Chinx Killed In New York

Rapper Chinx, 31, was murdered in Jamaica, Queens early this morning, approximately 4am.

The rapper, known to roll with French Montana, was reportedly driving when he was shot several times. Another man was critically wounded in the gunfight that took place on Queens boulevard as Chinx drove his Porche.

Chinx, real name Lionel Pickens, was shot several times in the body. His unidentified passenger remains in critical, but stable condition.

After the shooting, both men were rushed to Jamaica Hospital. Chinx died at the hospital.

Chinx dropped Hurry Up & Die Vol. 1: Get Ya Casket On in 2009, Cocaine Riot in December 2014 and, most recently, was featured on French Montana’s “Off The Rip,” which also offered Nore. He was a popular member of French Montana’s Coke Boys as well as an artist on the label.

Meek Mill gave a sobering condolences to his comrade Chinx.

“This is exactly why I don’t play in the streets ….. Chinx to French like Omelly to me! I tell @Omelly and my real day 1s get out that hood no matter what it cost or the circumstance! It’s nothing that add up to losing ya life at a young age!!! Niggas killing niggas that’s Tryna win! I got love for the people in the hood but I don’t fuck wit the hood nomore! I dont agree with the rules, most of that shit stupid to me now because I learned and it has nothing to do with having money! Seeing shit like happen always make my heart cold and make me act in cold ways towards my own kind of people! I hate to see potential DIE!! REST WELL #CHINX WE GONE F**KING MISS YOU!!!”


Somebody may have given police a lead on his murder, as a user @teamshabbaofficial left a less-than-cryptic message on Chinx’s page.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.02.06 AM


Here are some of the images that have been in circulation around the crime scene where Chinx was slain.

Chinx Drugz

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.20.17 PM

One of AllHipHop’s interviews with Chinx

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354 Responses to “Chinx Killed In New York”

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        The streets gotta eat!!!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Bk or queens?

      • Breeze

        Word. . . Im in the Cuse. Go to cnycentral dot com. This past week alone has me thinking the worl is going fuking bananas. Niggaz gettin shot in front of schools at dismissals. 2 stabbings on the university. A stabbing at the rescuse mission. A cop stabbed by a patient. More shootings upon shootings. Like yo. . . What in the flying fuk is going on? Why the fucm cant people just live their life and not worry about the next or take tye next for that matter, Niggaz be happy as fuk to say they killed a nigga but then what. . . . You gained absolutely nothing from it.

      • The City

        Neighborhood intoxication. MC Eiht spoke of this on the chilling track called The Hood Done Took Me Under.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Damn this broke my heart this morning.


      • EDOGZ818

        You’re trapped….any beef…they heading to the train station to cut off you’re escape.

        5% call it “The Desert.”

  1. Kingisht

    I have to wake up to this bullshit. SMH damn man. We (black people) can’t have anything without another person trying to kill us. this is some bull shit.

    • marieRN

      I was just thinking the same thing. Jealousy and envy are horrible characteristics to carry around. It’s so many murders happening that you barely have time to grieve before something else happens. I live in Milwaukee, crime has become almost normal. I pray for peace, the kids, the world and our future. Condolences to his family. RIH.

      • the other brotha

        Can’t even have a vigil for your son without getting shot smh I hope they catch whoever did that dumb ass shit you kill her son then try to wipe out the mama and the rest of the fam

    • Wetwork510

      You can have nice things without worrying about dying. You have to surround yourself with other people like you that’s all.

      • The City

        At some point you still have to drive… harsh I know but folks ribs are showing plus the thirst is real.

  2. RolazUK

    Quick to shoot another brother, but when the police are systemically killing brothers with impunity… where are these so called gangsters willing to die. FOH!!

    • Uncle Ruckus

      You’re from the UK? Don’t you think shit is worse here? Half these breddahs are wifeing off white tings.

  3. bklyn reprezenta


  4. Guest

    Erie how Stack and Chinx both died in a similar way and it was in Queens, their stomping grounds. Doesn’t many how rooted you were in the hood, once you become famous off your talent (music/sports) your a target to the goons. Even the ones you hustled and grew up with. Let this be a lesson to those on the come up, when you get rich, get out the hood quick RIP Chinx

    • TimeWillTellu1

      There’s only a few who have gotten rich and didn’t have a problem from going back to where they came from to give back. Respect. RIP

  5. mike

    The ig page wasnt deleted I jus looked thru it now nd they showing a lot of drugs and guns and bullets and stuff

  6. youngplaya

    I don’t know the details of this situation, but it’s not always the hood or hate from black people. Some people actually do stuff in the street that they shouldn’t that gets them killed. That’s street laws. If you want to live a successful life, get out the streets and avoid criminal activity all together. If you running with the hoods, then trigger play has to be expected. All this other stuff is naive and fantasy. Can’t be half rapper/half dope boy or half family man/half dope boy. Pick one and go in till the end and whatever happens happens.

