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50 Cent Claims He’s Really Worth Less Than $5 Million

(AllHipHop News) Could Forbes richest people in Hip Hop list really be that far off? The magazine’s annual article about rap stars’ net worth put 50 Cent at $155 million. According to 50, he is worth far less than that amount.

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The Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album creator appeared in Manhattan state Supreme Court on Tuesday (July 21) for the proceedings to decide possible additional punitive damages in his sex tape lawsuit. 50 was already ordered to pay Lastonia Leviston $5 million for posting an explicit video of her to the internet.

According to TMZ, 50 claimed that his net worth is only $4.375 million. The G-Unit leader also reportedly told the court he exaggerates his lifestyle because flashing wealth is part of Hip Hop.

Court documents show 50 (born Curtis Jackson) owes approximately $26 million to various creditors. Besides the $5 million rewarded to Leviston, he also has to pay Sleek Audio nearly $17 million for stealing the headphone company’s product design and confidential private client information.

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  • Markus

    I believe 50’s crying poverty(if you want to call 5 million dollars poverty )to save himself from his various lawsuits. That would be crazy but not unimaginable if he squandered his fortune. I swear someone needs to make a documentary about broke rappers like ESPN did for athletes. You can bet that list would be long.

    • Yes it would. And I think the easiest thing to do. Would be make a documentary about the few in hip hop who maintained their wealth. Much shorter list. Lol! But he was right in one case. In hip hop more than any other music. Image matters to a lot of people. So rappers trying to keep up with the Jones don’t understand that their career won’t be nearly as long as those house payments…

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  • Spijo

    Wow! I am shocked really, considering that I recently watched 50 on a programme called “Cribs” showcasing his many bedroom house and a fleet of high performance cars. Did he buy all that on credit? Yeah life hey?

  • Spijo

    But I understand, somehow we need not be shocked. Some of these rappers are from very poor backgrounds with less parental care and advice. Suddenly they get filthy rich, but with no idea on how to manage their wealth. This is why their wealth is only short term. They become rich only to be very poor in the near future. These so called rappers need some thorough guidance on financial management.

  • Funny thing is I believe him. He not that good a business man. He had one deal we know was really successful. The vitamin water. Outside of that you see a lot of other businesses didn’t fair so well. And he was really not a dominate force in hip hop that long. 5 years he was the best thing I saw. But that not a Jay or diddy run. So I really do believe he doesn’t have nearly as much money as we thought. We might want to take a moment and see this as a first time he actually spoke the truth about something that doesn’t make him look the best. Might be the first time we seen some humility from him…a little late. But maybe he is actually going to learn from something for a change.

    • Dreday410

      SMS Audio – Disney World/ Star Wars/ INTEL/ Marvel Comics Electronics Deal (Est. worth $175 Million)

      Cheetah Films/G Unit Films – $200 Million Movie deal from Lion Gates (Twice)

      Frigo – $78 Million Dollar Deal

      G Unit Reebok – $68 Million

      SK Engergy Drink – #2 on the market Est. worth ($15 Million) Also does *Marvels Avengers Energy Drinks*

      This dude just don’t want to pay…..Think about it he did Jay Z and Diddy career in ONE album….and turned around and did it two more times….

      • Just because he has shares in some of those businesses doesn’t mean he made all that money. And don’t bring that SMS audio to me. We all know beats dominates that market. And no one wears SMS. And his movies all straight to DVD!!! Ha-ha! I think we need to keep things in perspective. Is diddy or Jay all of a sudden claiming they broke? Just because we don’t always hear about it. But they get sued plenty. They have failed ventures. But you don’t hear them tell you they worth a billion dollars one day. Then broke the very next. Who cares at the end of the day? He has turned himself into the clown of hip hop. He was once on my Mt. Rushmore of hip hop.

      • jacksjus

        You’re acting as if he received the full advance after inking each deal. You also need to consider that not all was guaranteed and may be heavily incentive based.

        To add to this what you listed makes him wealthier than the reported $155M.

      • jacksjus

        In regards to that Frigo deal that was a mistake. The type of people that could afford a $200 pair of boxers could give a fcuk less that 50 is marketing them. It’s like when Jay-Z did the watch deal at Barney’s. Anyone who am afford a $75k watch would rather have their own name on it, not Jay-Z’s.

      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        He’s a Genius

  • dee84

    Damn he owe 26 million! Thats alot, But 50 is smart enough to have some millions stashed away

    • ghettogov

      If we’ve learned anything about 50 cent in the past couple of months it’s that he’s not very smart. Look at the things he did to accumulate these debts. No sensible business man would do any of those things.

