If Drake Wants To Be Considered A GOAT Rapper, He Has To Address These Writing Rumors

(AllHipHop Editorial) First off, let’s be clear. Aubrey Drake Graham is one of the most gifted recording artists of the last 10 years. His ability to craft hit records is undeniable. That statement is proven by the fact Drake is currently in the Top 10 of artists with the most Billboard Hot 100 entries. The man is a bona fide hit maker, period.

Being among Elvis Presley, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and The Beatles in that exclusive Hot 100 club makes Drake one of the most celebrated music stars in history. But that honor does not equate to his rankings among the Hip Hop elite.

Hip Hop has always had a different set of rules than other genres. In Pop music, an artist’s ability to connect with a mainstream audience is an important trait for calculating their greatness. In R&B, a singer’s vocal talent reigns supreme when determining which performers are seen as being among the best. For Hip Hop, if you want to reach GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) status, the first thing people in the culture will examine is your lyrical genius.

Hip Hoppers’ Top 5/Top 10 emcees lists varies from person to person, but one main factor that is vital in most of those choices is that rapper’s pen game. Whether you’re talking about certified GOAT candidates such as Rakim, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Ice Cube, 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Andre 3000 or rising potentials like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Big K.R.I.T. – they all have been known to write their own rhymes. And do it well.

Of course, other things play a role as well. Flow, delivery, storytelling, stage presence, record sales, and cultural impact are cited during any GOAT debate. But the key stat has always been lyrics.

This is why if Drake hopes to be considered in the Hip Hop GOAT discussion he has to address these stories he re-recorded reference tracks for his own verses. Yes, anyone that is aware of how the industry operates knows a lot of artists get help in the studio. But having someone in your crew give you a couple of lines or even a hook is not the same as paying someone else to write entire 16 bar raps for you.

That is what Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill has accused Drake of doing, and that has always disqualified a rapper from being mentioned as one of the greatest of all time. (For the record, known “check writers” like Dr. Dre and Sean “Diddy” Combs are never brought up in the barber shop or in rap forums when it comes to GOAT rappers talk, despite their great contributions to the culture).

According to DJ Funkmaster Flex, Drake has Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller on retainer for $5,000 a month as a songwriter. The Hot 97 DJ has already released one alleged Miller reference track, and claims to have several others.

Miller has denied being a “ghostwriter” for Drake stating he was credited for his work on the OVO leader’s latest project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Unfortunately, his statement still does not fully address the issue at hand.

If Q.M. chooses not to call himself a “ghostwriter” because his name is listed in the album credits, that’s fine. But that still does not answer whether he actually wrote complete verses for Drake like it sounded in the alleged leaked “10 Bands” reference track. That’s what needs to be confirmed or denied, not his concerns about the semantics of the word “ghostwriter.”

Of course all this is only important if Drake is even worried about being considered one of the greatest emcees. He did refer to himself as the “King of Pop” on Meek’s “R.I.C.O.” In defense of his friend, Drizzy’s longtime producer Noah “40” Shebib essentially tweeted that Drake was more than a rapper. It’s not my place to knock that assertion if that is how the artist truly views himself.

On “What We Talkin’ About,” Jay Z said “I don’t run rap no more, I run the map,” effectively announcing he has grown bigger than the confines of rap music. Kanye West recently declared he is the greatest living rock star on the planet. There is nothing wrong with an entertainer wanting to expand their brand as far-reaching as possible, but again that’s a different conversation. Though you can be both, the qualifications to be a global icon and a Hip Hop GOAT are not one in the same.

Early in Drake’s career he seemed to be focused on being in the pantheon of emcees. In 2009, the Toronto native had yet to release his debut studio album, but he still opened his verse on the song “Forever” with “last name Ever, first name Greatest.” That was an extremely bold statement from a rookie, especially considering the other three guys on the track were Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem.

Fast forward to 2015 and many fans, media personalities, and fellow rappers consider Drake one of the hottest in the game. He’s a platinum selling artist that hosts SNL and appears in movies with Will Ferrell. His resumé as an entertainer is very impressive.

Drizzy can lead the league in a bunch a categories. He can be the best-selling, the most popular, the most viewed, the most awarded – but he can’t be the greatest rapper if he has other people writing his whole 16s.