    • Wetwork510

      Real shit my dude! I’ve been out of the streets for about 15yrs now and I must say its one of the best decisions I made.

      • youngplaya

        Straight up. Good move homie. It ain’t nothing like having peace and freedom.

      • Wetwork510

        The thing I don’t understand is all these niggas talk about my hood this my block that but don’t realize the streets are undefeated, if you stay in the streets long enough it’s only two places you’ll end up.

      • TrappinOutDaBando1017 _______/

        Oh you was the nigga that set me up back in 03 15 years outta the streets ain’t gonna help you when I catch ya ass nukkkka ahahahaha

      • Wetwork510

        So you jump on here, say some ignorant shit and like your own comment? i know you wasn’t a street nigga lol you can’t even do basic mathematics 😂03 is 12 yrs ago not 15

      • TrappinOutDaBando1017 _______/

        I admit I said some ignant shit cuh just clowining but I didn’t like my own shit this is probably the last time you’ll ever read any of my shit again but you have a good day to my nukkkka

      • TrappinOutDaBando1017 _______/

        Woaahh my nigga you come on here talking bout math and shit nobody claimed to be a real street nigga here my nigga I just read your comment and wanted to make a joke out of it cuh but your moist ass got sensitive and shit so now I gotta expose you ain’t a real street nigga or else your bitch ass won’t be on here talking shit period now mind you probably never seen me on this site posting some shit and you never will again

      • Wetwork510

        I responded to your joke with a joke my nigga! You’re in your bag of feelings, I went to college after high school my nigga and hustled on the weekends to help with school fees and the only thing you exposed was your sensitive ass nigga that wishes he was a street nigga. But you enjoy the rest of your weekend my nigga and relax! It’s just the internet lol


    ….It’s EITHER ‘the streets’ or ‘the industry’ you CAN’T DO BOTH!
    He Shmurdered his own ‘career’ before it relly started!

  8. cromthelaughinggod7

    Why I said it in the past a long time ago. If you still live in the streets it will catch up to you. You can’t be with french montana and live in the hood. Niggas will kill you from jealousy. You have to leave. All that keep it real shit is dumb. Either bullet proof your car and rock a vest if you want to stay in a dangerous environment.

    • Celz

      There are always protests against urban crime. You’re just the ignorant bigot who thinks it needs to be on tv to have taken place.. The news media exists to sell ads right? And the biggest demographic is ignorant liberals and ignorant conservatives right? So how would showing a stop the violence rally help them sell ads? They don’t sell so they don’t show.. You have to actually do some research to find them. People are so lazy they expect accurate information to be spoon fed to them for free.. Put your troll energy into bettering your own pathetic life..

      • kasshu

        In terms of public outrage from the black community he has a point. Ppl just acting like its another day walking in the park. The rage is not there at all. If his death was street related or just a botched robbery it still is senseless. And ppl should be outraged like they were when it was Trayvon, Brown, Gray ect etc..

      • Celz

        No he’s not right in any terms. You can see on this site that there is outrage and discontent. The range of emotions in black on black violence are naturally much more somber because the community can count on justice being served if the perpetrator is black.

        You are comparing apples to oranges.. They are both fruits but that’s about all they have in common.

        If Chinx’s killer was identified and never prosecuted you can be sure there would be outrage and nationwide media coverage.

        We live in America unfortunately people of any race being shot is fairly common. The protests in Ferguson werr actually against a corrupt police force. If the police weren’t so blatantly racist the residents would have taken the decision not to prosecute much better.

        If you need anything there cleared up let me know..

      • kasshu

        “You can see on this site that there is outrage and discontent” Where at?? Most of it is just rip and other stuff. Nothing compared to the outrage of Gray and others. If you think its apples and oranges cuz the justice system prosecutes the criminals ok. But, i think the lost of life and senseless killings make it the same. These ppl is just as worst as killer cops both walk around with murderous intent and act on it. Nobody is talking about the mind set of dog eat dog mentality that exist within the community. I participated in the Freddy gray protest and some of the same ppl talking about blacklivesmatter is the same ppl who would have done this type of act. But, in there mind its ok, and the community chalks it up to just another one gone.

