Did Lil Wayne & Young Thug Send Subliminal Shots At Each Other?

(AllHipHop News) Ever since Lil Wayne went on his Twitter tirade expressing his desire to part ways from longtime label home Cash Money, speculation that Birdman’s new-found business relationship with Young Thug may have played a part in the dissension at YMCMB. Recent social media posts from Weezy and Thugger seem to suggest the two may be sending subliminal shots at each other during the Cash Money-Wayne rift.

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Thug posted a video on his Instagram page revealing he and Birdman would be partying at Miami’s LIV nightclub. The vid ended with the Atlanta rapper saying, “If you ain’t at LIV n***a, you ain’t living… We going to LIV. Whoever don’t like it pull up, f**k n***a.”

Birdman repeated Thug’s “pull up” statement on his own IG post. He uploaded the flyer for the LIV event with the caption “RG [Rich Gang] pull up n***a.”

@birdman5star we pulling up slime !!!!! VIDEO BY: @yslapparel

A video posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on

Birdman IG

Wayne returned to Twitter to announce he would be holding a party to celebrate the release of his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape in Miami Beach. The tweet also included the Young Money leader adding, “Go to LIV for what?”

Lil wayne Tweet

This all comes after Wayne repeatedly called out Cash Money on S4TW2, and Thug continued to post photos with Birdman to IG. There are also reports Wayne is ready to sue his “father” to get out of his contract with Cash Money.

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60 Responses to “Did Lil Wayne & Young Thug Send Subliminal Shots At Each Other?”

  1. rafffi

    I never liked wayne that much but he’s soo much better than this young thug nigga. I can’t wait until his 15 mins is up

  2. DC King Of Hearts

    Trying to pick a favorite between these two is like trying pick between two girls to sleep with

    One that’s butt ugly that ends up getting pregnant, and one that’s pretty as hell but has an incurable STI

    This is a no win

  3. The Legendary Troll

    Young Thug has not proven he has staying power. Birdman is an idiot for jumping the gun. Once he phases himself out then you will be left with nothing

  4. Black Jay Supreme

    For someone that has been in the game for so long, Birdman sho is acting like a dumb ass. How you gonna pit your stable act against an unsubstantiated act? Lil Wayne is franchise at Cash Money. Young Thug is popping right now but will he even be relevant by June? I think not. Go ahead Birdman and show up at “Liv”. Because your label looking like it’s “dead”.

    • THOT Provoking

      Bird is doing anything he can to stay afloat! Bird only gets paid off Lil Wayne’s albums, not appearances and since Wayne over saturated the market, he is no longer a viable commodity. Bird is tryna build Thug up because of his age and future appeal. Problem is, he can only make money off of collab albums with Thug because Thug isn’t signed to cash money! If you also notice, no one other than Thug is messing with Bird because he has been exposed as ‘bad business’…he rode the ‘Wayne wave’ way too long and an intelligent business man wouldve followed in the footsteps of Diddy, Jay, Dre, and 50! Bosses have multiple streams of income and don’t really need rap…

      • D. Rose in the paint

        That was actually very good assessment of the situation. Wayne’s stock has plummeted and Bird Man is ready to dump it before it becomes a liability or a loss. Releasing his album is gonna be a major risk because Wayne is the type of artist that you have to pour millions and millions of marketing and promo dollars into based on his status as an artist…….and with his popularity declining and his core fanbase growing up and moving on…. there is no telling if they will get a return on that investment. Trust me Birdman is making these decisions based on numbers….he knows something. Possible decline in ticket sales, radio spins, something is serving as an indicator that Wayne is a BAD INVESTMENT and could lead to a loss.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        crazy thing is you would think they can go with a smaller budget since wayne is already established … you would think you would need to sink all that money into building an artist like Young Thug … or unless we talking diva talent like Mariah …… but someone like Wayne if concious of his situation should be able to go with a skeleton budget and kill it !!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      its what label heads do !! guys like Iovine & Diddy been doing it for years !!!!!! As thier used to be hot artist is dinwindling they will scoop up the FRESH talent … we can even add jayz to the bucket … imo he only messing with kanye cause he is still very relevant … but you wont see him around sigel ….

