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Fetty Wap Talks Masika Kalysha Pregnancy: She Knew What She Was Doing!

As of late, Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha have publicly addressed their perspectives concerning the reality starlet’s pregnancy. The Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood alum has vigorously alleged that the “Trap Queen” rapper knowingly impregnated her. She has also contended that Fetty Wap had callously suggested that she abort the unborn child.

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Recently during an interview with The Shade Room, Fetty Wap broke down his thoughts on the drama concerning his interactions with Masika. He soon asserted that he initially met MK, who was strategically placed at a party he was slated to attend. Fetty then claimed, “I wasn’t just no random dude in the club. She knew I was gonna be there and that’s how that happened.”

The Billboard chart-topper does concede to engaging in unprotected sex with Masika, “Yeah, I ain’t gonna lie. I got no reason to lie. I did it,” he admitted. That’s where his explanation began to get vague. While describing the fleeting encounter Fetty added, “We talked about certain sh*t that was supposed to happen, and I guess she went around that sh*t. That’s how I knew it was all planned out.”

According to the cross-over crooner, that brief encounter did not mean that he desired to begin a relationship with Kalysha. “I was out.Once I left, I went right back to my regular life,” he matter-of-factly expressed. Incredulous disbelief proceeded his following statement, “Next thing I know, I’m getting text messages like, ‘Whatchu gonna do?’ I told you what I’m gonna do. It’s a lot of shit going on with that right now.”

How will Masika respond to these allegations from Fetty Wap?


    I didn’t give too much thought to what this clown was saying, I just wanted to checkout that fine ass host….Ole girl got him by the balls though, little Fetty coming soon. “We talked about certain shit (abortion), and she probably told his stupid ass…”Yeah we can have an abortion” (lying) and his stupid ass fell for it…. That’s his BM now…..I know he praying something happen to her and that child….which is fucked up, but true though.

    • Myleage

      no they probably talked about Plan B, but she never had any intentions to take it

      • STEPH

        Exactly…..She pulled a magic trick on his dumbass

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  • Markus

    Forget the baby drama. Dudes like him and Rick Ross have to know that they get females because of their money and fame. Cyclopses and out of shape dudes don’t usually pull celebrities or strippers without that kind of notoriety. I focused more on the first words he spoke saying he’s not hip-hop. Damn shame but not surprising that he’s just another culture vulture.

  • chicagostyl

    so he’s basically saying “yeah i smashed and she was down and totally wit it. Got in and got out. but then she hit me up later saying she might be pregnant. coulda sworn we agreed that i would send her money and she would take care of it (abortion) but I guess she said f that. So here we are. she knew i didnt want the baby and she knew i wasnt ready for all that so now she mad”

  • josh

    Not a fetty wap fan but I don’t think he’s lying. Why would a guy purposely impregnate a woman like she says then the next day say get an abortion. This girl was in love and hiphop so I know she likes the attention. When your getting big the last thing you want is a bunch of crazy women carrying your child or claiming they are don’t trust any of them, wrap it up even if they say they are on birth control

  • ebonyhud

    Any time you are having sex unprotected you are knowingly getting the female pregnant. You should just assume it will happen as that is what comes of sex. PAY UP DUMMY! Being a celebrity, it is his responsibility to make sure he is not trapped. Hell, being a man period. Who cares what his allegations are lol

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