Barry Bonds holds the record for most career MLB home runs, but the outfielder will forever have an asterisk next to his name in the public’s mind, because it’s heavily believed he used performance enhancement drugs. If Drake did indeed use Quentin Miller or other people to pen his verses for him, then he will be stamped with an asterisk too. And rightfully so.

Drizzy has a very strong team of producers, writers, and collaborators that help create great music. A good number of rappers do. But if your teammate is providing most of the points during your championship run, then who should be getting the bulk of the credit for the title?

Michael Jordan had a team of players around him that contributed to the success of the Chicago Bulls. Let’s say during the Bulls’ 91-93 Finals run it was Jordan leading the team to most of those victories, but the second three-peat featured Scottie Pippen scoring 30 points a game while Jordan was putting up just 20. MJ would still have his six rings, but he probably wouldn’t be talked about in the way he is today.

That’s how Drake’s Hip Hop biography could end up looking if these writing allegations are true. A star with a lot of hardware, but at just 5 years into his career he lost his step a bit and another player had to carry the load. That’s not the story of a GOAT.

Some people have made the argument rap fans don’t care about who writes the rhymes anymore. But that wasn’t the case just four months ago when California rapper Skeme suggested he wrote the lyrics for Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”  Hip Hop fans instantaneously pounced on Iggy for being “fake” and were convinced her career was over.

To be fair, many in the Hip Hop community had prior concerns with Iggy around allegations of cultural appropriation, but that still doesn’t negate the fact the “ghostwriting” tag was seen as the nail in the coffin for the female rhymer. And there wasn’t even a reference track for that controversy.

And if you feel fans aren’t bothered by rumors of other people writing verses for their favorite artists, best believe most emcees do care. That’s why Nicki Minaj told the audience at the 2014 BET Awards, “When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.”

That’s why when Dead Prez and Jay Electronica were accused of being ghostwriters for Nas in 2012, both D.P. and J.E. came out and clearly and vehemently denied the rumors. That’s why Kendrick Lamar added the line “I can dig rapping, but a rapper with a ghost writer… What the f*ck happened?” on “King Kunta.”

That’s why this entire Drake/Quentin Miller ordeal is even making headlines and trending on social media. The culture understands how damaging the label of “he doesn’t write his own rhymes” is to a rapper’s legacy in Hip Hop circles.

So if Drake wants to be viewed as the Muhammad Ali of rap like he implied on “Under Ground Kings” (“I’m the greatest man, I said that before I knew I was”) he has to come out from the shadows and speak on the accusations someone else wrote whole verses for him. If it’s not true, then Drizzy will get his due props as one of this generation’s best rappers.

Drake, you told us on “Light Up” that you “promise to always give you me, the real me.” Well, it’s time you present the real you about this matter. Or you leave it up to the culture to decide your rightful place in Hip Hop history, and that likely won’t be among the GOATs.

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  • therealjjohnson

    Even If he wrote all his raps, why would I think he was one of the GOATs? I must be missing something.

    • rocnation30

      Because he is…eveyone knows this…thats why this is such a big deal this is what?? day 4 and we still trying to figure out if drake has a ghostwriter even tho the dude who is accused of being the ghostwriter said he isn’t…..cmon ….

      1. JAYZ
      3. PAC
      4. KANYe
      5. FAB


        FAB as in Fabolous, Drake?? Kanye???? don’t think so.
        Top 5 Pac, Big, Jay-z, Snoop, Scarface, and Nas has to be in there 2 he can share a space with somebody.

      • therealjjohnson

        Everyone likes different things…my list looks a lot different. A lot of people would disagree with your list. This is why I disagree with your assertion that “everyone knows this”. Peace.

      • rocnation30

        Peace to you to .. But don’t take shots and try to bow out..smh… My point is the article is labeling him the goat… U don’t have to oh yeah and the 500,000 plus that bought his mixtape is labeling him the goat… Nowadays records don’t sale … So for a dude to sell that someone somewhere is labeling him the goat..therealjjjohnson from Detroit don’t have to… Peace

      • DJ7

        Marketing my G. Marketing…say it with me…
        ——M A R K E T I N G—-

        I don’t have to explain to you how that sh!T works..you already know…stop playing yaself Pa!