      • Celz

        Can you read? The outrage is lessened because THE KILLER HASN’T BEEN FREED. It’s not hard to understand. You have unarmed black men being killed by police and citizens who believe the are upholding the law. These people take someone’s life in a way that is strictly against police protocol and they are still freed. This is a modern day extension of the lynch mob. Where law enforcement would kill blacks just to be on the safe side. That’s not enforcing the law, that’s criminally breaking it.

        If the guy who killed Chinx turned himself in and was sent back home THEN there would be outrage.

        Racist elements in police forces makes minorities feel disenfranchised which actually encourages criminal behavior because why would you obey they law when the law doesn’t? Even though that’s an ignorant way to go about things it’s true. So sorry for Chinx, RIP, but him being killed is not as big a deal as Freddie Gray because his killer did not swear to uphold the law and his killer wasn’t given a pass either.

        SO PLEASE STOP COMPARING UNRELATED EVENTS. The double standard you’re setting is a vestige of Amerikkka’s racist past.. And you probably don’t realize it lol..

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Im gonna just destroy your little “never prosecuted” charade right now! The fact of the matter is there is a super high rate of unsolved black on black murders in the black community where the police know EXACTLY what happened but refuse to prosecute. Murders where police simply refuse to investigate. Murders where the killer gets away for lack of evidence, witnesses refuse to speak up, or its just too much work……and guess what? There is no black community outrage. Cops will let a killer walk free if he snitches, or for political reasons… please get the f#c% out of here with that outrage over non-prosecution…because black killers walk the streets free every day.

      • Celz

        Thanks for proving my point. The underlying issue is corrupt police like I said. That’s why cop murders get more pub. And they deserve to. And like I said there are stop the violence rallies, I go to them, I go to schools in the hood and mentor kids.. That shyt doesn’t make the news. I don’t get how you can prove me wrong by rehashing my points… But ok

      • lolwtf

        The underlying issue is corrupt police? But what about the insanely high percentage of black on black crime that account for most of the deadly crimes in this country? That’s not a underlying issue either? lol come on man….

      • Celz

        What does most mean? + 50%?Because that’s not true. And then what are the effects of hundreds of years of institutionalized racism.. Iran-Contra.. Cointelpro.. Etc etc.. But obviously black on black violence is a huge problem that’s out of control and much more personal and community accountability is in order.. Myself and virtually every other person on here has acknowledged that all throughout this thread.

        But that’s not what we were talking about.. The discussion was about why people don’t protest black on black violence the same as murdering cops. It’s just a joke when double standards are applied, no one expects white people to protest the 9 murdered and 17 hospitalized in Waco today.. Who protests the method and prescription painkiller epidemic? And then there are a huge number of stop the violence protests. I personally know people who have organized events with thousands in attendance and still can’t get any coverage after begging the news media to come..

        I’m not denying the problem, I know first hand how it’s real.. I’m just disputing the information that was states as fast earlier..

      • lolwtf

        Fair enough- you make plenty of valid points. It’s really nice to see educated debate in the comments section of a website like this. I agree there are plenty of factors that go into violence in urban america today- it’s a highly complicated issue and the media certainly has their agenda which doesn’t make things any better….

      • Celz

        That’s real talk fam.. I’m not saying the community bears no responsibility, but these people pretending like there aren’t stop the violence rallies and people who care sound as ignorant as the one blame everything on the white man

      • Celz

        And read Meek Mills post he just condemed the Thug lifestyle and said Chinx brought on his own demise.. That’s the general sentiment for this whole comment thread.. You want black people to protest every crime in the hood.. When is the last time you saw white people protest oxycontin or meth? Foh.. They make tv shows about it and joke about it.. But make a big deal about crack dealers lol.. That wool is fuxxin with your vision my guy lol

      • kasshu

        Thats what you got out of meeks post?? No, meek knows now that their is mental poisoning within the poor black community. He is actually condemning the mentally that created this unfortunate event. smh In baltimore about a year ago a 3 year old girl was hit by a stray bullet and killed the ppl within that community refused to corporate and acted as if it was just a normal event. Do you not see the sickness in that thinking?? If you think these events and police brutality are unrelated, than i encourage you to study Sociology, Criminological theory ect.

