Lil Wayne In Dispute With Cash Money Over The Future Of Drake, Nicki Minaj & Entire Young Money Roster

(AllHipHop News) If the reports of the current situation at Cash Money are accurate, Hip Hop probably has not seen a label break up on this level since Roc-A-Fella fell apart. The Roc’s collapse caused artists to choose between going with Dame Dash or Jay Z. It seems Lil Wayne wants to avoid that option. The New Orleans native wants his attempted split from CMB to guarantee all the members of the Young Money roster remain with him.

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According to TMZ, Wayne’s pending lawsuit against Cash Money and its head Bryan “Birdman” Williams will include demands that YM artists Drake, Nicki Minaj, and others stay tied to Weezy. Part of the issue with that request is that all the Young Money performers have distribution deals with Cash Money, so the dispute seems to be headed to court.

Nicki Minaj spoke about the rift between Wayne and Birdman (aka Baby) during the media run to promote her latest album The Pinkprint. The Queens performer expressed her hope the matter would get settled, and she showed love to both of her bosses.

“I knew that there was something going on, but I didn’t know Wayne was so mad about that,” said Nicki. “I think that it may be some other stuff. They just need to figure it out.”

She also stated, “I know that Wayne and Baby love each other, and I know they’re gonna resolve anything that gotta be resolved. Shout out to Young Money. I am Young Money. I ride with Wayne on whatever. But Baby has played such a huge role in my mental stability.”

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105 Responses to “Lil Wayne In Dispute With Cash Money Over The Future Of Drake, Nicki Minaj & Entire Young Money Roster”

  1. Biig Cuziin

    Lmao this is gone be interesting……..honestly it just shows yet again that birdman a bitch nigga. He did the same thing to juve BG and turk. All gay jokes aside. That’s a huge character flaw that screams bitch nigga

  2. Casor_Greener

    IT also screams dumb “niggas” needs to learn their business. Wayne has had plenty of time to learn the truth about Baby and protect himself. Nothing I hate more than a mofo dumb for no reason

  3. The Legendary Troll

    All empires crumble at some point. Its been time for Weezy to move on to a higher position. Birdman is getting filthy rich off him for no damn reason. Im sure his industry friends been putting it in his ear for years and he just now listening. Its time to move on wayne.

    • King Kredible

      They said the same thing about Juve. They said the same thing about B.G. They said the same thing about Fresh. If Wayne leaves CMB, then in three or four years he’ll be just like those three. It’s easy to get wrapped up in his celebrity, popularity, and success; but at the end of the day he’s an artist and CMB will kill his career just like they have everyone else who’s been on their label. They’ve turned it into a science.

      • The Legendary Troll

        Difference is even back then Wayne was a star attraction

      • King Kredible

        Well when you were 11 years old, NO rapper was bigger than Juvenile. None. Nobody even knew who Wayne was.

      • Sylvester Daniel

        Lmmao…cmon son, did u really say “nobody even knew who Wayne was” back in 1998 when Big Tymers was “How You Luv Dat” was poppin???????? EVERYBODY knew he was spittin back then back in 1998. Ex: “Suge & Pac”, “Cutlass, Monte Carlo’s & Regals”, “Millionaire Dreams”…fool YOU must be young if you think nobody knew Wayne was spittin back in 1998…smh

      • King Kredible

        Only in the south, kiddo. I’ve been DJing in NY since 1983. I started DJing in Atlanta when I moved there in 1995, and I’ve spun all over the world since then. In 98-early 2000s Juve was a superstar all over the world. Nobody outside of the south knew who Lil’ Wayne was. Yes, even after Bling Bling. If I spun a Lil Wayne record up north in 2001, I would have got laughed out of the club. Back That Ass Up brought the entire club onto the floor up north. In fact, Weezy has NEVER had a record as big as Back That Ass Up. Stick to today’s music young buck. When it comes to hip-hop history, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Tyfromthechi

        Wayne was on all juve records if u a dj im sure u played back that thing up bling bling project chick the block is hot i need a hot boy all them records came outt between 97 and 2000 wayne wasnt hot but he was on them joints and they was on top

      • Sylvester Daniel

        Exactly…but he says nobody knew who Wayne was which is very laughable bcuz they was all on the same records…smmh. when he was DJing he was DJing for old heads so of course THEY wouldnt know shit bout shit…lol…all the 30 n under crowrd knew all the songs u mentioned and who was on them. I think ol boy was DJing for the “Grown n Sexy” 35+ crowd…lol

      • The Legendary Troll

        My bad old nigga. Im aware Juve was on fire but weezy was still a force in them streets bruh. He wasnt like he is now but he was still a name worth mentioning

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        they wont kill his career … but he will suffer without that CMB machine behind him …… it will put him on jae millz status when he puts out a record

      • Tyfromthechi

        Universal is the machine cash money is the army better yet the navy

  4. King Kredible

    If Lil’ Wayne believes he’s going to walk away with Drake and Nicki Minaj’s contracts free and clear, then he’s really sipping too much of that stuff. Have you guys even been paying attention for the last 20 years? Where’s Juve, Turk, B.G., Manny Fresh, Wacko and Skip, etc? You think Wayne is more powerful at CMB than Fresh was? Gimme a break. The Williams brothers haven’t lost yet, and they’re not about to start losing now.

