAP gam3 who fit that description! ,,,, there’s a lot of Tom’s in my race homie!! Granny use to say “If the shoes don’t fit! No need to worry!!! “g deep in a black man’s ass Davis)

  • StephLover

    Its entertainment. I don’t live my life by this show or any other show. I watch it and I move on. When we stop acting like asses in our every day life and act like we have some sense as a race maybe we wouldn’t be stereotyped. But then again, maybe we still will be. If everyone worry about themselves and teach their own a better way, we wouldn’t look to TV or celebrities as a blueprint.

    • StephLover

      I know I teach mine better and strive for better than what we see when look outside our doors and windows. I have seen far more worse coming up in the black community. And I teach mine that we can be better than what we see on a daily basis. That’s why I mentor troubled youth. I teach them not to be stereotypes or a product of their environment.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      sadily mainstream has much more influence on people especially the youth than those immediately around them … rich or poor … for the most part …. there are exceptions …. its the reason why everyone is on social media why people twerk plank knock out games etc …. i feel like i am one (the exception) but it aint many of myself out here …. but i do notice people turning a tide or @least wanting to make that move …. imo some how our righteousness needs to take over mainstream for it to really illuminate and resign-ate in peoples minds that its ok to be modest and positive and youll live a better life … talk is talk … walking it out and living it up is what they need to see …. sadily for the most part our society is monkey see monkey do …..

    • sophia

      My life is far removed from the stereotypes that are presented in this show and some others. I disagree with your statement and I find it very worrying. While we many have control of our lives this information is being presented to other more vulnerable Black people as being part of normal life. In addition other groups that don’t have much interaction with Black people are also being fed this catalogue of stereotypes and will have a very negative image of me and you because of it. It becomes easier for you and me to be discriminated against in the work place, it becomes easier for your son and my son to get shot. It makes it easier for us to disrespect each other as a people. If Black people were well represented in other genres I would not have an issue with this show, but to be the first all Black TV series and to lay out this life in the gutter with a few million dollars thrown in to make it look glam is not a good move. I don’t buy in to the ‘well everyone else is stereotyped’, ‘everyone else does this’, ‘everyone else has these sorts of programmes’. Black people need to recognise that we are a hugely disadvantaged group and can not afford to behave the same way as ‘everyone else’ we need to work harder, try harder and be better in order to get a fair bite of the apple. We need to stop airing our dirty laundry on TV and keep our children in school and send them to college. We need to collectively raise our game and encourage each other to tow the line. I am not American and I don’t live in a White country either but I am sure that I will have a better life experience if I don’t have to switch on the TV and watch yet another Black American child shot because of the stereotypes that some people seem to think mean nothing.

      I teach my children the right way, buy the books give the talks, vet their friend, set high standards for them but if outside of this bubble that I have created for their social, moral, spiritual and intellectual upbringing they see that the majority of the world sees them as these destructive stereotypes they will have to carry the weight of that with them where ever they go. Its not enough for me to do for my kids. I demand that others do for my/our children and if we are fortunate enough to get into positions of power/responsibility/influence we have a obligation to uplift the Black community. If we are not inclined to do that then we should just shut our mouths. I think Lee Daniels should have just kept his mouth shut.

  • Carlos Slim

    Same ole black rap family involved with crime, drugs and dumb shit! It seems like it’s cool for Black fools to kill each other on tv and no one protests but when law enforcement kills one in an act of violence y’all protest and riot! Its not even good music on the show, it’s corney ass botched hip hop, botched wanna be mob family! Smh! Perception of y’all is on point! Keep up the good work MANTAN

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      actually the music is dumbed down on purpose per timberland so they can show growth in the artist as the series progress

    • UBR 1690

      STFU! You make no sense.

  • bitterdose

    This shit ain’t nothin’ new or exclusive to blacks. He can miss me with all this conspiracy theory bullshit. White folks played roles equally as scandalous in the 80’s on Dallas & Dynasty. All they’ve done is put a hip-hop spin on it. These networks throw shit up against the wall all the time & hope something sticks. If not, they will cancel this show & try something else

    • Kiara Ashanti

      So why is it always hip-hop or sports, and not an oil tycoon? See the difference man?We get a hr long drama and they gangstas, not lawyers, doctors, etc.

      • UBR 1690

        Why do they have to be doctors or lawyers???? Actors don’t wanna play that shit all the time. I mean this when I say this for actors there is nothing wrong with portraying a gangsta.

      • Kiara Ashanti

        because thats all or nearly all black actors get to portray. its another modern example of the box they put black people into in Hollywood. Which is ironic considering how they are all so into love of blacks folk, and not being racist and all. :/ How about this? Why couldn’t it have been a black financial trading firm, and Cookie is named Carolyn and getting out of jail for insider trading. You think they cannot portray sex and scandal with that subject? They have with white people. Or how about its a tech start-up, and Luscious stole the idea from someone. Hmmm, I’ll tell you why. One, because hollywood does not see blacks in those roles. They think that is something blacks don’t do. And two, Lee Daniels is more obsessed with making a point about gays, than showing people that look like him in a less stereotypical light.

      • UBR 1690

        I call bullshit. There is a black woman portraying president of the United States. There is a black man playing a high level management consultant. There is a black woman news anchor. There are black people portraying surgeons, lawyers, judges, and investigators. All of this is on my tv screen. So saying all black actors get to portray the former is a gross overstatement. As for your examples Lee Daniels wanted to the show to have glitz and glamour and that’s where the Hip Hop element comes in. Why does he have to create a show about a financial firm or a tech start-up? Also the show is not about sex and scandal. It’s about family and dysfunction. How about focusing on all the things that the show sheds light on. You know like, homophobia, ALS, or mental illness. That should be what people care about.