      • Dope

        On one side he can pull some smart moves, but on another he does some very stupid things in public for attention (such as this video) which end up costing him down the road.

      • jacksjus


  • dee84

    50 networth is worth more than 4 million. His house is worth 10 million alone.

  • TheAfroRican

    Damn, dude is trying so hard not to pay for these lawsuits.

  • Stacie

    This is funny when last week he was saying he had plenty of money. I wonder if his lawyer said shut up stupid. 50 is the the furthest from smart. That is why he has the lawsuits in the first place. He just got lucky with the vitamin water deal. He was on the verge of bankruptcy then. Financially he has been in shambles for years and this bankruptcy may not keep him from losing everything after-all.

  • IceBergSlim

    lol..Man whatever this dude has cake more then 4 mill. He may not still have 150. I would say between 50 & 100

  • Dreday410

    So 50 cent is trying to tell me that FORBES MAG is off by about $151 Million dollars
    You mean to say that they are that far off they over counted by $151 Million dollars ???
    This fool going to jail for lying under oath

  • ghettogov

    So if the courts think he is lying (which seems likely) what happens then?

    • Dope

      It doesn’t matter what they think, even though I’m sure the court knows 50 is just trying to evade paying, it’s about what you can prove. If his lawyers can get him trough this and have hidden his assets properly than he might just get away with it.

      • MrRickyrightfoot .

        Or he can just pay it off, if he has the money. Why risk perjury? Why, if the industry he’s in is all about keeping up image, would he ruin said image? Why make it harder to get a line of credit or any investors for future business ventures? There is no real upside to going this route unless its absolutely necessary.

      • Dope

        He could probably pay it off, but it would hurt his budget a lot, probably more than he expects it to hurt his image. He probably has the money to pay it off, but he already has over 20 mill to pay and that is no small money, even if he had 100 mill in cash (which he probably doesn’t).

        So in any way those 20 mill would hurt him a lot, probably more than it will hurt his image to declare chapter 11 and pretend he barely has any cash. If he gets trough this without paying, or paying some small amount, he can easily rebuild his image and big businesses know these tactics are often used so it shouldn’t bother them too much if they want to work with him.
        It will even work for him and his image in hip hop as a ”smart” dude who got away from paying millions in lawsuits.

      • MrRickyrightfoot .

        He could pay that overtime, so while it would hurt his budget, it wouldn’t hurt his long term earnings; A bankruptcy will. He is going to have to pay almost all of it. Bankruptcy doesn’t make all the problems vanish.

        On another note, lets say he wants to start another business. If he ever needs a loan/credit now the interest rate is ridiculous so his profits will go to creditors more so than him. If he’s successful in that business he may end up paying more than 20 million in interest.

        Last point, no one easily rebuilds an image. Its like trust, easy to destroy hard to get back.

  • The forbes list means nothing. Nobody who made it on the list will dispute the amount of money they are valued at. 50 cent probably has more money than he claims now, but I’m sure not in liquid assets.
    I would claim 90% in rap don’t have the money they claim to have. It’s the industry who paid those
    guys. All those rappers are acting like they just have too much money to spend. So that poor
    people follow and do exactly the same. Whatever money comes in will be spent.
    A lifestyle that is not sustainable. If you see really rich people. They don’t spend any money.

    Warren buffet doesn’t make it rain in a club. Bill Gates is not wearing the latest fashion.
    This is the lifestyle they sponsor musicians and actors for so their fans follow these trends.

    Those people who are always making the money are the people on the back. The Jimmy Iovines,
    The Edgar Bronfmans and so on.

    • Anthony Mason

      1000 ^ for you. I’ve been trying to tell people this same thing…..

      Maybe you just snapped a few people out of their $ induced trance. I am sure the majority didn’t bother to read what you wrote. I did and it is SPOT ON.

      I posted about that very topic just a couple days ago….

      • Thanks for your comment. All I do is try to share a different perspective.

      • Anthony Mason

        Well it’s much needed. Its a perspective people need to ingrain in their mind as a protective barrier from the bulls***. If people are “in the know”, they won’t fall into these stupid traps being set by the media.

