Rick Ross

Is Rick Ross Dating Another Stripper?

Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

Allegedly Rick Ross and Lira Galore broke up about a month ago. The couple always seems to be on and off. Apparently Rozay has a couple of girls on his roster now. It seems like even when Ross was definitively with Lira, they seemed to be in a one-sided open relationship as there had been many allegations that the “bawse” was always cheating. Allegedly Rick Ross is now dating another stripper named Skrawberry. Whether the two are actually together or not, Skrawberry took to her Instagram to let it be known that her and Ross are well acquainted. Her friend said

“I heard you been f*cking the boss.”

She replied saying,

“What I ain’t been doing to the boss.”

She also posted a cartoon of a woman and Rick Ross with the caption,

“Y’all mad or nah?”

Rozay gets it in man.


  • orlando jackson


  • Anthony Mason

    Ross is a total b****. I could never be that fake if I tried. He has a talent for faking every single aspect of his life down to how he deals with his kids and some of you stupid niggas believe him so shame on you….

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      He need to get him a GROWN WOMAN his age and thats not into thotness ways.

      • guddaboy

        Live n let live

      • guddaboy

        Lol u mean like Vivica a. Fox?

      • Def not fitting his description

    • As you can already see, some people love staying in denial…

    • guddaboy

      Damn, u mad bruh simmer down. U act like he fucked yo life up.

      • Anthony Mason

        I am mad. I don’t want to hear his music or hear about him. I am acting out of rage for his fake persona he forces on the public….. I f***ing hate everything about him and I am just being totally honest. You want me to pretend to like him? Lmao!!!


        Dude you got REAL issues!!!! I’ve posted this before & I’ll post it again, no one told you to click on the story!!! So many people on the ‘net have mental blocks! If you don’t like a person why in the hell did you take time out of your life to not only read the story but also comment on it?!?!!?

      • Anthony Mason

        Unless you run this website and are the owner or the architect ….I don’t want or need to hear your banter. If you do the aforementioned (those roles) as of this very day…I may listen to you……

        You see one of the things we have in common is that we understand patrons have mental blocks….

        How you release that mental block is something I am known for doing…. If that upsets you….you need serious help….

        Stop and listen bruh I am not what you think I am….

        Not only do I not work for this site but I keep it 100% with people. Guess that is weird these days….

    • Lyrics

      Lets see Ross was a All American football Player who choose to go another path, sold dope with Kenneth Boobie Williams, became a CO after Boobie and the crew got locked up to provide for his fam (ross was 3rd on the indictment list), had a talent with the pen and started rapping and became a successful entrepreneur who fed his entire crew, and provides hundreds of jobs for communities across the country.

      If thats fake sign me up. Meanwhile niggas who aint lived half his life come online and say he fake. Wtf bro. Crab ass niggas.

      • Anthony Mason

        He has lied about not being a C.O. and admitted it later….He said he knew the real Noreaga and that he owed him favors…He said he was not a freemason then did a song with Jay Z called freemason…He actually is one hence the expansive connections he has….He has been one ever since he was a C.O. He stole a living man’s name who was locked in prison at the time for actually doing the crimes he rapped about…

        He has failed to pay child support for his kids and did not admit that…He must be a great dad running around with Lira Galore…

        He is a slimey bottom dweller and just because you can’t see that he got on by lying and deceit doesn’t change a damn thing…You are the crab a** nigga and you are online supporting his f***ery because you admire these types of niggas…..

        I hire people so that they can support their families too but I don’t deal with liars and shady people…

      • Lyrics

        U show me a MUSIC ARTIST that hasnt exaggerated something in lyrics in a song and I will personally send u $1000 dollars.

        Now u bringing up his kids? Wtf bro….u really are a crab….u can check Ross kids IG and see how they living if u care that much (better than u and me).

        U a true loser and a crab. Spitting so much venom on a man that u dont even know…MMG must hv came in a club one day and took over that bitch while u was celebrating. I dont know y u so mad. Lmao

      • Anthony Mason

        I don’t club or hang out with rappers and I am in no way jealous or want his life in any way shape or form. It sounds like that is what you want….I just don’t like turning on the radio or the TV and seeing his fake a** grinning and rubbing his hands together like a b****….

        Venom???Stating facts is Venom now to you goofy backwards niggas? And I am supposed to let him slide when he is faker than almost every other mainstream rapper???Tyler the Creator is like Tupac compared to Ross…..

      • Lyrics

        Was Pac fake? He was in acting classes and ballet classes.

        Bottom line is Ross will out rap ur favorite artist. Hope u stay off online and shut the tv down because Ross aint going nowhere………this type of shit remind me of when niggas was hating on Jay back in the day because it was “cool” to do.

        Use these successful artist as motivations. Stop crabin….if u dislike someone no need to be so vocal online. We all no u wouldn’t say this type of shit to these artist face.

