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Music Executives Think Jay Z’s Tidal Will Fail In Less Than A Year

(AllHipHop News) Despite numerous exclusives from artists like Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Prince, and Madonna, the Tidal streaming service has been off to a rough start. The initial roll out of the Jay Z led platform faced criticism for coming off as elitist, and the $20 price for the premium option was viewed as too expensive.

All of this has led to many insiders wondering how long Tidal will be able to compete against Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. Billboard conducted a survey of over 50 top executives in the music business, and an overwhelming number of the brass believe Tidal will be dead by August 2016.

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via Billboard

via Billboard

The survey also included respondents saying they believe Apple’s Jimmy Iovine is the most talented executive in the business. Rap music was also named the most despised genre, and a majority feel the industry is unfair to artists.

Another recent survey showed consumers are not responding to the new Apple Music service. Research company MusicWatch surveyed 5,000 Apple users. Forty-eight percent of those questioned no longer use Apple Music and sixty-one percent turned off the auto-renewal option.

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67 Responses to “Music Executives Think Jay Z’s Tidal Will Fail In Less Than A Year”

  1. youngplaya

    The monthly fee is only 12 bucks. For audiophiles that want even better sound, its’ a different subscription of 20 bucks. Why do people want Tidal to fail is the question?

    • ♦ HEEL↔FACE ♦ ™

      10 for the standard which is on par with every other service and 20 for the high quality sound.. People are not going to switch to Tidal to pay what they are already paying and they’re not going to pay twice as much for a little better sound quality.

      They should have made the high quality plan 10-12 and the standard plan 7-8.. Why would the average music fan pay more for a music streaming service than they do for video streaming like Netflix or Hulu.. It doesn’t make sense

      • The City

        Poor people hate to see one of them come up. Crackaz did a number on our psyche. We’re slowly getting better though.

    • Dark Matters

      Because White and Black people aren’t comfortable with a Black person being in a dominant position in a major industry.

  2. hoeyuno

    Fucc your streaming service. Music gets no appreciation in this form….Cop the physical for 16 bucks and you’ll listen to that ish until you love it.

      • hoeyuno

        Its true man…I remember being a young buck starring at the little rap section of tapes and if you had everything you basically picked a group you never heard of and hoped for the best…But you invested so you didn’t just erase it after one listen..haha or maybe that was just me…

      • WeakSauce

        Got a good point there. Like I didn’t just waist 16 and change just to throw it away because I didn’t like it!

  3. Montezuma1

    People hating on Jay and loving Dre. Don’t you morons realize when you buy Beats by Dre you’re supporting the biggest exploiter of black culture, Jimmy Iovine? Dre is just a face. Dre got people thinking they’re supporting black business when he’s just Jimmy’s bottom bitch. How many black people Dre employ? Jay don’t employ any either but at least he’s a lot closer to being his own man than Dre. There might be a chance in the future he hires black people. All Dre gonna do is lay in from the fireplace then roll on his back so Jimmy can warm his feet on his belly.

      • ancientGOD83

        agreed, but knee groes pick and choose they heroes/sellouts…im like they all the SAME…but if u from ny its “jay the best, dre and every1 else a sell out” you from the west “dre a boss, jay weak” but they all are OWNED by dudes that sit at the same round table together…if one is a monkey, so is the other…. none of them control those companies, and they get told what to do…insiders say the elite label jay “a good guy” because he does what he is told to the “t” no diff from morgan freeman “driving miss daisy”

    • Casor_Greener

      You’re just supporting your NY brethren Jay-Z. Everybody exploits someone’s culture to make money. The face of the machine doesn’t matter. Dre being a bottom bitch is laughable. Dre still got paid $500M, and how did he “sell out”? by working for the “white man”?. It’s 2015 it’s time to stop this slave mentality bs.