      • Kiara Ashanti

        Dude I said mostly. And 5 instances does not over shadow the decades of the opposite and the opposite theses actors get offered for on a regular basis. Listen to them in interviews and they will tell you the struggle it is to get scripts with them portraying something other than angry black woman, sexy black woman, pimp, criminal, etc. I’m not saying its the 50’s but it is a problem. Plus this is the 1st all black drama on prime time tv. And what do they do, hip-hop with them former drug dealers and killing a friend in the first episode. really? That’s the best Lee could do?

      • Kiara Ashanti

        And I could give two sh_ts about the propaganda on gayness. Look its a choice, so leave it at that.. dont try to sell they are born that way. AND if you are gonna sell something, SELL BLACKS OWNING A BUSINESS OTHER THAN HIP-HOP, GANGSTA NONSESNSE. SELL THAT! gays dont need any help with how they are portrayed in hollywood. they have plenty of allies for that. blacks dont. thats the problem with daniels and Rhimes, too obsessed with gay stories and characters. get obsessed with black characters. What did we get with Scandal? A side chick adulterer? How to get away with mruder? A cheating, angry black woman? both with white dudes. I’m just saying where are the stories we see on tv all the time, but with blacks instead of whites.

  • Papi Peligro

    Basically, “Empire” wasn’t created to entertain black people (although I’m sure it has black viewers). It is instead selling an image of blackness to a predominantly white audience that has been long fed stereotypical messages about what blackness represents.

    what is hiphop? I’ll take state of the union for 100 please.

  • Kiara Ashanti

    LOL what makes this so funny is this idiot is so obsessed with Fox he ignores NBC, CBS, ABC. I mean really has Hollywood ever gone out of its way to portray blacks positively like gays. I mean really, every gay character on tv is written so sympathetically. But not blacks. Its been that way for like ever. So why no mention on their racism? Oh right because they are not owned by Murduch. Well neither was Sony? read any of their emails lately? lololol

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      even the gay guy in empire who has the true talent … damn never peeped that !! they so damn worried about thier sexual prefence getting respect … they totally skipping over who they are which is the first thing someone will see before they start gay bashing ……. good comment

  • Q.

    Gotta ride with Watkins on this one. I love Taraji and T. Howard as actors, but Empire is that Amerikkkan comfort food, n!gga drama that white folk (and Black folk) love to gulp down, and is reminiscent of Hustle & Flow (“it’s hard out here for a peeimp”). And y’all love it!

    Funnily enough, this show was created by a white guy, brought to TV courtesy of Lee Daniels, the purveyor of ratchetry, Black pain and suffering in media. That’s why he put Precious’s big azz in the show with a stupid-looking blonde wig. SMH

    Even funnier, Lee Daniels pumps this ghetto tripe to America, while Oprah pumps the downtrodden, Civil Rights Negro experience on the other end… Now, Oprah and Lee Daniels are like BFFs in the game…SO WHAT AGENDA ARE THEY REALLY PROMOTING TO BLACK PEOPLE?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i didnt even realize they used the same actors as hustle n flow … could be hustle n flow pt 2 lol

      • Q.


        …But seriously, you peep the subliminal, right? …White folks loved Hustle N Flow for the same reasons as they do Empire, and subconsciously associate the two films, thus the ratings. And you remember they even gave that bullsh!t 3-6 Mafia song an Oscar for Best Song. But that was a low-key slap in the face, not a big-up, like “Let’s praise these n!ggers for their n!ggerdom!”…It’s all a mockery.

  • Dope

    ”For some reason, black dysfunctionality makes for great television, and
    there is a long line of white guys getting rich off of our willingness
    to celebrate all that makes us miserable.” – Nope, black has nothing to do with it, people wathc Honey Bo Bo or whatever it’s called and any other white reality show as well… the reason is, people are bored and need entertainment, watching others problems entertains them.

    • Black_Fist

      The difference being that shows like honey boo boo and duck dynasty aren’t seen as being indicative of white culture as a whole where as the buffoonery seen in shows like this are used as the template for viewing blacks as a whole by those outside our community.

      Being entertained is one thing but when that entertainment is shaping your opinion on a particular race then people need to be more self conscious about the shows they promote and what they mean to the greater public.

      • Dope

        Many people think the same of honey boo boo, that it represents all the white people from the south. The difference being that, when it comes to white people, there are a few different groups that are stereotyped while blacks are all cast as one group, but that is due to numbers and no notable other group within the black group.

      • sophia

        I am not living in America but I have seen Honey Boo Boo and in my mind it does not reflect White southern American because eI have seen hundreds of other representation of Southern life. Its not compatible. Yes people like to watch programmes about people with problems but why do they have to have stereotypical BLACK problems?

      • Dope

        Every single reality show panders to same people and uses stereotypes, regardless of who it is. If it’s a show about black people it will portray black stereotypes, if it’s a show on asians it will portray asian stereotypes, if it’s a show about nerds, gays, rednecks etc.. whatever it is, it will portray those stereotypes. Why? Because they are entertaining for the masses. Without stereotypes they would be the same as the audience.. and that would be boring so the producers push for stereotypes to make the group in the show differ from the audience and provide the audience with the entertainment they want. Nothing more, nothing less, just dumb entertainment.

      • sophia

        Educated Black people should know better than to produce programmes like this and present them to the world when there is nothing else available to BALANCE it out. Yes various groups are stereotyped but how many of these stereotypes lead to a higher incidence of false arrest and harassment, disproportional jail sentences, justification for being shot in the back by police officers, promote underage sex and teenage pregnancy, present drug abuse as being a normal part of lifeI could go on. If I had a choice about my stereotype I would take over-protective mother over ghetto hood rat. As I said previously not all stereotypes are created equal so therefore the consequences of presenting these sorts of shows when so few positive programmes with a majority Black cast exist are very destructive to the community.

