Chinx Killed In New York


Rapper Chinx, 31, was murdered in Jamaica, Queens early this morning, approximately 4am.

The rapper, known to roll with French Montana, was reportedly driving when he was shot several times. Another man was critically wounded in the gunfight that took place on Queens boulevard as Chinx drove his Porche.

Chinx, real name Lionel Pickens, was shot several times in the body. His unidentified passenger remains in critical, but stable condition.

After the shooting, both men were rushed to Jamaica Hospital. Chinx died at the hospital.

Chinx dropped Hurry Up & Die Vol. 1: Get Ya Casket On in 2009, Cocaine Riot in December 2014 and, most recently, was featured on French Montana’s “Off The Rip,” which also offered Nore. He was a popular member of French Montana’s Coke Boys as well as an artist on the label.

Meek Mill gave a sobering condolences to his comrade Chinx.

“This is exactly why I don’t play in the streets ….. Chinx to French like Omelly to me! I tell @Omelly and my real day 1s get out that hood no matter what it cost or the circumstance! It’s nothing that add up to losing ya life at a young age!!! N##### killing n##### that’s Tryna win! I got love for the people in the hood but I don’t f### wit the hood nomore! I dont agree with the rules, most of that s### stupid to me now because I learned and it has nothing to do with having money! Seeing s### like happen always make my heart cold and make me act in cold ways towards my own kind of people! I hate to see potential DIE!! REST WELL #CHINX WE GONE F**KING MISS YOU!!!”


Somebody may have given police a lead on his murder, as a user @teamshabbaofficial left a less-than-cryptic message on Chinx’s page.

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Here are some of the images that have been in circulation around the crime scene where Chinx was slain.

Chinx Drugz

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