      • therealjjohnson

        I don’t think I took any shots and I will never “bow down” to the exchange of view ideas. I think he is very popular but doesn’t have the body of work or rhymes to be heralded in the same breath as a Nas, Big, Pac, Jay Z…I think Kendrick is even better. Clearly he is very popular. If you want to make the argument he is one of the most popular of all time then coal. When I think of Goats, I just never think of Drake. Not sure what Album he has that could compare to the Nas, Pac, Jay, or Big’s best album.
        Again, to assume “everyone knows that” is a reach in my opinion. And now there is even questions about him writing his raps. Ive heard the reference track from Quentin Miller…thats not collaborating, that straight up biting. Peace.

      • mademan3000

        Just reading comments adding my two cents, not on either side…but his body of work is actually much greater than BIG’s. People seem to forget Biggie only had two studio albums.

      • rocnation30

        Kendrick is ok to me last album was left field but he’s ok … As for BIG .. He has 2 albums .. He has no real body of work.. PAC has 5 /6 if you count Thug life that’s a body of work. Jayz has 11 / 16 if you count the RKelly Collabs and the watch the throne. I would never put Andre 3000 in a top 5 like I always hear cats do but he has no solo album only with big boi… Drake you said is popular 2 pac an Jayz is popular as well but guess what made them popular Detroit??? Their music…”if your reading this your too late” 500,000 copies in 3 days a mixtape, I repeat a mixtape find me a artist dead or alive that can sell a mixtape nowadays at that rate… That’s not popularity homie that’s a gift… lastly 4 albums all a million sold that’s a body of work… nobody at Apple is into hiphop except for dr DRE why they give drake 10million ?? If I was you Detroit I would’ve gave it to Kendrick he’s better right… Why Nike give him 7 million?? that’s not popularity that’s your music speaking volumes and reaching the masses

      • therealjjohnson

        “500,000 in 3 days off a mixtape” and his 4 albums at a million seems to be why you think he is one of the Goats. When you are you going to talk about the rapping? Ghostwriter or not I don’t think he in the same league as the others. Thats my opinion and it differs from yours. No response I type will change that. You did say one thing that stood out: “guess what made them popular Detroit??? Their music” Thats very important. Cause ya mans not writing his own music. Im sure you heard the 10 bands reference track from Quentin Miller. 97% of the same words drake spoke on his record. You’re not in a GOAT talk if you’re not pinning your rhymes.

      • rocnation30

        let’s say for sake of argument boi1 made the beat 10 bands which he did Drake flowed on it wasn’t sure he wanted to keep it because overall when you are making an album you make in between 20/30 tracks throw away 15 keep 15 . So after oh boy Q miller heard drake spit on liked where it went and decided Ey since hes not sure if he wants to keep it I’m a flow on it now you have 2 …. or it could’ve happened the other way my point being is No one knows. Who are you to say it is true or it isn’t it’s up to either Qmiller or drake or someone associated to OVO to say here’s what happened but we don’t know. All we have is Qmiller saying drake is my idol I’ve never penned anything for him and I’m not ghost writer that’s it… As for the drake haters and you Detroit that’s says drake has a ghostwriter … I would agree with you but in the words of Jayz “we don’t believe you we need more people “

      • rocnation30

        Ey Detroit go listen to charged up … Drake just killed meek

      • therealjjohnson

        I think Drake and or who ever writes his raps is better than Meek at rapping. That being said…Drake had 2 lines for Meek. Really only one. The one about being star struck/getting ya rhymes up. That was it. That want anyone killing anyone. Blogs and social media act like Hit em Up just dropped.

        Props to responding on wax instead of tweets. Thats what rappers should do. But that was a light jab at best. “Drake just killed meek” is a bit of hyperbole no?

      • rocnation30

        Ey detroit , he said he’s flattered yall think its staged….he made meek look even more stupid because he said he did em a favor he didn’t need the money or the feature … Considering apple just gavem 20 million….you should look at the Instagram team Jordan and Nike put up…its says charged up… With a dude holding up drakes signature shoe… U better get on board we watching greatness right before us… His next album views from the 6 will be a classic like his last 4 … All a million sold … I’ll end With this , theirs 3 artist today that always ship platinum Jayz , drake , Kanye…. I would add Em but he’s been Fallin bad lately…

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        bruh youre a PLUM FOOL if you think ANY of Drake’s albums are classics lmao
        popularity doesnt = goat/maybe in the popstar realm but not hiphop..Nellyvile sold numbers in its first week that Pac and Biggie never ever were able to surpass..He’s better right?