      • Celz

        I suggest you study reading comprehension, thesis formation, and argumental logic.. You keep skipping over my rebuttal to mention your first point again. And then your point makes no sense to begin with.. Lol you are the new KKK racist and don’t even know it. Hopefully you aren’t a minority, if you’re white at least you can feign ignorance. Lol like every inner-city crime is the collective responsibility of Black America.. Stay in school kid..

      • kasshu

        And you are the new part time social reformer. Only one to fix a part of the problem but not the whole issue. smh I skipped the rebuttal to your points cuz i am trying to get you to see the bigger picture. But, your to stuck on trying to make it seem like everything is ok within the community and the only time we should talk is when a police officer kills someone unjustly. And you should try to understand what being racist means before you go throwing the word around because somebody disagrees with you. You claim that i am racist yet you the only one trying to figure out my race?? haha

      • Celz

        I run a non profit smartass.. And I’m just proving your misguided viewpoints wrong nothing more nothing less..

      • WIWYCB

        Celz, I am curious about the non profit you run; its mission, target audience (if you will) No trolling, no shade, but I am currently working to get in the industry, but I have a heavy sales background. I consistently get that I have no “relevant experience”. I grad from West Point in 2010, commissioned officer; I am out and now in IT Sales, but want to transition into non-profit. I am a volunteer mentor at Year Up(check them out please), this wkend I finished up a volunteer tutoring program (5 month, ages 9-12) at Sinai Community Institute on the west side of Chi, and recently joined the Auxiliary Board at Volunteers of America(provide housing, employment, connections to VA, fundraising, advocating for Veterans). I also have some program and event planning experience, going back to ’08. I specifically want to work with youth, 16/17-25; serving to connect them to the resources they need that might not be readily available to them or they don’t know exist; i.e., academic & higher edu support/resources, info, employment resources, all while also serving as as mentor, advisor, someone to advocate for them. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn page for work & volunteer experience, education. I welcome your advice on how someone like me, skill set, experience(corporate & volunteer), and passion for youth, can break into the industry. I am volunteering a lot to develop relationships and gain better insight in to the industry & where/what my energy, passion, and skill set can be most used. To be frank, I am open to re-locating. West Point is in NY(along the Hudson River, 1 north of Manhattan).

      • Celz

        I’m in Cali fam.. We’re a small one but very active. We work with cities and schools and introduce kids to the arts and sports.. Might be in Santa Monica where it’s nice one day and then in the hood in Pomona the next. I would suggest you start volunteering on your off time. So you can add some non profit experience to your extensive business background. The cream of the crop rises, so I’m sure you’ll be given some serious responsibilities in no time. Then just keep applying for jobs and updating your volunteer work on a separate resume that’s just for non profit jobs. You also may want to look into working for a city parks and rec department. A director can make close to 6 figures.. At least here in Cali…

        Honestly there are too many weirdos on here for me to post any personal info but if you wanna chop game reply with your email.. Then edit it out.. And I’ll get the original message with your email..

        Peace man.. Good to see others putting in work..

      • Celz

        On second thought.. You sound like you’re on the right path. I think you need to keep your 9 to 5 and start your own non profit.. Really write it what it is you want to do. Develop a curriculum and start approaching schools in your area. Most non profits can get flyers distributed to schools for free. And private schools are usually supportive as long as there is no conflict of interest.

      • WIWYCB

        That’s awesome what you and your coworkers/friends are doing out there…I was born in Long Beach, but fam moved to Seattle when I ’bout 3 mo(so I don’t remember LBC). I do have an uncle in Carson and LA. Regardless of the size of org, to me, its about the activity; orgs like that, that are grassroots, organic, fluid and are mission-driven are what’s going to move the needle in terms of true solutions to our community’s problems. Def like to learn more about your org b/c I actively participate in 4 here in Chicago & what works for you guys in Cali may work for us and vice versa, you know? It may be different faces & different places, but we all got the same problems: poverty, lack of opportunities to quality employment, inadequate education system(s), broken homes(to include males not being men), among a whole host of problems. So im open to what works for you, what results, challenges you’re expencing, etc and chop it up to maybe see how the West Coast and Mid West can collab to really solve prob to close the gap intra-culturally and meet our ppl’s needs.

