Is Rick Ross Dating Another Stripper?


Photo via Rick Ross’ Instagram

Allegedly Rick Ross and Lira Galore broke up about a month ago. The couple always seems to be on and off. Apparently Rozay has a couple of girls on his roster now. It seems like even when Ross was definitively with Lira, they seemed to be in a one-sided open relationship as there had been many allegations that the “bawse” was always cheating. Allegedly Rick Ross is now dating another stripper named Skrawberry. Whether the two are actually together or not, Skrawberry took to her Instagram to let it be known that her and Ross are well acquainted. Her friend said

“I heard you been f*cking the boss.”

She replied saying,

“What I ain’t been doing to the boss.”

She also posted a cartoon of a woman and Rick Ross with the caption,

“Y’all mad or nah?”

Rozay gets it in man.