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Dame Dash Responds To Criticism For The Breakfast Club Interview & Charlamagne's Comments (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash had most of the Hip Hop world talking last week because of his heated interview with Power 105. Dash’s statements on the show was praised by some and criticized by others. Among the critics was The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God. He called Dash’s words “dangerous.”

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The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records addressed his appearance on The Breakfast Club in the latest video from Hip Hop Motivation. The clip includes Dash acknowledging he appreciated the exchange of ideas that took place during the interview.

“Usually I talk a lot and there’s never anyone to actually talk back,” said Dash. “I think we were able to see another person’s perspective and how they justify it, live in front of a lot of people. I think that was an interesting perspective.”

One of the most controversial portions of the Dash interview was his repeated comments suggesting a real man does not have a boss. Some listeners took that stance as discouraging or insulting to working people. While he refused to apologize for his delivery, Dash did attempt to clear up the message he was trying to get across.

“I was saying if you have a job, you have to pay the bills, but that pays the bills momentarily. So if you have a job, in that moment, you should also be investing in something that you can pass on to your children,” explained Dash. “I said [to The Breakfast Club hosts], ‘I’m not mad at you for having a job. I’m mad at you for having the same job for 25 years.'”

Dash goes on to add that The Breakfast Club has a large platform, and he feels the hosts of the program need to be factual and stop promoting gossip. Dash also took issue with Charlamagne speaking on him during his Brilliant Idiots podcast and not directly to Dame in person.

“I see him talking a lot now. I feel like he should have said it when he had the opportunity to,” Dash stated.

The Hip Hop Motivation video includes Dame announcing he and Kanye West are going to buy the web retailer and entertainment company Karmaloop. The purchase will apparently provide direct competition to Complex Media.

“I’m going to put Complex out of business for f**king with me. I don’t like them. It’s a war between me and them,” declared Dame.

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Watch Dame Dash’s interview below.

152 Responses to “Dame Dash Responds To Criticism For The Breakfast Club Interview & Charlamagne's Comments (VIDEO)”

  1. Ronlg1

    But Dame, Charlemange clearly said that he “listened to the interview again” and “thought about” and your comments and later came to the conclusion that it was bullshit. So how COULD he have called you out if he didn’t catch it until after listening to it again???

  2. Slaughtr

    I fck with Dame a real nigga wether you fools want to or not but really fck what all yall think
    and fck what you think about him wearing roc shyt he paved the way for roc shyt. Crab ass hen cackilng niggaz. Wake the fck up young boys and to the older niggaz you should know better.

  3. Papi Peligro

    I don’t get why if you working you would get offended by someone who owes money and lost 50 million dollars thinks about you. No offense to Dame Dash. My daughter owns an art gallery in her play room but my JOB pays the bills.

  4. Banksy

    I get Dame was saying the thing is their era is very soft and sensitive so people got into their feelings instead of his overall message.

  5. NotTomFromMySpace

    what he said was facts. working is cool but working the same job 25 years is as wasteful as you can get


      Working the same job 25 years that you don’t like and doesn’t pay well is stupid. Now if you got a cushy job that pays you $70k to six figures a year what’s wrong with that?

      • Dubz

        Nothing, I think the main thing Dame was talking about was having something to pass down to your kids. That could be a business, money, or property. Don’t just be another cog in the wheel. Work for something.


        The kids comment I think was just a cop out after he insulted working men across the world.

        Raise your kids right, make sure they do all their homework and go to school and you won’t need to leave something for them, they may end up being more successful than their parents. Work to ensure your kids make better choices than you, not get an inheritance.

      • Dubz

        You should always want to pass something down to the next generation. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I agree though….start by teaching your kids values, work ethics, and street smarts.


        No doubt. My point is that what you pass down doesn’t always have to be material. There’s more than one way you can ensure your kids “have something” or a better future is all.

    • Jdilla2982 .