      • Black Jay Supreme

        You know what? I cosign what you said. In my opinion Jigga wouldve written off Kanye a long time ago. In fact, he was trying. But Kanye just has too much power and relevancy in pop music. At this stage Jay Z is attached to Kanye because nobody is really popping in hip hop past 40. Kanye is Jay Z’s only method of trying to remain fresh. We’ve seen Jay Z try to make sh*t without Kanye (the last album) and artistically Timbaland couldn’t do what Kanye did.

  5. Freezamon

    The Truth…..There would be no Young Thug if there were no LiL Wayne….I repeat There would be no Young Thug if there were no LiL Wayne. Young Thug owes everything that he is to Lil Wayne..His Flow, His Look/ swag. Sh!t… all of these new young rappers from the south owes Wayne period.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Even more truth….there would be no S4TW2 if it wasnt for Young Thug because Wayne stole that man’s ENTIRE style

      • Jay .Adele

        Where you been D. Rose? Wayne was rapping like that yrs ago….where you think Young Thug got it from?

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Im lost as to what does their actions have to do with you? That’s them … are you.
      Black people are not all connected…..we are all individual people

  6. THOT Provoking

    …instead of ‘pull up’, they shoulda repeated ‘PULL OUT’ lol!…my thing is, Thug aint even signed to Cash Money at all and if it wasn’t for Wayne, Thug wouldn’t be Thug, nor would he be around Bird cause Bird would be like Master P!

  7. D. Rose in the paint

    I was ridin with Wayne until I heard S4TW2 and EVERY song he sounds like Yung Thug….this is the 500 lbs Gorilla in the room……

    • C5thruthebullshit

      He did that on purpose. Sh!t remix “she said soon as they hear yo New shit. They gone have to give they styles back!

  8. D. Rose in the paint

    Birdman is following the BDS numbers and right now the radio is LOVING Young Thug….nigga gets spun all day.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      nahhhh mane!!!!!!! im no young thug fan but nobody knows for sure … ijs … who would of those the guy @ the end of Juveniles “Back That Thing Up” would get this far in the rap game …. no one could of predicted that back then ……. no one …… most looked @ wayne back then the same way folks is looking @ young thug today …..

      • C5thruthebullshit

        I get what you saying, people really just tired of hearing Wayne I guess. He been “ft” on soooooo many songs…dude work hard but people can’t respect that.

  9. ILL Will

    This sht starting to look lame as fk….I bet that new Wayne album gon be fire, to be real dude never really disappoints on his albums. So I know for sure his sht gon be better than anything Young drops. This soap opera leaving a bad taste tho.

  10. Big_Chill

    In the words of the homie Royce Da 5’9, “You beef like Lady Gaga and her stylist.” YouTube the brother General Sara Suten Seti, start your day off with some knowledge rather then feeding your subconscious with this trash.

  11. therealest1

    Let’s pray these butt pirates don’t engage in a physical altercation because that cripple fight on South Park between Timmy and Jimmy would be more entertaining and credible than this shit.

  12. Big_Chill

    Appreciate it family, Seti might not be for everybody though, I will forewarn you, he has an aggressive tone to him, hence why they call him the General, but I think Seti has a place in the movement to wake all of our brothers and sisters in the street up, so I appreciate his views and his work, but if you are looking for more conscience brothers and sisters might I suggest, Dr. HenrIK Clarke, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Ben Yousef, and Claude Anderson. I personally get my knowledge and information from non-compromising Black People, any of these other negros out here will have you raising your hands up and doing die=ins.

  13. dreday

    id go party wit wayne at the mansion ! hook me up my nigga!!! id be pissed off too if my album got pushed back n delayed!

  14. Lem

    Wayne had a good solo 3-4 year run when at that point in time he was on a path to greatness butttttttt after Carter 2, that ship sailed. This is news most people could care less about. Baby been raping that nigga… what else is new? As far as Young Thug, he’s got a good couple months left before the rest of 19 and under youngins realize they dont understand a word he’s saying and move to the next lame trending rapper… next article please…

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