  5. Sean Power

    it was going happen soon or later I always though it would been drake and nikki that would being suing to get off the label never Wayne. baby and slim are nothing going make them all walk nope
    the best wayne can hope for is for universal records to make deal that let free from cash money but all free by them self on universal

  6. Markus

    Breaking free and clear and with successful artists along with yourself will be a tall order to pull off. Something better give soon because the label owners have leverage and all the time in the world.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      look what baby did to juvi, mannie fresh, bg & turk …. and as far as money and industry he is much more powerfull today ….. i guess we shall see how this goes ………………………………

      • Markus

        Yes we will.Wayne took his eye off the ball and didn’t see how Baby really gets down. Or maybe he didn’t believe it would’ve came to this.

  7. TheAfroRican

    Lil’ Wayne leaving Cash Money and taking his “label” and “artists” is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Take the loss and start fresh. Heck, Dr. Dre took his loses when he left Death Row, but look at him now.

    • therealest1

      True indeed about Dr. Dre. But it did take at least 3 years after he left Death Row when he had a deserved resurgence, and it came in the form of Eminem in 1999.

      I’m sure you recall his Aftermath thing was a purgatory situation from 1996 to before Eminem released in 1999. You remember all those signed artists who never released? Hell, he even had Dawn Robinson from En Vogue signed to him.

      • Malik

        You’ve got it mixed up a bit dude. Dre wasn’t slamming during those years because when he left Death Row, he signed off doing gangsta rap. He tried his hands on clean cut music with that ‘Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath’ compilation album and it didn’t pop, so he went back to what had always worked for him, his niche and the rest is history.

      • TheAfroRican

        Don’t forget The Firm Album. It did go platinum but wasn’t a blockbuster as expected.

  8. THOT Provoking

    I think Wayne will win when it all boils down. Birdman will be like the Donald Sterling of hiphop! Its so easy to get outcast, just ask T-Pain. Wayne still has money making ability so big wigs will help him! Plus, if he was smart, he covered himself on the Young money tip…If Drake and Nicki is only signed to Cash Money for distribution, it should be easier to buy their distribution deals out…That $8 mil he suing for is probably gonna be used to by out all those contracts, including his own!…Where’s Anonymous when you need them?…they don’t care about Wayne cause he don’t be talking about real shyt, but an artist like Lupe does… HAAA!

    • King Kredible

      $8 mil to buy out Wayne, Drake, and Nicki’s contracts and publishing? You made milk come out of my nose. You’re hilarious.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        right he must aint heard camron was compensated 2million dollars for juelz santana project when he went to def jam ….. LOL !!!! lol @ 8 mill maybe an 8 mill advance with a 40% equity royalty lol i feel like im on shark tank !!!!!!!!!! lol

      • THOT Provoking

        …I misspoke, Jay bought out his contract for $5mil! However, no one is Jay so the asking price should be around $3mil for each album left. Wayne is not hot anymore so Bird should do $3mil for him and $6 apiece for Drake and Nicki…so, I guess we actually looking at around $15mil for the 3…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        what if bird would only let him take 1 … drake or nicki … who would you grab ?? id go for drake just for the fact hes got a whole movement with artist that are blowing up … + it dont cost as much to move drake around like it does nicki or just any female artist in general ……………………………..

      • THOT Provoking

        I’d take Drake cause Nicki is almost washed up already…its hard for females to have staying power in rap. Hell, if the female doesn’t dance, its a wrap in any genre, period…Taylor Swift even does choreography now…Drake will go down in history as the greatest ever because he sings, raps, writes, etc. When he starts back acting and when he starts producing, its a wrap!! He is the only rapper who can cross-over to multi-genres. Nelly tried, but that country song was wack. Drake will kill country, bluegrass, edm, heavy metal, disco, whatever. He is the real Rap God, but he ain’t even my favorite. I’m just speaking facts!

      • Malik

        “Drake will go down in history as the greatest ever because he sings, raps, writes, etc.”