      Dude life is what you make it whether do a 9-5 providing for your family or being a entrepreneur do it with pride….what Dame said was irresponsible thats why he’s broke…..it was nothing but hypocrisy in his interview…cant believe ppl bought into it………..

      • hoeyuno

        exactly thete is no shane with peoples who get a union job, work for the city or a bus driver your whole life then retire with that extra pension. .Peoples been supporting there families with those types of jobs since day one.

      • NotTomFromMySpace

        of course but ya looking at the little picture. of course no problem in making 70K and providing for ya fam. the point is OWNING something, and having something to pass down to ya kids worth something. Doctors of course make more than enought money and pull, but a regular job making 70K a year is not doing that. Period. Yeah you can provide, pay mortgage and all but you dont own anything and dont have anythnig to pass down to ya kids.. Thats the main difference with white folks and us minorities. we usually think or feel cuz we got it now that wer good, and wer not.

      • hoeyuno

        I completely understand that. Im not saying im gonna tell my kids to get that job at mcdicks at 18 and stay there forever. We need more entrepreneurs creating jobs and opportunities for the comnon man. And the kids who do have the thinking it takes to be those people should absolutely take whatever they want from what Dame was saying. But to the average knucklehead kid who hates school and is always looking for easy money Dames words could be dangerous. I was a 16 year old dropout who thought the world just worked itself out. I was gonna be rich. I wasnt gonna work but I was gonna be rich. All I ended up with was a lengthy criminal record and had to start my education again at 30.


      It’s called having a career. Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, and Counselors should kill themselves right? Dame Dash is a fool, and so is anyone that listens to him.


    Dame said in the interview that calling another man boss is like calling another man daddy. Well Dame, I have a boss and he actually is my Dad. I call my boss dad and my dad boss and it doesn’t bother me in the least. So f*** you.


    I agree with Dame this time! He’s still a hypocrite, but he’s right that Charlemagne was afraid to talk to Dame’s face because he didn’t want to sound dumb on the air/camera! People like Charlemagne are afraid of an intelligent debate because he knows he has ZERO intelligence to bring to the table, only ignorance! How ironic he calls himself an ignorant idiot! SMH

    • DJ7

      You’d have your own private practice by now


      You realized early on in life that….punching a clock is the way to go for you


  8. Pope Chuck Paul

    the only problem i have is with people thinking they can just start a business. not everyone can do it and should be lol. you have to start somewhere. learn a skill. go to school maybe. not everyone has rich parents or are good at selling drugs. you’ll need that startup money from somewhere. idk if you can get a bank loan without a job. or credit. plus if you dont save your money that you got mysteriously (because saving is for suckers) you may not be able to get a loan because you cant prove you have any funds. folks gotta use common sense. i get the point but the point went over too many folks heads.

  9. jacksjus

    Dame’s mindset is fine for the type of person that he is. What he fails to understand is that every boss needs workers under them so everyone can’t be the boss.


    If an old white guy said this you’d call him an out of touch republican right wing conservative fringe nut tea party cracker. If you’re black I guess you can get away with beating down the working class folks.

  11. bigdoe6

    See there’s a lot of people who went to school and got massive student loan debt and most of these people are depending on a JOB to pay them off. So yea getting a job today is for a sucker to stay in the rat race. Unless it’s a good paying job to where you can afford to pay off debt. I understand Dame to the fullest, but he just come off a certain way. He didn’t offend me at all. We as people go out and get jobs and become conditioned to getting a paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with a paycheck because it’s a honest living. Dame never told anyone to quit there jobs and become a boss. People need to hear his message and what he’s really saying.

    • DeadCroaker

      Dame sounds like Kanye in 2013 trying to explain his fashion shi*t. He just didn’t word it well enough. What he said in this interview is more clear.

