Cam'ron-Jay Z

Cam'ron Clowns Jay Z, Implies Hov's Gay (PHOTO)

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z and Cam’ron have a turbulent history. The two New York City rappers have had issues with each other going back to the days when Cam was signed to Jay’s Roc-A-Fella Records.

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Since that time, Cam has dissed Jay on tracks (ie “You Gotta Love It“), and Jay has thrown shots at Cam as well (“Dig A Hole“). The conflict heated back up recently when Hot 97’s DJ Funkmaster Flex went on a rant against Jay, partially in defense of Cam and Dipset. Funk Flex and the Dips are set to go out on tour together.

Cam has once again returned to taking jabs at Jay. His latest form of attack comes via Instagram. The Harlem native uploaded a widely circulated picture of his rival with the caption, “Heeeyy lol nh [no homo].”

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Check out Cam’ron’s IG photo and the new Dipset song “Do Something” below.



  • One Nite Stanley

    That pic is type suspect….

    • Raheem Classick

      No, cam is pure suspect”

  • Pernell Whitaker

    Sh*t motherfvckers better hope Jay Z and Baby dont start a new label together…..

  • Executive

    Look like he was walking.

  • Executive

    Or about to moonwalk.

  • THE.

    Do it for the grah HOV, lol yeah it’s pic not a good look for Jiggga.

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    They took a pic while he was walking okay. Okay big deal. Anyone on here or Cam could be captured walking the same way with a camera. Cam could be considered gay for the way he dresses at times with earrings and woman type furs. Pink to be exact but… he should check himself. I think he is bitter about his career compared to Jay. I rather be a mature wise mega millionaire mc than an ignorant mc with a inconsistent career.



  • The Legendary Troll

    LOL damn Jay that pic got you lookin sweet bruh.

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      That drake pic got you lookin sweet too. Pause.

      • The Legendary Troll

        If i had a dollar for every time I heard a drake jab

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Yet you use him as your avi picture. What grown straight man does that just curious? You know you should have never commented with a picture of another man. You fail big big time for that. Hypocrisy at its finest. Your comments about calling people gay are null and void you got zero right to say when you worship a man. gtfoh with that bs. hahah

      • The Legendary Troll

        you done?


        You an idiot crom

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Glad you agree with homosexuality and loving men if that makes me an idiot I don’t know. Man this site has gone to shit with you nobody trolls and immature kids on here.

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        You proved my point you have nothing to say continue with your hypocrisy.

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  • Papi Peligro

    Bra. O never thought cam would say Someone was gay.

    • Yo, That Cape is some fly Harlem ish, It doesn’t look like the Jay Pic .


      Real women wear pink. Whatta fag

  • Papi Peligro

    This ninja got capes.

  • Ryan Cole

    I thought this shit was over a few years ago.

    • MrNoName2K

      yo word..

  • M. Skittle

    Are they serious with this trash? The same old wack Dipset, and for f*** sake Flex buy a new cd with updated sound effects, that bomb sounds like you took it from the old Double Dragon video game. I also can’t get over a guy known for pink fur coats calling someone else sweet. What?

    • HAHAHAHA it do sound like a bomb drop from a SEGA game

    • TheAfroRican

      Double Dragon lol

  • Black Adam

    High school ish. Cam being Cam.

  • RichFromBX

    say what you want but,Cam is a funny dude…that sh!t gave me a good laugh. Even Jay would have to laugh at that one.

  • Raheem Classick

    cam is the only kat that continuously make gay remarks about any and everybody for no reason. That alone speaks volumes about cammys character.

    • chippc

      Dame and Cam still yellin “No Homo” after saying stuff nobody in the room even remotely thought of as being homo makes it even worse. “The sun shining bright as hell today, No homo!”

      • Yung Nigga

        harlem niggas

  • water_ur_seeds

    Cam, the dude who used to wear matching pink and purple minks, not too mention trying to get the public to wear CAPES, is calling Jay a homo haha

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Just what I stated below hypocrisy at its finest.

  • hahahahaha…. That pic is suspect, Jigga….

    On another note, this cape-selling/I’m-retiring-next-week dude needs to focus more on music and less on telling minors about his sexual escapades with their parents and the wishful gay fantasies of his adversaries. Make a hit or fly away on your captain clown cape. What a waste of time.

    • Raheem Classick

      Focus on music for what ? cammy & the drips are not gonna cake off of anything they do, trust in that.

    • KevinOuarde

      Dont think he’s gay..thats just what happen when you spend too much time with women.

