Meek Mill Snaps On Twitter, Says Drake Doesn’t Write Rhymes

Meek Mill has set it off on social media, alleging that Drake does not write his own raps.

The ordeal played out on social media when a series of tweets climaxed with the sensational allegations.

The Philly rapper also posted a tweet showing Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree twerking.

Check it out below.

DRAKE MEEK MILL NICKI MINAJ Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.25.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.25.04 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.24.48 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.24.26 AM

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137 Responses to “Meek Mill Snaps On Twitter, Says Drake Doesn’t Write Rhymes”

  1. BigHomie337

    This nigga real emotional. Lol. Dude is starting to be real corny. I actually liked his music and him until I start seeing his interviews. Dude talk all kinds of shit bout money and winning as if he wasn’t that dirty as dude with the tall tee and nappy braids. Humble yourself young bull.

  2. staticb62

    Not too surprised by Drake and the lyrics. His music is so genre spanning and layered that it seems like more of a team production than just a rap song. Like The Gorrilaz or The Internet. Meek’s music is more straight rap music. I’m not sure the criticism hurts Drake.

  3. Q.

    (Meek Mill voice)







  4. Markus

    Something set dude off. Took shots at just about everyone including his girl. So now it’s the World vs.Meek. Won’t take long for everyone he talked about to respond. To be continued.

    • Appalled Revere

      Drake will have a slick line for him. And he keep sneak dissing Kendrick and Cole like he TRULY wants that attention.

  5. Leonard Tarver

    If his Album sales wouldnt of been decent then he would not of been crying like this… Bosses dont act like that. Im sorry dude… Jay Z give that boy some more mentoring…

  6. Banksy

    Can you someone seriously post one quotable from this nigga. For real, no shade. Post one punch line or the name of a classic joint by this dude. I really need to see what they hype if about.

  7. W.$.G.T.$

    I’m thinkin Nicki broke up with lil homie? LOL, he all in his feelings. Besides, when it really come down to it, I can see Nicki backing Drake over Meek any day.

  8. Pernell Whitaker

    I thought Cassidy already finished this dude, he still talking… He as real as his fat boss, the dude who used to be a prison guard then stole a real OG’s whole identity then started rapping lol

  9. W.E.B. Du Bois

    nothing wrong with getting help with rhymes – its a tribute to making a lotta songs, staying relevant , every human need help in Big Things , from the Presidents , Conquerors , Activists, Inventors , on down – Every Human

    • Thought Dog

      There’s a difference between advice on a rhyme and having multiple people write your rhymes. Somehow the last 20 years have made people think that music and movies are the same thing.

      • Thought Dog

        Legit music is an expression from the soul of the person or band delivering the music. If you have a puppet at the end of the person writing the music then you’re not getting the message correctly. Movies are basically an act written by a person or a few people that have an idea of how they want that act to be portrayed. I understand that everything is a business but go back and listen to a solo music artist from 50-60 years ago and listen to the most popular solo artist from now. Not saying there’s nothing authentic today but a lot of the music with soul gets the soul washed away before it reaches “viral” status.

  10. Black Jay Supreme

    Is it me or is Meek and Nicki trying to be the most negative couple in music? First Nicki went at Taylor Swift (everybody knew who she was talking slick about, even Taylor knew it). And now Meek is on his f*ck Drake sh*t. If these two don’t learn the politics of music they’ll be out of the game quickly. You never beef with someone that has a waaaay larger fan base than you do. That is how your career gets killed. Your opponent’s fans become your enemies. Next thing you know there’s a social media campaign dissing your ass. Soon you’re out the door. We all saw it when 50 Cent perfected that strategy. Now I’m the first person to diss the sh*t outta Drake’s emotional ass but Meek going out and trying to dice dude in public? And Nicki? What the f*ck is she thinking? Kanye survived the Taylor Swift backlash because he has true talent. But Nicki is a novelty act. F*ck around and Taylor will have that ass singing jingles for Mickey D’s.