  12. reesedees

    I agree 100 percent with Dame Dash, I put myself through school I went to online and got a associate degree from Ashworth College pay no more than four grand. I have no student loan debt, I was able to become an independent contractor. I started my own business delivering newspapers, advertisement, sale papers, delivering food and picked up a couple of the contracts from local Cleaners in my neighborhood where I deliver the dry cleaning to homes and businesses. I’m able to make up to $1800 the $2200 a 7 day work week put in12 hour day. I’m basically like working for myself now.

    • 5% Hov

      Ayo congrats
      I got a similar story but never went to college.
      Congrats young man – alot of future bosses can be inspired by your story.

    • Corporate Entity

      Working for yourself? You’re a subcontractor working for the people that pay you deliver newspapers, food, dry cleaning, etc. Independent contractor? You might be better off being an employee with health benefits, job security etc. As soon as someone comes to your contractor/employer willing to subcontract for less, you will be out of a job and looking to “work for yourself” for someone else

  13. reesedees

    The same people that says Dame Dash is broke, is the same people that said Suge Knight killed Tupac and Biggie can’t bring any evidence to prove their claim. Same people support Dr Dre even though he beat black women that’s okay they get him a pass.

      • reesedees

        It’s like some type of propaganda that’s going on you have people calling Dame Dash broke with out any evidence to prove their claim that’s what hatin is I do not know that man financial situation, but I get what he was saying in the interview and Donald Trump filed bankruptcy 4 times you don’t hear the media call him broke they that reconsolidation his debt.

  14. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    this bit(h still wearing his Roc Chain. if you been a boss since you came out your momma than why Jay take Rocafella from you? YOu such a boss but the LT took your stuff? Harlem take this L. QUEENS!

  15. Wtfcity

    If you are not running your own business using your own money or have never done so then you wouldn’t understand. Sheep will be on here all day not understanding what he said because they could never understand what he is saying. They live, We sleep!

  16. RichFromBX

    Okay, so if a real man never has a boss, how can he expect to run a company and have loyal employees?

    A company only has 1 CEO and if that’s you Dame, who do you have working for you? How can you expect to develop a team of people you can trust and see you through to the top? You’re basically saying that anyone who sticks around for two long is a sucker…

  17. MLB44

    I applaud anyone who builds a multimillion dollar business, and even after that business subsides, stays above middle class economically and pursues other ventures. Dame is a “boss” in that respect. But he comes across as a very pompous, prick who is condescending to those who are not like him or desire to think or be like him. And for the record, there was no “exchanging of ideas” in that interview with The Breakfast Club. He took over that interview with his self-righteous rant criticizing those who are not like him and refusing to even discuss what he recently alluded to in the media that Jay Z was a snitch. I wonder was he drunk? Before that interview I always questioned Jay’s loyalty to Dame. But if that interview is an accurate description of who Dame really is, I understand why Jay and his people didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

  18. Brooklyn Stoop

    lets clean up the confusion.

    dame is speaking to BOSSES and LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. if you cant “get it” then your a WORKER and should stay in that line PERIOD. when your talking REAL ish, sometimes the words get harsh……those who “get that” arent offended. those who are “hurt” by dames words are too weak for business regardless and the message aint for you. but that person working a 9-6 who have that mind frame of wanting MORE……….you get it. and for the other person working a 9-6 who is offended by the words and delivery, go to lunch and gossip with your co-workers about dame, the message is not for you.

    • RichFromBX

      once he added some context, it made sense that it’s something of a state of mind someone should have, that you should always be striving to have more…something of you’re own. But, when you come out with “real men don’t have bosses”, you’re going to strike a nerve with some people because something may have happened in their life that has kept them from realizing their “boss life”