  • Stand Your Ground

    Cam seems more infatuated with Jay than JuJu, smh…

    • Mikey Mike

      For real doe

    • TheAfroRican

      If Cam doesn’t want JuJu, he shouldn’t waste her time. I’ll take her!

      • Ryan Cole

        LOL @ the Ill Al Skratch reference. Props for that.

  • Sean Power

    cam just try get some buzz for the dip set tour, and whack single that flex put last night

  • I keep Computers Pute,N!

    • MrNoName2K

      bootity bootin! Only Killa could pull that off..

      • that dude

        Nah, even he can’t. No one can, that line was wack as hell.

      • MrNoName2K


      • Wolf Haylee

        Hahahahhahahhahah!!! My nigga!

      • Yung Nigga


    • Hahaha

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  • jrredd65

    Ya’ll think jay-z (Shawn carter) .. worried bout what the Phuk cam say bout him . Nah. Not at the least .. I don’t like jay-z as a rapper. Buuuuut , I respect his business moves (it’s all bout the $$$$$$). Cam n dipset dance to your $#it. No one want hear punk azz Jim Jones anymore.. dipout…

  • macknificent

    Awwww man killa silly then a Muthafucka ,,, he don’t get tired

  • tye

    This picture captured him while he was walking, this wasn’t a pose lol…I guess Cam must still feel some type of way about jay to be even entertaining this stupidity..smfh

  • americannemesis

    get a life my dude. Go put on a hot pink ass wife beater and put out some quality music.

  • Quintin Williams

    Jim Jones sounds the same way on every track. Juelz isn’t even relevant anymore. Now Cam, is a different story, I followed this guy career from the beginning and if he would just listen to some of his old hits and use his unique flow that he had back then…. he would be unstoppable.

    • Steelmatic

      Agreed, always thought Cam was dope. Didn’t understand why wack JJ and Juelz started getting all the Dipset related hype for a while there…

      • K.I.

        Juelz was next up. Picture how Wayne was in 05/06 & Juelz was supposed to be the NY counterpart, especially since everyone was looking for NY’s next hero around that time. But he got lazy, start layin’ up w/ his girl & poppin’ out kids, no music, & his latest shit is him rapping like Chiraq & ATL trap niggas smh.
        Jones wasn’t supposed to really be a rapper, per se. He just spat here & there. But niggas was feelin’ it, & he started feelin’ himself. Then We Fly High came, & the rest is history.

      • Yung Nigga


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      camron on his dmx flow with this joint lol

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  • chippc

    I have never seen anyone angle for beef more than Cam/DipSet. Them dudes is like a ugly puppy that no one wants to play with yet he still keeps trying to jump in peoples lap. “You ain’t got no Ether for me fam?”

    • Ryan Cole

      Never seen anybody angle for more beef than Cam? Let me introduce you to Mr. Curtis Jackson.

      • chippc

        I gotcha. What I should have said is, no one actually angles for more beef but gets curved more than Cam. DipSet has collectively gone after Mase, Nas, Jay, Wayne, TI., Kanye, and nobody gives a shit. 50 was the only one to take the bait and that beef was wack on both ends. Although the Indian dude screaming Currrisss! was funny.

  • ZUBU

    It was more than likely just Jay walking, being caught mid-stride. Yet, whatup with those jeans; I know that many members of the younger generation wear skinny jeans, tights, dresses, etc. I think for a man of Jay’s stature this is a case of having obviously given your fashion assistant far too much creative liberty… Same shhiiitt be happening to NBA’s Russ Westbrook, KD, MELO, D Wade, Bron, etc. Its like brothas got so much paper that they run out of fashion ideas, so they hire some weird fashion genius to dress them, and this is a result of such…

  • Montezuma1

    Cam was a good rapper and MC at one time. What happened man? It’s blog posts with his girl twerking and diss songs no one cares about. I hear Cam is good financially. Not mogul good but good enough. Maybe it’s time to just grow up and do something else. Dame is washed. Dipset is washed. Jay isn’t the artist he once was either but at least he created other lanes to grow old in. His haters are all stuck in their second childhood it seems.

  • Riko7467

    I like a lot hovs old music and he can rap better than camron. But that nigga jay is tripping with them tight ass pants, nigga does look gay lol.

  • Markus

    Dude lays down with Beyonce. Gay and stupid Jay is not.