      • It’s the media we love and worship, which is the nail in our coffin as black people. We have black opportunists who would kill to have their 15 mins
        of fame and all they have to do is to completely spoil the reputations of
        a whole race by acting stereotypical.
        The same media that broadcasts the democracy show of 2 parties which are bribed by the same 1% of the people who own everything.
        Anything the media dos is spew hatred and separation, so the people are never going to start using their own brain and exercise critical thinking.
        Just take what you’re being fed. If you’re black they feed you BET.
        If you’re white and upper middle class you prefer Bloomberg or MSNBC

        If you’re from the midwest all you want to see is Fox. There is media for
        anybody available just to make sure they keep being fed up and fear their
        They sell the people threats that do not exist. They sell wars that are unnecessary. And all of this brings more money into their pockets.

        The black person is a thug gangster
        The arab is a terrorist
        The chinese is hardworking but can’t be trusted
        The indian is a computer geek
        The mexican is an illegal alien stealing the jobs
        The white southerner is a racist
        The white middle class are only the real American people.

        In real life all these statements can be refuted, but they are continuously
        pushed on us by corporate media.

      • Anthony Mason

        That is all exactly what brought us into this mess we have to deal with today. Amen…..

    • Zorino

      Da hast du Recht!

  • MrRickyrightfoot .

    I remember all the arguments from when 50 first claimed bankruptcy and how people thought this was a “chess move”. Now that this man is outright saying he doesn’t have the money, people are still claiming he does, its perplexing.

    Bankruptcy wasn’t a chess move it was a last option that he had to take. I severely doubt that he would commit perjury in order to avoid paying something that he can afford, so the whole “he just trying to keep from paying” thing has to go.

    Just accept that 50 isn’t the mastermind you guys believed him to be. Chris Lightey made the Vitamin Water deal, that netted them both A LOT less than the 400 mil 50 initially claimed. Since then 50 has jumped on every get richer quick scheme offered to him and lost his money.

    I’ll never understand why these guys don’t just invest in mutual funds and established stocks. Getting a 10% return on $10 million is a lot smarter than trying to get 50 million off a clothing line

    • Anthony Mason

      Weeks back I said it plain as day on the discussion board…. on this site……that 50 may be worth A LOT less than he put on and that there may be real trouble in “paradise”.

      These stans think he God or something! Yesterday, I said…..if they are worried about the man’s pockets so much….. do a kickstarter for him to help pay his legal fees. Smdh.

      I guess the question we have to ask ourselves is how many other celebs have had their finances fabricated by Forbes list?

      I’ll say this much….if Soulja Boy made a bunch of money years ago but hasn’t had a successful venture since….think about how close he could be to skid row…

      • MrRickyrightfoot .

        Forbes pretty much takes their word for it, as long as you can tie the money to something, they’ll say whatever you tell them.

        I bet most rappers are closer to broke than not. They live waaayyy beyond their means. Its the rappers like Yo Gotti that’s probably doing the best, because they go for hood rich stunting rather than have 2 or 3 Bentley’s

      • Anthony Mason

        When I said fabricated I meant yeah that they contact a celebs PR person and they throw a number out there and that is what gets put in the magazines.

        The illusion of money brings more money!!! If a super fine looking yet shallow girl sees that you are constantly being chased by other fine females, she will want to be in your circle and hook up with you too!!!

        Yeah I think Yo Gotti may be worth an actual 10 mil. You see how he moves is way different than these frauds…..

      • Zorino

        Hold this upvote for «The illusion of money brings more money!!!» quote.

      • jacksjus

        Even if Forbes was accurate in saying that he is worth $155M we still have to take into consideration that this is just the pre-tax value. In cash he’s closer to $70M.

        Now add to this he owes $26M and he is down to $44M. Now we know he has spent a considerable amount of money over the last 10 years, so with all being said only having $4.4M to his name makes sense.

        No way he would commit perjury over this.

      • Anthony Mason

        Bingo! Ding ding ding! You win the prize. Step on up…..

      • I_AM_Houston

        spent a lot and made a lot. its hard to tell. i just cant see him selling 10s of millions of his solo cds, millions of g unit cds, clothes, the reeboks, tours, shows and some movies, the water and all that and being anywhere close to broke. now when the house goes up for sale itll start sounding true. for now this is a stunt. chapter 11 aka the don trump move. or do yall think donald didnt have billions when he owed hundreds of millions? lol.

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  • WeakSauce

    Fif, you is a lie my dude! You know there is more than 5Mill for Fif lol Still not wanting to pay in full lol

  • truthhurts

    Yall really simple minded if Yall think this dude is really broke. He just pulling a OJ so he don’t have to pay those judgements which is smart. That’s a option that the wealthy have and use all the time. Donald Trump 6 bankruptcies ring a bell? Corporations are pass through entities people. That’s how you protect your money. Learn about it.

    • Jo boy

      Is he filing for personal bankruptcy or corporate bankruptcy?