      Take a dude from a small, rural place in the south. He moves to Cali to start building out a tech company, all of a sudden his mother falls seriously ill and he has to move back home to take care of her. That small town, more than likely, can’t be the HQ of an up and coming tech company. Circumstances have caused him to, at the very least, put his “boss life” on an indefinite hold and now has to get a job locally…that doesn’t make him any less of a man.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        those attacks was for envy not the public. if you listen to the interview envy argued FOR working and dames was for us to have the mind frame of being an owner (funny how this wasnt a issue when russel simmons had magazine articles on one side saying slave and the other saying owner). Envy started talking bout how happy he was working and how he would work for free, that type of ignorance is gonna make the opposing side mad. no difference if your debating bout bball, you might scream F lebron, F cleveland wo woo woo but what your saying is geared towards the debate your having with the person not that you have a issue with the state or the actual player. even charlemage said envy was lying to win the argument. whats funny to me is this, how many people thought leonardo dicaprio character in wolf of wall street was an ass and arrogant? why when we see non black characters do this we look at them as bossing up? why we dont call trump poor or broke like we do black people who have IRS issues or file bankruptcy? last time a black man spoke and it caused a fire storm was Lord Jamar, and he was right. the 10% job is to keep the 85% deaf blind and dumb. 2014 its said that black people spent 1 trillion dollars………..why would the 10 want the 85 to do something with that trillion besides spending it. they been pushing us to be a consumer class since the 90s. envy also said on that monday show that he got mad calls from money people on some illuminati ish pissed with dame. theres more to this story then a “arrogant” mans ran on the radio. then adam shultz is petting charlemage head for being a good boy and not reacti to dame. question i had was this: was adam shultz tz taught to work for another race. if not then that interview was strange

      • jazzoh

        I think a man moving to Cali to build a tech company that moved home to take care of his ill mother would easily switch his project to online computer courses or webinars for people desiring to move to Cali to start a tech company. Point being that a man like that would not be offended by Dames statement, he would switch his Game. If it’s in you it’s in you.

    • fakename

      Lol. Dame is in the hole for 2 milli begging for a Kanye hand out. I’ll pass on his so called “business advice”.

    • me

      Amen, Dame spoke the truth.As long as we all work for bosses we will be behind as a people. Employees pay all the taxes.This is chess not checkers cats think they are winning but they are playing the wrong game.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      i’m a boss of my own company and i can say dame needs to word himself better…..you don’t have to be a boss to be a man. I might work for a company make 1 mill a year . Martin Luther was more of a Man than most and he wasn’t anybodies boss.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        he never said you have to be a boss to be a man. and since your a boss of you own company, and im assuming you LISTEN to the interview
        what was wrong with what dame was saying? most of the sound bites people keep repeating is things he said arguing against envy point.

  19. fakename

    Dame Dash is a bum with a negative 2 million dollar net worth. He has no talent. Just a motor mouth that tries to talk people out of their money. Dude says hes never had a real job. I believe it. He’s always had his hand out. Riding on Jay-Z’s coat tails. Trying to seem important.

      • fakename

        and you sound a half a homo and dick ryder. go ahead and send dame dash your last three paychecks for all I care.

  20. Montezuma1

    I don’t agree with everything Dame says but I’m just glad someone is going at the machine. Most of y’all are fans so you don’t really understand what it takes for one of US to make it in the game but it ain’t right man. I don’t even like Dame but the structure he’s challenging I despise even more.

  21. Gwill

    10 million mofuckas in nyc can’t everybody sell cookies my nigga, not everybody wants that responsibility and theres nothing wrong with working a job for 25 years, yea u should always have investments and more than 1 income but look how easy I just said that, that’s not hard to say or explain, dame bullshittin tryin to stunt on Niggas now he backtrackin FOH

  22. Django 2Chainz

    It’s not that I don’t respect Dame because I do…But he shoulda kept the news between him & Kanye buying Karmaloop until the deal was already done…& Starting a open Beef with Complex is bad business, it put your fans in an awkward position because now they have to choose…Dame knows that smh

  23. ursocalledgod

    this nigga is delusional. I don’t care how much he claims to have that people don’t know about etc. any man with a negative 2 million dollar net worth who stay getting sued by people who went into business with him can tell me NOTHING. I don’t care what you did in the past homie what do you have NOW? since jay quit doing business with you he blinking on a billion. what does that tell you? no one starts out as a BOSS. most who do fail. check the stats. you got to learn how to crawl before you walk common sense. for him to say that about the working man made my perception of him even worse. FOH all you doing is talking to hear yourself talk.