  • dbfromdc



    The thing is, jay z looks gay in quite a few of his photos but then so does camron dressed in pink and with earrings (that started with gays too). Camron the type to say ‘suck my d*** no homo’ smh. straight people dont need to say no homo

    • dbfromdc


      • FRUKOH


      • therealest1

        Didn’t he have a business endeavor sell capes too?

      • dbfromdc


  • Guest

    Why y’all catching feelings in the comments, the picture is funny LOLOL!!!!

  • Keyser Soze

    Cam.. My Nigga you 39 years old still makin gay jokes about a Nigga you jealous of… Get off Jay dick smh..

  • $21384666

    Loooooool. Cam my fav artist. He his own boss, he never kissed no ass or nothing. He made everything he has on his own. Much respect to flea

  • Dark Matters

    Plot twist: Cam’ron is a joke. Take this L Ms Giles…

    ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤
    █▄ █ █▄███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬
    ╬═╬ ☻/█▄
    ╬═╬ /█ .
    ╬═╬ / delivering L’s everyday to has been rappers who were never really good rappers, in the first place, cuz yall deserve it…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM


    • Lem

      Dead… Lmao

  • foshow38

    Cam’s my n!gga but how do you poke at Jay when you was that n!gga wearing pink fur/Pink Tim’s/Pink Range Rover/Pink hoodies…I can keep going


    • plsDontreply

      he has

      • from the early 2000s when dipset was signed to roc-a-fella and when everything fell apart that was when the dis records started and getting at each other in interviews

  • Psyer

    If that nigga don’t look gay in that pic, check your eyes. Don’t go Bruce Jenner on us Jay!

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Cam’s got jokes for everyone. He loves to clown nigga’s.

  • KatStone

    Cam is a fukk’n clown

  • The Ghost

    Cam keeps computers putin

  • therealest1

    Hypocritical from Cam’Ron perhaps? I mean this is the guy who wore pink from head to toe as a gimmick last decade and had big 5 karat earrings too.

  • BulldogCG

    The picture is pretty damn funny. Cam a hater though, always has been, At least where Jay is concerned. He had a few dope albums though. Nothing new here. It makes sense he has a tour coming up, publicity, as always Jay will say nothing. Cam just uses his name as part of his game. If nothing else, Cam seems like a hustler.

  • chosenxeno

    I’m sorry but Jay does look kinda “how-you-doin ish” in that photo lol


    DIPSH*T is jealous as a muthaf*cka with Jay’s & Dre’s BILLIONAIRE status! These marginally ‘talented’ bums still thinkin’ they’re Hood Rich on the petty thousands they’re milking outta suckaz!
    They are footnotes in a Legacy that JAY-Z & DRE are ICONS across ALL Business, not just ‘Music’ or ‘Hip Hop’!

  • Guest

    Really, I thought he was bi, if anyone really cares! No billionaire, that’s for sure.

  • Q.


    • Tanman01

      Lighten up yall getting way too emotional. U never too old to have a sense of humor

      • Q.


  • @DeMarioBrownIam

    Niggas wake up on my dick.. Eat some breakfast first! Hov

    • Taiana Aubrey

      “Niggas wake up on my dick”?! For black men to be so homophobic y’all say the gayest sh#t to each other daily.

      • @DeMarioBrownIam

        I was only quoting a verse. Meaning why is another man always worried about another man.

      • Taiana Aubrey

        Verse or not, that doesn’t change the fact that majority of the black community are homophobic especially in hip hop. I find it comical because black men say the most gayest sh#t to each other everyday. Telling other men to suck their d#cks and all types of homo erotic slurs yet they claim they’re straight…

      • @DeMarioBrownIam

        I’m not sure who you are around everyday. My conterparts or the men I hear speak on a daily basis don’t speak “the gayest sh#t.” I mean if they did that’s their choice. We as a people say more defaced things to each other. Let’s start there.

      • J. Smith

        She’s an idiot. I say no homo because it’s funny. If it isn’t funny to her, or anyone else, don’t laugh. I’m not homophobic, but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with someone thinking I’m gay.

      • @DeMarioBrownIam

        Lol. I realized that. I was willing to entertain her for a few.

      • J. Smith

        lol my bad

      • ytgarner


      • Dark Matters

        Black men aren’t more homophobic than any other group of people. We just get targeted alot for the accusation. Why? I don’t know, specifically – maybe because, we’re less PC about the subject. Hollywood stays trying to put us in dresses.

        This society is constantly trying to emasculate us. I think that contributes to some of our hyper-masculine reactions to things and we generally have higher levels of testosterone than other male groups.