      • Dope

        Stereotypes aren’t created to change a group though, the are a comical description of it. Black people, and by that I mean the ghetto portion, not educated or simply regular people, love to promote a certain lifestyle which glorifies gangs, guns, drugs and such.. so their behavior, which is entertaining to others, created those stereotypes and they keep reinforcing them. If they want to lose them, they need to change that behavior in real life. Any educated person knows a difference between an ordinary man with black skin, and a ratchet hood rat of the same skin color.

      • sophia

        I disagree. I believe that the stereotype is a useful device created to control a group and allowed to persist if there is a benefit to either those who conceive it or those who fit that stereotype. The close Italian family, the highly academic piano and/or violin playing Asian are stereotypes that these groups actively promote because they are positive stereotypes and place those groups at an advantage. When Black characters were first portrayed on regular films where the White main cast were not stereotypical characters they would regularly wheel out the Black Mamma or the Sambo caricatures. This was not a self determining move this was a calculated manoeuvre designed to maintain the social heirachy of the time and as far as I can see not that much has changed since then. These roles are forced on to Black people at the expense of the depth and diversity available to White society in America. Where is the comical description of people like me and my family? I know we can be just as entertaining in my type of family but not in the way that the White Media have CHOSEN to promote. Why would a Black person with the power to contribute positively to the image and social standing of Black people CHOOSE the ‘ghetto portion’ as a first offering to present to the world? We know that the media influences the aspirations and behaviour of individuals. If you compare the media representation of Black people to the media representation of White people it is very easy to see why so many young Black people have such low aspirations. Unfortunately not every educated person can tell the difference. Not every educated person will even want to get close enough to you to have a conversation in order to be able to tell the difference. Wasn’t Oprah Winfrey more or less brushed off in a Swiss shop when she asked to see a very expensive bag. The sales assistant refused to hand it to her. Why because her skin is BLACK and the person educated enough to serve in this high class establishment only knows Black people by stereotypes that she sees on TV so she did not see Oprah Billionaire could by out the whole chain if she wanted to… She saw BLACK woman either could not afford it or she was going to try to steal it. Never mind the nice shoes and shirt she was wearing at the time… She could not see past the Black skin and neither can the majority of White and Black Americans. Many of us buy into the same stereotypes that we hate too.

      • Black_Fist

        That’s true. White families do tend to fall in a variety of groups where as black families always fall into one stereotype: ghetto. & I do believe all races are stereotyped one way or another, but the ONLY stereotype of blacks that seem to resonate with audiences are those that show blacks in a negative light, black or otherwise. For some reason, the role of a strong black male or a unified black family hasn’t resonated with audiences since the days of “Fresh Prince”.

  • Reblogged this on and commented:
    Your thoughts true or nah? I like to be open minded. Everyone I know loved this show. It was interesting to hear what he had to say. I do agree that blacks sell out their own race on TV to depict us horribly (like reality shows)… However I want to give this show a chance. I truly feel that we are going to see the characters grow and the sterotype minimize.

  • Aiden_Abetting

    Coonery at its BEST!

  • steppingoff

    What black community?? There hasn’t been a strong, unified black community since the civil rights erra. Since then it has become “Every Man For Himself” and “Crabs In A Barrel”. As Chris Rock once said… “black people hate the same things that whites hate in black people.” Everyone go buy the next iPhone, new car, you’re $400 weave, and continue to live selfish, entitled lives!! “IMPLOSION” the opposite of explosion. That is the “black community”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      my point exactly thats why shows like this are kind of crazy when you think about it … especially if its about an agenda vs just entertainment …..

    • ThePokeMaster

      I prefer individual thought vs mob mentality, which only encourages further segregation.

      • steppingoff

        And as individuals there will be no real progress within the black community. I’m sure you’ll do just fine…….. Good For You!!

  • MadVillain

    big fan of dramas
    however imo this shit just isnt good enough to really get into

  • The Legendary Troll

    Empire is another reason for a white honkey to see a black kid and stereotype him like they’ve been doing for centuries. Any man that watches this coon show deserves to be slapped

    • Curtis JSouth

      Stereotype them based on what character in the show??

      • Naye

        Basically. I dont know any super rich super famous black people running empires built on drug money personally soo…

      • Curtis JSouth

        Soooo they don’t exist??

  • Individual

    Wtf. It ain’t that serious. Every piece of art with people of color should NOT be politicized and have to speak for an entire ethnic group. I can see if this was Amos n Andy days, but representation has become more varied. This show is a hood “Dallas”. Its entertainment people. Get a life.

    • Freezamon

      You would be the first person killed in the true revolution….

    • sophia

      And there in lies the problem. Until we realise that based on the fact that there are very few all Black tv series produced this IS effectively speaking for an entire ethnic group. I am not African American but if I had to go by what I saw you guys dishing out to the rest of the world I would probably believe that every Black person in the US is either a hood rat, a gangster/thug drug dealer pimp, prostitute or hip hop artist have I missed any? Because that is all I ever see. If I had to grow up there and that is the popular representation of people like me it is bound to be challenging because people believe those stereotypes. Fortunately for me I am Black and have a different existence than these popular stereotypes which are all very recent by the way. While I appreciate the entertainment value of this programme I don’t think that in a White dominated society the social issues that affect Black people are well served by glamourising this sort of trashy lifestyle. If there were other programmes showing normal life across a range of socioeconomic groups because lets face it not much that happens in the series is normal (unless you think it is normal to run a multimillion dollar music empire) then I would not have a problem with it. But there is not much else out there.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    the show is pretty good but smh @ daniels hidden gay agenda i def get the gay character now lol … but @ the end of the day why are we focusing on a gay agenda for black folks when we have yet accomplished the MEN agenda in the black community !! thats prob why its so many guys like daniel out there cause they have yet to be MEN YET !!!!!!