      • therealjjohnson

        Aubrey’s “Stay Schemin” verse was way Harder than that “Charged Up” shit. Same subliminal jabs just wayyyyyyy more fire.

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        are you seriously this stupid?? most of drake’s fans are females! they buy it regardless if he raps or not.. What real hiphop n*ggas bought Drake’s album??

      • EniggaMA

        your list means absolutely nothing. know why? its YOUR list

      • rocnation30

        I didn’t say it did .. I just put it out their so niggas will know

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        that what a 90s baby list look like?

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        bruh you sound like a teenage girl with this “he said its not true, so its not true” rubbish!! and then you have Fab on the list where the hell is nas? biggie? Kanye? doesnt write his own sh*t either..go to sleep you roach

      • rocnation30

        King what are talking about I’ve never said he said or she said anything cause I know none of these niggas personally… But what I did say what drake said as well niggas is like soap operas trying to find drama … It’s day 5 and you hatin ass nights still trying to figure out if he has a ghostwriter or not after the nigga yall say who wrote the shit just told yall dumb ass he didn’t… Gtfoh

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        may not be a gw but he def has an assembly line of niggas creating songs for him in the OVO FAGTORY!

  • RespectA

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Who in the flying fluck called this ni66a a Goat.

    • rocnation30

      the article….***SHRUGS****

      • southern_dinner

        lol butthurt drake fan located

      • rocnation30

        Why would I be butthurt…. My man is top artist in the game … Yall trying to figure out if he writes his own music or not … Not me … I know he’s dope… his music sales and music says it all.. Men lie women lie numbers dont…
        1. Jayz
        2. Drake
        4. Kanye
        5. Fab

      • southern_dinner

        Exactly ur logic is so flawed u don’t even realize. You just said drake is better than pac because he has more album sales when really numbers don’t mean shit. There’s plenty of rappers who’s albums don’t sell crazy but are light years ahead of drake like styles p, jadakiss, and, andre3000 and guru even tho he’s dead drake will never be on his level. Drake may get the most album sales and radio plays but that doesn’t mean shit all of those labels pay the radio stations or have deals with them to play their new songs, that’s why artists that aren’t signed to major labels never get radio play. You young niggas are hilarious

      • rocnation30

        I never explained to you why I feel drake is better than PAC … I just said today July 25 2015 … Drake is better than every other artist out except Jayz… Period .. As for him being better than pax that’s another story for another day .

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        pahahahahhaa where are you getting this sh*t form bruh??!!

      • southern_dinner

        Drake will never reach the fan base pac had or touch as many lives as pac did drake doesn’t say shit in his raps pac at least had messages and addressed problems in the world. But you’re obviously a nigga born after 1996 so I wouldn’t expect u to know shit about rap

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        so basically you’re sayin “eat shit, 10 million flies can’t be wrong?”

      • Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

        if thats the case then why isnt Em in there?

      • ShortDogg

        But that is what’s wrong with hip hop dude! It is now garbage because the creativity of a hip hop artist is a lost art! Trap music sells well and that shit is horrible! Eminem outsells all rappers, really, but can actually rap well. But come on Eminem! Who listen to Em! Do you see what I am saying. Future is killing the game now, but really dude! That shit is not rap but the beats are banging! So yes, I bang the head to it! Shit motivates me in the gym but I don’t know what the “F” he is saying or talking about! He sells well, but lyrically the worst!

        If drake does not write his own shit he is living a lie! He is delivering someone else’s creativity, thoughts, and imaginary shit! Drake sings! Come on dude! Take PAC off this list because he does not belong on your list! The other dudes can’t hold a stick to A real rapper like PAC! I can only put Jay, Nas and Biggie at his level! I respect Jay. He was a bad MF at one time!

  • THE.

    This has grown tiresome.

  • Ruste Cohle

    Every day that passes without him addressing it weakens him. Just say something Drake, anything. smh.


