Ian Connor Believes Travis Scott Is An ASAP Rocky Knockoff

Photo via Travis Scott’s Instagram

Ian Connor (an affiliate of the A$AP crew and Yeezy model) is taking shots at Travis Scott again. This time he is accusing Scott of being an A$AP Rocky knockoff. Ian and A$AP Nast were already attacking Scott saying he style jacked the whole A$AP mob. Ian even made it known that Travis Scott blocked him on Twitter. To us it seemed like a silly beef as they were calling Scott out for also wearing a clothing brand called Stone Island. Ian let it be known he wasn’t done with Scott, as he referred to him as the off brand A$AP Rocky. Ouch. Ian even went as far as posting side by side comparisons of A$AP Rocky & Travis Scott. Does Ian have a point, or is this beyond ridiculous? Remember Ian and Nast “f*ck with” Scott’s music, it’s his alleged style-jacking they have a problem with.


  • AntLee06

    Smh stop the fuckery

  • Dox

    Possibly true, but Ian Connor is known for stealing money out some twitter chick’s purse and just being a groupie to stars and eating the little crumbs they leave behind.

    Who cares what that chucky doll covered in soot, Ian, thinks anyway?

    • Anthony Mason


  • Anthony Mason

    Both those niggas are lame drug addicts who chuckle to themselves high out of their mind on camera and treat women like food stamps….

    What else is new? What is up with those new 4k blu-ray players? Anyone know where I can get one for the low? Just got a 4k TV a couple months ago. My Ps4 is nice but I need that ultra high Def s***….

    • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

      they all expensive my g im about to drop 400 on the samsung one asap i seen the visuals though MY NIGGA MY NIGGA!!!

      • Anthony Mason

        I saw players for $99 up to $1300. I don’t know what to do yet. I will probably wait till March once they drop in price. At least I got the tv. Lol!

      • I was just gon say just wait it out, go on cnet to review the best ones tho….

  • trilltalk1

    lol don’t listen to either of these niggas, but i know Travis Scott from the H the same place ASAP got his style from. so who copying who?

  • Golgo 13

    ian who? never heard of him

  • Anthony Mason

    Travis Scott thought his debut album cover art was ideally a barbie doll version of himself with a CG look to it…

    Nigga looks like a toy Story character that didn’t make the cut because the director didn’t want to seem politically incorrect by putting a black guy without a shirt on looking like a sulking drug addict in front of millions of kids……

  • Churro

    I can listen to Scott.. I just can’t look at him.

  • KashIsKlay

    Not at all. Sounds like jealousy. Scott sounds influenced by Cudi than Asap

    • I guess you missed the part where it was stated the beef is about the aesthetic/fashion, not the music…

      • KashIsKlay

        Even then nothing changes

  • Anthony Mason

    I don’t like Travis but he has his grip way deeper than Rocky. Travis makes beats and writes…..

    Rocky writes for himself basically….