  • I had to stop watching when he dunked his son in the trash. Fox can’t ruin my mind with they’re cartoons though. Family Guy will always be my show.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    all in all i like what Marlon Wayans recently said about todays black entertainment … we def need to stop building barriers for ourselves and mentally enslaving ourselves with stuff like this … especially if its successfull … cause it will generate more success … we def need to start celebrating more often and stop tearing folks down especially when they are succeeding … sometimes negative content comes because the person in charge is about that content … but !! it doesnt mean that will stop the next man … in actuallity it will open doors for the next man who may have a different perspective that YOU may actually like … but regardless lets start to celebrate these achievements … and see it as a way for you or someone you know do something big that the people will support !!


    This show needs some COLOR! The excessive use of make up in this series got me debating light-skinned vs. bright skinned.

    • steppingoff

      Truth. America wants to believe it has come so far. Where are the dark skinned news anchors, actors, etc…?

      • Charles Beuttel

        black president, black surgeon general, black attorney general. This show is for 100% black people. Like world star hip hop, its wildly popular amongst blacks. But the excuse is, white people love stereotypes? And you go back to doing absolutely nothing and thinking about nothing but race-while acting like damn ignorant stereotype. Democrat KKK makes me sick. (Lincoln was republican, look it up).

      • UBR 1690

        shut your white racist ass up.

      • Charles Beuttel

        go back to watching empire stereotype black america lol. obama doubled unemployment amongst blacks but you LOVE his half black skin too much!

      • Charles Beuttel

        racist racist racist!!!

  • Wtfcity

    When I called this Trash coonery people was mad and called me a hater. If you have half a brain cell today you are a hater. Brainwashed black people today are pathetic.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    S t r a i g h t G a r b a g e

  • ms marjane

    I’m so surprised to see a real article on allhiphop, I don’t know what to do with myself. Can we mark this as some kinda national holiday or something? Dr. Boyce do you or anyone else who can write have more to say? Will you please continue to publish on AHH?

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  • Slaughtr

    Glad somebody speaking some sense.

  • Slaughtr

    Corny yuppie ass fks. at that.

  • mr terrell

    All black people do is cry and bitch over shit.. get over it, ya’ll take shit to serious. I’m black and i’m sick of seeing you people crying and whiningI

    • Fa Williams

      I use to think just like you. The actuality though is these images will be imbedded in peoples minds, many who might have never interacted with a black person. This will affect you in hiring and how people treat you.

      • TL

        Fa Williams so I am a writer and artist must stifle my creativity and not create anything about my own life that does not follow your script of blackness. It is the need that you have to sanitize black images that shows that you are still enslaved and part of racism instead of fighting it. Do you know in Nigeria there are shows like this and there is no issue. It is the self loathing of American blacks that hold you back.

      • sophia

        Do you know that in Nigeria the media is controlled by Black people? There almost all presenters are Black,the government is Black the majority of people that live there are Black. They have shows like this and hundreds of others so things balance out in much the same way as it does for White America.

  • King Kredible

    Dear Dr. Watkins,

    I agree with the majority of your opinions, but not this one. The problem with these negative images is not that they exist. It would only be a problem if they weren’t a reflection of many realities in African-American culture. They are. The problem is that while they represent a small slice of African-American culture, they comprise the majority of the images of African-American culture in American entertainment. This has been a very consistent and intransigent theme of American entertainment since its inception. A show like “Empire” is only harmful because there are no dramatic shows about African-Americans like you or me. Forgive my cynicism, but I expect nothing short of a revolution to change this phenomenon, since the fundamental engine of American culture and economy is driven by the oppression and subjugation of people of color. However, while I respect your opinion to disagree, I will alert you that your inexplicable personal attacks on Lee Daniels, Michael Jordan, and Don Lemon are exemplary of the very behavior you criticize them for in your diatribe. Dr. King once asked “How is it that you see the splinter in your brother’s eye and fail to see the plank in your own eye?” I think you should consider this quote the next time you decide to stand on your lofty perch to cast a finger of judgement upon those with whom you disagree.

    • ExoticWaves

      People are killed over Jordans yet Jordan hasn’t forcefully denounced the violence. Criticism doesn’t automatically mean “I hate your existence, you should die.” Instead view criticism as a call to action to change the course that you’re on. Not even MLK was above criticism, so why should Jordan, Lemon and their ilk be above it?

      • King Kredible

        Criticism is one thing, personal attacks are another. What does mental illness or getting cut from an 8th grade basketball team have to do with anything? It makes Dr. Watkins sound like a scorned jump-off and completely torpedoes his argument. He does himself a disservice and it makes it hard to take him seriously.

      • ExoticWaves

        So you can’t take the totality of his message (which is about blaxploitation) seriously because he has an opinion on Jordan, et al?

      • King Kredible


        “an even greater reflection of the mental illness he is confronting as he works to cradle a deeply abused inner child”

        “The same way Michael Jordan spent 20 years pissing on the world because he was the dark-skinned kid who was cut from his 8th grade basketball team”


        Once you reveal that you have a personal problem with someone, then you’ve given up your credibility as an objective critic. Those are quotes I would expect from a jilted lover, not an objective cultural authority. In fact, they suggest that it is Dr. Watkins, not Daniels or Jordan, who is struggling with personal demons. Just sayin’.

      • ExoticWaves

        That’s your choice, and you certainly have merit in your perspective about his off-color comments. But sometimes it’s good to see the benefit/value in someone’s idea, even if we disagree with part of the message.

