Bang Em Smurf: 50 Cent Lost The Respect Of The Streets And He Put A Hit On Me (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) The 50 Cent and Meek Mill feud had a lot of people talking this week. Former G-Unit affiliate Bang Em Smurf has now weighed in on the conflict as well. According to Smurf, Meek Mill was correct when he said a lot of people in Queens no longer support 50.

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“The real n*ggas don’t f*ck with 50,” Smurf told Report Card Radio. “If you see his new video ‘I’m The Man,’ he got a lot of bozos in his video. And some of them n*ggas is Queens n*ggas. These n*ggas is lame n*ggas in that video. N*ggas don’t respect Fif no more.”

In particular, Smurf called out Bollywood B who he says is not respected in the streets either. The Trinidad-based rhymer then claimed 50 paid someone to take his life.

“After I seen ‘I’m The Man’ video, I lost all respect ever again for him. We will never be friends, never shake hands. It’s really ‘f*ck the Unit’ after I seen that video,” added Smurf. “That confirmed he put a hit on me. Just like he said [Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff] and [Ja Rule] put a hit on him, I can confirm [50 put a hit on me] now, because the same n*gga that took a shot at me was in his video. So that was a hit. So f*ck that whole camp.”

Despite Smurf’s accusations, there is no evidence to suggest that 50 Cent was involved in hiring a hit man to have anyone killed.

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Listen to Bang Em Smurf’s interview.

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  • tra mo

    Why he snitching tho

  • Guillaume Pilon

    g unit
    coke boys

    smurf is begging for attention

    and all he do is talk bout 50

    never shake hands again ???? plz youre stuck in trinidad

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  • Damany G

    what’s up with the coke boys face tat?, I’m confused… Smurf with French now?

  • ZUBU

    So essentially Smurf snitching…. SMH
    50 was just in the hood in the Drop Roy-Double by himself and he seemed pretty comfortable…

    • Nyga07

      no no you misunderstand, he is talking about him and his 20 friends lol .. they the streets lmao


    So yesterday Bang ‘Em Smurf was back on 50’s dlck but today 50 lost respect in the streets because Smurf didn’t like the I’m the Man video?

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    On sum real shit this is wat i call snitchin.

  • trilltalk1

    This Biggs Smurf confused last interview he sound like he wanna give 50 a hug. Now he disrespecting the nigga. He just looking for an outlet and Mikey T give him that. If not for Mikey T Smurf would have know outlet.

  • westcoastbestcoast

    Snitching ass rat

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  • WeakSauce

    Is it me or did this chump just snitch?

  • baller187

    this brotha is shittin in holes and deportrd and broke, what a joke, 50 dont care he broke anyway

  • crom777

    If he snitched then 50 snitched..If no one went to jail for some old shit..its not snitching you dummies

  • DR.WHO?

    Wtf does he actually do in Trinidad? I bet he uses the BANG EM SMURF FORMALLY OF G UNIT shit wherever he goes though!!!! He is a nobody still. Hating constantly from way over there

    • STEPH

      He’s from Trinidad…Simply went back home..maybe, bounces back and forth….

  • deedotal

    Snitching? I see how much value you have in the life that someone worked and paid bills, basketball shoes, food… keep you alive and happy. Like your Parent(s).
    And this person tried to take that life from you? And yall worrying about snitching?

    • i personally look at it like this. if you live that type of lifestyle you do not call the cops. if you’re a civilian like me or someone not in the street life then yea. yea can’t call the cops if someone robs you for your weed? that dude is int he street life. live by the gun and well you know the rest. is it right? maybe not.

  • deedotal

    Yall worrying about snitching? worry about getting killed by the COPS, Worry about not killing another man, worry about Trump being the president, worry about your job or how to continue to progress…SNITCHING? Grow the fu#$ up!

    • stay away from illegal activity, i dont shoot people, i vote and i have a steady job. i’m doing my part.

  • smh… snitching is not cool.

    • Jeff Wiz

      Where ir who snitched? 59Didnt filed order of protection. There is thing paperwork thing i forgot the name when the judge issues a mandatory protection paperwork regardless if you didnt file it. Some say the engineer did it etc..
      Why would 50 be accuse of snitching when he had real street beef and the murder ink rushing. Gunit in the studio only left a baby stab wound no one got hurt? Irv gotti was not even in the streets just a talented producer dj and knows talent that brag about shit he had no business being in and Supreme is public knowledge you can research it about how and why he got arrested.(e mo ey bags beef etc….cops saw camera on him rushing his dying man to tge hospital etc….

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        The order of protection was fake.

      • cool story bro. i’m from nyc. i know all that. i was talking about bang em smurf.

  • Nightmare

    Ain’t this the same n!gga that went and joined forces with Officer Ricky ? Gtfoh.

