Meek Mill

Meek Drops "The Trillest" Video

Meek is on his grind. Not only did he surprise us with 4/4 EP with some scathing disses toward Drake and 50 Cent.

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Meek has dropped “The Trillest” video from his Sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money LP.  This video was previewed months ago and has candid shots with Nicki Minaj at a gas station picking up some drinks. Also, some real grandiose shots of a stadium with about 50 thousand in attendance.

Take a look at Meek’s latest release and let us know what you think.

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  • Markus

    You can’t come back from the year this dude had professionally with this trash.

    • Celz

      He won all last year.. Sure he lost a battle that centered around a bad rich bitkh being on his dick.. Bruh had a great year if you stop reading memes.

      • Markus

        I said professionally not personally. Because professionally he took hits all year. And as an anti Aubrey person,trust me when I say that’s hard to admit.

      • Celz

        He sold numbers and made moves. He didn’t lose professionally. He’s bigger than he has ever been.

      • Dope

        Celz is one of few die hard Meek fans, don’t even try to tell him anything bad about Meek as he’ll just ignore it and claim how great Meek is.

  • Anthony Mason

    Beat was nice.Only thing I could think of is how much of a hit this would be on the radio if Drake was the one rapping on it…

  • Idiocracy

    At the end of the day in the climate of the game right now, ain’t no such thing as bad publicity, create any kind of buzz and capitalize on it WWE style, he is taking advantage of any type of headlines, for good or bad he is keeping name circulating with big names trending, Nikki, Drake and 50. You don’t have to depend on people to buy your product,, you just need them to pay attention.

    • Anthony Mason

      That is a solid observation and very true in today’s ADD world…

  • Real Talk

    Fiddy almost committed suicide today, dude is definitely bipolar

    • Anthony Mason

      No he just got a huge shot of adreanaline….total opposite. This is super good for 50….



  • Anthony Mason

    He said:

    “I should have gave some money to my sister but I made it rain”

    @Meek you just admitted to raining on strippers over supporting your own blood you retarded a** greedy nigga with no morals….smh. You know she needed it or you would not have said it…It was not hindsight. You knew you were wasting money that your family needed/ needs. That indicates stupidity and poor money management…

    How much money you need till you go see a shrink and genuinely ask God to help turn your life around for the better? Rich people die everyday too and it is not the answer to life…

    You rap about haters, but here is some genuine food for thought:

    Maybe YOU are the Snake…not them…Let that marinate and I hope it resonates….



      • Anthony Mason

        So I corrected it. Sue me….Like I said c*** in mouth lyrics are hard to memorize….

  • rocnation30

    track is solid tho, actually rapping in turn saying sumthin

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  • a.c.

    Track is wack so is he

  • Leonard Tarver

    I still dont know how he lost to Drake making dope tracks like this 1…. Flow is Crazy