  • ExoticWaves

    Unfortunately in our culture, negativity and controversy and out-of-the-ordinary sells at the expense of critical and introspective analysis. People seem to not understand that the images portrayed on TV were carefully edited and chosen to reflect a certain ‘reality’. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment that if a non-black person never met a black person at all and instead formed their opinion from TV, they’d wonder if black people were crazy. I’ve met more than a few people in my travels who have asserted such sentiments. What black people need to do is to create their own media empire from TV to News to Music Distribution to Movies and more. They need to carefully control the messages that are put out into the world. Black people should not leave it to white media moguls and executives to portray a positive image when we’ve seen for the past few decades the destructive images that are portrayed on TV. Time for black people to stop an individualistic approach (how much do Jay-Z Michael Jordan comment on political issues afflicting the black community) and come together with a common goal of improving the black image and reputation around the world. Can’t leave it to whites to do it.

  • John Bailey

    Thank you Dr.Boyce I have been trying to say the same thing to my wife and sister’s we as black people are way to eager to support black ventures just because they are black ventures and not on rather or not they truly deserve our support this especially happens in media witch is very dangerous when dealing with that double edge sword know as media portrayal of US

    • Charles Beuttel

      enter in Obama. Doubled black unemployment….loved for his skin color.

  • omega86

    A simple rebuttle, your blog and views are the exact reason we don’t have much black television. You bitch and moan about these supposedly reinforcing negative stereotypes,but what positive black television are you supporting? Are you watching Own? Are you watching Black-ish? Are you watching Instant Mom on Nickelodeon? How about KC Undercover on the Disney Channel? I can bet not. Don’t sit here and complain about positive shows not being entertaining and then complain that the networks have to put negative shit out (which isn’t negative but a representative of life and the issues that a regular black family goes through) to show that diversity is needed in television. Please, have an issue with the show if you need to. But also be part of something productive in changing the way we are looked at on television.

    Furthermore, Lee Daniels’ attempt in exposing homophobia in the black community is relevant because he is black and gay, and experienced it first hand with his father. Many of the interactions between Jamal and Lucious are inspired from his own life and his own father thinking that he wasn’t good enough: something that you sat here and perpetuated with this very article in referring to Jamal Lyon as an emasculated man, so don’t tell the lie that these things don’t happen in our community. And you effectively show ignorance in not knowing the difference between Fox Broadcasting and Fox News. Fox Broadcasting has been pushing a liberal agenda for years, and even spent many of it’s very liberal based HIGH-Rated shows in Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bones, Sleepy Hollow and more, poking fun at the news division and separating itself from it.

    New niggas think they’re saying something profound, but the truth is they don’t want to see the truth about their community being exposed. Now, that’s coonery…

    • Randette Brown

      While I do not use that word in any form – THANK YOU for hitting the nail on the head
      I come across ‘newbies’ thinking they know everything, while they know NOTHING but rhetoric and hate/bigotry

      It’s pathetically sad

    • Xavier Gomez

      Preach! Those stereotypes are what a large majority of the black community has become and it’s can’t be ignored any longer. Intelligent blacks who AREN’T COONS know that.

      • sophia

        The majority of Black women have served prison time, the majority of Black men have committed murder and the majority of Black people can only make progress through the music industry vamongst other things amongst other things. The majority of Black Men are abusive and the educated Black man never wants a Black woman as a partner hmmm. I think that is just what the powers that be what to be truth and feed the uneducated so that they aspire to nothing more. I doubt that the majority of Black people actually live those stereotypes. I don’ doubt that there is a need to address issues associated with disadvantaged socioeconomic groups that a significant number of Black Americans find themselves in. These are not addressed by TV dramas that glamourise them though.

    • Charles Beuttel

      Hold on, you think black-ish is positive black tv? The show that makes the father out to be a weak idiot where black culture is having a “big butt and big lips” like on trailer for this tv show?!

      • omega86

        I disagree wholeheartedly. I don’t recall anything about big butts or lips. The show has always looked at pop culture through African American eyes and how the rest of the world has sort of appropriated our culture into their own. He’s teaching his kids how to do things from that perspective. And even if you feel like that is offensive, then what are you watching? There was a list of other shows I mentioned, but you chose the most popular one to attack.

      • Charles Beuttel

        the trailer for the show has the father calling the wife, “not black” and she says “I wish someone told by butt and lips”. Saying that to be black is defined by a big butt and big lips. Idk you might be clueless. And I dont watch those shows, but I think its hilarious how popular racist shows are amongst the people they stereotype. I just watched the first episode of Empire and it was exactly according to the liberal script. Like more than 10+ stereotypes of black people- yet wildly popular amongst black people.

      • omega86

        Great. I also find it wildly comical how you have proven yourself to be the exact kind of person I was referring to in the first post I made weeks before you even replied. Show me that you’re supporting the other various mediums of black television, then you’ll actually have something to say to me.

      • Charles Beuttel

        I find you hilarious as well. Because your idea of supporting “good” black programming is supporting other stuff that stereotypes black people to death. You just cant find things like the Cosby show or anything, anymore. White or black there are no wholesome shows anymore. That’s why you shouldn’t get your life values from a fking TV. Or your news.

      • omega86

        I’ve never gotten my life values from tv. TV is entertainment, and for that reason, I support ALL black television in every way that I can. You’re the one complaining about there not being any. Why not read a book? And like I said, you’ve mentioned nothing about the other shows that were in that list because you aren’t supporting them. But then again, I just checked your profile and you’re white. This conversation should’ve been terminated when you dared to say anything of black culture was stereotypical being that you couldn’t possibly comprehend it in the first place. Bye Joey Fatone!