        that’s good advice about starting my own NPO. me volunteering’s purpose is two fold: learn the industry, challenges, ppl & gain employment. Def consider the method by which to implement it. My friend runs an org called The Simple Good and has done exactly that. Check it out. Sounds like you & her org may do similar things and can collab! She’s collaborated with folks from the states to Portugal to Zimbabwe. I’ve been to a few events showcasing their art. Im sure if the effort is mutual, you guys can collab to meet one another’s ends.

        email is…hmu ASAP so I can get this off lbs

      • Celz

        I never made it seem like anything I said I disagree with it, Meek Mills disagrees with it, and most commenters here do as well. I just said you aren’t going to see the same reaction because it’s a different situation. Apples taste different than oranges because they aren’t oranges. Do you get it? Gangbanger commits crime goes to jail kids are safer. Cop commits crime goes home, people are scared still. You can’t compare the two. Period. And I run a nonprofit smart ass. I’m just here to refute your misguided views nothing more nothing less..

      • kasshu

        We can agree to disagree. And just cuz i have a different viewpoint than you does not make it misguided. Your way or highway huh champ.. smh haha

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Im not even gonna sit here and let you tell that lie……lmaoooo

      • Celz

        In Southern Cali there is.. A group of churches just went out and did the polices jobs and freed some captive prostitutes. That was the community working together but of course you never heard of that. Just like you haven’t heard of what has happened since then. Get off the damn computer for once.

    • Thedonjuan

      Queens Blvd runs mad far. Queens blvd is also near like hillside and Jamaica, close to Jamaica hospital.

      • Montezuma1

        I’m familiar. That’s near the court houses and I always thought that was Kew Gardens.

      • Colin Lane

        Terrance, Jamaica Hospital is on the Van Wyck. Anyway, Chinx was killed near Archbishop Molly HS, my alma mater. I was shocked to hear he died over there as Briarwood is a safe neighborhood. I guess times have changed.

      • Tanman01

        Even safe neighborhoods are unsafe when you’re being pursued. Moral of the story is it can happen anywhere.

      • D. Rose in the paint

        True…. Beanie Sigel got shot in a quiet suburban subdivision…

      • vito

        Crazy thing its becuae its a nice quiet neighborhood it happened. If it was the hood it would have been too live. Places like that are desolate late night.I’ll bet no.ey they followed him from the club

      • Terrance

        My bad. What I didn’t realize is that Van Wyck turns into Queens Blvd.

      • Cat88L3

        Colin, I live in Briarwood. It is still very safe. I’m shocked that something like this happened too. He was definitely pursued. I’m not sure if it was from the BK club that he was performing at. He was in the neighborhood dropping a friend off at the Briarwood/Van Wyck subway station when the shooting occurred, according to the news.

        Very sad situation.

        Wanted to make a point that there is nothing gangsta or “hood” about my area. It’s quiet and residential. But as Tanman pointed out, anything can happen anywhere.

      • Colin Lane

        Well its good to hear that Briarwood is still safe. Brings back alot of good memories. But yea, Chinx was probably followed/stalked. His death reminded me of the ak47 shooting about 2-3 years back. The killer followed his victims also. What a mad world. Of course the case is still unsolved.

      • Thedonjuan

        Nah it’s not near the court houses. The court houses is in kew gardens.

      • Montezuma1

        I know where the fukk the court houses are. I’ve been there often enough. You’re not from Queens. Just admit you’re wrong. Queens Blvd and hillside is about a quarter mile from the courthouses.

      • Thedonjuan

        Bruh you don’t know shit about Queens lol Yeah the court houses are close to their by car not walking distance tho.

      • Montezuma1

        The courthouse in Jamaica is on Sutphin. The Queens Blvd side is NOT Jamaica although there are court houses there too.

  9. Papi Peligro

    Like to now rank shabba ranks Twitty fans as the craziest fans. The bey hive must murder 2 people by friday to reclaim their spot.

      • Papi Peligro

        U a d!ck licker. So these D!ck lickers killed somebody with the moniker team shabba official. They was on Shabba ranks D!ck. You need to step yo D!ck licking up cause you haven’t killed nobody yet you on everybody D!ck. You licking up way more D!cks yet your effectiveness of winning a battle Is way behind cause all them d!cks you on still living good.

      • Castro JOdy

        He right, shabba ain’tbeefing wit them niggas

      • dumbass

        no respect for this wack ass rapper with the racist ass name. how many of ya’ll would be all “have respect” if it were a chinese man using the name “N*gga?”

