Stro Addresses His On-Air Argument With Hot 97’s Ebro

(AllHipHop News) Late last month Brooklyn based rapper/actor Stro (formerly known as Astro) was berated by Hot 97’s Ebro during a visit to the New York City station. The morning show host took issue with Stro questioning NYC radio not playing more homegrown talent.

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“This is that bullsh*t rapper cop-out, because my n*gga, you’re not doing the work,” Ebro told Stro who managed to remain calm during the entire exchange.

The former contestant on The X Factor did an interview with Hip Hop-N-More, and the 18-year-old performer addressed the at times heated discussion with Ebro.

“I think the only valid point he made during that interview was that I gotta do more shows but I’m definitely working on that,” said Stro. “All the other stuff he was saying… he was getting nervous. That’s why I never really argued with him because that’s like when you start arguing with somebody, you don’t have any more facts and you can’t beat the other with facts, you start to get mad. Oh now you wanna fight?”

The “Mighty Healthy ’16” rhymer also talked about the political side of the music industry. Stro expressed he does not have any hard feelings for Hot 97, but he reinforced his critique that his music does not get supported on the station.

“It’s so much politics in Rap now man. I didn’t go there to break the system, I’m not even an OG,” Stro explained. “I go there at Hot 97 pretty often, I’ve been there several times this year already and it’s all love. But I’m like, ‘yo when am I going to get the record played?’”

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Watch Stro’s “Mighty Healthy ’16” video below.

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54 Responses to “Stro Addresses His On-Air Argument With Hot 97’s Ebro”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    It wasn’t really an argument. Ebro was on some seriously disrespectful sh*t. Yet another reason I don’t f*ck with that radio station. You can agree but keep the respect. Especially if you’re in Ebro’s age range and you’re speaking to the youth. That’s one reason old people don’t get the respect from the youth. They act like know-it-alls.

  2. Papi Peligro

    Man EBRO got it backwards. The DJ is an Art form. Its not art when you are just playing what’s hot ON BILLBOARD. Billboad is programmed radio. Not whats’ hot in the streets. You play great music. Today hiphop radio has turned into regular radio. Even KCi and JoJo “All my Life” song was played by a DJ in Hawaii then it moved to the states. Boom one of the top songs form the 90’s. And KCI and JOJO top hit of all time. The album was limitedly released and hit like top 24 on the RB charts before that. It went triple platinum after the DJ found it. In contrast the studio released “You bring me up”, “Last Nights Letter” the DJ knew what was the best song. Its the DJ man who looks through the album and find the jewels. Real things people want to hear.

      • Papi Peligro

        Yes. Man Be man enough to say your music aint it right now. Go give me something to play but to say its cause its not being played on the radio and people not requesting it is wack.


        Stupid really, use to be the street dictates radio play, and u could make requests, that’s why old school radio(R&B)still exist,because it’s still support the street listening taste, Community involvement) thanks to the DJ.

      • mixfiend

        Radio’s corporate now. That’s why you hear the same songs driving across the country on a road trip, especially during daylight hours. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to catch a mixshow, because they normally change it up a bit & you get a bit of musical diversity. It wasn’t like that in the past. Every region used to have a distinct sound.


        That was the beauty of radio, different regions had different sounds, and if u had relatives in any of those, u stay up on the latest Styles of music, while sharing the sound from your region.

  3. mixfiend

    I’m with EBRO on this. He basically told Stro to become relevant enough to force me to play you. This isn’t that dissimilar from what happened in the past. The songs weren’t necessarily broke on radio. They were played after the artist or label put in the work by pressing vinyl copies & getting them in the hands of influential club dj’s, college dj’s, mixshows, etc. When songs popped, folks called their local radio station requesting those songs getting them into mainstream rotation. I may not agree with Ebro’s tone but I get the message.

  4. bozo83

    I’m sure there’s room for stro to grow and become a better artist but right now I’m just not feeling his music. Yes he flows nice and nice wordplay every now n then but im not feeling the shit he’s rapping about. It sounds so dull and it lacks heart n fire, as if he’s just reciting some shit. Is he better than the majority of rappers out there? No doubt, but he’s not changing the game with this stuff.

    Not hating but it’s time to polish your skills stro…

  5. Roberto Ciamora

    I can see both sides of the coin here. Fact is, Hot 97 isn’t going to stay in business playing the kind of shit people like me want to hear. People who really love hip hop stopped listening to FM radio years ago, we have the internet and Satellite radio to fill those needs now. Frankly, even if Hot 97 hosted a 24 hour 90’s classics day, I still wouldn’t listen to it, because I have those songs on CD and Mp3, in Dirty “Parental Discretion is advised” form, the way they were meant to be heard in the first place. The only FM radio audience that still exists are the people who want to hear the garbage they play now. I leave them to it.

    On the other hand, when you have a station that hires DJ’s and then you don’t let them pick what kind of records to break, it kind of defeats the purpose of the DJ altogether. A DJ is supposed to be the guy who knows music better than anyone and can hand pick the records he knows will connect with the crowd. When you tie their hands and only allow them to play what’s predetermined, why even waste your money hiring A DJ at all??

