Masika Kalysha To Fetty Wap: You Got Me Pregnant On Purpose!

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Interactions between former Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood cast member, Masika Kalysha,  and the supposed father of her unborn child, Fetty Wap are intensifying. Back in December, the beautiful vixen lamented to social media about the “My Way” rapper. She contends that the New Jersey native suggested she get an abortion and declared he isn’t going to be a responsible father.

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Yesterday (Jan. 6), the six months pregnant reality starlet used Twitter to address her frustrations with Fetty Wap. Her commencing tweet claimed that willfully got her “pregnant on purpose.” The final tweet concerning these qualms culminated by vowing that “Willie will learn the hard way.”

Below check out the tweets.

Who is most likely telling the truth?

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46 Responses to “Masika Kalysha To Fetty Wap: You Got Me Pregnant On Purpose!”

  1. Hakeem

    somebody gotta sit these two down and explain the birds and the bees to them…..
    two dummies having a baby…..
    Is anybody else tired of this dude voice now? Its annoying as hell…..

  2. 129 Ded Piig Skiin Peckerwoods

    I will never understand why rich dudes deal with broke hoes. Just like I can’t understand why Russel Wilson is still with Ciara’s washed up ass.

    • Dope

      Proper rich dudes don’t, by that I mean the ones who worked very hard for their money or who are intelligent and have self confidence. Most of these rappers like Fetty got a lil bit of money by some crazy luck to have a viral song and they are not smart enough to get away from that hood mentality. So instead of progressing like Jay or Diddy, they go to the clubs to buy the same hoes that wouldn’t look their way just yesterday, because that boosts their ego.

  3. HatingWhitePeopleSince85

    Pregnant against her Will??? 😒😒😒 B*itch YOU F*cked HIM RAW!!!! Fawk You Mean?! The F*ck You Thought Was Gonna Happen?? 😑😑… and EVEN IF You F*cked Him With A Condom On YOU KNEW THE RISK!!! So Sit Down With That Lame Shit. 😠😠😠

  4. Obi Won

    It always boggles the mind that two bird brains could be selfish and inconsiderate to another life that didn’t ask to be here. Its sad but I can see this broad back club hopping & weave filcking after shorty is born, and dude truly not giving to fux about that kid.

  5. Papi Peligro

    Man she was “like you better not bust in me”. THAT NINJA GRAB THEM HIPS AND MADE THAT UGLY DAWG FACE VINEGAR STROKE ALL UP IN HER. “Keep moving its just helping my boys along”. On a side note I didn’t know science had evolved to allowing trannies to get pregnant.

  6. Papi Peligro

    How you a H03 and don’t want to get pregnant but then don’t have a IUD or some birth control or a morning after. This going to be a Maury Povich moment. Fetty you are not the Father.


    MAURY! How do you get someone pregnant on purpose if you only had sex once?! Tie them down & repeatedly inseminate them, force them to take fertility pills & coax a ‘pregnancy’…..& disallow them to get an abortion?!@!# This slore set him up & is now milking Publicity for her ‘Come Up’! F*cked up world we’re livin’ it! A 99cent condom would have stopped all this BS!!!!!!

  8. bklyn representa

    all these guys are idiots common sense should tell you if your going to have sex with these women you know you have to wear a condom because he has a little fame & there looking for there come up but what can you expect from another lost nigga with a million dollar check SMH

  9. Leonard Tarver

    The only way he can get her pregnant on purpose is if he poked a hole in the condom… Other than that you got yourself pregnant on purpose… gtfowtbs!!!


    I get the “On Purpose” part, but I’m confused about the “Against her will” aspect of it. At what point during consensual sex does it become against her will?

  11. Markus

    She knew exactly what she was getting into. Any woman for that matter who he comes across in the business gets no sympathy if you end up getting pregnant. Because not one of those hypocrites can say with a straight face that they would ever give a regular dude with one eye the time of day.

    • Myleage

      right. she act like it was ONLY his fault for not using a condom. she knew he didnt have one and if he nutted in her, why didnt she used plan B?

  12. Rapfan

    I’m just glad she’s around to teach another generation of hoes the “get rich on your back” playbook. Another shining example for young black women.

  13. baller187

    ITS CALLED ABORTION, everybody sees you as another THOT that is trying to get paid, U THISTY, why would you have the baby, cuz u need a paycheck, SO GARBAGE

  14. ahhrealist .

    What u gonna do once his 15 min are up? He gonna blow all the money before the baby is born. What u gonna be left with?

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