      I swear, some black people ( not you per se but many) think it’s cool to hang out and wear polos and dickies to make 30K self employed but then say a brother making $150k working for someone else is a joke. Just calling it like I see it

      • Montezuma1

        Your analogy is broad. My observation is specific. Dre is a WHORE. First a whore for Eazy, then Suge and he’s consistent, now he’s a whore for Jimmy. I’m talking about DRE. The hoe ni99a that been pimped his entire life. I don’t know what DRE got and neither do you. For a long time people thought 50 got 400 million from the Vitamin water deal and he didn’t. These big numbers are thrown out for people who get excited about other people’s money. Not saying you per se.

        My critique has nothing to do with black or white or NY. That’s where YOUR mind stays. I told you that before. I don’t like the role Dre played in exporting gang culture through his music that benefitted Jimmy Iovine. I think Jimmy made more money off black music than all the black moguls combined and he couldn’t have done it without his bottom bitch Dre. I couldn’t care where he’s from, although people like yourself reserve a special hatred for NY so anyone not from NY gets a pass. No one gets a pass from me. I criticize 50, Diddy and Jay and they’re all from NY. Sometimes it’s just what it is and not what you need it to be to inject the tribalism that is your norm.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      not to mention jimmy gave dre the idea not the other way around.
      the “rumor” was dre wanted to make a alcoholic beverage

    • i'mreloaded!

      Bruh, you takin it a little far aren’t you? Dre has the name and Jimmy has the business connects. They both gaining and one can’t work without the other. If any individual can make my name worth a billion dollars by slappin it on some product, no matter what color he is, it’s something to think about. As long as I’m not compromising my image and my self respect, I’m gonna get that check too. Trust me, Dre is being paid quite handsomely.

      • WIWYCB

        its a tough scenario. I was reading forbes this morning & it mentioned that w/in the industry, dre is viewed as the face & nothing more. there’s no business acumen or work in that. now, like you said, if you want to slap my name on a product or service
        (depending on what it is) that is worth $3B so be it! but we cant sit here & act like dre is really in on the business side of things. his career has shown business wise that’s not his MO. he loves music. it seems like somebody else can handle the business. that’s just my observation, I could be or am wrong. and honestly, its not like its a whole lot of African-americans in that plain. I work in corporate America out of about 100 folks in my location its only about 10-15 of us. point is dre & brothers like him have to align with & associate with jews & cuacasians. it is what it is. the thin line
        like you said is not compromising your self respect or image. doesn’t seem like dre has done that. gotta give him props for that at the veryleast. and he aint peddling a liquor like e40, puffy, 50…now the headphones are made in a sweatshop in china but that’s a separate convo.

    • Dark Matters

      To say Jay Z doesn’t employ any Black people is a bogus statement. All of his insiders with the exception of one person (John Meneilly) who is now rumored to have been let go are day one Black people. Tidal was an existing company in a country (Sweden) that is 99% white – naturally the staff woud’ve been white.

      • Montezuma1

        His inner circle? You mean gophers like Tah Tah and Emory? Ok.

  4. ApricotNapalm

    whether it fails or not who cares…..it wont hurt the nga none- get off the ball sack already! Its Beyonce turn

    • Brindle

      wrong. all business ventures effect other possible ventures… investors are watching “Did Jay make a good decision or not” “does he understand the market or not”

      • Dark Matters

        Not really – businesses have failed projects ALL of the time. Google has had so many failed projects. Just so happens that they start and stop them without the media blowing it all up everywhere.

        CEOs tank companies all of the time and still get jobs somewhere else. Plus, Hov isn’t trying to get a job with any of these people.

