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Lil Wayne & Birdman Reportedly Close To Settling Their Legal Issues

(AllHipHop News) For over a year, Lil Wayne and Birdman were involved in a very public feud that included Twitter rants, lawsuits, drink throwing, disses in songs, and alleged murder conspiracies. The estranged pair, that once referred to themselves as father and son, are reportedly on the verge of settling their differences.

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It came as a shock to many observers when YMCMB’s Wayne, Birdman, and Drake were all seen together in a photo on New Year’s Eve. According to TMZ, the picture was a sign the Young Money leader and the Cash Money Records co-founder have spoken about reconciling.

YM executive Mack Maine apparently played a role in bringing the two New Orleans natives back together. Maine supposedly set up a phone conversation between Wayne and Birdman before they met face-to-face at they NYE party in Miami.

TMZ reports:

Our sources say both Wayne and Birdman have strong feelings about burying the hatchet. That said, we’re told Wayne will not move to dismiss his lawsuit unless and until they reach an agreement.

As for why they came together, we’re told Mack Maine has a lot of influence, especially with Wayne, and opened his mind to a settlement.

In late 2014, Wayne announced on Twitter that he wanted to leave Cash Money, because the company refused to release his Tha Carter V album. That was followed by the “Glory” rapper filing a $51 million lawsuit against his record label. Birdman later sued Tidal, which Wayne is a part owner, over the streaming service hosting Wayne’s Free Weezy Album. 

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  • From a business perspective, you settle, get your money and move on. That’s just business. But from a friendship perspective, you can never go back to the way it was (damn that sounds gay as sh*t when talking about two kissing ass men). If I were Birdman (thank God I’m not) I’d settle with Wayne and get to paying my debts. Although Wayne ain’t the God no more, he still has Nicki and Drake in his pockets. If I’m Wayne (thank God I’m not) I’d take the cake, release the album (which is probably garbage anyway) and still look beyond Cash Money. Because at the end of the day, you can’t trust that n*gga ever again.

    • ZUBU

      “Because at the end of the day, you can’t trust that n*gga ever again.”
      Realest shiiitt you ever wrote…. lol
      Brotha James Evans…….. That is real talk though, Wayne needs to get his paper and keep it moving……

    • Thugin’ It N Lovin’It ━╤デ╦︻

      “can’t trust that n*gga ever again”???

      You couldn’t have ever trusted that nigga PERIOD!

      Good quotable though. Props due.

    • BRLA

      Bruh now you know good and well no Carter album has ever been garbage nigga said he worked harder on Carter 5 then any other Carter thats including Carter 2 and 3

  • Anthony Mason

    Wayne should retire from making albums and just do features. He is good at wave riding and doing verses over beats that essentially carry a song despite the vocals….

  • ilexx

    Booooo…. This is a fail!

    Anything involving a settlement with Birdman means you are getting fucked over.

  • Markus

    There’s a dude who was affiliated with Birdman in jail right now for trying to kill Wayne. On that note how they rekindle their relationship is a mystery. Or fantasy actually. If Wayne is smart he works toward a business separation that’s acceptable for both sides. Forgiving an attempted hit on my life would be a bit much for me.

    • Anthony Mason

      If someone made an attempt on my life like that I would have resorted to some serious machiavellian warfare. But that nigga kissed Birdman…

      If I was Wayne who has kids and knew my career was coming to a close I would be thinking night and day how to get the wolves off me and make sure they can’t hurt my family because they clearly want to harm me….

      Wayne never was really built like that though. He just put it in his raps but people still believe it…..

      Type of niggas to worry about are dudes like Gibbs. That nigga will take out a whole family tree and go to church afterwards….

  • Papi Peligro

    I’ll never forget Bird Man taking Angie Martinez on his 51 million dollar yacht to discuss how he’s ripping Lil Wayne. Can’t see how Lil Wayne can either. LEVELS TO DISRESPECT. Ninja you owe me money you act like I’m Ally Financial with a repo truck.

    • Casor_Greener

      with a fat stack of money in his hand. he was clowning wayne “come get ya money boi”. That;’s why I don’t respect any of these rap goons. “real recognize real”….ahahahahahahah sure they do…

  • TheAfroRican

    Rape’N U Records South
    “You cannot escape the rape……”

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  • One Nite Stanley

    “Sources say that Birdman is willing to pay, if Weezy allows him to continue to smash every 3 months. “

  • Michael Blackbillygates Barkle

    ain’t Wayne shit got seized by the federal government not to long ago so I know he probably need that bread right about now idk though jus my thoughts

  • Rozay23

    I wonder how Ross feel about this after backing Lil Wayne up and dissin birdman.


    They can’t exist with out each other, and still be successful….If I was Wayne I need that bread though, over 50 million? Shit I get heated if a muthafucka owe me $50 let again millions, and the nigga who threw a drink on me would have to get a mudhole stomped in his ass.

  • Faceda59

    This is strictly a business move on both ends.Wayne will never call himself BM JR again.You tried to kill me pops.Wayne will never trust this guy the same.Baby will never trust Wayne the same either.Wayne called baby a snitch,incompetent,a thief which he is and etc.This is just business get the money back flowing

  • Faceda59

    Wonder where slim creepy looking ass is at while all this is playing out.Young Thug must don’t play with baby anymore…



  • No name

    Give me money then fucc you cuh….nigga try to get me murked? I’m a street cat so I would make it seem like it’s all good. Then get my money and have cirdman taken out. I would even show up to the funeral and cry fake tears and all that shit. Then I would laugh all the way to the cank. That’s how a real nigga do. We all know Wayne is powder puff so he won’t have shit done. Paycacc cuh that’s it . The nigga sitting in jail that tried to smoke Wayne is hot as fish grease right now. These hoes ain’t loyal lol. I take nothing away from Wayne as an artist cut as a man he gets an L. This kissing and making up shit after a nigga try to get you smoked? Come on loc…..cirdman can’t ever c trusted after that. After Wayne get paid he need to kicc cacc and enjoy life. I would retire on an island with a clunt in my mouth sipping on pina colada with a cad citch that can’t speak English serving me up like Denny’s cuh that’s real…cuh who feel me doe?

    • PositiveMentalAttitude

      You are a definate crip.i didnt see a single “B” in that paragraph..we can all see your dedication buddy..

  • dbfromdc




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