      • imacokeboi

        So dat makes him racist cuz his name foh n do god a favor n kill urself

      • dumbass

        so, by your logic a white person named “N*ggerz” who was in a hard rock band would not necessarily be racist? and you would support such an artist?

      • dumbass

        how’s it a reach? they’re both racial slurs; just b/c its not a black person on the receiving end doesn’t mean its not racist. looking forward to your response.

      • Uncle Ruckus

        1) Racism is different from a racial slur. 2) This name was a name GIVEN to him by his peers and contemporaries 3) As I ALREADY explained, these people with these monikers MIGHT be of Chinese extraction or are most certainly of Chinese appearance. 4) It’s a reach because this has nothing to do with a person being murder and if you feel this way, that someone should be killed because they have a name which offends you, you need go to your local zoo, find the Lion enclosure and just jump in.

      • dumbass

        exact same facts – white dude named “N*gga,” given to him by his white contemporaries (some of whom MIGHT be black) b/c he “MIGHT be of African extraction or are most certainly of African appearance.” Don’t tell me the media wouldn’t be in a frenzy.

      • imacokeboi

        Dat shit won’t happen but if it did dey intended on it to b racist…there iz another rapper named Chinx Santana iz he racist too

      • Uncle Ruckus

        And there’s the Mobb Deep affiliate Chinky. These people have these monikers POSSIBLY because of Chinese ancestry but certainly because of Chinese features

      • Papi Peligro

        Its not 4scist it’s cause they are high.

      • Celz

        Bro you’re an internet troll.. When has anyone ever cared what you thought? Lol

      • Celz

        No I actually don’t.. And it isn’t apparent either.. Trolls are mildly irritating and shooing them off is mildly entertaining.. I won’t remember who you are or what you said in a matter of seconds lol

      • Celz

        Because you pop up on my feed talking nonsense while I’m having an intellectual discussion with others.. Usually irritating trolls makes them leave so hopefully you will comment with your brain or go away.. And right now you’re being forgotten once again..

      • dumbass

        lol @ you in a tweed jacket talking Derrida at Starbucks and checking your phone for Allhiphop updates.

      • dumbass

        did you forget a “you” at the end of your sentence? did I really have to complete the rest of your thought for you, you illiterate piece of shit?

      • Jugg

        U mad lil bitch stopping trying to be a internet thug

      • dumbass

        lol I think you’re mad cuz you completely fucked up a really simple sentence.

  10. BrotherMan21

    Look I be ridin’ threw my old hood,
    But I’m in my new whip.
    Same old attitude, but I’m on that new shit.
    They say they gon’ rob me, see me neva do shit.

  11. hoeyuno

    Yo that message left on chinx page is retarded. You young motha fuccas like doing them life sentences or something…Why would you even bother you dumb fucc

  12. Smashit

    Just street stupidity – now some fool feeling like he a man because he took another person’s life, another mother’s son, another child’s father – a real man would have approached the car and scrapped it out – dudes got it all twisted – I see guys in BX with Coke Boys jackets on & I shake my head they call themselves holding down French while French some where holding down the Kardashians… wake up people!

  13. Colin Lane

    Commenters are saying stuff like “He shouldn’t be in the streets” but was he? Briarwood is supposed to be a nicer area unless things have changed. I walked those very streets as I went to Molloy which is a block away. It sucks that “the cops were called” because there is an underground police precinct about 1 block away also! The court house also nearby.

    • Celz

      Those guys bring the streets with them wherever they go.. It’s the mentality that has to change.. Some Hells Angels shot up a Christmas toy drive out here a few years back..

      • Mike Donovan

        idiot the were smuggling weapons in toys while leaving the drive. This shit is made up

      • Celz

        No that’s not what happened it was a shootout..

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      he still be in the hood with his dirt bikes in philly stunting as recent as the last 6 months. he might have security controlling the area. he even had Nicki with him, thong out and everything on that back of that bike.

  14. bigdoe6

    It don’t matter where you at, what city you in, what street you on, whatever the case may be. If it’s going to happen, shit will get real and happen at any time. Only people who know why it happened it the person who survived. Chinx is dead and a dead man can’t talk. Very sad news.

  15. Mainframe

    the dude was in a crew named “coke boys” and ends up dead. it’s sad, but could’ve been avoided.

