Stro Addresses His On-Air Argument With Hot 97’s Ebro


(AllHipHop News) Late last month Brooklyn based rapper/actor Stro (formerly known as Astro) was berated by Hot 97’s Ebro during a visit to the New York City station. The morning show host took issue with Stro questioning NYC radio not playing more homegrown talent.

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“This is that bullsh*t rapper cop-out, because my n*gga, you’re not doing the work,” Ebro told Stro who managed to remain calm during the entire exchange.

The former contestant on The X Factor did an interview with Hip Hop-N-More, and the 18-year-old performer addressed the at times heated discussion with Ebro.

“I think the only valid point he made during that interview was that I gotta do more shows but I’m definitely working on that,” said Stro. “All the other stuff he was saying… he was getting nervous. That’s why I never really argued with him because that’s like when you start arguing with somebody, you don’t have any more facts and you can’t beat the other with facts, you start to get mad. Oh now you wanna fight?”

The “Mighty Healthy ’16” rhymer also talked about the political side of the music industry. Stro expressed he does not have any hard feelings for Hot 97, but he reinforced his critique that his music does not get supported on the station.

“It’s so much politics in Rap now man. I didn’t go there to break the system, I’m not even an OG,” Stro explained. “I go there at Hot 97 pretty often, I’ve been there several times this year already and it’s all love. But I’m like, ‘yo when am I going to get the record played?’”

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Watch Stro’s “Mighty Healthy ’16” video below.