      Not really.

  • Pill Cosby™

    Actually Drake doesn’t have to say anything, silence is sometimes best.

    • Keyser Soze

      He can just sit it out until something else takes the headlines then when people bring it up he gonna shrug it off as old or no longer relevant lol


    Wether he wrote it or not he got the delivery and flow that appeals to the masses… He not a GOAT but the nigga sure knows how to pick hits ….. and for everyone calling him a rapper is kinda dumb also cuz at the end of every song this nigga drops a melody

  • 8Galaxy5

    Drake will never be a goat.He isnt a true MC and he never will be.
    Hes finally been exposed for what he is now and the fact the he doesnt say anything only confirms it.
    Hope to see Funkmaster Flex release everything hes got

  • Mrs. Davis804

    Infiltrators changing the rules to suit themselves, and set themselves a place at a feast to which they do not belong. They are gonna rename it and shut out all realness. “And the award for Urban Contemporary rap- pop goes to”.

  • EniggaMA

    nobody gives a damn about your top 5.

  • Shawn Williams

    Drake is doing his version of bill cosby, keep da f quiet n hope this disgraceful act against rap goes away, hip hop ain’t bout da bs. But far as da bizness aspect of things, dat behavior is encouraged, dont care how da hits is made, just bring n da bacon, spit it like u live it……but on da real tho, watch how these socalled rap ni66@$ r afraid to speak, shook like cockroaches gettin raided, they scared before they get black ball, bunch of pussies, shit so funny. Message to da youth, dont believe shit these rap ni66@s talk n their music, they ain’t bout da life, wateva it is, peace

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

    Oh God everyone still talking about this ?? I’m Very sure that Drake isn’t the only rap artist out there that has an Ghostwriter .. You better believe that Jayz had a ghostwriter on his so called BOOK.. But on the REAL maybe Drake should just go to College and invest his money in a Real Career instead of being in the Music Industry .. It’s not for everyone . Be BRAVE DRAKE THRU ALL OF THIS CONFLICT IT WILL BE RESOLVED BY NEXT WEEK .

    • Nicole

      Why are you saying ghostwriter ? Drake always credits everyone and he writes all his shit wtf

      • ChampagnePapiDevine!😍😍😊☺

        YOU must didn’t understand what I was saying.. I didn’t say that Drake didn’t write his own music lyrics cus he do!!! I was just being real with it and stated… That I am getting tired of hearing about this already. I know Drake ain’t worried. 😚😚😒😒

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  • ApricotNapalm

    Drake is PAID fck if he writing it or not…..keep doing ya thing bro

    • ah ah ah

      Didn’t weezy sue birdman for 50 mil?
      Get out his pockets chatty patty
      You have no idea how much money he has
      What are you a female?
      If you are I’m sorry, I take it all back

      • ApricotNapalm

        take it back or leave it there u r a clown either way

      • ah ah ah

        or so your gay?
        okay i get it now

      • rocnation30

        Apple just gave drake 20 million …. Don’t thinks he’s broke … He don’t even need young money or cash money nigga rich off endorsements… Oh let’s not forget the 15 million Nike gave em

      • WIWYCB

        damn nike gave him $15M?

    • B.U.

      You don’t care if he writes his own shit or not?

      • ApricotNapalm

        bruh……alotta ppl dont write they own sht- Singers & Rappers -he in that lane and he killing! everybody else got it fckd up

      • B.U.

        Nobody got it fcked up. Everybody just thought the man was a real MC. We see now he’s just a front man.

      • ApricotNapalm

        Fat Joe, Eve, Dr. Dre, Puff had ghostwriters 50 used Loyd Banks In Da Club hook, Kiss took Styles “Why” concept….most considered real MC’s- just sayin ngas just be h8in on Drake. Its not a big deal but -it is to the h8ers. Writing for ppl and adding bars to verses to make hits is a huge everyday part of the game

      • B.U.

        Y’all changin the rules for this dude bruh. If multiple reference tracks for Kendrick or Cole surfaced, they’d be done. Y’all protect this guy like he’s the Golden Child or something.