      • THOT Provoking

        …think about this, he has the most number 1s in history in his 4th year! He surpassed Jay while Jay did it in his 15 year…Drake is a Monster! He make other artists shit hot and blow them up when he jump on their shit! Drake that nigga!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        damn i didnt even think of most of that stuff … gave me a million more reasons why to back drake over nicki …. yeah and nicki isnt moving right … shes successfull already shes needs to start bringing in new female talent thats what will keep her relevant and she will make history cause she will be the first female to do it … build her own female MMG … thats how these males get on … until a female sits back and puts her ego to the side it will still be just 1 top chick in the game @ a time….

      • THOT Provoking

        Jay z bought out his last cd with Def Jam for $1 mil. You think Wayne can’t do that? Plus, Drake is only signed through distribution and he has a better deal than Wayne has! Bird takes less money from Drake. Drake may have the best contract in the game so it shouldn’t be hard for Drake to get out his contract and Nicki also just has a distribution deal so she can get out as well…$8mil is enough money to get out those 3 contracts if Wayne is on his last cd and Nicki and Drake are on their last 2!…They didn’t sign 360 deals so its easier…

      • Tyfromthechi

        It ain’t easy to cough up 8 mill it sounds like nothing if u worth 50 mill but that’s a big loss and even if they do pay do u think baby and slim gone give them they masters and publishing they gone be in that same situation the lox wax in when they left bad boys puff was still getting 30% off each one of they albums so it was like they still was sign to him it aint that easy bro imo

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i dont know … just to get himself out of that situation will cost him an arm a leg and a continent …. to also include Drake and nicki in that split hes gonna need to add the moon the stars the sun and a couple of space ships LOL !!!!!!!! im sure he can get gudda gudda and jae millz tho lol ……

  9. Black Jay Supreme

    People are seriously missing the wrinkle in this joint. Drake is at the top of his game. Nicki is rocking it for the chicks. But both of those careers are about to be nuked if this situation isn’t resolved quickly. Nicki may survive because she recently dropped her album. But Drake? I don’t know. Sales-wise Drake is the most recent king. But now? Shiiiiit….. This could put a huge dent in that sh*t.! If I’m Kendrick Lamar I’m about to make a power move and drop my album in one month. The sales crown is officially there for the taking. Labels with internal arguments don’t move units.

      • Black Jay Supreme

        Rocafella…. Deathrow…. Once “the owners” start beefing and the artists are forced to choose sides, it’s a wrap for the record label and being able to move units like they used to. It’s that old gangster saying: “War is bad for business….”

      • jared

        war is actually really good for business…. thats all it is …

  10. Damany G

    The bottom line is Young Money is still controlled and operated by Cash Money Records, Baby and Slim continue to make the money and have the contract….. This doesn’t look good for Wayne, Drake or Nikki for that matter

  11. Brindle

    This is all hype to sell the album… once the album peaks, then slows down and everyone lies about how great it was, Wayne and Baby will be lovers again..

  12. Slaughtr

    First of all any contract can be broken so stop all this bullshyt about Wayne isn’t going anywhere don’t soup your mind into believing such non sense. In the music biz nobody stays on top forever so use your thinking caps correctly. With the demise of great labels such as Death Row you saw the collapse and as hard as it was to get released from Death Row eventually most left the label. When bad biz gets involved this is the formula that has driven the industry for years, the crooks shelf rob publishing, don’t promote, then the fall which could go anyway. Brian fcking his own self up. An after thought publicity keeps everybody flapping gums which allows for anticipation and this either fucks up your effort or helps it.

    • Tyfromthechi

      U got to pay to get out them contacts and it aint cheap and even if he do pay baby not gone let him get his publishing or masters

    • therealest1

      Death Row was only great for about 4 years player. Suge Knight messed that up by making his meal tickets uncomfortable there. You’re right about bad business coming back to bite him in the ass. Years later, he would lose Death Row and its masters to some Canadian company now in addition to getting knocked out by a barber.

  13. King Kredible

    Funny thing is, as far as money goes, Baby and Slim may be the least of Wayne’s problems. When that money starts getting shorter, how do you think those movie stars and R&B divas he knocked up will start acting? Drake and Nicki would take a pay cut before any of them will.

    • therealest1

      Good point about that child support with his stupid ass having at least 3 baby moms. Shit, Christina Milian might become another one with her unstable ass too.

