Bang Em Smurf: 50 Cent Lost The Respect Of The Streets And He Put A Hit On Me (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) The 50 Cent and Meek Mill feud had a lot of people talking this week. Former G-Unit affiliate Bang Em Smurf has now weighed in on the conflict as well. According to Smurf, Meek Mill was correct when he said a lot of people in Queens no longer support 50.

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“The real n*ggas don’t f*ck with 50,” Smurf told Report Card Radio. “If you see his new video ‘I’m The Man,’ he got a lot of bozos in his video. And some of them n*ggas is Queens n*ggas. These n*ggas is lame n*ggas in that video. N*ggas don’t respect Fif no more.”

In particular, Smurf called out Bollywood B who he says is not respected in the streets either. The Trinidad-based rhymer then claimed 50 paid someone to take his life.

“After I seen ‘I’m The Man’ video, I lost all respect ever again for him. We will never be friends, never shake hands. It’s really ‘f*ck the Unit’ after I seen that video,” added Smurf. “That confirmed he put a hit on me. Just like he said [Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff] and [Ja Rule] put a hit on him, I can confirm [50 put a hit on me] now, because the same n*gga that took a shot at me was in his video. So that was a hit. So f*ck that whole camp.”

Despite Smurf’s accusations, there is no evidence to suggest that 50 Cent was involved in hiring a hit man to have anyone killed.

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Listen to Bang Em Smurf’s interview.