‘Money & Violence’ Season 2 To Premiere On Tidal

(AllHipHop News) Many fans have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Money & Violence season two. It has been over 8 months since the first season of the street saga ended, and now there is good news involving the Brooklyn-based web series.

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At last night’s TIDAL X: 1020 concert, Hustle Gang leader T.I. helped announce season 2 of Money & Violence will premiere on the entertainment platform Tidal. The program’s cast was at the venue to share the news with the crowd.

“Season 2, January 2016 on Tidal,” revealed writer/director Moise Vernau. “Brooklyn we did it.”

While Tidal is mostly known for streaming music and live concert events, the platform has also allowed users to watch scripted content such as Jeymes Samuel’s 50-minute film They Die By Dawn starring Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams, and Rosario Dawson.

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Watch the trailer for Money & Violence season 2 below.

  • Two-Inch Killa

    Nice Best show since the Wire

  • wow. power move. now i have to get tidal. …

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Smart move…………

  • KevinOuarde

    So it means we’ll have to subscribe to Tidal to watch the whole series? Its smart but I dontt want to pay for no Tidal at all…

    • You can get it for 10 bones a month though.

  • Damany G

    Nice! Money and Violence is that sh*t. Funny thing is I just cancelled my Tidal subscription because of technical issues, my playlist would just not play. Now I am going to have to re-up once the new season drops!!

    • TMillz74

      Just FYI, I used to have that issue too homie…You have to basically shut down your phone, and once you power back up it will usually work..

      • Damany G

        Good to know cause I will reup once the season starts…thnx

  • NotTomFromMySpace

    Smart that they’ll make some real money now (Youtube does also pay) but there gonna lose most of their fans. M&V is heavy in the hood & niggas not paying for Tidal. They wer getting 700, 000 to 1 Million views on youtube. No way they get that many on Tidal. I dont think its good in the sense of it blowing up but they’ll make money.

    • I don’t think they lose fans, they prolly just get their content bootlegged. If anything, their exposure should grow which will then increase fans.

      • NotTomFromMySpace

        that’s even worse isnt it, if you think about it. So now they’ll be on Tidal which whatever deal they have is heavy on views and etc i suppose. But lets say 100, 000 people watching it who 1: arent paying for Tidal, and 2: Their views wouldn’t count cuz its bootleg’d. That to me is even worse. They wont even be getting the view numbers. Almost no one has Tidal now. I know 1 person out of all the people i know period lol

      • Now see, idk. Problem is we don’t know the terms of the deal. It’s possible they could have gotten paid up front. Like tidal might be taking the bigger bet. Let’s say its a one year contract. If it goes south, m&v are still good. Tidal lost out.

      • NotTomFromMySpace

        If it goes south i dont see how M&V will be good. If a show has bad numbers, it doesnt survive. Yes they might got that big check but half their viewers are gone. Idk my main thing is Tidal doesnt have a big fan base, u need million people on there toget a million views and thats hoping all of em watch it

      • Dope game

        Every episode will be updated to YouTube one day later the first day is exclusive to title after that they are uploaded to YouTube the day after

    • Dope game

      After it aired on title the first day is exclusive to title the second day they going to upload it to YouTube

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  • MrNoName2K

    haha GOTTEEEM!!!

  • ken

    Well on to the next show.

  • TMillz74

    The original returns.. I can’t wait.

  • good move! i’ll figure out a way to watch it without tidal and if i cant watch it? oh wells lol

  • dbfromdc


  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    I’ll pass.

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    whoever downloads that shit on youtube.. you my nigga, im countin on you.

  • bklyn representa

    congrats to them and keep holdin it down for BROOKLYN

  • BK4Real

    BK Jux all day. They did a crowdfunding campaign over the summer. People asked over and over again if they were going to do a deal with Netflix and when the IG post with them and Hov popped up, everyone asked if they were going to do a deal with Tidal and they kept saying no because they wanted to do it on their own and still give it to us “free”. Meanwhile, all along, they knew they were doing a deal with Tidal and the deal probably outlined them paying production costs out of pocket so they could get a bigger cut. So they got us to donate to the cause under false pretenses. I donated what amounts to well over the cost of a one year subscription to Tidal, now I’m suppose to pay for Tidal to see that Shid?!?! Nahh. I’m good. Bad business all the way around. Can’t screw fans that were loyal enough to donate to your cause.

    • Demetrius Mixon

      Try to reach out and see what the deal is with the crowd funding. You think they are illuminati already? Or did Chyna line all of us up? I’m actually happy for them. But, I would like to know how they’re going to return the favor to their loyal supporters. Brooklyn Stand Up!!!

      • BK4Real

        Dude, I donated and I’m still waiting for my shirt or hat or whatever they promised for the incentive. They emailed me asking for my address and I replied. Saw their IG post showing they were mailing out stuff weeks ago but My mailbox is still dusty. I don’t live in the hood so I know it didn’t get taken out of my box. IJS. I’ll always support Black people and I’ll definitely ride for my Brooklyn people but I feel a little way about how they handled that shit.

      • Dope game

        The first day its exclusive to title but tomorrow you can watch it for free on YouTube if you really loved and cared for the show you would know and follow this

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  • Art Is Life Ink


  • Those greedy fucks just fucked up

    • Dope game

      Stupid f*** they did an exclusive deal its only exclusive to tidal for the first day the day after it’s shown on tidal it will be updated on YouTube stupid ass for free so no need to have tidal you just gonna be a day late so if your friends talking about it u gonna have to tell them u broke gotta wait 1day for them to post it to YouTube

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