  14. $18916246

    Wayne is not Nicki or Darkes boss, Not because he can’t be, He just isn’t. Lil Wayne is like Dame Dash right now as he is a musically talented entertainer but has no direction. His plate of food at the table was all a lie and Wayne knows this, He’s just trying to save face, Just like Dame did. Let’s hope they all remain friends as their legal truths unfold. Wayne may have to follow in the steps of Dr. Dre but far,far later in his career and just walk away from Cash Money and it’s Young Money facade created by Bryan as a front to make his viewing audience believe he had changed and that Wayne was getting his financial just do. Irv Gotti attempted this same thing when Ja-Rule began to ask about his money and wanted more creative control of his career. Wayne better be careful as history has proven that artist like him tied to major label royalties who then become liabilities due to what seems to be a form of insubordination (unwilling to work or perform for his or her employer) has resulted in tragic loss on the part of the former employer/entertainer in this case . In the music industry this has sadly includes a mysterious loss of life (found dead/suicides, car crashes, death of loved ones). GOD PROTECT LIL WAYNE. Let us all pray things don’t end this way.

  15. IceBergSlim

    That’s exactly what this situation reminds me of Roc a fella records..Jay Z pulled a major move and took Dame Dash out the game and it was a good move. How can you think your bigger then the product Jay z was the product and his lyrics was the money maker. Thank God he had to business sense to make sure he was the majority holder of his music to his clothing line and came out Gangsta…I do not see that with Lil wayne for one baby got him when he was a baby. That dude been digging in Lil wayne pockets for years. The house that wayne built..Lord it could not be me. That bamma got free money he hustled the hell outta of lil wayne. I can not imagine the fine print in those’s allgood Karma is a %*#@*%&

  16. Tyfromthechi

    This different from rocafella the artist on the roc had a chance to go with dam jay or be released most artist stuck with jay in this situation lil wayne drake nicki and the rest of young money is sign to universal cash money then young money baby aint bout to let his 3 top artist leave he might let wayne go but he not gone let nicki and drake go without a huge price lil Wayne they all locked in a bad deal when u sell yo soul its hard to get it back wayne gone have to give up everything and start over

    • therealest1

      Sell your soul? I think Lil Wayne sold more than that to Birdman/Jew Man player!

      Perhaps he sold his ass to Turd Man since he was a child.

  17. Lem

    Baby has played a huge part in Nicki’s mental stability??? So that’s why she has multiple personalities? And this is nothing like the ROC. The ROC had more talent… Young Money is pretty much Nicki, Drake, Wayne and Tyga… Cash Money is Baby and DJ Khalid and a bunch of other people on the self that nobody knew or just plain forgot was even signed. Wayne should’ve known that sleeping with the boss would get messy… smh. Lol

    • ghettogov

      The roc really wasn’t that talented state property was alright dipset was hot for a minute but look at them now…Ye the only one who still relevant

  18. therealest1

    Oh great, now we’re stuck having to see a father and son who love kissing have internal family strife made public for us?

  19. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    nicki know damn well they had problems over the years. she hasn’t mentioned the money she has been shorted out of.

  20. The_Good_Life

    Birdman got distribution. Wayne don’t Birdman wins. If a major wants to by the contract, I can definitely see Birdman asking for a Billion.

  21. jacksjus

    Well Wayne what does the paperwork say? Why are you in a situation where you have to legally obtain your artists?

    The truth is Young Money doesn’t really exist. It was more of a marketing scheme as opposed to an actual label. Hence YMCMB.

    Wayne thought this would last forever and honestly he didn’t think this through very well. Baby will retain everything and Wayne will have to simply find a new situation when it’s all said and done.

  22. Doug Rice

    Well I just took time to read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT…and got a HELLOFA education on the whole situation! Just wanted to say thank ALL of you for that…cool.

  23. IDFWU

    “Baby has played such a huge role in my mental stability” oh lols for that line alone

    Second lols for the fact this will never happen, it’s like Forman trying to take houses practice – bird man will surge knight lil wayne in a drive by before that ever happens then release the carter albums 2 pac styles

      • IDFWU

        he doesn’t have to be a real gangster look at his associates slim and the people no one sees in photos THEY are (see master ps brother c-murder) besides his rich it’s nothing to pay someone to do something you want – like suge knight lil wayne

      • arrdeesss

        Yeah you kinda do guy. It’s not wise for every sucker on the street with a couple bucks in his account to be putting prices on people’s heads. Cats would be cutting deals on this nigga ass 5 minutes after the hit went down. No respect = no power.

  24. Aiden_Abetting

    5 years later drake is signed with his dad, nicki minaj takes lil Kim’s roll and is one nose job short of Michael Jackson status….baby is the new bill Cosby and is fighting off allegations of molestation from YM and Cash Money artists from over the years. And lil Wayne and young thug are married. The End…..

  25. Gonja

    “I am Young Money. I ride with Wayne on whatever.” -Nicki

    …let’s see how Drake responds. S/O to Nicki for being a “ride or die”.

  26. THE.

    Only person who is going to win in this situation is Drake, the Jews are going to protect their main interest and give OVO a push outside the cash money umbrella!! Wouldn’t be surprised when this is done Wayne will be signed to OVO!

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