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Drake or Kendrick? President Obama Answers

(AllHipHop News) There was a chance Drake or Kendrick Lamar could have battled, but it never happened. Now, in a new interview, the president was asked who he thinks would win if the pair were to duke it out lyrically.

In the interview – dubbed the YouTube Interview – the president answered with the quickness.
Kendrick Lamar.

The interview was conducted by YouTube star Adande Thorne, who seemed stunned at the president’s pick.

The full YouTube Interview is below.

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  • Psyer

    With or without ghostwriters?

  • Oopster

    Drake really gonna be in his feels when he check his mentions

    • Savimbi

      He’ll be iiight, don’t forget he called Kanye a jackass, and pretty much told kids Lil Wayne was a bad example to follow…lol

      • Oopster

        He’s 3-0

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  • Of course he’s going to choose an American to avoid any backlash.

    Y’all think politicians are that stupid?

    A better question would have been to have given him a choice between 2 rappers that supported him.

    • The Legendary Troll

      lol i didnt think about it like that

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        all presidents let white people get away with posting their culture of themselves molesting millions of babys – Why ? that answer is Obvious – its white whole race’s culture , and they have protected their own

  • M.DOT

    Obama knows his shit

  • Markus

    Wise choice,Mr. President. Kendrick soars above Aubrey in every way.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      nah , its typical Obama – Finally sit down with one of Us , and the subject is this dumb sh+t

      • ytgarner

        How do you know what they talked about was u their. I’m not tryin to argue I’m just sayin .

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        the article says it dummy

  • Anthony Mason

    A politician telling the truth. Well ill be dammed…

  • Looks like that Drake “No response” sh*t keeps coming back to bite Drake in the ass. Yeah, Kendrick would shred him. The dope sh*t about Kendrick is that he’s a lyricist. Normally when an MC has that attached to his name, his record sales are lame. Shiiiiiit…. Not Kendrick. He’s got the skills and the sales to straight kill Drake. And here’s the ironic part…. Hotline Bling was a mega selling song of the year. But Kendrick is getting all of the accolades. Just like their first disagreement, Drake is gonna get mad at Kendrick for stealing his shine. But somebody better tell Drake to mute his inside voice. This dude don’t play.

  • Chyze

    It’s not even a question. Drake can’t challenge a backpack rapper. That W goes to K Dot hands down but I doubt Drakes feelings are hurt. Check the scoreboard doggie. He’s winning on that playing field that really matters and that’s money. Those little gold awards are participation trophies for making old out of touch ppl feel good when they give them out. I mean damn….Iggy and Macklemore have a few.

  • THISIS50

    good answer

  • Q.


    Even Republicans know this.

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