  24. Sicko

    Charlamagne looking like the bitch I always thought he was with him talking BOLD after Dame Dash interview, saying a bunch of shit he was clearly too intimidated to say while Dame was in studio. That is some Cowardly Shit!

      • Sicko

        That makes him a even bigger COWARD to let a man come in your house and talk over you and run your show for 1 Hour LMFAO

      • Dutch Masta Rillo

        So because he wasn’t about to argue with him like 2 high school girls. . . He’s a coward? Dame was raising his voice like a girl when he didn’t want to hear what they had to say. . . That’s what females do in arguments. His point was made and taken out of context but to argue like dame likes to do. . . Not even debate. But to argue? Nah bruh. You got it

      • Sicko

        Stop Making Excuse for that Sambo Character, Charlamagne Mock Black Folks Daily even does a character in which he pretends like he is a racist Redneck and you have people defending this CLOWN. When Dame was in the Studio he wasn’t saying any of the shit he is saying now and to me that is COWARDLY! Envy at least tried to defending himself before shutting down but neither Charlamagne or Angela had his back, this clown even side with Dame when he asked about being asked the same question about Jay Z. Its your show aint no way some dude come in a take over your show and intimidate you from saying what you want and asking what YOU WANT ON YOUR SHOW!

      • Your Dog Needs Training.

        Bro, you do realise that they were the host and they are bound by rules and regulations, they could be hit with a hefty fine if those rules had been broken. Dame had intentions of creating havoc since they touched a raw nerve. Those dudes didn’t play into his hands, they handled it well.

        Picture this, arguing with a egotistic fool like Dame on air, I use that word based on fair comment. Trying to argue with a person like that will get you no where you’re better off letting someone like that have their say and addressing it later. That’s what Charlamagne did, nothing wrong with that.

      • hoeyuno

        and how many views they gonna get from that Dame rant?? I only watched the first half but char was making points and laughing off Dames dumb ass points.

      • Psyer

        Nah, the actual interview lasted over an hour. Charlamagne had many opportunities to talk boldly…

  25. ChinoX813

    Boss Life, according to Dame Dash

    Fall behind on your rent and get evicted

    Get sued for unpaid child support

    Get a government lien on you for $2 million worth of unpaid taxes

    LOL, I’m straight on taking advice from this dude, I’ll just keep working my job and handling my life like an adult while I get judged from the sidelines by a guy crying broke to a judge in court than turning around and putting on a facade for shock jocks.

    • 5% Hov

      “I’ll just keep working my job and handling my life like an adult”

      Ok bruh. Good luck with that …. adult. 🙂

      • ChinoX813

        Don’t need luck I’m Good, save your well wishes for the guy in bankruptcy court, he’s the one who needs it 🙂

      • 5% Hov

        Nah he’s living his life buying his freedom.
        Anyway you better to work… someone esle needs to benefit from their investment in you.


    engineers, doctors, scientist, biologist,.etc…… the people who make the actual difference for the future, mostly work for some company as a group. i cant believe people are actually impressed by his small minded views. as if his son wants to be an astronaut he would be disappointed. i do somewhat respect his views based on a hustlers mentality, but that is such a narrow view based on the larger scope of how the world rotates.

    • Sicko

      Even for many Doctors the Goal is to one day have their OWN PRACTICE! Not just to work for 1 Hospital Forever until it is time to retire.

  27. chicagostyl

    it clear some of yall missed his point entirely….he’s saying maybe set some money aside that way you (and your kids) wont be living paycheck to paycheck your whole life and maybe one day you wont have a supervisor or manager over your shoulder on a daily basis. Maybe one day you’ll be good enough financially to not have to worry about getting that 1st & 15th check because you invested so well when you were young that you dont need a boss anymore. Once you get to that level, then you really doin it. Thats all he was sayin…he not saying go quit your job because men dont have bosses, he’s saying “real men” who do right by their money eventually shouldnt need a boss because they work for themselves in some form and dont need them checks like that.