      • WIWYCB

        youre right & wrong. jayz, like all of his African brethren, don’t get the luxury of starting off & the result being an L. Magic Johnson comes to mind. it took him years on top of years to get a meeting with investors(to take him seriously). they were like “youre magic Johnson. you know bball NOT business”. today, we look at him as a business man across various industries, but starting out it was rough. so he started small to demonstrate his business acumen.
        so ya, businesses flop all day everyday. many of this country’s presidents failed in multiple business venutres, but they weren’t black. I hate to pull the race card, but it is true. in this context, im equating skin color with privilege. what did bush know about business or owning one that billionaire oil tycoons who would at least have a meeting with him? he ran all of his
        businesses into the ground to include a major league baseball team.
        we can count 1000’s of scenarios of the same.
        my thing is, with more access to education, tech, resources, etc and we have more entrepreneurs, millionaires, etc & hope that those brothers & sisters open bonafied doors for the young bros& sisters comin up! shit im not just talkin exec jobs but entry level roles too! just like white folks(jews are the same), Indians, arabs, Asians, do. whether he fails or not I respect he & others took a chance. cant fault that. then on to the next venture. but lets give tidal & this brother a min to cook.

      • Brindle

        true, but that’s usually after they’ve already been a success in brand and product… this is a new business in a dominated market and they only thing is his brand (Jay Z), his press conferences have over shadowed the other artists brands… with Jay, he has to build investor confidence, this whole Tidal thing doesn’t build confidence…

      • Dark Matters

        Any investor that approaches an investment other than looking at the numbers first then looking at the market potential isn’t worth their mettle. Tidal isn’t being run by Jay Z (as far as I can tell) though he probably has oversight. So, an investor isn’t evaluating Jay Z if they were to be considering investing in Tidal (other than how easy he is to get along with as a co-owner).

        The only thing an investor would be looking at are the past, then the current and then the potential numbers. As far as the potential numbers it is predicted that streaming could double the music business by 2020. So, if I were an investor I would give Tidal serious consideration, especially since their model actually allows them to make money, which is something Spotify (the market leader in terms of share) is yet to do.

      • Brindle

        I do agree that if I had millions, yeah, I’d stick with title but figure out how to tweak it, its the marketing that went wrong… Jay’s done the already existing how can I get involved thing… the brotha wants to start something new in an existing market, I don’t blame him, he’s driven… if he comes to me for $100, I’ma be like “what happened with Tidal”… Jay needs it to succeed, if it did off jump, we’d already be talking bout his new soda line, but he gotta get this right…

      • Dark Matters

        “Jay needs it to succeed”
        The question is what makes anyone think it isn’t succeeding? What does success mean, in this instance? People are going off sentiment. Does success mean the reception that it got from some on social media? No, that isn’t what success means. I guess many are so used to Jay Z getting positive press, they assume just because people are speaking poorly about someone or their latest venture then it means the venture isn’t successful. I disagree with that concept of success that is purely based on the perception of people who aren’t in possession of all of the information necessary to make an accurate assessment.

        I agree that his challenge is in the marketing because he apparently hasn’t the budget to match the marketing of a company like Spotify or Apple. However, other companies have grown with alternative approaches to marketing. Especially, in tech based businesses, it is very possible to grow without huge marketing budgets but it takes an in depth knowledge of consumer behavior. Whatever, the case I wish the brother good luck.

      • Brindle

        I feel you and also wish him success. I think the concept is good for artists and consumers. As far as “what is success?” and social media I get your point but from my understanding, Tidal is costing money and not making it.

      • ApricotNapalm

        basically sayin did it stop that nga from living his lifestyle in anyway…..i highly doubt it- so what loss….he burned a couple dollars at the strip club.

        & I think on the level he’s on he doesnt really need investors to get things done…. investors area luxury & this isnt enough to harm him from getting investors off his name alone

      • Brindle

        Not talking bout Jays money. Stay focused, here we go. We’re talking bout Tidals money and does it effect the willingness of investors to fukc with Jay so hr can make money without spending his own. Got it, now you go,

      • ApricotNapalm

        Ngas responded to my initial comment of -who cares & dont hurt his lifestyle none. So yea i assumed that was the subject, Not Tidal or investors or whatever you reached for to make a valid statement-

        them comprehension skills be fckn yall wanna comment ngas up

      • Brindle

        Admitting your comprehension skills are fukced was the first step. Now you just gotta enroll in some classes