      Bcuz if I’m not mistaken Donald Trump filed corporate bankruptcies and I think the chick sued him and not his businesses.


      • stealth

        Yes your right and these dudes are wrong. He filed personal. Trump had businesses that went bankrupt. He never filed personal bankruptcy!

  • truthhurts

    Yall the same ones who really thought Michael Jackson and Master P were broke too. You don’t need on hand cash when you have assets with worth and value whom you can pass to whomever to protect. Would you rather have money in the bank or own the bank full of money?


    Duh he already said he doesn’t pay his self much personally and put it all back into his businesses thats why he is worth 5 mill and the assets are worth 155 mill thats why he filed chapter 11 protection on the assets can we move on nobody cares about this anymore

  • BlackCezar

    You need to send this to 50

  • that dude

    Ok, when he was mocking Floyd for not knowing how to read, knowing Floyd, wouldn’t Floyd have shot back at him saying “Yeah, I might can’t read but you broke, nigga”? I think that would have been the first thing Floyd would have said.

    • jacksjus

      I thought the same thing but they made up just before he fought Pac.

      Besides Floyd can’t talk because Oscar DLH bailed him out of tax debt about 10 years ago.

  • let the truth be known

    lmao at fools who believe this. It is all business. Cash wise he doesn’t show that much, but his money is into businesses. That is why he filed bankruptcy to protect his business. that is where his money is. Having that money sitting in banks like that, you might as well give it all to IRS on taxes. He is making a smart move.

    • Anthony Mason

      That is true….. that’s why I said a lot of his money was tied up in “enterprise” weeks ago….

      In order for you to keep drawing profit or paying a salary to yourself out of the earnings, the businesses have to stay open though…..Legal woes can absolutely jeopardize ones credit and prompt partners and investors to withdraw their support.

      50 doesn’t know when to STFU and stop trolling these vampires who will suck him dry.

      Of course the money isn’t sitting in a bank collecting 1% intrest. He is teetering in dangerous territory of jeopardizing his businesses too…

      • let the truth be known

        Thank you! you said all. I said the same thing about him running his mouth. He doesn’t think. smh

    • stealth

      U must not understand that your networth is everything. Businesses cars houses jewelry EVERYTHING.. So if his networth is 5M that includes his business investments

      • let the truth be known

        yeah the networth that he has showing. His money is well hidden….

  • 50 ain’t broke and no matter what, if what he’s saying is a lie (and most of us believe that it is) he will have to defend against a perjury charge. And it doesn’t matter where he’s hiding that money. They will find it. Regardless of if 50’s rich or not, the fact that he’s a supposed CEO and behaving like a thief and a porn purveyor doesn’t sit well for us Black folks in general. We have a hard enough time with other sh*t than to have these stereotypes reinforced by dumb ass rappers. For every Black person out there getting money the proper way, you got 9 dumb ass 50 Cents getting caught stealing (even though he was rich to begin with) and trying to shame a woman (who had nothing to do with 50’s beef with fake ass Ross). And it’s even more pathetic how weak brothers will get on this thread and defend 50 until his last nickel is spent, but wouldn’t take the time to care enough about their own personal financial situation. This sh*t is disgusting.

    • Brindle

      I feel you 100%… I like 50, some of the decisions he’s made and the tension he brings to a weak/kumbaya hiphop… but, yeah, hopefully the brotha matures from this

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    I still hate 50 Cent. He has more money than I do, bigger houses, nicer cars, badder bitches and has achieved basically everything in life that i’ve failed at. F*** him.

    • lando

      That shit was funny right there

  • fresh

    Yayo said he was a millionaire when he walked out of jail…50 like “yo..let me see that doe I hit you up with son…that’s was just a loan to look good on tv…..and your music is trash, give me back my shit nigga…”

  • Brindle

    this fool claimed he actually only ownes 3 chains, and has them melted down and reconstructed to make it look like he got more…

  • Don_Te

    Aww man, shout out to Fif! Playing the game at a high level. You see them pictures of him looking like Nino Brown when he got on the stand, talking about “All I got is 3 chains” and “this thing is bigger than Curtis Jackson”!!! In the immortal words of Sho Nuff, N!gg@ Please!
    And the funny thing is, yahoo got the article on their front page and all the “sheeple” are screaming I told you so in the comments…like they haven’t heard of Trump filing bankruptcy like 34 times (estimate) while he’s still laughing all the way to the bank.
    All I can say is keep working the system homie.

  • GMF357

    “Lets get Ja Rule on the line and hear what he has to say”

  • Q.


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