  28. DaHomey6Deuce



    “True, I’ve got more fans than the average man

    But not enough loot to last me

    To the end of the week, I live by the beat

    Like you live check-to-check

    If you don’t move your feet then I don’t eat

    So we like neck-to-neck”

  29. ancientGOD83

    people are funny…. just take the message…folks mad aT dame for being well…dame…. yet you tune in to hear what he says, and not because of the yelling, because you know he is going to say something real….like that drunk uncle that had it all, but will still give you the game, even if he is angry/bitter…. you still come around him because its something real in it…. so real that the harshness can offend you… I respect him because he is saying something..people on here say…well jay got this, he got that…but he aint taking the time to tell you anything REAL, he is just selling you EVERYTHING…. folks listen to the pastor rant the same bs non message yet get mad at a young brother that had massive success gives you an aggressive MESSAGE…. I was raised to take the knowledge whether its from the professor to the crack head…. advice is advice and it should honestly cost money…. for people to go through pain…then give you game even in form of stories, they should be compensated by the listener…even if with respect…. if a crack head takes a hit, looks at you and say “don’t try that shit, it will mess u up” why not say thanks and move on…. EVEN if dame is wrong, don’t totally give up the whole message because he had one flawed point or three…. most arguments are…”he broke” that is some wack shit…no one knows his money situation nor the ones whom act like they 400 mil strong.. at least he saying something right….make plans to own your own shit…even if its a car, or an acre….don’t pay rent your whole life or lease….. have a deed to pass down, not some “you gotta get a job like your mom bs” give the children something they can have…..go to school doesn’t teach a lil one to create…. THe parents have to set an example…even if you sell bottle water at the pop warner games….show the lil ones the REAL way of making it…. SELF

      • ancientGOD83

        be your Own boss. and don’t let cats like cdg and envy front like they got it going on, when all it takes is a “we are going in a different direction” and like that, you are done…and in certain instances, in certain careers, one “your done” can mean your done forever… Cdg can easily have his Own anything, he can be the creator, director, but he chooses to sit in that same chair asking the same ?’s. and he feels like he is the shit so much he can be disrespectful… they knew what dame was gonna say which is why cdg had on that hat trying to be funny, when they clearly have a serious man on the show, and master p checked him for that wack ass humor… back to dame…is he mad, hell yea, that’s the average 9-5 working brotha…but behind that attitude is drive, passion, charisma, and success… people on here talking shit prob haven’t even formed a company, being your own boss could be cutting yards on the wknd after your 9-5…. lemonade stand, selling smoothies, your old lady making cakes for people…. just know your job is gonna end bottom line, but the hustle gotta continue. that’s what I got…and in 10 years, that go to college and get a job aint gonna exist, gotta start teaching them to hustle NOW

      • jazzoh

        The response to Dames statement proves that people are trained to work for people to drive the country. They are so trained that a message pushing independence and self reliance is somehow seen as a negative thing. A man basically begging people to stand up and take their destiny in their own hands is ridiculed. If more people actually bought into this I can’t see how this would not have a positive effect on society. He will never convince everyone to be a boss. Some people only want to call themselves a boss like the rappers do while turning up in the club. How is it possible that after what we saw in 2008 anybody can be mad at this message. I think families or groups of some sort should get together and pool money and resources to build something so they know they will be alright. If you are not wired to be a boss you can be an employee in the family business. We as a whole should stop bringing children into the world and throwing them out there and saying figure it out. Then you have a kid that looks at life and says I see your way didn’t work that well for you. I’m going to go left because I have no plan, no blueprint ,and no budget. Everybody can’t be a doctor or lawyer etc. Everybody can take a dollar and deliver a product or service. People would prefer for this not to be said and continue to let kids in the hood learn this from the streets and feed the prison industrial complex than to learn this in the summer at their uncles, fathers,aunts store or other business. They say the definition of insanity is to continue to do things the same and expect a different result.