  5. Brindle

    Bite the bullet and give free 3 month subscription with the same exclusives and operation… Start now, everyone who has title doesn’t have to pay anymore til December and those that don’t, have til December to sign up… TIME TO START GIVING OUT FREE SAMPLES like Cosco…

    • WIWYCB

      being from the street as jayz is allegedly from, I woulda thought that would be the model to start out.free or damn near free, let em marinate on it, & watch em come back for more, build your clientele up. but nope, what do we know? I think he thought folks were going to jump bc its him & some of our fav artists. nah bruh…

      • Dark Matters

        I think in hindsight, yes that would’ve been the approach, but I think he was going into the whole thing trying to reestablish value in music, rather than the loss leader approach that has worked for companies that don’t care about the artist. As an artist, he approached it with the artist in mind rather than the consumer who in this case clearly doesn’t give a damn about artists for the most part.

    • eddieknucks

      Makes sense. Offer it at Xmas time,say free until February or March. Gotta give the fiends a tester before they become custos. Jay from the street. He should know that.

  6. Mec-One

    Name names b. Sounds like some execs are low key hating ….. tidal isn’t dead in the water ….. they was already out before Jay-Z put the spot light on them …… just because they’re in the slow lane doesn’t mean they’re bout to hop off the next exit. They just bubbling slow …. let’em cook

  7. Dark Matters

    The hate is forever strong. What they really mean is they hope it fails. Apple Music has been given the red carpet treatment, in the media, in comparison to Tidal. The fact of the matter is a lot of these execs don’t know their tail from their heads. It’s these same idiots who couldn’t cope with the internet who are now claiming to predict where an internet streaming service will be in 12 months? Suckers. This shit only makes me root for him more. I’m about to go get a Tidal subscription just because.


    apple music exec Ian Rogers quit/resigned today. no one knows the why or what of it yet, so one can only speculate. speculation serves no one but it cant be good for the future of apple music (streaming). on top of that, as has been documented, ppl aren’t signing up or re-signing for the service. personally, I have a subscription to spotify. ive no complaints so im not leaving.
    I kinda wanna see jayz do well, artists do well vs big corps, but they’re all making money hand over fist regardless so im not impressed with artist vs the system/machine rhetoric. if it were 2pac, chuck d, or even nas, running a streaming service, then ya, theyd get my $10/mo. those cats are/were really for the avg joe like me. but pac is dead, chuck d doesn’t have the star power to move the needle on something like this & I think nas is too low key. he likes to play background which I respect. I know he’s partnered up w/some movers around education. at any rate, they can all kick rocks in my humble opinion

  9. RapItUp

    I’m rooting for the underdog! Which… Jay is seldom that, but with all the IDIOTS screaming ‘it costs too much’ (despite costing the exact same amount as competitors for standard streaming, which I do agree, should be lower to net subscriptions) and all the adversity it faces in this current industry, I want to see Jay win.. Given aforementioned pricing factoid, it’s pretty clear there’s an underlying smear campaign happening.. I don’t stream music at all, otherwise I’d hit up Tidal.

    I also find it funny, people count the business out when they just revamped their business model and it just kicked off some months ago.. Did facebook fail right away, w/ only college students using it? Or did GoPro fail, when initial target audience were surfers and skateboarders? Could Tidal fail? Sure.. But I’m gonna wait and see, not hope for the downfall. Let’s gooooo!!!

  10. Celz

    The company has been in business over a decade.. Business is not a popularity contest. Tidal is winning. Anyone who thought Tidal could outsell Apple and Spotify was a fool to begin with.. Tidal will remain the main underdog like it was before Jay got involved.. When a stable company makes more money that is a good thing lol

  11. Leonard Tarver

    It won’t last because you’re paying for exclusive access but social media already has closer access to celebrities… Even Facebook is on fire right now with people who aren’t famous getting things done with there Public Figure profiles….

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