  11. Dutch Masta Rillo

    so i saw a meme about this on my fb timeline. thought hey why not go to AHH and see what this is about. yo i was all excited like yes! finally a problem between 2 rappers worth reading about. then when i got here this whole entire shit reminded me that its 2015 and not 2001.

    really Meek? this is some shit id expect Drake to do. but then again. . . how often do you see Drake using social media the way these clowns do. yea Drake has taken a couple Ls in the past couple of years but i doubt this a be one of them. Meek acting like Birdman. . . a woman scorned. these niggaz need to get off social media and stick to the music. you could of made a song and dropped it off to clue or somebody or somewhere in ya home town and had them drop missles and screaming all over it and get much more respect than letting someone get you mad enough to do this high school girly shit

  12. Aaron Edwards

    Must have took him hours to type out all that shit. He must have been emotional and he seems very insecure.

    Any dude that starts bringing other peoples name into there issues is suspect.

    Seems joey may have been right

  13. Perfect Timing

    Meeky Minaj AKA Weak Mill is over playing his hand.. You not strong enough to go against drake catalog, Sales or even Fan Base and you look like a D!ck Blower for keeping Safaree name in your mouth when he not even thinking about you… You sound insecure youngin

  14. Aaron Edwards

    Dude seems like a snitch he mentioned kendrick, j cole,nikki, safferee and drake and i stopped after the 4th tweet. This and the wale situation makes him seem like a female. If he sold so much records why is he so angry??? Because he must of expected the critical acclaim like kendrick, j cole and drake but no one cares cause hes music is weak and he knows it.


    I think when you buy a beat from a producer. . most of the time they be like “yooo I had this crazy hook in mind when I did the beat, it kinda goes like this” I mean the guy spends hours or even weeks on a beat, he created it mostly with an artist in mind, and an feel behind it. . . it is the lyrics a rapper should come up with on their own but a hook .. . shit I let my grandmama write it if it is dope

  16. ghettogov

    Meek is wildin he bout to be on the back of a milk carton going at raps current golden boy. This ninja clearly is upset that he ain’t as big as he think it is and is looking for attention. He wasn’t saying this shit when Drake helped him score his only big hit to date on Amen. It’s kind of awkward that he’s dating Nicki, she would definitely know if these allegations were true.I wonder that she thinks about this.

  17. TruthTalk

    He’s telling the truth you usually have to be connecting the industry to know this stuff. I knew 5 years ago drake didn’t write his own raps. He has more than one writer and one was a girl.

  18. ghettogov

    Why he couldn’t just say this on a track? This ninja don’t know what he be doing. Anyways I’m off to comment section on that fifty cent article… I need a good laugh

  19. Nice Cube

    i really would’ve liked to hear a song. with bars. saying all that same shit. this is some real hip hop shit and the perfect time to diss a nigga with an actual diss track. rapper A told rapper B, you don’t write your own raps and i’m better than you. i’m tired of rappers getting it poppin on social media and in interviews and not on songs. make a diss song. sell it. GO!

  20. The Legendary Troll

    Hov warned em at the beginning of his career:

    Drake, here’s how they gon’ come at you
    With silly rap feuds, trying to distract you
    In disguise, in the form of a favor
    The Barzini meet, watch for the traitors

    • Jay Tee

      Drake is a fraud man

      “I can dig rappin’..But a rapper with a ghostwriter? What the f*ck happened?I swore I wouldn’t tell..But you n*ggas sharin bars like u got the bottim bunk of a two-man cell”-

      -kendrick (king kunta)

      • The Legendary Troll

        Meek is signed to a C.O.

        He has no room to talk

      • Jay Tee

        Drake is hiding behind hot beats reciting s hit someone else wrote for him.m kendrick told u n iggaas

      • RapItUp

        The cats that eat with Ross daily obviously don’t feel too bad about it. The CO ship has seriously docked and sailed.. Far away..

      • Celz

        Not to mention Drake just stole a whole Rappin 4 Tay verse like he’s not a legend and no one would notice..

      • Tohn

        Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Stealing the verse was lame but calling Rappin 4 Tay a legend is grossly inaccurate. 4 Tay was a one hit wonder. Maybe niggas in the Bay hold him in high regard but nobody else does.

      • Celz

        He is definitely a legend.. Not the greatest but he gets respect in the game.. And Drake cut that check quick when he called him out.. You’re probably too young to fully understand.. He could have been way bigger of he was chasing trends like all the young money rappers do..