    • Soulrebel1

      I remember in the 90s going on a road trip with brother from Illinois to N.Y., Atl, tx you could almost tell what state you where in by the different types of music on the radio, by late 2000’s taking a road the same music from st.louis to NY, even yo atl its sad you can go through 8 states same music on all urban stations…

      • edeck7

        It’s going to take music artists around the country to protest outside of these radio stations to stop the corporate onslaught against quality music, that is HIP-HOP and RNB music genres only hope, because even people like Ebro can’t be honest and tell the truth about what is going on, I’m glad “ASTRO” stood up to Ebro and didn’t bow down to him when he was under attack by a very angry, hostile Man, who may be taking money under the table to play these wack artists, that’s my own personal theory

  6. bklyn reprezenta

    the thing i don’t respect is how dumb they think people are nowadays look just tell the listeners the truth they don’t play local music here in NY anymore because it doesn’t fit the national play list that they have to work by but don’t sit down there and lie about NY rappers aren’t working hard enough or they don’t make good music because if you listen to the music they play you know nobody would want to really listen to that garbage if they wasn;t forced too

    • edeck7

      Real Talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I’m from the A-T-L and I believe this is going on everywhere, rap artist “TRICK DADDY” spoke on how in all the major cities these radio stations is going by a playlist and everybody is hearing the same artists over and over and over again, which is killing HIP-HOP and R&B and basically our replacing Black Music with White Faces. I say one of the way to revolt is that alot of artists who has music on “SOUNDCLOUD” hit these A&Rs up, Record Labels and vigorously call them out all day, everyday through the phone and social media directly and let them know this is EVIL and must and get these people to sign more talented artist in the HIP-HOP AND RNB Again true statement

      • bklyn reprezenta

        ebro had a conversation with dj’s and hip hop producers from here in new york about 4 years ago about the state of east coast hip hop and why NY rappers don’t get any air play any more and he was talking about they monitor radio stations in certain markets like the south and mid west because those are there biggest markets so they cater to those markets and which artists are easier to promote so thats why are radio station all across america sounds the same

      • edeck7

        I agree, but this is so wrong, because while all this catering is going on HIP-HOP in the way it’s being promoted now is being destroyed and people need to let there voices be heard that they are against corporations dictating to us what is hot and what is not Ebro was being so dishonest by louding the rap artist, me I don’t think I could held my composure that long without verbally going in on Ebro, much to “ASTRO” he fired the 1st shot which will eventually usher in a GREAT new era in Music, if people like us keep in forming people in whatever positive way we can

      • bklyn reprezenta

        i agree because when he was talking to combat jack and just blaze and he was telling them how radio works now you could tell and the questions they where asking they didn’t get it because there point was if it’s dope you should play it but has point was theres alot of research goes into if a song should be on the radio and i agree with combat jack & just if thats how music is now and your looking at music as research material rap will not survive thats why theres so much garbage right now and i would like to know who there talking too to decide what gets airplay or not

  7. TD

    It’s all good till the DJ can’t get none. And at this rate they are next. Like the martin episode when he left/got fired from the station. Came back to see Shawn and he said just here to change the tape. What you need a DJ for when you can just play the tape.

  8. edeck7

    I hate to say it and it’s only my own personal theory, but Ebro get mad at “ASTRO” because he as a DJ/HOST has probably in the past and may be still taking money under the table (PAYOLA) to play these wack rappers, I’m from the ATL and if it is wrong it’s wrong, NYC Rappers needs to be heard, played and supported by there city, period, point blank like everybody

      • edeck7

        Why did he (Ebro) get so upset and go into attack mode or shall I a rampage? I hope he didn’t take money to play wack artists, because if he did he has help sell HIP-HOP down the river and in turn hurt thousands of aspiring artists in the process. I suggest that all ASPIRING MUSIC ARTISTS please STAND UP and start going after these radio stations in ya city, that is the only hope of QUALITY MUSIC not continueously being taken over by corporations

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        ebro just a fake tuff guy he doesnt really mean much by it .. just challenging the young chap ….. hes never taken payola and actually like to brag about how his entire staff got put thru the ringer by the FCC and no payola practices were discovered …. ebro aint a bad dude his communication skills are just a bit ruff around the edges cause he feels hes some sort of grand wizard gatekeeper of the industry lol …..

  9. Banksy

    The era of the gatekeeper in the music industry is over! Ebro is a dinosaur. He still thinks that this is the same industry it was before the internet. Well it’s not. The Internet has been a game changer. It has all but eliminated middle men such as Ebro and people like him from the equation. The two most important people in any industry are the people who make the product (artists) and the people who purchase the product (the fans). Now the third factor is of course distribution (Dj’s, radio, TV, etc). Distribution is still important but the internet (if you know how to use it) has given artists an option to not have to mess with traditional distribution channels and instead cut out the middle men and get their product to the people that actually matter…the fans. This young boy needs to focus on continuing to get his product to the people and stop trying to make feel Ebro and Hot 97 more important than they really are.

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