      • Charles Beuttel

        You can white people racist all day long, but if I say the media is stereotyping black people, then I need to leave the conversation because Im white. Get fked you entitled piece of libtard garbage.Knew you trolling by the stereotype shows you supported!

      • omega86

        LOL @ a white guy so insulted by me supporting what he calls stereotypical black television. You aren’t teaching me anything, because all you’ve said is null and void. The only thing you can teach me is the dance moves from the “It’s Gonna Be Me” video, and the truth is, I’d rather learn them from your pal Justin Timberlake anyway.

      • omega86

        PS: I never said white people were racist. But it’s obvious, that you’re the one trolling and trying to get people to stop watching Empire so Big Bang Theory can go back to being the number 1 show on television. I see your game, Joey. And for that, I must say “Bye, Bye Bye.”

      • UBR 1690

        If you gon talk can you at least get it correct. She said, “can you tell my hair and my ass.” There was nothing wrong with what she said and nothing wrong with the show. Blackish is a positive show. You took the show way out of context.

  • Yonnie

    “If you do some research, you might notice some of the same things I’ve
    seen in this ghetto-fied hood drama: Pimps, hoes, emasculated black men.”

    Not saying that this show promotes the most positive of images, but I haven’t actually seen any of these things on that show.

  • I agree Doc. But disagree on this point: I think the show IS intended for a Black audience. It has the side affect of exactly what you suggest: feeding White America with the negative images of blackness that they crave. But, it also seems intended to force people to root for the homosexual son (& thus for homosexuality), as he seems to be the only character with “sense” & “morals.” One of the other sons is a mysogynistic wanna be thug. The other is a self-hating cutthroat, who has no compassion. The mother, who is made to seem as if she’s the only one who loves the gay son, is shown to really not like him either and is fine with using him for her selfish gain. And the father is willing to pit all of his sons against each other in some sort of grotesque gladiator death match.

    It’s a shame that Mr. Daniels seems to think the way to promote gay tolerance is to promote Black ignorance, incivility & buffoonery.

    • ThePokeMaster

      “feeding White America with the negative images of blackness that they crave”

      People still think like this? lol I’m pretty sure white people got better things to do.

      • Charles Beuttel

        Black people watching shows about an almost all black cast, acting like stereotypes? Must be white people’s fault!!

    • jinx

      I agree, Mr. Daniels has a pro gay agenda and this show wants to break the current conservative viewpoints blacks typically vote in this arena. He is also anti education and women and I’m no feminist. White people are watching this and believe me it’s in the back of their mind in the voting booth. Luscious is a violent murderer and a horrible father. He literally pimped Cookie to provide seed money for his business, let her rot in jail, now he’s about to marry his mixed chick who looks more white than bi-racial. Black women are thirsty for a man to the point of publicly exposing our behinds. But that seems to be a common theme now, always the side chick and never the wife.

  • blackliberationwithsanity

    Lee Daniels has history portraying Black people in negative light through out career as Director. This same person that did movie Precious back in 08.. Daniels, Oprah and Tyler Perry must be stop asap!!!

    • golder1


  • Karen Jackson

    Somebody please tell me what’s the difference in Empire and Power? I didn’t hear all this negative talk when Power came out! My people kill me! We can kill each other, sell drugs, pimp our women and degrade ourselves eveyday as long as its just in our community, but when its portrayed on tv we get mad! Get out your feelings long enough to actually do something instead of talking about it!

    • omega86

      Oh, it existed. Nearly every black show with the potential to be successful comes across the same wave of black people trying to dismiss it as coonery because it depicts a side of their community that they want to ignore.

      • Fa Williams

        That’s not true Scandal has a strong black woman. Imagine if Olivia Pope just started rapping. Now that would be coonery.

    • Charles Beuttel

      Power is a decent show. The stereotypes are much more mild. In Empire…cookie runs into her gay son’s kitchen and asks if its “Fried chicken” and then eats it while slurping and licking her lips. Empire has the “Precious” mammy character who screams at her boss. Cookie beats her son for disrespecting her after she disrespect him. Every black person in Empire looks like someone bleached them a couple shades lighter. Power has a sexy and interesting story, not centered on race and gayness.

  • Brandon Sease

    ITS ONLY TV!!!! TV!!!! TV IS SUPPOSE TO PUSH BOUNDARIES…TV IS JUST FANTASY…ITS ENTERTAINMENT….ENTERTAINMENT….leave it to black folk to not support other black directors because they find little things that turns them off so quickly without engaging in a show….ITS JUST A SHOW! A good one with dope actors…if it’s not your cup of tea, fine….but why put Lee Daniels on blast?

    • Fa Williams

      Keep believing that and we will never win.

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  • Kimberly Washington

    Homophobia in the black community is Very real. There are many television series with predominantly white cast that include gay characters. The intentions of these shows aren’t vilified but seen as progressive and inclusive. I think the purpose of the show is to portray the complexity of the hip-hop community and that includes the stigma that sometimes accompanies of being gay.

    • Charles Beuttel

      progressive= regresssive. Always open minded as you accept every single stereotype in the book as “progress”.

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  • Randette Brown

    Someone CLEARLY has no real clue of what ‘coonery’ means
    It’s equal to buffoonery

    Coonery is such shows as Tyler Perry’s two shows:
    ‘Meet The Browns’ & ‘House of Payne’ – where eye bucking, neck rolling, yo mama & you so ugly jokes, over exaggerated gestures to appeal to lower intelligence Blacks are considered ‘entertainment’ – because allegedly Blacks don’t have the mentality to understand well written materials
    I won’t get into ‘The Haves & Have Nots’, as I am aware too many of ‘us’ like that badly written stereotypical themed from 1980s soap operas show….