  21. SquidlyRankin

    Still like the first Dream Chaser. Have not bought no more of this nigga shit. He use to be humble since he start doing numbers he is getting cocky..going @ Wale, Drake he soon start dissing Ross…but Weak Mill this is the beginning of the end should not go a Drake boy you acting like Niki’s ex u better get your twerking on.

  22. dee84

    Drake a cornball but he do got j prince of rap alot backing him up & j prince got some real gangstas down with him. I bet this shit started from drake feeling some type of way because meek mill is dating nicki minaj.

  23. Jason Turner

    I like meek but he od ING for what at drake somebody did the bill cosby to his drink last night or something drake writes for other people how he don’t write his own ishhh maybe I’m wrong tho

      • rocnation30

        That shit is BS. That shit would’ve been came out that drake don’t write his own raps .. You can’t hide nothing now a days … So we all supposed to believe meek mills because he’s unhappy and just popping off at the mouth… FOH…. Niggas is jealous of drake the dude is the hottest overall artist out period and his music stay consistent. Ppl tried to say the same shit about Jay Z the greatest rapper ever dead or alive . It’s always like that when ya flow is super stupid and ya albums hot and you the only one selling records…..

      • rocnation30

        Naw I only get mad if it’s in reference to family and drake or meek ain’t family… Just hate bullshit for ppl to be entertained … This shit is like Fox News … Cmon… FOH..

      • bubbylana

        I feel it. This shit is a circus but in midst of it , there’s gotta be some kinda truth to it… I think twitters annoying people get fake nuts on that shit

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        I am from Toronto and I am siding with Meek on this one. This stems from the song R.I.C.O off of Meek’s new album. On it, Meek and Drake each raps a verse and should be the only one credited on the song as songwriters (along with the producers ofcourse). However, a “Quentin Miller” is credited as a co-writer on Meek’s song, meaning royalties are shared between three artists instead of two. This is the same Quentin Miller that’s part of Drake’s OVO and is credited as a writer on 5 of his songs from “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”: “10 Bands”, “Know Yourself”, “No Telling”, “Used To”, and “6 Man”.

      • rocnation30

        Okay …I didn’t see Quentin Miller on any of Meeks songs … Smh try again… I have the album

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        Google R.I.C.O Lyrics and click on Genius. Quentin Miller is credited as a writer along with Drake and Meek Mill.

      • Pill Cosby

        You dont know shit. Go check the writing credits on If your reading this its too late and see how many songs were written by other ppl. I know for a fact someone else wrote some of the tracks.

      • rocnation30

        You don’t know music ….credit is credit .. If you helped with a hook you have to give the person writing credit or it’s a lawsuit… Smh … Check all artist if you want RKelly the greatest R&B writer of our time who writes his own music has other ppl names where the writing goes it’s music because someone helped with a beat or a line … Doesn’t mean you have a ghostwriter … Dumbass…. SHRUGS”

      • Pill Cosby

        Now and Forever was written by Jimmy Johnson. Niggas in my city know

      • rocnation30

        Tell all these ghosts to please stop writing and come out with they own shit and sell millions of copies …… “SHRUGS”….

      • rocnation30

        I knew the get off Drakes dick line was comin …LMAO… This comin from a. Dude with a handle called Jared from Subway.. “SHRUGS”

      • Jason Turner

        Name someone what writes for him like I know Louie V gutta wrote a few songs for meek

      • Jason Turner

        U must not know everything because when u make a song everyone puts input in if a verse drake says is ok then someone says say this they add it then there u go doesn’t mean he wrote the whole song come on u heard charged up who wrote thst


    What a cornball Meek is…..So he found out Drake fvcked or tried to fvck Nicki last night and went ham on a jealous hater rage. smh

  25. king joe

    He needs to learn the English language and how to write how he feels correctly lmao sucker ass can’t rap worth shit anyway

  26. bubbylana

    Hmmm if he wrote his own rap, any real nigga that takes a verse from a OG or even a few lines should reference who he took it from. One of his writers was lazy like here spit this Cali pimp shit TOTALLY ORIGINAL. Lol that shit sus. He was actin like he didn’t know rappin 4tay at ALL!!!