      • Anthony Mason

        Oh you are sure about that huh? These niggas bleed just like me. Sounds like you might be an a** kisser…. I would never be in a situation to deal with Ross face to face but I would not even shake his hand if I did….

        My role models are my dad and my uncles not hoe niggas..

        Can I just not like the dude because I think he is a fraud? Lol! You Dr. Phil or some s***?….

      • Anthony Mason

        I never said all rappers were fake or trash. You ever heard of Redman, Mike bigga , Andre 3000, Big boi, Gibbs, Young zee, Pusha T? You ever heard of Tech 9ne, Slug, Rass, Scarface ? You sound like crab is on your mind….so go hit up a s***ty chinese buffet and dig away for scraps….

        There are a ton of other artists I like underground but you would be like who is that?

        And yes I like Eminem but he has been disappointing me…..Twista too…

        Oh yeah and Jaden Smith…..he is the talk of the town on here….

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  • Yung Piccolo

    nigga you post this same rumor every day

  • Rick ross aint dating shit bruh no secret

  • dreday

    Skrawberry. eh lol (Lil wayne voice) tell me your real name not your stripper name!!! LOL !!! bitchez eh

  • Markus

    Thirsty dudes throwing money away are the reason why females who as a profession take their clothes off feel like they’re supposed to command respect. As dumb as pornstars calling themselves actresses. Stripping if we’re honest instead of being hypocritical is a filthy way to earn money and an easy way out for females who have no problem being exploited as long as the price is right.


    She aiiight, not bad (8 out of 10)…smh The definition of bad bitch to some of these niggas are ridiculous….smh

  • It’s trendy to date a stripper now !!!!!

    Back in my days you’ll never tell peeps that your girl strips for a living, you’ll lie and say she’s a lecturer and hope that no one that knows you ever goes to her titty bar.

    How times have changed. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁.

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  • JerZeBoy

    I don’t get it, I was always taught you don’t date/commit to hoes. these dudes love them and $hit. I kile what Luke said to Kayne about marry hoes. lol look it up if you haven’t heard it

    • ZUBU

      Yeah what Luke said was on point……

      • JerZeBoy

        you know….he spoke the truth

    • Anthony Mason

      You never commit to hoes that is cardinal rule. Matter of fact you should have them paying for dinner….

      Only date or marry quality women who are intelligent and aren’t chasing your money or popularity….they like you for you….

      • JerZeBoy

        amen to that!

  • Frank Yoster

    Whatever rick ross will be broke in 2 years after his 34k sales…hes done..enjoy ur strippers…cause theybgonna suck ur money!

    • guddaboy

      U mad or nah ?

      • Anthony Mason

        Are you a Rick Ross superfan?

    • Lyrics

      U are a hating as crab who aint never had bad bitches fight over u.

      • Anthony Mason

        You sound like a straight sucker nigga…

        I don’t have time to mess with multiple pigeons bruh because I’m too busy in my career. I pick out one woman at a time to be with. I don’t need that bulls*** in my life and I don’t come across those types. I hang out with gorgeous 28-35 year old(female) accountants at work….

        I don’t work at a bar or a call center…

  • Anthony Mason

    @Guddaboy you doing special favors for Rick Ross?…..Like “special” special favors…. (wink)….

    When he is in the booth and does his signature grunt you there with him?

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    “What I ain’t been doing to the boss.”

    *Dry heaves*

  • Dointer

    Why the f**k would you want to be with a person who has dudes drooling over her wobbly ass for a job (that will be short lived)? I aspire to marry a smoking hot librarian, university lecturer or yoga teacher….

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    YO! It’s not news that a rapper is messing with a stripper.
    A: Strippers are about money which is why they dance with no clothes on.
    B: Rappers like Ross are willing to spend money.
    C: It’s not even an accomplishment to pull a stripper. Holla at me when he pulls a movie star or someone on the same level. THATS news. But Ross will never lol. If all you can pull is strippers and you are a MILLIONAIRE, that’s a fail.

    • Dope

      Exactly, that last line ”Rozay gets it in man” is ridiculous. I’d only use than if he got with Beyonce, Nicole Kidman or somebody of such status, not some random thot that sits in twenty different laps within an hour and goes wild when you throw her a ten dollar bill.

  • The Legendary Troll

    if he just smashin thats one thing. if he fallin in love with the thot i feel sorry for his bank account

  • Mack

    How is someone a boss when their biggest accomplishment is promoting WWE rap? A rapper doesn’t have to be all g’d up (just look at Chance or Kendrick), but should at least stand for something genuine.


    LAME ASS TRICK! He’s Super Wack, Totally Fake & the Biggest FRAUD ever in Hip Hop!
    His ‘sales’ are in the Toilet, zero credibility & his crew is falling apart! That’s a ‘Bawse’?! More like a BORE!