      • Jonathan Bacher

        Why would you answer a question with (just) a question ?

      • ancientGOD83

        bro you on here looking ty dolla sign stunt double bro….dudes are crazy

  30. Nutball63

    As long as you have to pay taxes you and nobody else is a boss, perfect example of a person talking just to hear himself talk

  31. Q.


  32. JerZeBoy

    Dame corny always been money or not….look @ his skinny crak head legs, one right hook they will buckle in a second…….I hate people that get money and forget where they came from and say ignorant things………….



  34. Your Dog Needs Training.

    But that idiot called Dame never allowed Charlamagne to get a word in, everytime Charlamagne wanted to say something he closed him down.

    The more Dame opens his mouth the less respect I have for him, I used to like him but it seems to be diminishing rapidly, no wonder a lot of people avoid working with him.

  35. FriendsWit DaDealer

    Dame spoke truth…but because the American machine would crumble if all of us thought like that folks are against. it. BEcause we worship corporations.

  36. jamaicanqueen99

    Lol@ the idiots who still respect Dame. He made no sense at all. lolol! This fool sold drugs to it own peeps. That’s how he made money.I can’t respect another so called man if he sells drugs to his own people! Did he tell his Martha Stewart son that? Will his son say I’m proud of my dad because he was able to provide for his family with drug money. Yea, it’s not drug money now but that’s how he started out with. Envy son will look at his dad with pride because his dad did it the right way. Dame is a dumb ass little boy that still says pause. He’s 40 years old saying that dumb ass line. How can yall respect a clown like that and his side kick Daniel. FOH! Oh and BTW if you’re selling drug you have a BOSS! It’s the supplier!

    • jazzoh

      everybody is entitled to their opinion. Dame sold drugs maybe because he had nobody who could teach him what he is trying to teach his son and others. Maybe if someone in his family started a business and taught him about selling t-shirts there would have be one less drug dealer in the world. So if I import half a container of cell phone chargers from China and sell them the manufacturer is my boss? That right there is why we need to start more businesses so we know more about it and how it works. Most of us are only experts at feeding it. Then we are mad that 1% of the population making all the money and has their foot on our necks to the point that we can’t think for ourselves. How can you be contradictory if someone can take away your food

      • jamaicanqueen99

        Yes, the manufacturer would be your boss based on what Dame said. You’re not making the chargers. You’re buying them from someone else. If the manufacturer said oh it will take us an extra 5 days to make or send you these chargers, you have to option but to wait. So you have in reality you’re answering to someone else. Dame is a loser. Not everyone can be a entrepreneur. The fact that he’s on the radio talking about its wacky to have a boss is very stupid because these little kids will listen to him. Oh and btw he’s not teaching his son shit because his son was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His son without a dout went to a nice ass school. He probably, expensive clothes, had vip service at parties, etc. I hope you’re getting what I’m trying to say. His son doesn’t understand the MEANING of a dollar. Dame teaching his son how do become an entreprenuer isn’t the same thing.

        Also he’s calling Charlamagne chatty patty when he’s doing the same thing when he brought up hear say about Spike Lee. He need to take his own advance and go talk to spike himself.

      • jazzoh

        The manufacturer would not be the boss. After they sell you the product, they could care less what you do with it or how you do it. His son has 2 businesses already. Yes, he had a easier time because of what his father did. That is exactly what Dame is suggesting to everyone, that they do their best to do for their kids what he was able to do. I can’t see how anyone can be mad at that message. Do you think it is necessary to struggle to understand the meaning of a dollar? That logic is flawed and regressive. The entreprenuer who doesn’t understand the meaning of a dollar is bound to fail. No disrespect, like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. be well

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