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Is T.I. Signing To Jay Z's Roc Nation?

Photo via T.I.’s Instagram

Rumor has it that one of T.I.’s producers is claiming a deal has been signed between T.I. and Jay Z’s Roc Nation. T.I. has a new album, ‘The Dime Trap,’ coming out, and Jay Z will be featured on it as well. We aren’t sure how true it is, but could you see it? Would this be a good move for Tip?

Check out this photo of Jay & Tip from a few months ago.

“The 3 young Kings seen in this photo came together for 1reason. Can u guess? Go head, Guess… CLUE: 3words 10letters….. I’ll wait….Answer: “Da Dime Trap.”

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  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    On sum real shit TI is played out like crazy.


      Nigga who you listen to. I bet either Lil B or Young THug.

    • Controversy Sells

      You I say the same hit but still manage to press play over and over again. He became played out to me when he went back to jail, got out and signed Iggy a couple years later and most importantly ran up on Floyd Mayweather just to prove he “tough”. He still has potential though to give us some heat.

      “It’s time to get the trap back jumpin
      Get Shit back popping bih”

  • I think TI / Roc Nation partnership would be iconic. Looking forward to The Dime Trap as well.

    • SBRon

      As long as Iggy is nowhere NEAR the building!!

      • Celz

        Or Young Thug

  • timwest1000

    This is funny

    • STEPH


      • timwest1000

        Someone is. LMAO

      • STEPH

        you’ll be alright….

  • THISIS50

    Could be a good move for T.I.

  • Larry Sandwiches

    TI has all the talent in the world, but for a while there he couldnt pull his head out of his ass. I’d like to see him take another crack at acting, as Ridley Scott and Denzel Washington and alot of veterans on the set of ‘American Gangster’ had great things to say about him and his potential.


      Nigga you never seen Takers?? Shit was great. He was also in Identity Thief, Get Hard, and Ant-Man.

      • Larry Sandwiches

        Oh yeah yeah yeah. Ive seen all his sh!t. But ‘American Gangster’ is a Ridley Scott movie starring Denzel. That was a high level oppurtunity for him, and he knocked it out of the park! His performance was praises by artists of the highest level. He got in trouble right after that, and it killed his momentum. I didnt realize he was in ‘Ant-Man’. I havnt seen it yet. Any good? Thats a pretty big movie to be in. I do want to see it and know it got good reviews.

      • Guillaume Pilon

        move was not bad

        t.i. is playing a comedy role

        nothing serious


        Takers was a Blockbuster. He had a minor role in Get Hard and Ant-Man. Ant-Man is a really Good movie if you liked Avengers type movies and Action.

      • Controversy Sells

        Takers was amazing. TI is def a good actor. I also say the same about bow wow being an actor. . . If you good at it stick to it. Only difference is, ti can still rap.


    Roc Nation….could be a smart move, huge venues and a lot more resources

  • Leonard Tarver

    👎👎 Why

  • Sinbk Legend

    He will stay on top of his business with hov to make sure he doesn’t get shelved

  • dbfromdc


  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Good move!!

  • Papi Peligro

    sound like they just did a song.

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  • As a rapper on Roc nation and your name is not Kanye?
    Prepare for a release date in Two Thousand Never.

    • ChiVa02

      J Cole would disagree.

      • I_AM_Houston

        J Cole the only one that move by himself so the label couldnt deny him. I think him being his own producer and all helps alot

      • exactly. jcole made his own moves.

      • ChiVa02

        Yeah, that’s fair. Can’t really argue that.

  • baller187

    the would be jay z best move TI WAS the best rapper that day he went to prison

  • TheAfroRican

    I thought T.I. was going independent? Good move either way.

  • Controversy Sells

    What happened to being independant?

    Cool i guess tho. Just hope he reinvents and gives us something different from the norm of the past 7 years

  • ZUBU

    Tip don’t need this, Jay only makes moves for Jay… I respect Jay’s hustle, can’t deny it, but I would never do biz with him nor Russ Simmons, fukk Don King, Puffy, Donald Trump, etc…..

  • jeffrey Jones

    TI and Jay Z are the 2 most overrated rappers ever. Faker than Rick Ross, boring voices, shit beats and no soul.