      • Herbert Raps

        Did you dodge the sarcasm thrown in your face when reading that?

      • Alex DeLarge

        Did you dodge the cumshot thrown at your face by your gay friend.

      • Zed

        You don’t know that white cops didn’t kill him you’re just being an uncle get fucked M8.

      • Andy Maas

        You must be a arrogant asshole who doesn’t know shit

      • Andy Maas

        Next time u want to blame the cops for something they didn’t do keep your mouth shut

      • Celz

        Projecting your personal failures on an imaginary boogieman. Funny how the whitest countries are more liberal than anyone in American yet they enjoy higher measures in a litany of socioeconomic standards. Lol it’s capitalism fool. YOU ARE THE MINORITY. But carry like the programmed robot you are lol.. Blissful day eh? Cheers!

      • Celz

        You’re to ignorant to fully comprehend what my message conveys homeboy…

  16. baller187

    damn when u dead it all means nothin, he played that game he died by it, he claims to be gettin down, u have to watch your back 24 hours a day cuz these VULTURES will not stop, there is always that skimey nigga who will do it. RIP

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        you aint see French Montana moving around the borough like that. He should of been protected more.

        wasnt feeling his music at all but that dont mean he deserved this.

      • Alex DeLarge

        you will be pretty soon, when I break your nose boyo.

      • Alex DeLarge

        STFU, I will have to beat ya’r woonkies out.

  17. RomeRebel

    Rest in peace, I believe the effects of slavery are what cripple us as a culture. The willie lynch division (even though it’s proven to be a fake letter, well to me not fake since someone wrote it). Has infected us with jealousy and backwards thinking, no unification. Whatever his discrepancy with shooter was for it to come to this is a never ending cycle.

  18. ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

    I don’t know who dude is but… RIP… I’m very sorry too hear about this 😱😱😭😭😢😢


    Hip Hop is dead period. This dude who got shot was just another rapper. Next up. I forgot about him already.

  20. Markus

    This is the reality. I won’t even begin to act as if I know why this dude was murdered. But I will say the odds lessen if you’re not a supporter of reinforcing the negative images and stereotypes of the urban community. Without a doubt anyone could’ve ended up like dude, but Chinx Drugz gunned down at 4 am is going to be like candy to those who blame music for the ills of society. 30 year old black man down with a crew called Coke Boys spitting lyrics about the lifestyle of someone more likely to be in a shooting than someone who was more socially conscious with a more positive outlook on life. The time has come to stop fighting the idea that the studio gangster approach in music doesn’t have potential to attract the wrong element and therefore having more bodies ending up on the ground. Hustler and gangster rap is lame. And in this era it’s also dangerous.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      go to child porn sites – look at 100’s of 1000’s of you white people Showing yourselfs molesting babys – you allowed to get away with it don’t mean its not negavtive to society

      • Anthony Mason

        You must have been to this sites to prove that huh? Bruh you are handicapped.

    • Anthony Mason

      “Hustler and gangster rap is lame.” Yup.

      This year we are going to see a lot more fake jewelry on rappers because the money will be invested differently. The new trend will be how shiny their bulletproof doors and how many body guards they have.

      All things/joke aside though, the people coming out of the woodwork to say that God wasn’t fair to do this or that God doesn’t exist are complete utter fools. You have a rapper here who glorified murder, guns,drugs and fornication, and you all feel like this wasn’t a possible next natural step in his evolution?

      How do you know this was not his deserved retribution for someone he murdered or maimed in the past? You niggas act like you know this nigga personally so I am just asking the question. This man was not a baby fresh out of the womb who was innocent and didn’t have the option to make better decisions. Live by the gun and die by it.

  21. Leonard Tarver

    2015 where they kill each other then post it on Social Media and claim theyre innocent when they get to court 😂😂😂✋ You just snitched on yourself

  22. Wetwork510

    Hurry up and die vol.1 and get your casket on was his mixtape titles, guess speaking things into existence is true

  23. The Chosen One

    This was Stack Bundles guy. Far Rock Riot Squad. It’s crazy how history repeats itself. Condolences to the man’s family and all that rocked with Chinx. Riot In Paradise, homie. Sq sq sq squaad Up!

  24. Slaughtr

    It seems every rapper that mentions death out right wind up succumb to their own fate. Rest In Power to the young man. what’s fucked up is nowadays killing has numbed folks.