  27. Dgrlzmsuga

    Meek is on to something here. This stems from the song R.I.C.O off of Meek’s new album. On it, Meek and Drake each raps a verse and should be the only one credited on the song as songwriters (along with the producers ofcourse). However, a “Quentin Miller” is credited as a co-writer on Meek’s song, meaning royalties are shared between three artists instead of two. This is the same Quentin Miller that’s part of Drake’s OVO and is credited as a writer on 5 of his songs from “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”: “10 Bands”, “Know Yourself”, “No Telling”, “Used To”, and “6 Man”. Therefore it appears that Drake has gone the Kanye West route and using co-writers/ghostwriters. I can understand why Meek is pissed: if he’s asking a dude for a feature, it should be solely written by that dude, not a co-writer.

    • Michael Splash Blake

      It doesnt matter if it was co written because everybody lilstened to that track cuz drake was on it. If you on a track with drake you gonna do it big. look at what happened when drake helped on tuesday. Everybody bumped that shit

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        As a Hip Hop fan that bump the greats, it does matters. What Drake is doing is creating a ‘lane’ for the manufactured ‘Rap Star’ and shutting down new artists from coming up. Any label can hire a team of song writers like he has done and along with a decent “Rapper” or “Voice Actor”, churn out hit after hit. On “Take Care”, he used a co-writer, Anthony Palman on 11 of his 18 tracks. On “Nothing Was The Same” he used him again on 10 of the 15 tracks. Now he has done the same with Quentin Miller. All these guys are/were hired as songwriters by Drake under his OVO label. And if you read 40’s tweet, he is implying that him and Drake song write together as well. I myself have written 90 tracks, lyrics and beats, but I can’t rap and don’t know how to market them. Added to that I am pushing 43 years old and rap is a young man’s ‘culture’. But boy have I ever wished a rapper like Drake would spit my bars! And I bet there are many other song writers wishing the same thing.

  28. KOE

    this nigga fake just like i was hoping he wasn’t. nigga was waitn for
    drake to slip up fake friend hating ass rich nigga.talkn bout we found
    out sum shit nd went str8 to the internet with it. fake troll rapper. u
    mad meek? this nigga was jus repn u shown mad luv free meek millz nd all
    that smh. cnt trust hood niggas like u. money dnt change plp look at
    meek. #corny #phillyL

  29. RonRico Jones

    This is what happens when pops ain’t around. I swear I read Meek’s tweets and that’s the first thing I thought. Some dudes act tough cause they’re really sensitive little broads.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      yeah , I like him but can def tell he didn’t grow up witta strong pops , if he did , he’d be above being petty

  30. chosenxeno

    Last week half of ya’ll couldn’t stand Drake. Meek REALLY started from the bottom. I remember when someone like that got respect. So what Drake got a 30 mil deal and sold some Albums. Whatever is going on I can guarantee Meek didn’t start it. Drake started it on Energy. You new wave people can’t pick up subliminals for shit. Drake is extremely salty about Nicki.

    Also, people seem to forget that Meek is under the protectin of 2 gods in the Industry. Jay Z and Puff. There’s no way Drake can blackball Meek. He’s also on Puff and Jay sh*tlist. Drake got too big headed and cocky that’s why the industry hates him.


    soooooo rappers dont do dis tracks anymore? he could have done the same thing on wax and my point of view would have probably been different


    Nikki gave Drake up, and because Safari co wrote some of Nikkis shit Meek Mill through a warning shot at him pretty much telling him not to even consider saying anything about him writing for Nikki. The Cash Money house is definitely divided now, and Safari needs to go all in at this point. I am going to sit back and watch the show.

  33. DaHomey6Deuce

    So this nigga het homotional because someone didn’t tweet his album..first with Wale and now with Drake…smh
    Plus people need to chill with the SB gay stuff, like one of you didn’t some goofy shit before. We just see part of clip…we don’t know on what occasion that was. This meek nigga is gonna kill himself once Nicki leaves.I bet she ‘s thinking why in the hell I didn’t stay with that SB dude, say what you want at least he’s not that sensitive as this meek dude

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