        We’re the most sexually desired male in the world. We have no reason to be homophobic, really. We’re just often targeted for nonsense. Sometimes, it’s us targeting ourselves. So, we often have our guard up.The most homophobic people are the white male christians – not the black male.

      • Taiana Aubrey

        Uhhhhhh here y’all go. Why do black men constantly think everyone’s out to get them?! It’s like you all suffer from schizophrenia or something. Listen majority of other races could careless about any of you. Even gay people don’t care about y’all because let’s face it, majority of black people are ignorant and hypocritical. Just like the white Jesus they worship. It’s sad because the white man has done a pretty job at keeping you all as his bottom bitch. And because of it, everyone’s leaving you all behind. Enough is enough BLACK PEOPLE. You’re running out of excuses now. The only forces in your way is yourselves. Stop blaming white society and other races for your failures.

      • Dark Matters

        Seems like you’ve been waiting a little while to get that out of your system, because I don’t know what that has got to do with what I was talking about. Seems to me like you’re suffering from some frustrations of your own that are clearly driving all or most of what you have to say.

        I would continue this conversation, but given your overwhelming propensity to unreasonable negativity and an inability to stick to the subject of conversation, I’ll let you carry on in conversation by yourself with yourself. Truth is I doubt you really need me here to have this conversation. Since, you’ve long since agreed with yourself.

      • Taiana Aubrey

        Bye. Go have a conversation with someone who gives a damn about black people because l don’t.

      • motorfingaz

        I was with you on your first comment on this thread……..

        Sadly your rant devolved into a babble of ignorance that you claim abhor…..

      • Dark Matters

        You don’t give a damn about black people unless it’s an opportunity to bash them, right? You’re unknowingly transparent with your hateful stupidity. It’s one thing to make helpful and logical criticisms. It’s another to just bash, because it makes you feel good about yourself.

        Edit: if you’re so confident about your statements, Taiana Aubrey, why have you deleted your name from them?

      • Yet. . . You are on a website started by black people commenting on an article about. . . . A black person. Wow!

      • Antonio Grigg

        Lmao well spoken brother i guess he’s mad now lol!! If he don’t care to talk about black people then why he even start it hell why is he even watching this article its about black people lol!!!

      • Taiana Aubrey

        GET OFF your asses and making something of yourselves. I’m sure this isn’t the future your ancestors fought so hard for you to live in.

      • Guest

        Exactly Taiana!

  • Guest

    Bad Hair Cut.jpg

  • KobieDixon




    • Anthonyd Smith

      Lmfaoooooo! You know I had to laugh at that shit

  • Da Business

    Seriously, how old is Cam?

    • motorfingaz

      8yrs old

  • motorfingaz

    Me thinks Cameron is hiding sumptin

  • Aiden_Abetting

    Jay looks like he’s about to start skipping away in that pic tho lol…..

    • Dark Matters

      I think it’s the wind blowing at his coat that has created that effect, because he clearly looks like he’s attempting to close his coat with his hands in its pockets.

  • johnblacksad

    C’mon Cam…

    • Keyser Soze


  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Cam, hey Cam.. Come on dude, seriously. You’re coming off as a little obsessed and extremely jealous. Use that energy to get your career back on track (time is running out according to your boy Jim Jones with the whole age fiasco he tried calling Jay out on, so you’d better hurry up).. You guys are closely approaching the “has been” status. Hold your head up and go out with some dignity. And if you’re thinking Flex is the guy get help you guys get back on, you’re sadly mistaken..

    • Iam TimDog

      Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself

    • #NostraBoyz

      Career? Yo this dudes have fully paid mortgages and good bank accounts they don’t give a shit about music this pic was just funny AF lol y’all mad? Lol

  • Kabisa Bwana

    Can’t fight money

    • J.d. Walker

      Money can’t fight God he can kill you and you can’t take money with you

  • terrance

    This shit is supreme ass

  • Manny Jordan

    Jay took out the whole dipset by his self the last time what makes them think this time well be different especially since their careers are barely hanging on now

  • ms Jackson

    Neither Cam’ron or his band of merry men are in a position to call anyone gay. He was the same dude in punk panties wearing all pink. Nothing wrong with splashes of pink for a guy, but this dude had on whole pink outfits.. and earrings that my grandmother would wear. He needs to stfu when he know he good and GD well he a b!tch and pee sitting down..
    Cam’ron AKA Summers Eve.

    • Lou Velazquez

      Get off of jays nuts

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