  • Jeff Wiz

    BANGEM SMURF. DONT HE HAVE A COKE BOYS OR MAYBACH MUSIC TATTOO? Rick ross owns him money for a track or verse and French Montana Coke Boys did nothing to help BangEm Smurf they used dude. Its sad cause Bangem sees to be loyal but he made mistakes especially when 50 gave him a deal that he himself said he screwed up with 50. The whole street shit is for the birds.
    The street mentality is what bought down death row records, lil kim perjury on herself in court when street people label her a hero and wrongfully attack lil cease, street people brag buying a bentley cash is really doing something. Street dudes believe filing bankruptcy. Means your broke and dont understand reshuffling assests and different types if chapter filings. Donald trump. Did it twice Going to the hood dont mean shit. Only to get you rob unless your donating some money or community.
    Street people believe Pac got robbed and Biggie got something to do with it but neglect the fact that Pac openly spoke about these street dudes that was with with during the rape situation and dry snitched.


    LMAO this is all entertainment. I’m over it at this point everybody has a buzz right now and a clear lane to drop music where people are actually going to listen and give everyone a try. We know its not real we know 50 not a rat we seen the bimmy interview where he said 50 was official its on YouTube and he was part of the preme team.

  • chippc

    Mikey T and Vlad stay keeping this dude and Lord Jamar from fading into oblivion. Can’t get that interview with Slim Jesus or that aging porn star? Call either of these plan B ass niggas, ask them about anything other than their own music or careers and let the camera or tape recorder roll!.

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      I have no problem with Lord J interviews.

  • Zodiak Killa

    How you gonna have a G Unit tat,an MMG tat,and Coke boys tat (on your face?) and be considered loyal. Seems like a hood hopper. Like a stripper with 3 different Pimps name tatted on her.. 50 did him dirty though ,and this interview is really snitching on 50. Basically told the Cops that the dude who tried to kill him is in the 50 cent video and that 50 Sent the Hit. Domination is dope though.

    • M.DOT

      Squad hoppers is what we call em

    • Nightmare

      That part there.✌🏾️

  • Tyfromthechi

    Is smurf dry snitching

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      Yes. But because it’s on 50 haters will give him a pass.

  • ZUBU

    Peeped a few you-tube interviews: Supreme Team member Bimmy, and he lived it and he said 50 was a gangsta. Kool G Rap met 50 before 50 blew and he said 50 was gangsta….. Bimmy was on the other team and he didn’t mention snitch he said gangsta…..
    Not certain what this Lil’ Smurf dude talking about………

    • Steve

      Smurf has even said multiple times that 50 really lived that life and had whole blocks pumping crack for him! He bipolar or some shit.

      • ZUBU

        Lol Bi-polar

      • TheBlackItalian

        He ain’t bipolar, he just a street dude. A con artist. He don’t know left from right.

    • Juleo478

      Smurf allways said 50 was a street dude and said he even looked up to him while he was hustling.

      But if anybody can have a opinion on 50 it’s smurf.he is the reason why 50 was alive to blow up.

      Fact:while 50 was hiding out somewhere in the mountains.smurf and crew was putting work in making it known 50 was not to be messed with…50 never set foot in queens until bang em and crew handle his beef.

      50 does a lot of gun talking but he never shot any one because it’s well known that he is a manipulator and allways had someone around him to do his dirty work.

      • ZUBU

        I feel what you saying and I’ve heard some of that story. But when you on some semi boss shiitt you pay someone to do the dirt. Did Prime ever pop any one or just put in orders?

  • RichFromBX

    I never understood face tattoos in the first place but, I would think having “coke boys” is going to bring you a whole new level of police harassment…

    • STEPH


  • orlando jackson

    this is how you know who is real and who is fake… this is the same dude that said 50 never filed restraining order against murder inc until smoking gun shows the report, the same dude that said 50 was real, I always told people the truth will come out when money will stop coming to their pocket, at first it was yayo, then buck now we have his closest friend the one that was there since day 1, before yayo even was g unit, the one that was there when he got hit and after he got hit…. now we are waiting on trav brother to get out of jail and expose this fraud

    • STEPH

      Real talk

  • jacksjus

    So if you’re a street dude and you know who licked a shot at you, then why is that man still alive?

    This wasn’t a fist fight, it was a shootout and there is no letting that go.

    That makes no sense to me. Thinking from the perspective of a street kat.

  • ursocalledgod

    niggaz is claiming to be street niggaz but they on the net snitching? what part of the game is this? like I said before yall better quit buying into these so called ” street niggaz” that rap. these boyz full of shyt. real ones move in complete SILENCE. besides that, any nigga with a “coke boys” face tattoo words should carry little to no weight at all lol. niggaz with face tattoos just scream ” I aint gon be shyt in life and don’t care” even the entertainers with that dumb shyt on their face and necks, when that money runs out time will tell….

  • Idiocracy

    I’m tired of hearing about real n!ggaz, I ain’t got no more respect or praise to give these so called “real n!ggaz” talk to me about what real man would do

    • baller187

      that keepin it real shit is for niggas that have nothing, cuz it means nothing

      • STEPH

        You a social media kid fall back lil homie.