      • ApricotNapalm

        i never bought a Drake nothing in my life- but he selling regardless of what any comment section or anybody else say. So whatever his formula is, you’d do the exact same thing to get he $ he got

      • B.U.

        I’m not a rapper, I’m a fan who believes in the integrity of the art form so I look at it from that perspective. But if I was a rapper who claimed to be the best, then I would do it the way the best have done it…without reference tracks.

      • ApricotNapalm

        & u prolly wouldnt sell no records

      • B.U.

        No I wouldn’t because I’m not a rapper. That’s the real problem, the fans think they in the industry and shit. Nah, you niggas is just fans.

      • ApricotNapalm

        u taking this sht too personal

      • B.U.

        Really? My bad if I came off like that. I’m damn sure don’take it personal.

      • STEPH

        how T.I. sell records? How JayZ sell records? How Fab sell records? How Jeezy sell records, How Nas sell records? How Kendrick sell records? Meek album even selling…How wayne selling records?

      • STEPH

        everybody u said might have been true but kiss although you aint say styles ghost wrote(which he didn’t and never has) the rest of those niggas ain’t mentioned as far as being the G.O.A.T. except for Jadakiss.. And it’s a big deal when discussing this article about writing your own shit which Aubrey don’t u ethier like under 23, and don’t know any better

      • ApricotNapalm

        i just said Kiss took concept of Why from Styles first album….Drake can never be considered a goat and i always thought that was apparent- he never had bars like that….but he makes hits & he’s on 1 helluva run

      • Nicole

        How can ya talk about drake not beibg a real mc like ya have proof all his music is ghostwritten? The only thing that has came out is the 10 bands track and it still doesnt prove shit. Drake is hated way too much to be able to have ghostwriters. rappers woulda been leaked everything and called him out ya always so quick to talk without getting facts

      • B.U.

        That don’t prove shit? You got ears, right? He karaoked that entire cadence, the hook, and the whole first verse. Now Meek says RICO is a rip and Flex claims he has two more “reference tracks”, a term I’ve never even heard till now. The biggest indictment is the fact that Drake hasn’t come out and denied it. But then again, that’s Drake and his fans for you. Whenever he’s legitimately challenged, let’s just turn our nose up and call everybody a hater. Weak shit.

      • STEPH

        female fan….I understand. do your research ma, but females don’t give a shit about things like that they just like the finish product lmao “i got my eyes on you” lmao

      • STEPH

        u exactly right

      • STEPH

        he’s a rogue, mercenary, don’t care about writing his own shit smdh

      • B.U.

        True indeed.

    • BlackJebus

      You must not have read the article..

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  • Markus

    Drake is going to see this through. Just watch. An MC who doesn’t write his own rhymes is the worst thing he could do. But he’s in this new era of rap where his fans are mainly women anyway who could care less about him being authentic. Not to mention the dudes who don’t know the history of hip-hop. You’re not supposed to call Young Thug or Tyga hip-hop. But unfortunately the new generation does. I’ve never purchased a Drake mixtape or album. But the ones that did will continue to do so. Can’t compare him to Barry Bonds and his situation. Baseball is done with Bonds and tossed him and his career in the trash with an asterisk on top to keep him from the Hall of Fame. Music won’t do the same to Aubrey.

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  • Psyer

    @Yohance. I think you used my comment on your earlier post as a reference track to craft the bulk of this editorial. Y’all should just cut me a check to consult. LMAO

    ” Psyer-> Ms.Lady 9 hours ago

    I understand the point you’re making and respect your opinion, but I don’t think this is a conversation about how the music game works.

    … It’s about Hip-hop greatness and the criterion that an emcee must meet for inclusion into that discussion. An emcee is automatically eliminated from “The Great Debate” if they don’t speak their own words that they’ve put together themselves based upon how they uniquely see and analyze shit. The words of an emcee should be a reflection of HIS God given ability and how he’s been wired.

    So you see…When we speak on Ghostwriters for emcees in Hip-hop, we can use competitive sports to draw an analogy. The framework of the discussion would somewhat parallel the conversation about PEDs for athletes in sports. If proven, the verdict is cut and dry…it’s cheating, and you don’t get placed in the pantheon with greats



  • 5aiah

    The thing is Drake is more than a rapper or emcee. Being the greatest could possibly refer to hip hop artist in which case Drake would still be in the mix. Producers are hip hop artists and they don’t even rap. My point being that Drake being in the conversation for greatest artist in hip hop or music period is more important than being the best rapper or emcee.