  25. ursocalledgod

    this wasn’t random or a robbery at all. somebody green lighted dog. that’s the problem with making that dope boy music. if you really bout that life and wasn’t handling your business properly eventually youre getting sent for. if you just rapping it cause it sounds good to you and you want to portray that kind of character eventually somebody is going to come see if all that talk is real. so either way… live by the gun and you will eventually die by it.

    • Mr Truth

      True and not true, The thing that got him killed was Jealousy PERIOD! nothing ass niggas hatin to see a man shine.

  26. Dan_Tebasco

    “Chinx dropped Hurry Up & Die Vol. 1: Get Ya Casket On in 2009” Can’t blame him for not keepin it real at least

  27. beezy

    Peep this 1999 Article from the Wave(local Far Rock paper)

    Gold Chain Was The Prize

    Teens Charged With Attempted Murder

    By Joan Ward George

    Find nearby storiesNews Bayou

    101 Precinct detectives closed the case on the August 8, 1999 attempted murder and robbery of Carmelo Arroyo last Friday when 15 year old Lionel Pickens, a second suspect in the crime, was taken into custody.

    Pickens was arrested when he turned himself into police at the 101 Precinct on Friday, August 27. His alleged accomplice, Lebar Lopez, also 15, was arrested on August 20, after a two week long investigation.

    According to police, both teens have been charged with murder 2, assault in the first degree, robbery 1, robbery 2. Pickens additionally is charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

    The victim, Carmelo Arroyo, 57, of 114-15 Inwood street, South Ozone Park, was nearly killed when Pickens and Lopez allegedly attempted to forcibly rob him of his neck chains, shooting him in the abdomen during the scuffle. The shooting took place in front of a commercial building located at 1028 Beach 20 street. Arroyo was treated at the scene and transferred to St. John’s Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

    Although Pickens and Lopez are teenagers, due to the serious nature of the crimes, they both will be tried as adults.

    • hoeyuno

      good lookin for the fact finding. So chinx went through a murder trial back in the day. wonder if he served time for it?

      • beezy

        Well, that article only talked about the arrest. I dunno what happened to him after that. I do know Lebar Lopez was the sole defendant named in the indictment. Lopez pled guilty to two robbery counts and an attempted murder charge and was sentenced to 3-9 years and started serving his sentence in a juvenile facility. It looks like he took the weight for this crime. DOCS shows two youthful offender(“YO”) robbery convictions and an attempted murder conviction for Lopez which, by the way, probably should have been sealed and not available for the public to see. The screw up probably happened when, during the course of his sentence, he reached age to be shipped off to big boy prison.

        With Chinx there are a number of POSSIBILITIES(i.e. I am not presenting these as facts); He was never indicted(no evidence, cooperated with prosecutors) OR he was indicted separately from Lopez(unlikely for a robbery) OR he went to trial and walked OR he ended up with some lesser charge that only had him doing short time in local lock-up like Riker’s OR he did juvenile time and the record is sealed. I imagine there are other scenarios that don’t occur to me.

        But Chinx was convicted of robbery, drug dealing/possession in 2005. It looks like he served about three years for that. That would be around the time Stack Bundles was rocking the “Free Chinx Drugs” shirt. By the time he got out, Stacks was dead.

      • hoeyuno

        Yo I thought I had the worlds biggest collection of random rap facts in my head but your quick investigation with and the free chinx tshirt memory was some hip hop jeopardy ish..haha

  28. big brain

    Meek is right, you have to move out of the hood. Can’t floss in front of the haters in a p car, they caught him slip n. He was the best of the coke boys

    • beezy

      So, the consensus is this was a hit? It seems so but what strikes me as odd with that scenario is that this happened in an area that was not particularly close to Far Rock(not sure if he still lived out there) or where he is said to have performed earlier that evening(out near Boro Park Brooklyn). That being the case, the question turns to whether he was followed or whether someone knew he would be out there. So many questions/possibilities. RIP though. Some kids don’t have a father behind all this.

  29. TiskTisk

    Is that what he is saying in his raps that allows him the money to move out of the hood or is that only what he is saying on Twitter when it comes to someone he knows personally? Because his lyrics say something very different:

    I said I’m good, I’m hood, I wish a n*gga would
    Try to take me for a sucker he get hit up just because…I keep that semi by my gut. A n*gga tempt me fire up. I let that sig blow light em up…-Meek Mill, Do Dat Dere

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