      • Idiocracy

        U Katz is plastic as hell, straight out of a comic book, I can’t do nothing but laugh at yall, everybody a tuff guy

    • STEPH

      Well you seem to be enthused about it, checking in to these social media sites clicking on these links for what????? To preach some of that bullshit, be tired of hearing about real niggas…Shit if I wasn’t one I’d feel the same way as you do, and I wouldn’t be bothered with the shit in any aspect.

      • Idiocracy

        Naw I ain’t no real n!gga, I’m a real man, youngin

      • STEPH

        Well act like one, because I’m a grown ass man too. So when you talk that slick shit and call someone” youngin” trying to talk down on someone like that could change the whole dynamic of a conversation and lead into some other shit that I take from your previous comments you might not be ready for. I am not going to go back and forth with you on this computer, but that’s just a piece of advice if you bump into someone and try to talk to them like that.

      • Idiocracy

        Ppppppbbbbbhhh,, I don’t know what the hell is wrong wit u dudes, yall is crazy, I don’t even know how to respond to you, it’s just comedy…all I can really say is u basically prove my case and point from my initial statements

      • STEPH

        The exact kind of answer I expected from someone like you.

      • Idiocracy

        Listen little boy, I’m a tell u some sh!t that u probably don’t wanna hear but I get tired of you little fck boys on this computer with yo keyboard warrior typing terrorist tactics, u up here trying to prove u some type of real n!gga, all that tells me is who ever raised u, failed miserably! The only person that gotta prove he ain’t no punk is a punk!

      • STEPH

        Your internet chatter is impressive LMAO! Just Shaaaddddduup

      • Idiocracy

        Yeah, I’m a shut up, cause u a real street n!gga, I don’t want u to email me to death

      • STEPH

        Nah Karma works weird you’ll go somewhere today and somebody will punch you dead in your shit…you won’t do shit but go file a restraining order you informant.

      • Idiocracy

        That type of sh!t only happens to little kids, and young punks, I don’t have those type of issues, everyone knows to keep they hands to they self when they around me, that’s something I never ever worry about. But funny that u spoke on informants, cause that’s what happens to real n!ggas or suckas that wanna prove they real n!ggas so bad, in the streets for real, it be the real n!ggas that become informants and rats! And u on the computer trying to earn yo real n!gga stripes…. I know how fast you would break!

      • Idiocracy

        I’m done bro, I’m on sucka sh!t, for even going back and forth with you, stooping to yo level, letting you pick my brain, gaming u up for free, I promise my girl I was gone stay sucka free this year and let lame dudes move how they wanna move specially in this computer….I got a zero tolerance for bullshit, but my opinion is only my opinion it ain’t law, if u wanna feel like u a real n!gga I’m let u feel that way, it ain’t costing me nothing… So I gracefully bow out of this debate

      • STEPH

        Well beat it faggot…..

      • STEPH

        You a joke

  • Idiocracy

    Just cause you label yo self some so called street Kat, what’s that suppose to mean? Tired of hearing that old goofy ass shit, like just cause you from the streets you pose to have some certified validation, I don’t respect somebody just because you come from a bad situation, I can respect somebody that comes from a bad situation and worked their way up out of it, and over came it and not let it become them. But you don’t get no praise from me just cause you from the streets, hell we all from the streets

    • STEPH

      If you are not from the hood your not from the hood, you can’t speak on it with all that other shit you talking about that validation bullshit. Don’t try and understand it then, and you got every right to respect someone who works their way out of a bad situation. We all are not from the muthafucking street stop with that internet bullshit talk, talk about situations you are knowledgeable about. The shit you talking got some white boys and lames thinking they hood, talking like niggas from the hood and aren’t about shit…You sound like a male Stacy Dash fool.

  • Aiden_Abetting

    So wait….he says first that he’s surrounded by bozos and lames but then says oh but 50 had a hit on me I saw a shooter in the video?

  • Eli Pinilla

    “Your on a f*ckin island! You can’t go to was from a f*ckin island!” 50

  • youngplaya

    Got to respect this nigga for what he said. ” These niggaz puss they only respect money, only puss niggaz respect money” And if you a G you a G period, you don’t freeze up in the court room in front of white folks talking bout Im just a rapper, Im not a G. ….. Nigga laugh like Pac. Terrorizing niggaz lol, Real Hitta

    • DAT617LIFE

      Word 💯

  • dbfromdc


    • DAT617LIFE

      No he didn’t stupid u heard him say his name? If u seen him on the brick would u tell him he a rat? I know u wouldn’t! Stop trying to put dirt on this man’s name like that that shit ain’t cool b itch nig ga

      • dbfromdc


      • DAT617LIFE

        U dumb ass bitch how many niggas are in the video? Oh yeah it’s only 1 stfu stop crying wolf u faggot ass nigga suck a dick homo ass Nigga

      • dbfromdc


  • DAT617LIFE

    Dumb ass nig gas on here keep saying that smurf snitched! How TF did he do that and he didn’t say dudes name tho? Y’all niggas on here just be talking just to talk to get upvotes Lmao what kinda dude does that tho? Bit ches do that right? On here most likely all day typing for attention y’all nig gas don’t know what a real nigga look like, y’all stay in the house FOH type of nig gas that get no respect anywhere mf nerds

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