    • 5789007

      He’s just not, and will never be the goat. Anyway you wanna spin it. He’s not the greatest.

    • STEPH

      sorry u feel that way

  • Dark Matters

    Let’s just be clear, even if Drake has been writing his lyrics this entire time, they’re not groundbreaking enough to qualify him for GOAT status. Drake’s appeal isn’t due to lyrical genius, but rather due to his genre-fusing format. He’s selling to what used to be the r&b market. Hence, the greater feminine makeup of his fan base.

    • BlackJebus

      This right here is the truth

  • ShortDogg

    Worthless write up! Drake will never be GOAT of hip hop! He sings!

    • rocnation30


      • ShortDogg

        1.jayz- Gone Pop – The Next Madonna
        2.drake- The Yellow Keith Sweat
        3.pac – Great but Dead
        4.kanye- Punk Rock not Hip Hop
        5.fab – Who?

      • mel

        Like actually lol like Fab over Kendrick? Get tf on

  • Jp

    Drake is more r&b he’s not hiphop just look at charged up is almost a gospel song lmaooo, no way he’s in that convo of the goat he’s a fake, all that money in the world can’t buy him happiness cause we all know he’s in love with nicki minaj

    • Nicole

      Hes not in love with nicki lmaoooooooooo drake likes everyone if theres one person you could say he really loves its rihanna not nicki wtf most of the time he be joking

  • ShaStud

    Good read..

  • SpeedT

    I always considered him a great artist, but considering him to be one of the GOAT rappers is a step too far, but then again how far does the list stretch? Top 10? Not even close. Top 100? That’s more believable. His lyrical talent isn’t as great as people make it seem, however he does have commercial success which is a good indicator of being a great artist. But if we’re talking about being a great rapper, there are current artists, who are better lyrically, but aren’t as commercially successful.

  • Jahb1911

    Drake and his people need to stop with the subliminals and innuendos and be clear and straight with the people..

    • rocnation30

      I think it was to the point ….. Meek gets it ….He just needs to respond

      • BlackJebus

        It would of been straight and to the point if he mentioned meeks name. EVERYONE alrdy knows its about meek so why not call him out on the track?

  • Odouble

    FACT….Nickelus F wrote most of not all of Drake’s verse on “Going In” we been knew Drake had ghostwriters here in Richmond, VA…in this new soft era of hip hop, a lot of fans don’t care. They more about finished products and less about the authenticity of putting it together. Sad but true

  • 💩 A.R.–ABS💩

    #babyoil. #stiffcrustysock

    • 💩 A.R.–ABS💩

      #tweet snitchin!

  • The Legendary Troll

    People really put too much thought into this type of ish. There are bigger issues to worry about over if Drake writes or not

    • Brindle

      We can worry about them all because they all day something about the mindset of our current day and time

  • Aiden_Abetting

    I’m pretty sure he’d rather be rich.

  • Brindle

    Good article

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  • Slick El Shadii Blak

    The thing is Aubrey whole catalogue is bout getting in touch with your feelings. In fact to me it sounded like a woman was writing those melodies, didn’t think a dude could get THAT in touch. To be considered GOAT you have to have diverse subject matter. I only listen to Drake when I’m getting pu c …..there is no other reason to listen to the Kitten Whisperer.

  • Bankie_vs_Bankie

    Me: Emcees write. You’re not an emcee if you’re not a lyricist.
    The World: Who gives a crap? His music is good. I like it.
    The Industry: Hip Hop is industrial. The GOAT is the one with the most sales at the end of the day.

    I was suprised by all the diss respondents on Mill’s twitter who didn’t even care that Drake might have his rhymes written for him and who smashed Mill for being a salty hater. Hip Hop has changed.

    • SpeedT

      This pretty much sums everything up

    • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

      no proof other than meek saying this dude dont write his rhymes.. he just soundin like a hater

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  • Jordon Griffin

    Just for the record Michael Jordan still led those Bulls teams let’s not forget the flu game he averaged over 30 ppg and still won all 6 finals mvp

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