    Coonery is such shows as ‘Homeboys In Outer Space’
    Coonery is how ‘A Different World’ started out until Debbie Allen took a hold of it
    Coonery is people not being able to understand & appreciate something being well written vs some bullcrap that is a sell out

    Were ‘Roseanne’ & ‘Grace Under Fire’ offensive shows, wrongly depicting life of White families?
    Or were they another view of different families than…’Family Ties’ & ‘Dynasty’?

    Blacks aren’t allowed to show different lifestyles because it offends the delicate nature of some people???

    Seems to me, the family in Empire are at least millionaires – not poor laze abouts
    Yes, they also have LAYERS – something the Cosbys tried, but did not
    I remember when Cosby first started and they had the idea that Clair would speak Spanish in the home, thus teaching Rudy
    Well…that went away fast
    And yes, there ARE Black families where there is no one in jail or underaged parents – but the worse any of them did was sneak to a concert out of state?
    The Cosbys were great for showing that such families existed, but they were not totally realistic when it comes to 5 children – that’s ok, we NEEDED to see a family like ‘us’ on major network tv
    NOW we should be grown up enough to accept seeing families who are like others on major network tv, in essence just like White tv does – show ALL instances and well, it seems to me that THIS family is behaving just as any White family would in the same situation

    Is not THIS what we want & need?
    Equality on major network tv?
    Instead of being the poor jivey quick with a comeback sidekick?

    So wait…we know of NO White dads in television who were all about their business and depicted a son as lesser than/weak?
    Hmmm – ‘Dallas’, ‘Dynasty’ & ‘Knots Landing’ before your time, huh?

    We know of NO conniving sons, huh?
    Recheck the three shows I mentioned

    Learn to appreciate GREAT writing & this very novel idea – SUPPORTING your people, instead of trying to prove (failing) that you are more intelligent

    What the Black community NEEDS is more great writers & directors & producers & audiences who are willing to invest in great writing instead of being lazy in thinking and tossing out bs and thinking they did something

    Also, you are missing the point that THIS show, isn’t being ‘carried’ by Whites
    While Whites are indeed in the cast, they are NOT who the show is based on

    Another thing that has been overused in the past – just deciding that parts can ONLY be played by Caucasians as if there aren’t Blacks who can also fit the bill

    Well, thank GOD, ‘Scandal’ nor ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ thought that, isn’t it?

    O MY! ‘Scandal’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ – BOTH leads slept with (wait for it) WHITE men!!!

    Did I miss your article on THAT being called ‘coonery’??
    Because WHO HAS EVER heard of such a thing?
    Black women attracted to White men

    Just….STOP & grow UP!!
    AND get over your self hate & inner bigotry
    We NEED programs like this, instead of the offensive accepted light fare that passes for Black entertainment, but only entertains the racists who expect NO better from us and the dim witted who wouldn’t know the difference between a burger and a filet mignon – both beef, right?

    The intelligent ones of us don’t need types like you to decide for us what is or isn’t coonery – we got this and it seems that you don’t

    Don’t like it – don’t watch it
    You’ll be ok

    • Curtis JSouth

      Well said….

    • Wyl Galarza

      Most logical and we’ll versed comment I ever read! Kudos and thanks.

    • jewel36

      Listen. Most TV shows these days are, for a better word, TRASH.. Juxtaposing Black trashy shows to white trashy shows is an attempt to prove ?????. How about a complete MIND reversal and doing something revolutionary for a change? It’s 2015. How about this: Black people in America actually getting together and improve their educational, political and economic future by creating a REAL EMPIRE. Sitting endlessly in front a screen for hours (i.e television set /stupid box) is bad for health anyway.

    • yorgo


  • Charmaine P. Santos

    If this conversation is focused on race, homophobia, or any number of stereotypes that exists it has already failed. Is it just me or has the media in general just accepted that negative imagery of people (black or white, straight or gay) is equivalent to good ratings and $$$$$. This is not about a particular show or individual, but rather where we are as a society. This is nothing more than a sign of the times we are living in. People are commenting on their support or lack of support for this show and understandably so based on the article. How about this…let’s make room for a broader conversation of how the media continuously bombards us with negative imagery of humankind in general. It is more fixated on showing us (all races) at our worst rather than at our best. If your argument is it’s only entertainment I will have to disagree. Just as I believe you are what you eat the same applies to your choice of entertainment. We already know that if you eat too much it is bad for your (physical) health. If you watch and listen to too much entertainment that has NEGATIVE messages it is bad for your (mental) health. We somehow seem to enjoy watching others go through bad situations as if it will somehow alleviate the stresses in our own lives .WAKE UP!!! (in my best Laurence Fishburne portraying Dap in School Daze voice). Instead of watching shows that would do nothing more than focus on fictional characters drama for the sake of RATINGS and MONEY let’s FOCUS on ONE ANOTHER with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.

    • Charles Beuttel

      Well said. Whites are racists. Blacks are dangerous. So who aren’t being stereotyped? Mel Gibson said something about jews while he was black out drunk and every media on every continent covered it. What about a show where Wall Street or corporatists or bankers get the death penalty for bribing our politicians to give them trillions in free bailouts?

      • yorgo


    • sophia

      I can see where you are coming from in terms of the the media bombarding us ALL with negative stereotypes, however Black people are presented as nothing but those stereotypes by the media. White Americans can watch a whole range of stereotypes of themselves some negative some positive on hundreds of different channels. They can have films were they can be multidimensional characters who represent a select section of society not all of it. They can watch themselves exclusively on every single type of show if they chose to. They can also look at the reality of their situation as a people and take comfort in the fact that even though they might live in a trailer park, their people control the government their people control the economy and the balance of power lies with them. If you are already a disadvantaged group the last thing you need is the one or two merge offerings that represent you as a people to focus on solely negative/destructive stereotypes. the stereotype of the overprotective Jewish mother or the over achieving Asian American is hardly destructive… I would argue that not all sterotypes are made equal.

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  • Nate

    This article isn’t even worth dignifying. Perhaps the doctor would do better by signing up for Origami 101 and using the hardcopy version of his doctorate degree for the first lesson.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    And how!!!

  • Xavier Gomez

    See I like Empire (not love, since I’ve seen some excellent storylines in my past) but I hate it at the same time, it is indead coon shit.

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  • elliegrll

    Please tell me one fictional family on a drama in film or tv that wasn’t dysfunctional? There was nothing functional or sane about the Ewings on Dallas or the families on Knox Landing. Those shows were built around family dysfunction, and Empire admittedly copies straight from those two shows as well as Dallas.

    How families relate to one another is a great source for drama, because as the saying goes, no one can hurt you like your family can. The fun thing is that these shows and Empire work, because the producers also show us that these people do love one another, even if they don’t know how to show it in the most productive way.

  • Charles Beuttel

    World Star Hip Hop- the most popular website amongst african americans. Scandal- most popular show amongst black women. Now Empire- wildly popular amongst black men and women already. The coonery is in the idea that any of these childish shows are watched in large numbers by whites and that its “whites” that want to watch black stereotypes. No, YOU look to watch blacks acting like stereotypes. And YOU need to figure out why. You don’t see me watching a comedy show featuring the KKK ffs. The only good point of this article was that people should stop watching TV.

    • Mandingo

      Ok cracker where did your statistics come from.

      • yorgo


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  • DeneyTerriosHair

    Is Dr. Boyce Watkins mad because he wasn’t hired as a consultant for the show? It’s a soap opera…that has conquered the new TV season. Should the Lyon family trade in designer clothes for dashikis and bean pies? Set your DVR to record black-sih and GTFOH Boyce.

  • ds9sisko

    That’s a lot of opinion about a show one hasn’t watched.

  • Fa Williams

    Man… This is exactly how I think. I’d rather not have black people on TV than to have coonery images. Lee Daniels may get rich. But like the author of this article said. These images are why people see black as less than humans. We may have the number one new show but think about after all the ratings are gone. We’ll have to fight off these images of Empire for years to come. Actually I hope white people don’t watch it.

  • Marcy Cassidy

    someone mentioned Power. Okay, imo that show is not very good. First you have a man, who is using the club as a way to launder DRUG money(hmmm); has a BLACK man with a BLACK wife chasing a WHITE woman; the black man is the boss, but the WHITE man is constantly talking to him like he is nobody. In all actuality, Power is actually a stereotype, in Empire, at least the black man OWNS his company. IJS this is my opinion.

    Black-ish is constantly trying to show black kids how to be black. SMDH, why not show them how to be people who embrace other cultures?

    AGAIN, My Opinion

  • Jheri Bashen

    African Americans who claim ownership of stereotypes and deny the use or description of them for other races simultaneously maintain society’s misperceptions of black culture. What drama is not dysfunctional? All dramas, whether TV or film have stereotyped characters. Your vision of “the black community prospering and educating themselves” begins in the home, not on prime time television. There is an “off” button on every TV, iPad, tablet etc. Audiences love drama and/or a well written story line and group of actors. Look at The Cosby Show. Fresh Prince, and now Black-ish. These shows are/were popular because the characters and story line provided entertainment. If you or anyone else cannot separate yourself from entertainment/stereotypes that is more of a reflection on an internalized view of self.

    • yorgo

      Man i have such a boner after your disertation…UMGAWA!!!!

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  • Guest

    in season 2 expect to see the whole LGBTQ squadron make appearances to push their agenda.

    lee daniels and other gays want nothing more than to make homosexuality compatible with being straight.

    its all about love right, well whats stopping them from going all out and promoting zoophilia or sex with corpses or incest. .i mean whos to say a man in love with a horse isn’t real love.

    LGBTQ movement is using blacks as a tool to further their cause, kinda like feminism did with the black power movement in the 70s.

    • Curtis JSouth

      So you are comparing two adult HUMANS loving each other to a horse and dead corpses?? I think you really have the sick mind, not the gays

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  • D Denton

    First everybody complained because their were not enough black people on TV. Now they are complaining because they don’t thank the black people are politically correct. Get a clue people, this is TV. There are thousands of channels, if you don’t like the show don’t watch it. The Haves and Have Nots had a black woman playing a maid, a black woman playing a prostitute and gold digger, a black man as a tow truck driver and also there is a gang, convict and let not forget the black man having an affair with the white woman. Oh and Veronica she is just ratchet. But nobody is complaining because that show is on OWN. I watch both. They are entertainment. If you don’t like it Dr. Boyce Turn The Channel.

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  • yorgo

    It is nothing more than a glorified Tyler Perry show. Like Terrence Howard but this show is crap overacted and poorly acted. Don’t even mention the stereotyped bs that goes on it. Dopes will watch it. Fox will keep it on for all the pc reasons. If they were to cancel it too soon, the hell they will catch for it.

  • Alias Darker

    Now I know why I’m not watching this despite the fact that I’m desperately seeking a new show to watch . Since Michael Sam , everytime I see the word black and the word gay together for a movie or a show, I run away from it . definitely not my cup of tea, and I don’t care how good the show or the movie is .

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  • I have respect for Dr. Boyce’s financial acumen the same as Ben Carson’s skill as a neurosurgeon, but our Black professionals really overreach and that is what is killing us as a community. Cultural critiques is neither of their fields. It is embarrassing.